Ranboo bakes a cake (1 MILLION Subscriber special) 

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YOUTOOZ!: youtooz.com/products/ranboo
Today in celebration i decided to bake an ENTIRE CAKE!
It went terribly, but it was fun.
I am LIVE on
I say dumb things
Have an awesome day!


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Feb 26, 2021




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Inoue ,CuteBoba_Tea
That's why girls are the best at cooking 😂😂😂
PlushyDragoon14 5 minutes ago
hello steve harrington
Random Account on discord
ranboo youtooz go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
f41thx s410m4
f41thx s410m4 27 minutes ago
whenever i see you i see monokuma
Zara Sofea Mohd Azlan
Zara Sofea Mohd Azlan 39 minutes ago
Nobody: *me only focusing on his hair: 😃👌
•Banana• 42 minutes ago
Ranboo sweetheart it’s a wisk
Minimums TFS
Minimums TFS Hour ago
If you guys didn't play Deltarune then You won't know the song of the intro, reply to this if you know the song
John Serrano
John Serrano Hour ago
For all of you that didn't get the youtooz like me youtooz are like limited edition figures they are not like normal one how they can restock it again like bruh nobody got angry that other's got no youtooz from their other youtubers and also how do you cancel ranboo just say "hE dIdN'T rEsTocK hIs yOuTooZ" I don't mean all of the people that didn't get I mean some of them
progamer_3241 Hour ago
now he has 2mil subs so hes gonna build something or make something
Tyto tenebricosa
Why are there two entire boxes of Creeper Crunch™ in the background just. sitting there. ominously
Tyto tenebricosa
3:54 how did the cake manage to look like a mini version of the cutting board
Kiran Loon
Kiran Loon Hour ago
God is dead now so ranboo made a gaos in the universe
Smile Hour ago
One minute silence for those Aunts who who searched for actual cake tutorials 😑
painted clay118
painted clay118 2 hours ago
Guys when he reaches 5 mill he's gonna do a face reveal so subscribe please.
Arfa Hashim
Arfa Hashim 2 hours ago
If u hide candy from me i will find it
Navy 2 hours ago
What do you think of beans and grass? plz tell me
noelani Dailey
noelani Dailey 3 hours ago
It's a wisck ranboo
noelani Dailey
noelani Dailey 3 hours ago
noelani Dailey
noelani Dailey 3 hours ago
Idk how to spellbit
draculaura 3 hours ago
Ranboo NEEDS to do this, but for Michael’s birthday he bakes a real life Minecraft cake with Tubbo.
ena mcnamara
ena mcnamara 3 hours ago
he has hair like joe kerry!!!!
Lemon Cave
Lemon Cave 3 hours ago
*its a whisk. a w h i s k*
Ochako Uraraka
Ochako Uraraka 3 hours ago
The whole m&m hiding rant is iconic
snow zombie
snow zombie 4 hours ago
You just be came my favorite USliftr
shadowgamer 4 hours ago
Me and ranboo are so relatable when it comes to bakeing we cant bake for s$^#
MAX Dj 4 hours ago
When this is recommended 8years later I will be proud to say I was a part of the days where the comments where mostly frech
Melon Republic
Melon Republic 4 hours ago
Canby corn is the best please do not hate on me
Veronica Sorto
Veronica Sorto 5 hours ago
We have not 1 Not 2 Not 3 ... We have 3
Nsabella2 :
Nsabella2 : 5 hours ago
Ranboo is so much like this guy I used to know, it is creepy. They both have the same laugh, humor, hair, it is weird. All to say, both of these guys have changed my life. Ranboo, I know it is kinda stupid, but you got me through a tough time. I doubt I will ever forget it. I was having suicidal thoughts when I clicked one of your videos, you made me realize I can find joy in little things.
