Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied 

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Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied Every Time you break a block or kill a mob... Not x2, not x5, but up to times A MILLION.
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May 15, 2020




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GeorgeNotFound 11 months ago
I just released my new merch store! You can check it out here: georgenotfound.shop/ Also thanks for 500k subs :)
daniel mcginn
daniel mcginn 14 days ago
@Jream is nothing veggie
Pickle the dinosaur !
IIdea for ur merch: so u know how u have the noot noot phone cases do one that is for iPads if u can!
Creeper 25 days ago
Creeper 25 days ago
Gaming bro
Gaming bro Month ago
@laken medico , yr CBC k go
i play roblox
i play roblox 33 minutes ago
I’m a fan can you notice me?
Xanthe Evans
Xanthe Evans Hour ago
Rozh emoji Best
Rozh emoji Best 10 hours ago
I how do I would find the ender portal cuz I have never gone to ender world like how do you find it bruh
Rozh emoji Best
Rozh emoji Best 11 hours ago
I swear you and dream and sapnap are all ways the best gamers and awsome parkour I have ever saw and I luv the games al of you and dream and sapnap did like when I sleep I always have to watch a yt of you or dream or sapnap cuz when I sleep I feel very happy about seeing you guys and playing
8Jagger8 14 hours ago
13:54 what did he say!!!!!
TEJAS221 16 hours ago
Dream laugh like old man 7:24
Nolan Ivan Valencia Castillo
1:46 Did Sapnap just got 4 chickens out of an egg?
Nolan Ivan Valencia Castillo
1:46 He just got 4 chickens out of an egg
aedan Gil
aedan Gil 19 hours ago
Electra suck
ducky 20 hours ago
how do I do this and can you do it on bedrock?
Nathan Arvay
Nathan Arvay 21 hour ago
whats the mod?
CG Roblox
CG Roblox 21 hour ago
surekha sivaraman
surekha sivaraman 22 hours ago
6:54 sapnap thats rasict
Amit Pal
Amit Pal 22 hours ago
You now dream likes you
Laura Nur Iman Cheze
How many "yes" did george say in this video .-.
Mahdee Day ago
That dragon was like eyy yooo wtf this aint right😂
Bogey Day ago
10:52 Danton posted a cursed Minecraft seed that had a weird log formation without leaves. It’s the same seed. LMAO the chances
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penguin bro
penguin bro Day ago
Rip all the PCs who crashed
Izzy Plaiz
Izzy Plaiz Day ago
So my question is how are u going to have the world record for Minecraft and not know how to cave a damn pumpkin like how the hell does that make any sense?!?!?
JXD XM Day ago
POV:kids on cod 13:54
JXD XM Day ago
Am I the only one who hears it ?!
Maxnugis Playz
@Rakakish playz
Goodey1 Day ago
my fave part was at 16:55 HAAHAHAHAHAHAHH
Fred Llama
Fred Llama Day ago
If Clay is golden apples I can just kill dream for enchanted golden apples
In Thë end Them: flying The dragon: HoW aRe YoU gUyS fLYiNg THATS Illegal Me: they have become beautifull dragons :’)
i'm boring
i'm boring 2 days ago
no one: literally no one: george: 1:15 LOL
mallory west
mallory west 2 days ago
ar3m2n 2 days ago
N word
TheBluStriker 2 days ago
George: We are going to beat this game in 10 seconds Proceeds to beat the game in another 17 minutes.
Jennie Hoogeveen
Jennie Hoogeveen 2 days ago
Cool but jelly is cooler
Tao-Jade Smith
Tao-Jade Smith 2 days ago
Plz release your youtooz again
20141 Ismail Hashim
19:02 that was epic George luck was on ur side Overall amazing video I love these easy videos
Ryan Snow
Ryan Snow 2 days ago
Is this a hack or cheat?
鹿. 2 days ago
It’s a mod they coded in
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 3 days ago
“Clay is golden apples” so that’s why dream almost never dies.
Rozh emoji Best
Rozh emoji Best 10 hours ago
Your actually right
ArtoftheR 3 days ago
Sapnap killed a wolf how dare he
{ Amiel Gaming }
{ Amiel Gaming } 3 days ago
Yesterday I defeated the dragon for 5 mins only cause my hand was sweating
dark day
dark day 3 days ago
sapnap *i have 14 gapples* my brain *skeppy*
IMD FF 3 days ago
I love dream
Miss Froggi
Miss Froggi 3 days ago
One min in: *got gold boots*
Pog Content
Pog Content 3 days ago
This is pog content
SkeletonMaster97 3 days ago
3:09 Well yes you did I guess
CPT_Pringlo 2
CPT_Pringlo 2 3 days ago
Dream is dreaming for 10 years Sapnap is snapchatting and napping Georgenotfound hasn’t been found...
