i broke my foot... 

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lol oops

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Feb 21, 2021




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Joshua Ricardo
Joshua Ricardo 35 minutes ago
Idk what's funnier, this or if he had just made a 5 second video saying he tripped
Chris312 2 hours ago
*snap* crackle and pop
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 3 hours ago
Note to self look 3 ways when crossing the street
Tanya Mansukhani
Tanya Mansukhani 3 hours ago
Me: Almost cries when I barely stub my toe Mark: Literally breaks a bone in his foot Also Mark: Ehh the pain is between 5-6 ish
Kyro Steytler
Kyro Steytler 4 hours ago
I think mark dropped his ego on his foot and that's why it broke
Frosty Ember
Frosty Ember 5 hours ago
I swear this guy is always in the hospital
Jena Ferneau
Jena Ferneau 8 hours ago
It's okay mark. I stepped on a pop bottle coming off the last step at home, rolled my ankle and broke my foot. I know your pain. Hang in there and get better soon.
Top Gameplay
Top Gameplay 9 hours ago
This is how many times he said "yeah, I broke my foot." | \/
moonprincess500 9 hours ago
At least you didn’t have two wrecked ankles. Please don’t ask how that happened. It was embarrassing!
Bastian Schmidt
Bastian Schmidt 9 hours ago
Ich broke the same bone last Saturday... 😅
1 Man vs things
1 Man vs things 9 hours ago
Hey I broke my foot too
Techyboi 10 hours ago
Withered markiplier
Chase Brown
Chase Brown 10 hours ago
Mark: Is that why they call it a butterfly? Because it flutters by? No life shaq: THAT'S A BAR!
monica hopper
monica hopper 11 hours ago
Kind of assumed it was something like that with how you led up to the break. Not watching where you're walking and stepping wrong.
Eric Signoretti
Eric Signoretti 12 hours ago
Mark has more visits to the hospital than my grandmother and she is pushing 90. Lord did he milked it. He deserves an oscar.
Omega Y
Omega Y 15 hours ago
Plot twist: he faked having his foot broken so he can finish his project
LineLi 16 hours ago
Thank god it wasn't the nose
*Gabby 25*
*Gabby 25* 16 hours ago
"Like someone punched me in the foot with a sledgehammer." Mark...I dont think thats how that works...🤣
cross _Star
cross _Star 17 hours ago
Why did 261,000 people *like* that he broke his foot? 🤔
Spiritual Essence
Spiritual Essence 17 hours ago
The Sun does not give you Vitamine D just because scientists say so the Sun is water and the only reason why it appears to be bright and seems like it produces heat is because our body of water and the Sun as a body of water may not be touching physically but both bodies of water is causing friction due to how close our body of water is to the Sun as a body of water. The Sun is nothing more than a body of water anything else is lies to make you think a certain way. To those who dont believe me where would yall be if the Scientists switched up on everyone and told yall different then what they have already told yall. Stop clinging to things you hear and start coming to your own conclusions and if you dont know how to do so then you are weak and are willing to cling onto anything these "Scientists" say. Other than that hope you feel better Mark!!
Artlyssa72000 G
Artlyssa72000 G 20 hours ago
Dang look at all dat hair
Bananengulasch 21 hour ago
mark looks like an asian jesus
Chance Taylor
Chance Taylor 21 hour ago
Michael Barr
Michael Barr 21 hour ago
Ive broken my fibula and my growth plate in two places. Aka my ankle when I was 10 to 11
The LoafDude
The LoafDude 22 hours ago
"not a masochist"
åšțhmåţïč ìñhâļêŕ ņîñjå
Set the playback to 2x speed and fast forward everytime he pauses and you'll find it sometime after 11:00 basically he tripped on a storm drain to be a masochist and get out of workouts.
Sentry Day ago
I could come up with only one logical reaction: bruh
Laura Bateman
And I thought I was accident prone. Hope it heals up soon Mark
EnduranceGal Day ago
Mark: Prepare yourself. The story of how I broke my foot is going to change how you perceive the very fabric of reality. Me: You tripped on a step or something, didn't you Mark. Mark: I tripped on a storm drain
Hammerfell Day ago
"but did it feel good tho?"
THE PUSH Day ago
He was walking to get a haircut ...dang so close
America Yea
America Yea Day ago
Someone's gonna animate this and it will be the most epic thing lol.
Shift Key
Shift Key Day ago
Didn’t change my perspective at all
Just Simon
Just Simon Day ago
Yikes that sounds really painful... thank god we don't have those kinds of storm drains in my neighboorhood
That must REALLY suck I've never felt that paint but it must really suck, no joke
Jakob Schmidt
How long can mark stay out of the hospital
Ashlynn Morgan
13:10 you're fucking welcome.
