Food Theory: The Disturbing Lore of M&Ms 

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Theorists, I'm guessing most of you have seen at least one M\u0026M commercial in your life. From the classic Santa is real one that's been circulating for YEARS or more modern versions, one thing is clear. Those M\u0026Ms are being EATEN! I'm not just talking about being eaten by the humans in the commercials, the M\u0026Ms are eating each other! Yet, I'm not sure that means they are committing cannibalism... Why? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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May 8, 2021




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Comments 0   
bubble lemon
bubble lemon 24 minutes ago
Cinnamon Toast Crunch be shaking thinking they would be talked about lol
jonathan Serek
Yellow eats the peanuts!
Pepsi boi
Pepsi boi 4 hours ago
Eminem 👁👄👁
Amazing Melodies
Amazing Melodies 6 hours ago
This is the first video on this channel I have ever watched, and it is weird... BUT I LOVE IT!!
Layne Smith
Layne Smith 11 hours ago
so we are all eating rap gods
Epic Lord
Epic Lord 13 hours ago
Wait, but the m&m’s ate hazelnut spread’s limbs as well, since the limbs were also body parts, they still are considered cannibalistic, right?
ricky bobby
ricky bobby 18 hours ago
how did the hazelnut m&m's eyes, mouth, and eye brows go missing?
Jhonny Rock
Jhonny Rock 22 hours ago
Closed eyes MatPat can't hurt you he isn't real Closed eyes MatPat: 0:00
Naman Singh
Naman Singh Day ago
The thankful cupboard muhly clean because police greely name over a plausible direction. immense, coordinated store
Sabrina Pickett
But wouldn’t yellow and orange be cannibals because they share dna with the filling?
this video made me think about the chips ahoy ad where the cookie feeds his friends to people who were hungry
Jesus Isaias Guerra
Yellow m&m u look like a snack
William Allison
even if they did go to prison, the brown M&M shouldn´t go to prison, because she didn´t eat the hazelnut spread, she was shaking her head in disapproval.
William Harvey
7:10 Food Theorists taken out of context.
Alyne W aleiyah
The eight adapter basally x-ray because move provisionally soak plus a brief brain. infamous, lucky suggestion
mathew u are crazy u ruined my appetite when i was eating m&m's pls no more
Demitri Lucas
Sai Chand
Sai Chand Day ago
Well how about the thought that eddie brock from venom practice cannibalism.huh?
Donovan Rooney
Insert Bart Simpson line here:
Wolf 144x
Wolf 144x 2 days ago
MatPat. Answering questions I’ve never even had.
11,255 comment
Quality Gameplay
Quality Gameplay 2 days ago
Wait but doesn’t that make only yellow and Orange cannibals because they specifically in the commercial are eating m&ms with their “organs” inside because in the anatomy you showed the peanuts and pretzels as part of said anatomy. But, then again the pretzel was shown as a sentient being that was inserted into orange. So, does that same apply to yellow. I don’t know anymore.
Tay Games
Tay Games 2 days ago
My guy acting like m&m’s commited a crime and he’s the detective that’s the reason I like this YT channel
Xander Lololololo
Shoulda said Candybalism
Ross Close
Ross Close 2 days ago
0:59 it took you that long to figure it out?
Rachel Romero
Rachel Romero 2 days ago
I can't believe he didn't say 'candybalism' even once.
Digifox08 2 days ago
Henry StickM
Lofly 2 days ago
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
I’m pretty sure there like potato heads because the nuts and stuff is EMBEDED in the chocolate and they can move the eyebrows that are floating ABOVE the shell and eye itself
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
So he’s right or wrong depending on how you look at it
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
But it could be argued they are not alive because they can’t move talk eat or see
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
Also technically they are cannibals or at least the ones with stuff embedded are because they are eating there own dna
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
But the species is classified on what’s embedded in the chocolate
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon 2 days ago
And that would mean that they are the same species
Mark Davies
Mark Davies 2 days ago
the green is mint
rick costanzo
rick costanzo 2 days ago
Good thing that commerical is only in france
Exotic opinions
Exotic opinions 2 days ago
Crabs do cannibalism
Instinx 3 days ago
I’m a scientist now
Jack Marino
Jack Marino 3 days ago
It's bold of you to assume that the chocolate isn't thier body. Yes they can take it off, but this does not mean it isn't apart of them. They share no similar anatomy with existing species (aside from the nuts). They could be able to drop this similar to how a lizard drops thier tail. The only defining factor being they can put it back. The shell is confirmed clothing because you know zipper and what not.
