NBA "Most Brutal Blocks of 2021" MOMENTS 

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Music provided by Epidemic Sound
This video features players like: Tacko Fall, Thon Maker, LeBron James, DeAndre Jordan, Javale McGee, Rudy Gobert and Zion Williamson


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Feb 26, 2021




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Custom Vegan
Custom Vegan Month ago
Where did you even get the "I am a fan of Golden Hoops" from? Did it just come to you one day or was it inspired by someone?
Ima turtle
Ima turtle 2 days ago
I always thought it said “I am a fan of horoscopes.” lol
Shuayb Khan
Shuayb Khan 10 days ago
@Golden Hoops get this man to a mil
Mr420zach 21 day ago
Dope video fam but...Miles Turner has had some nasty ones too I was surprised not to see him on the reel even once 😳 but dope regardless bro
Meliza Martin
Meliza Martin Month ago
P00 prO pppp
FettiLLUMINATI Month ago
Golden Hoops imagine if they copy right and trademark that lol all yo vids finna be ova
Satyva Hardwick
Satyva Hardwick 2 hours ago
Zion in most of these videos, great job Zion
Cliff Tadema
Cliff Tadema Day ago
Portland had so many blocks
Tega X
Tega X Day ago
What’s the first song name? I tried looking for it on Epidemic Sounds but I can’t find it
Slime Daddy-_-
Slime Daddy-_- 2 days ago
Some of these blocks were not even in 2021
Mike Patterson
Mike Patterson 2 days ago
Neto going up a strong 4foot 3 on Imbiid LOL
Julian Silva
Julian Silva 2 days ago
Game winning blocks next we need to appreciate defense more 💯
Ghost Diaz
Ghost Diaz 2 days ago
Ja really is an amazing player and person, he respects the game and those who has game equally
eliseo mendoza
eliseo mendoza 3 days ago
JohnnyDrumG 4 days ago
So this is basically a Zion defensive mixtape lol
Sanjuanita Sammy
Sanjuanita Sammy 5 days ago
vSharon Osbourne
USlift: 2pac- Time Change ( inspirational song)
Joshua Manalo
Joshua Manalo 6 days ago
I like how LeBron's block on Sexton was goaltending XD
pluug 6 days ago
Oubre block on Bobi was all hands!
Qiu Lei
Qiu Lei 7 days ago
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Kirill Dudin
Kirill Dudin 7 days ago
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Meshack Ndiritu
Meshack Ndiritu 8 days ago
Oubre jr. dunks on durant and also blocks him🤔 that's some awesome performance right there
Mason Quaintance
Mason Quaintance 9 days ago
You gon hit 1 milly by the end of the year. It's gonna happen dawg
greta valentini
greta valentini 10 days ago
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Cj D
Cj D 11 days ago
These are just zionnhighlights haha
Giorgi Shpetishvili
where is goga bitadze??
Bob Shewmake
Bob Shewmake 12 days ago
Anyone know the song at the 6:00 mark? I've heard it before, just can't put my finger on it...Tried to find it within the Epidemic Sound tracks, but my search-fu is weak on this one. Thanks.
Bartek Vapuje
Bartek Vapuje 13 days ago
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Prince Donald
Prince Donald 13 days ago
“How bout that block? He made me stop talking.” 🤣🤣🤣 Facts
Anasta Colette
Anasta Colette 13 days ago
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Jonah Ortiz
Jonah Ortiz 13 days ago
Graham Webster
Graham Webster 13 days ago
1:00+. Absolute mans block.
Paul King
Paul King 15 days ago
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Marco Obando
Marco Obando 15 days ago
this video is about zion XD his fails and his blocks haha
Markambel Hounsounou
Tiger Fist
Tiger Fist 16 days ago
love this channel so simple and to the point
Jameson Lowe
Jameson Lowe 17 days ago
i sit down and watch golden hoops every day
RA1NM4N978 17 days ago
K Mart jr blocking shots just like his pops. KM Jr def gonna have a great career once he matures into the player/person hes gonna become.
E B 17 days ago
9:28 was 2 slaps on the hand to boban
audrey magloire
audrey magloire 17 days ago
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skinnyboy qu3z
skinnyboy qu3z 17 days ago
Why he say blocked by giannis the same way like dat😂😂 5:48
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Alex Parker
Alex Parker 18 days ago
I guess DeAndre Ayton hasn’t blocked any shots this year 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kevin Morley
Kevin Morley 18 days ago
1:28 for taco
Davis mee orange
Davis mee orange 18 days ago
Zion got some blocks
Dr Clumber
Dr Clumber 18 days ago
10 minutes of blocks, not a single Pacers clip other than Aaron Holiday getting swatted for his weak sauce. Y'all sleeping on Turner man.
unbelievable 😜
Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chillout 19 days ago
1:44 Not a LeBron fan but that was not goaltending
Fris K
Fris K 19 days ago
that maledon block is nastyyyyyyyyy
Whidbey Hiker
Whidbey Hiker 19 days ago
I'm just here for all the James Hardon defensive highlights... Oh, wait.