Mikey Rose
Mikey Rose Day ago
Ngl he is kinda looking like lord farquad
Lillith Oxford
I just don't get what the odds are. It's baffling
FireLord Day ago
this man is addicted to breaking things. why did it have to be markimoo?!?!?!? WHY!!!?!?!?!?
Jeremy Wiles
Jeremy Wiles Day ago
Really? You make a video to tell us you broke your foot and wait 15 minutes just to get to the point? This should have been a tweet!
Amber Eickelmann
get better also i had the same break mine was 15 or 16 i think i was in high school still mine was a hairline i feel for you
I Am Bread
I Am Bread Day ago
Play me Marky Poo
camilla nilsson
Kinda imagine it like a GTA character who trip, stumps his foot with the "you died"
Robert Ernest
My friend's brother wanted to kick the ball (and another student) and instead he broke his own foot.
KING_ glokkz blangin
Ah yes pg finest Kevin Durant has a connection with markiplier *what a small world we live in*
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Bean Day ago
Mom: what did you today? Me: I listen to Mark talk about him breaking different parts of his body Mom: oh..thats lovely
Emma E-L
Emma E-L Day ago
"When I tap it... its broken" Well don't tap it then
Oscar Devil Slaying Gamer. Karl Is The Best.
Mark: Don't let me, be the breaker of your sanity. Me: You're not, but summer of 2020 was. :D
Oscar Devil Slaying Gamer. Karl Is The Best.
What's it feel like braking a limb?
Isopants Day ago
This video is like an anime series: overly dramatic, 1% actual content, and 99% filler drama. Side note: My sister shattered her left foot doing the MC Hammer dance a few years back. Legit. Has a metal plate in her foot now and everything. F for respects, hope your foot mends correctly n junk!
The entire 17 minutes I’m saying, would you please GET TO IT.
kamo_0830 Day ago
I’m not a member because I have no money 💰
female papyrus
Break a leg Nark: breaks his foot
Bakugou is so HOT
Me: *being prude that I have never broken any bones* 😏
TheEvilRaccoon 2 days ago
Amy: _"Break a leg!"_ Mark: "And I took that *literally* "
Stevie Shred
Stevie Shred 2 days ago
Tell your story king! Beautiful and brave! 🤣
Rhiann Robinson x
Chica was like *☺️🧸🌸✨🥰* Meanwhile mark *🥲💀🪦🏥*
Rhiann Robinson x
My brain went He got hit by a car But no chica is okay He fell Most likely it is mark we are talking about here Someone stood on his foot but they’d be dead if they stood on mark But no he fell on a drain Markiplier fell on a D r a i n
Jenny Skysister
Jenny Skysister 2 days ago
Put some ice on it
Foo Lessig
Foo Lessig 2 days ago
Mark are you ok your body seems very fragile or your just reckless.
RoyalBlueRanger 2 days ago
I thought it was going to be about how Mark broke his foot; turned out to be an infomerical for everyone to join his channel. What's next? Flex-Cast? Gotta jump aboard and make a flex-cast boat.
lchainsaw 2 days ago
i broke the metatarsal bone on that same foot in that same place, Mark. XD Was out of work for two months all cuz I rolled my foot stepping off the last step. Stupidest thing ever, but damn, it hurt. Be good to yourself. Keep off the foot.
I’m Bald
I’m Bald 2 days ago
Markiplier is leveled up to level three now addicted to breaking bones
Grey 2 days ago
It took him 11 minutes to get to the story, and another 3 minutes to tell it, and I don't know why I'm surprised
Skeleton king
Skeleton king 2 days ago
It took him 13 minutes to tell the story...that alone is impressive
manuel ab
manuel ab 2 days ago
mark: it was like someone hit my foot with a sledgehammer! Me, a constructor, in Hospital: well it wasnt just like..... but at least i can watch more YT
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran 2 days ago
Did this man... Somehow suffer an NBA caliber injury just by existing? How the fuck is this man still alive?
Sub Sonic Rebasses
markimoo..you just love goin to the hospital don't you lol
Cardinal 2 days ago
Fourteen minutes to hear the fact that he tripped.
SaragRosie 2 days ago
wait Mark broke his arm in the same way I did
Alexis Faye
Alexis Faye 2 days ago
If you need a good a foot dr, Foot Center at Cedars Sinai is amazing!!! Please please please don’t even try not to walk whatsoever cause we don’t want you to end up with compartment syndrome!!!!!
Story Harris
Story Harris 2 days ago
My dad broke his foot to LOL but he just did it last week.
Story Harris
Story Harris 2 days ago
Foot for the answer.