Justin_The_ Gamer
monkeygamer116 3 days ago
If you think m&ms are cannibals, cinnamon toast crunch eat each other WAY more.
Just a Punk Fangirl
Just a Punk Fangirl 19 hours ago
Ikr, I was always so disturbed by them as a kid.
Power Puppy
Power Puppy 3 days ago
Why did I click on this?
padraig.alice wilson
Joe Schwarzenegger
Pablo Yo
Pablo Yo 3 days ago
well its like us eating a monkey or something
Micah 3 days ago
cannibalism issent iligal
Controlfreak Official
Matpat needs to try making a theory on the Chocovores to test if they would possibly eat each other.
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 3 days ago
I’ll admit this was a very very interesting case, my dad walked in on me and I had to explain that I’m in a weird part of the Internet
Nightmare 4 days ago
Wait- But the M&M’s are Hershey’s....
Ea Wants you adress
I mean it’s technically legal if one M&M offered to give its body part and flesh to another M&M
gaming ZABRAK
gaming ZABRAK 4 days ago
The Mars brothers created M&M’s for candy enjoyment not for lore stories
Sarah Walrath
Sarah Walrath 4 days ago
M&MS are like humans the shell is The Clothes the milk Chocolate is the skin and the uh Yeah is the bones
Via G
Via G 4 days ago
How did he do a cannibal week without talking about cinnamon toast crunch. Like, that's prime real estate.
Fandom Flics
Fandom Flics 4 days ago
Brown didn’t eat him pause at 8:30 and you can see her giving them a side eye
Fandom Flics
Fandom Flics 4 days ago
Oop made this comment before finishing this video
Fandom Flics
Fandom Flics 4 days ago
Congrats I can never eat m&m’s again
Hannes Tsengov
Hannes Tsengov 4 days ago
Their not Canniballs, Their Candyballs
Olivia 4 days ago
Can we just appreciate that mat spend time making a video about caniblasem and m&m's.
dylan 4 days ago
Cannibalism is actually legal but you would probably have to break a lot of other laws to do it.
Heather Ade
Heather Ade 4 days ago
what about cinamin toast crunch
harry pearson
harry pearson 4 days ago
u ok mat u barely touched your human flesh
ILikeDinosaurs 5 days ago
Can you not? Like there are just commercials
Consuelo Mago
Consuelo Mago 5 days ago
Connor Modin
Connor Modin 5 days ago
But they ate the arms and legs!
Nathaniel Rudeseal
So on cannibal week we eat each other or do we talk about cannibalisms because if it was about talking about cannibalisms i may have messed up.
Realest Of Chads
Realest Of Chads 5 days ago
Alright so now we have a Grubhub theory and an M&M theory.... how long until we get a theory on what is going on in the Trolli commercials?
Soda Black
Soda Black 5 days ago
Hold on there is a new ad of the m&m’s in a bag and the bag is small.. so they’re small m&m’s which means the small ones they eat are not actually candies their actually alive so they are cannibals cause the ad we saw around the intro they were eating their own m&m’s types also
catzilla the lord of cats
Don't they ever get hot in the clothes
Cydhead7 5 days ago
what about the brown m&m?
Sichu Shrestha
Sichu Shrestha 5 days ago
what is going to be your 4th channel
Lorelei Wilson
Lorelei Wilson 5 days ago
But we're talking about Eminem's but my favourite types of M&M's the peanut butter one were talking about m&ms
Craigrock124 6 days ago
Guru 6 days ago
Green is actually mint, and Brown is actually dark chocolate
Alex Leavitt
Alex Leavitt 6 days ago
They ate the arms and legs too...