kenadie burke
kenadie burke 5 hours ago
Not one, not two, not three, but three three runs of frosting
VoidalMyth 5 hours ago
Upload more
kenadie burke
kenadie burke 5 hours ago
Fun Fact.... OIL
Gisselle Hernandez
Gisselle Hernandez 5 hours ago
Helloooo❤i don't think your going to see this but i wanted you to know that you helped me without realizing it thankyou love ya❤😁
Sonya and J Marie Myers bellard
Omg he plays Minecraft so much that he forgot what a wisck is
Sonya and J Marie Myers bellard
2 million
xkur0mi bby
xkur0mi bby 5 hours ago
Ranboos Cake= Diabetes
abby j carreiro
abby j carreiro 5 hours ago
“not one, not two, not three.... *we have three cans of frosting-*
Aliza Quinn-Houle
Aliza Quinn-Houle 6 hours ago
🟦🟩 🟫🟫 🟧
Neon Fog
Neon Fog 6 hours ago
“Do i care… No” my life at it’s finest
Camille Jefcoat
Camille Jefcoat 6 hours ago
Ranboo: “There is not one bad thing in the form of powder” Brain:Ummm Also Ranboo: “There is one single bad thing in powder form”
Mia Styles Tomlinson
"is this a good idea?" Probably not "Do i care?" *No*
Peyton ö
Peyton ö 6 hours ago
hello ranboo my french teacher says your video was very cool
FunnySans 6 hours ago
“Fun fact,... OIL”
Gev Fink
Gev Fink 6 hours ago
ok but if everone who has watched this subscribed we would get a face reveal
Mystery Pie
Mystery Pie 7 hours ago
I think you can get diabetes just by looking at it.
Jaxson Rat
Jaxson Rat 7 hours ago
I like your you good ranboo also I'm a big fan
Raee C3ll
Raee C3ll 7 hours ago
I love ranboo but the first sentence I hated it cuz I'm muslim
ivy nature trust killerway
When ranboo the manliest man of all time sad bad boy I thought he was gonna say bad boy halo for some reason
Unicorn plays Brookhaven rp yu
Ummmm wow wow
Jacqueline Nguyen
Jacqueline Nguyen 7 hours ago
the cake say POG
Starlight _Fallz
Starlight _Fallz 8 hours ago
Alright merch idea, he’s probably not gonna see and since I’m too poor to donate to his stream, but my idea is. . . Micheal plush! With his chicken, I would buy him until there’s no more
IamNotPillz BG
IamNotPillz BG 8 hours ago
this is my comfort stream
-Willow -
-Willow - 8 hours ago
“There is not any bad thing that is a power” my mind: BABY POWER 😩
Kendra Anderson
Kendra Anderson 8 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay anger intenses
Unicute 8 hours ago
Advntrex 8 hours ago
LVL_DYLAN 8 hours ago
Its called a whisp
The Freaks
The Freaks 8 hours ago
Timmyinnit:yes if you stop playing I’ll have tubbo again🤣
Thekid Karen
Thekid Karen 9 hours ago
Enjoy The crack
Enjoy The crack 9 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay watching this right now: he is an m&m donut
Karl_jacobzsimp 9 hours ago
Dude ur six foot?u a giant in like 3 foot five
Aesthetic_boom 9 hours ago
“Not one not two not three “ looks for a norther one”ok three” 😂😂
Sicily Mezzofante
Sicily Mezzofante 9 hours ago
"All we need is our three eggs, now don't throw these or else there's a small chance four chickens might pop out of this." ~Ranboo, Feb 2021 Apparently if you throw 3 eggs, you get 4 chickens. Who knew you get more chickens than eggs.
Sophie, Yoshito and Mocha!
when someone asks my romantic preference: 3:32
boltZclaps ,
boltZclaps , 10 hours ago
he got big hair
Teggokung TV
Teggokung TV 10 hours ago
2 mil now you wont uplode so long now man
Taryn Hyder
Taryn Hyder 11 hours ago
"I need to stop playing Minecraft ." The creeper things in the back: *cries in videogame*
The FNaF m0on
The FNaF m0on 11 hours ago
✨P A N✨
Outset Gonzalez
Outset Gonzalez 11 hours ago
I listened to this in the background while working on a school assignment : ]
Jotarooo_3000 gaming
Fun fact : that did not kill god XD
atlas 11 hours ago
"dont run with scissors except when you do" this made me laugh out loud.