Liftlift TV
Liftlift TV 19 days ago
kristian vinzon
kristian vinzon 19 days ago
A goaltending included
Bband 19 days ago
1:28 Shame. It would have been an epic dunk.
Christian Gore
Christian Gore 19 days ago
Man the Cavs players on this a lot. Do not know how they have such a bad record when they should be like in the top 6 in Eastern Conference.
Vance Bocas
Vance Bocas 19 days ago
Not a hater, but it's so satisfying watching Lebron get blocked...okay I'm a hater. ;)
Zulu Viper
Zulu Viper 19 days ago
wow wait, did i just see Melo playing defense?
Big B Bennett
Big B Bennett 20 days ago
thats a foul on westbrook ref lackin
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Rodi Kropidlowski
Rodi Kropidlowski 20 days ago
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Bella Tan
Bella Tan 21 day ago
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Bryan S
Bryan S 21 day ago
Half of these are fouls
kanq tap
kanq tap 21 day ago
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Mr420zach 21 day ago
Dope video fam but...Miles Turner has had some nasty ones too I was surprised not to see him on the reel even once 😳 but dope regardless bro
hans miranda
hans miranda 22 days ago
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Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 23 days ago
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Mike Sponge
Mike Sponge 24 days ago
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Miki Battiest
Miki Battiest 25 days ago
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Juri Angelucci
Juri Angelucci 26 days ago
Can someone explain to me why I never saw that giannis block on lebron
Peeradech Lee
Peeradech Lee 27 days ago
yes brutally
Manuel Troche
Manuel Troche 27 days ago
That's remind me NBA JAM.
Daniel Egan
Daniel Egan 27 days ago
9:04 that flop is the most embarrassing thing in this whole video.
Hiromilk 28 days ago
cavaliers big ball
Diego Alemán
Diego Alemán 29 days ago
DLX Infinite
DLX Infinite 29 days ago
Jared Allen's Fro is a National Treasure.
emprise rise
emprise rise 29 days ago
Blocking a shot will make you feel like a badass While dunking on somone is such a big energy booster This is why they cant be compared
Samuel Broqueres
seulement deux contre de gobert !!! Quel manque de respect quand on vois le nombre qu il réalise par match
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba Month ago
there is nothing i love more than a clean block
Curtis Krawczyk
Curtis Krawczyk Month ago
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Mariana Brock
Mariana Brock Month ago
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Janzeus Allen Mission
when u realize jareth allen is better than deandre brrrrrrrrrrrr
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Month ago
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D2G D2G Month ago
I didn’t see no capela blocks
Denny Roman
Denny Roman Month ago
if lbj got a goal tend then that wasnt a block and that highlight shouldnt be there cuz its not a block
Houtaro Oreki
Houtaro Oreki Month ago
i wonder what it would feel like to be able to block durant and james
Michael Sampang
Michael Sampang Month ago
Nung 80's at 90's,ginagawa na yan...para gago lang yun may-ari ng channel na eto
Alfonso SeeGreen
Why The Fuck yall dont have Clint Capela..... He Had 10 blocks a month ago all emphatic !!
Aurora Sales
Aurora Sales Month ago
Time Lord WHere is IT.? Robert Williams blocks are way more better than this blocks
jm sanico
jm sanico Month ago
4:57 goaltending
Furry Mike
Furry Mike Month ago
First: What idiot trying to drive on Taco?!! Second: Javel McGee!!! Twice
sphere 528
sphere 528 Month ago
what brutal blocks? make it sound like both player & ball got blocked into the stands or something #clickbait
WEAPON _X Month ago
Don't Dunk infront of whiteside and allen they are legit Shot blocker...
Khaled Soliman
Khaled Soliman Month ago
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Patty Mahomes
Patty Mahomes Month ago
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aboogiePluto Month ago
Crazy how dominate Zion is
The A.T.M Family !
Everybody getting tossed this year 🤣🤣 bron my guy but when he gets blocked his reactions r priceless 🤣🤣🤣👏🏾
luke yaz
luke yaz Month ago
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John Brice Griffin
I go to sleep listening to the sound of spicy blocks 🔥🔥💯👌🔥🔥
Kijahni X
Kijahni X Month ago
When that 2nd beat hit
Hehahoo21 Basketball Soccer Football
Whoever blocked Boban Is going to be a star lol 😆
Truth reveals
Truth reveals Month ago
Some are foul no block
Noah Caillouet
Noah Caillouet Month ago
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Too bad the ratchet music
kevin38 Month ago
Only people who block know how much it hurts to block a ball full force
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