Story Harris
Story Harris 2 days ago
He is doing better now
littlemissirisie Pambrun
Can we talk about the dislikes on the video about some guy and his broke foot thats just rude
Mitch 2 days ago
did he just rezidentiat hamilton for a sec or am I hearing wrong???
Helaina Hesseling
i broke mine there too that’s legit the worst possible place u can break it
wtf alex
wtf alex 2 days ago
When you get hurt I sort of wanna know asap not 17 min long drawn out story..only because the tension and anxiety of the long story build up makes me worry even more
Crypto 2 days ago
not again
pleb :D
pleb :D 2 days ago
this makes me feel better about dislocating my knee a week ago by putting my knees together to pull up my pants ._. and bruh it hurts so much and it spasms and pops and getting into the shower is horrid, bruh i just hope i wont need surgery and that my youthfulness plays a part in healing
i broke my right arm in the exact same way man and lemme tell ya it was exactly how you described it, didnt hurt at first but then the pain just went boom, my arm was an arch tho not a step
Heavenly Sinner
Heavenly Sinner 2 days ago
I broke the smallest bone in my hand on 08/26/2019 (they call it the peanut) amd it was so extremely painful. I still have workers comp because that little bone caused me so many problems and pain. Im only 20 and was in beauty school and they still don't think ill ever be able to use my hand normally. I can use it it's just i can't lift over 10 pounds and i have so much nerve damage that my pink likes to stay out lol i still have pain but now the most pain ill have is a 5/10 and i always have pain so it's constantly a 1/10 but y'know its slowlyyyyyy getting better but we think it's not wanting to heal anymore. Now it's nerve and muscle damage. My scar is so big cause they couldn't cut through the muscle that was above the broken bone (i now have two screws in my hand like this ⬇⬆ )
NeeksArt 2 days ago
Mark broke a foot.. I fractured my left little toe, and left kneecap. I too, wasn't given pain killers. My doctor thinks I over-exaggerate..Like..Lady, I can withstand pain up to an 8 for normal people. If I'm complaining, it means I'm in legit pain. I was told to take a mix of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.
Javier Molina
Javier Molina 2 days ago
sad dude but it happends sometime under life it also happend me but in a other way.. when i was 11 i think soo i was up in a tree hiding from my sister bc we played hide 'n seek she had found me but i didin't notice. I was on a branch and she started shacking that branch then i looked down and i saw her. I got scared and lost balance then i fell down. BOOM it wasen't that high up tho but still... i went to the hospital and i had to stay there over night before i went home they told me what i got BRAINDAMAGE
António Soares
António Soares 2 days ago
Markiplier: No, I´m definitly not masochist. Also Markiplier: Ups, I broke a part of my body again. I´m not a masochist
Jop jop
Jop jop 2 days ago
oh there s member content now that explain why things have turened to shit
CZEL BAGALAY 2 days ago
is it just me or does he keeps going to the hospital??
Palamontus 10
Palamontus 10 3 days ago
i kinda deduced u broke it in a water drain on street but not in that exact way. i also thought at the possibility of something falling on your foot like one of those rods that hold the tall road lamps (must be really "lucky" to get ur foot hurt by one of those)
Robot without AI
Robot without AI 3 days ago
Robot without AI
Robot without AI 6 hours ago
Techyboi 10 hours ago
The__Hunter01 3 days ago
I hope you feel better soon💚
Zakai Hooper
Zakai Hooper 3 days ago
I gIvE tHe bOobOo kIsS bUt iM In aUsTrAlIa sO I CaNT PEt ChIcA BuT I StIUlL GiVeTHe bOoBoO kIsS!i!i!i!i
Zakai Hooper
Zakai Hooper 3 days ago
I once broke my arm on an inflatable slide,because it wasn’t inflated enough on the middle of the slide and i fell and missed the safety mat completely and landed with my arm grabbing the shoulder blade on the opposite side and so my arm was the first thing that hit the floor.I also fractured my elbow and cracked a rib but that healed by its self.
ihigerlg 3 days ago
Zakai Hooper
Zakai Hooper 3 days ago
Did he do the 10,000 steps challenge again? Nah I’m only joking hope u get well soon
D Cunningham
D Cunningham 3 days ago
I can relate dude. Had my big toe fractured twice within two years, and it isn't a pleasant feeling.
Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan 3 days ago
You need a haircut
Techyboi 10 hours ago
He just has his hair long
Denniel 3 days ago
Mark smiling while explaining his pain, makes me smile.... and laugh (sorry)
Mario Dumbrique
Mario Dumbrique 3 days ago
Markiplier Please don’t die
Haley Bowers
Haley Bowers 3 days ago
Tbh I feel his pain. I punched a walll and broke my pinky bone metacarpal. So like where he broke his foot but on my hand. It hurts like a mf
Banana Man
Banana Man 3 days ago
I broke my foot today I think I did a thing
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