T1 Psyco
T1 Psyco 12 hours ago
five silly friends
five silly friends 12 hours ago
Their is not a Single bad powder ......... their is one bad thing that is a powder
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 12 hours ago
funniest part of the video 6:24
Noorplayz 12 hours ago
1:54 Im deadddd
Tayl0rvsp 4 hours ago
@Susan Johnson 😐
Noorplayz 12 hours ago
@Susan Johnson thats mean
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 12 hours ago
hope u stay like that
Alone Stitch
Alone Stitch 12 hours ago
congrats but ... 2m?
you're local bisexual
1:33 the fu-
Minecraft Builder
Minecraft Builder 13 hours ago
when he said do you think God stays up in heaven because he's afraid of the thing that is created down Here back on earth i was like Spy kids Spy Kids
Marisole 13 hours ago
a wise man once said " don't run with scissors...except when you do"
Abigail Fritz
Abigail Fritz 13 hours ago
my stomach urts looking at the cake, it makes me want to eat broccoli and other healthy food wtf!
E gamer Girl
E gamer Girl 13 hours ago
Day 4 of asking ranboo to do a KAHOOT stream
Joseph Zulu
Joseph Zulu 13 hours ago
I literally have the same toaster oven you have wtf the fuck
lara roumieh
lara roumieh 13 hours ago
who disliked this
Tayl0rvsp 4 hours ago
@Susan Johnson stfu
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 12 hours ago
Heidi x
Heidi x 13 hours ago
We've got 1................2..............3...............*checks* we've got 3!
Your_Street_Pigeon XO
My mother would most definitely like this cake cause it’s just- everything she loves in one cake 😂
Trey Myette
Trey Myette 14 hours ago
what the fuge ronboo
Shreya 14 hours ago
Police: Why did you start killing Me: someone steals my m&ms
Sara Wiegman
Sara Wiegman 14 hours ago
fun fact *silence* OIL
Tom Trhlík
Tom Trhlík 15 hours ago
Ranboob we want more videos!!!
_ur_local_simp_ 15 hours ago
mc klee
mc klee 15 hours ago
the cake be swag tho😏✨
Rōzu 15 hours ago
For SOME reason i thought it was saying cakes a bake
Andiibee 15 hours ago
I do not fucking know this man but I love baking and comedy this is the only reason i’m here
muhammad aazmeer
muhammad aazmeer 16 hours ago
I love u ranboo u are soooo cute 😎😎😎😎😎
꧁Those Gamers꧂
꧁Those Gamers꧂ 16 hours ago
2:07 no i didnt know cake was a thing back then
Rafael Miranda
Rafael Miranda 16 hours ago
"P A N" has the same energy as "cheese"
Tayl0rvsp 4 hours ago
@Susan Johnson you first “Susan”
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson 12 hours ago
shut up 😐
pink mouse
pink mouse 16 hours ago
ranboo: if any1 bashes me like "oh you should have made the cake this way" this is not supposed to be a good cake this is supposed to be a cake that can kill GOD me: then u don't need 4 ingredients u need 1 and that is saitin so shut up
Shiloh Santos
Shiloh Santos 17 hours ago
Elmer Duck Elekell
Elmer Duck Elekell 17 hours ago
"This is NOT Supposed to be a good cake, This is supposed to be a cake That can kill G O D" - Ranboo February 26
Quackity's Owl
Quackity's Owl 17 hours ago
NOT GONNA LIE i am super hungry right now, it looks really delicious to be honest but.... I am fasting- i also will try this cake called, ''Ranboo'S M&M's Cake'' YAYYY !
Exotic_LuckyGlitch [Proxy]
2:49 where are they, who moved them, who moved my children somebody moved my M&Ms and now i'm going to start *killing*
I built a chair...
Our Hamsters
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