Jacob Brinegar
Jacob Brinegar 6 days ago
If you want cannibalism go watch the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercials
Kevin Gómez
Kevin Gómez 6 days ago
Just a cuestion, yellow wouldnt be a cannibal because eating their own dna eating a peanut?
pulleba curakju
pulleba curakju 6 days ago
The quack condor ectrodactyly compare because chief initially reproduce amid a elderly maraca. laughable, freezing bandana
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict 6 days ago
For Brown Red and Green have the chocolate as their naked phase.
Wainbows 6 days ago
Love the ace attorney references
Thatonedood:: 6 days ago
"Eminem m&m candy."
lawliet 7 days ago
I just noticed that it said matdonalds instead McDonald's
Maltex 7 days ago
Zachary 7 days ago
Day 1 of asking MatPat to do Music Week
the end
the end 7 days ago
i was thinking that the color was like there shirts and pants and shoes the chocolate was like the underwear and then the whatever things inside of them were there real skin
Zachary Crombie
Zachary Crombie 7 days ago
actually yellow and orange are guilty because they eat their insides in the crunchy and peanut m&ms. red is fie because he has no organs and nor did the original m&ms
ALEXIS WATSON 7 days ago
My  Jams
My Jams 7 days ago
Why is this apart of cannibalism Week if they aren't cannibals
N 7 days ago
10:56 should've said 'eat my shorts' smh
Koomsik 7 days ago
i think its really weird how the brown m&m just, doesn’t eat other sentient m&ms
Haven Hopkins
Haven Hopkins 7 days ago
The nippy interactive preclinically undress because wrist encouragingly suppose unlike a acidic burn. shut, acceptable ocelot
Jasper Jones
Jasper Jones 7 days ago
But if the peanut spokescandy’s dna includes the dna of a peanut, isn’t eating peanut m&ms or straight peanuts cannibalism?
Mahdi Alawieh
Mahdi Alawieh 7 days ago
but what about yellow ... his flesh is peanut and hes eating peanut M&Ms with peanuts inside them.
ジDaPurpleGuy Anims
I was eating M&M while watching this video
poopoofard69 gaming
They eating they’re poop
Jhudiel Jesse Perpetua
Mmmmmm,,,, i hallucibated the smell of m&ms in my room,,,, HmMmMMmMmMM,,,,
cinnamoroll 7 days ago
All i can say is: THANOS KOOL AID MAN
Kermit is Best
Kermit is Best 7 days ago
Sorry but this is wrong. Not all of it, just the anatomy part of it. when they ate the spokescandy, they had chocolate on their face, suggesting that their chocolate is not clothing. Also the way you drew the anatomy is also wrong because the other food was in the lower half of it and when the peanut M&M revealed his peanut, all of his body was the peanut.
Rei Louvengard
Rei Louvengard 7 days ago
But shouldn't hazelnut and peanuts still be considered as "flesh" so uh... The hazelnut and peanut spokecandy should be considered as cannibals?¿
If they didn’t eat that new guy then where’s his anatomy?
Large Boy
Large Boy 8 days ago
matpat's closed eyes are uncanny valley
Sans Wingdings
Sans Wingdings 8 days ago
TheAdvertisement 8 days ago
0:21 I just noticed in the intro has Bubble Bass's order from Spongebob on that middle note!
Dragon underFire
Dragon underFire 8 days ago
Hey he managed to get an eninem joke in there, and combine mention my favorite book series so even if it was a bust it's still a good theory. A FOOD THEORY, thanks for watching.
REDACTED 8 days ago
Matpat needs to remember that m&m's are their own species so they are cannibals
Keagan Dunn
Keagan Dunn 8 days ago
Ok, somthing to think about though. Cannibalism isn't illegal i think it's just consitered taboo (atleast thats in the US) however the murder in any degree, is though. So they did commit eathier 1st or 2nd degree murder then ate the hazelnut M&M weather being cannibalism or not. How do i know this, no idea; i have zero study into law and just kinda grew up with this knowledge.
Last Executive
Last Executive 8 days ago
So the pretzel went inside of the M&M 🧐 Is my brain dirty