Umar Show
Umar Show 3 days ago
George: Post 1 Year Ago Me: Watching Like Its New 😂
Sicko Them
Sicko Them 3 days ago
What about netherite
無需 冰之二
無需 冰之二 3 days ago
Cecilia Requieron
Sapnap just throw an egg to George and get 4 cheken
Jaqujel Williams
Jaqujel Williams 4 days ago
10:16 cod slide??
Sarahx 4 days ago
when George said "today is the day" i really thought that he will express his feelings to Dream😭
Aquarius forever
Aquarius forever 4 days ago
13:54 I hear the n word I don’t know, lol
Bakugo Kastuki
Bakugo Kastuki 4 days ago
“You killed the wolf for no reason”-George “For science”-dream Me: like Charlie
Bakugo Kastuki
Bakugo Kastuki 4 days ago
Only true fnaf fans will know
Gulam Kibria
Gulam Kibria 4 days ago
Gulam Kibria
Gulam Kibria 4 days ago
i hate you
Candy Gaming
Candy Gaming 4 days ago
Ok dream was a bit mean but it Was funny 11:45
Death Z!ne
Death Z!ne 4 days ago
George make a shirt that says “come here George!!!~ “with dream chasing you and show it to dream
derefew 4 days ago
5:39 2b2t be like
Sanaton Lourembam
Change your skin george
Isabelle Quek
Isabelle Quek 4 days ago
Are you color blind? George.
Vinxy 5 days ago
13:53 explain yourself george
yeetnade 5 days ago
george : come here clay dream: confused screaming
Ice Poppy
Ice Poppy 5 days ago
Remember when dream called George 𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚏𝚞𝚕 ᗩᑎᗪ ℎ𝑎𝑛𝑠𝑜𝑚𝑒✨✨
2P4uBro 5 days ago
13:53 "haaaaaa, nig**" George ????
Hasnain Kherani
Hasnain Kherani 5 days ago
George 2:46 : We need Food Mod minecraft: wish granted!!
ETHAN BERTH 5 days ago
They forgot to break dragon egg :/
Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat 5 days ago
George i like dream
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer 6 days ago
Oh my god this is just like beating the ender dragon at it's own game
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 6 days ago
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Albany Mcdougall
Albany Mcdougall 6 days ago
George: there's to many chickens dream stop spawning chickens **continues to throw eggs**
1SIKKNATE _ 6 days ago
So nobody's gonna talk about how sapnap spawned 4 chicken with 1 egg? 1:46
Banan Alhebshi
Banan Alhebshi 6 days ago
george: wErE gOnNa bEaT tHiS gAmE iN 10 sEcOnDs and then george beats this game in like 19 mins..
Zaf S
Zaf S 6 days ago
Gogy team forever!!!!!
Cat in a Cup
Cat in a Cup 6 days ago
1:49 Bookmark
Its Bree!
Its Bree! 6 days ago
George, please make a shirt that says in all capitals: I'M ON HALF A HEART!!! and a picture of a hotbar below it with 3 or 4 hearts.
Victoria Burdette
George. Look full cooked food Me umm it can’t be Haft cooked Lol
Michelle Espejo
Michelle Espejo 6 days ago
Did I just heard what I heard- 13:53
Fidgets and Friends
Butler Family
Butler Family 6 days ago
1:47 sapnap got 4 chickens out of one egg
JD BRO 6 days ago
George."we're gonna beat this game in 10 seconds"!Length of video 19!
Badboyhalo 6 days ago
It ain’t yes...ITS YEAZ
Min Kim
Min Kim 6 days ago
the reason why the clay are golden apples are because that Clay is dream's name so he made it OP
hihi 6 days ago
Brandon 824
Brandon 824 7 days ago
5:50 "come here clay"
Abdulrahman alaidi
hi George can you be my friend on discord pls pls pls if yes my name is abudi plssssssssssssssssssssss
Nether Right?
Nether Right? 7 days ago
13:53 he said sapnap's name nicholas
Nether Right?
Nether Right? 7 days ago
george: i am break this come here clay dream: *sad clay noises *
hallow Lewis
hallow Lewis 7 days ago
hallow Lewis
hallow Lewis 7 days ago
Itz_Froggy !
Itz_Froggy ! 7 days ago
chicken: eye of ender
Quinn Chambers
Quinn Chambers 7 days ago
How was heatwaves?🧐
Raul Mercado
Raul Mercado 7 days ago
Maddie goldberrie
A random Guy-21
A random Guy-21 7 days ago
Smita Borah
Smita Borah 8 days ago
Then dream not found George x dream 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
inquisitormasterfanpage zalex_foreverfanpage
I hear chrismast music lol
Pickles Arctic fox ;-;
They called dream clay 🥲
Kora 8 days ago
13:20 sped... I'm not gonna say something to this...
Gigi Girlie
Gigi Girlie 8 days ago
they should of made enchanted apples as well because there better then golden
Allegra Soljan
Allegra Soljan 8 days ago
Dream: oH we could make bOne bOx
Deez Bels
Deez Bels 8 days ago
thanks to dream he found anything you need
Max eth
Max eth 8 days ago
Hey George