The Day Our Best Friend Almost Died... 

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One of the scariest days in TFIL history as we watched one of our best friends fall off a waterfall face first into the rocks... Even after the emergency room visit, Corbin handled everything like a champ and still made sure we were on time to visit an animal sanctuary later that day... This is Part 2 of 8 from our Costa Rica series.
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Jun 9, 2021




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TFIL 6 days ago
Thanks for tuning in & happy to say Corbin did not die. Few inches away & it could have been a different story. In the next video Corey quits TFIL. The video after that he unquits. The video after that, the prime minister of Costa Rica gave us exclusive permission to stay overnight on a haunted prison island. Weird trip!
Abby Clinard
Abby Clinard 2 hours ago
Love you guys 😘
Mr. Z. D. LOVE
Mr. Z. D. LOVE 16 hours ago
Not surprised about Corey, very indecisive and full of estrogen, lol He’s like Pearl on SpongeBob omg !
Kyle_gamer07 18 hours ago
Peanut butter 🧈🇬🇧💕
Kyle_gamer07 18 hours ago
Me and my hubby love ghost huntin. We done it a few years ago we done it in our Cinema and that’s haunted and we have Proof, plus we used those Metal rods 🇬🇧💕
Kyle_gamer07 18 hours ago
I love watching you and your videos I am UK England 🇬🇧💕
Cloudie 9 Druoid
Cloudie 9 Druoid 12 minutes ago
I cringed when he fell, hitting the rock that hard with your head, man I pray he's fine!!
Taia 30 minutes ago
I'm 11 years old so I'm not sure if your ok with me doing ghost hunting but I think it would be really fun. I would even think of it as fun if we do it in my house (yes my house has paranormal activity) a place where I would love to go is really any creepy forest I love camping and having the Edrenil of being scared! Please think about having me in one of your videos it's always been a dream of mine
Mariah Miller
Mariah Miller 53 minutes ago
I have always wanted to go base jumping in the Cave of Swallows in Potosi Mexico!!!
Sadie richards
Sadie richards 53 minutes ago
Celery and peanut butter
samantha bath
samantha bath Hour ago
celery and peanut butter :)
Alyssa Reyes
Alyssa Reyes Hour ago
Celery and peanut butter
Abby Clinard
Abby Clinard 2 hours ago
Sitting in a pich black room for as long as I can I have always wanted to do that
•trAsHLanD• 2 hours ago
I've never left the country or been to LA or Las Vegas the only places I've been were Sacramento Salinas and San Jose, Monterey, Gridley
Lily 2 hours ago
The animals though 🥺😭
Alyssa Reyes
Alyssa Reyes 2 hours ago
I just wanna go somewhere crazy with you guys!
Elijah buddy Jenkins
"my birthday" and "my social security number" there done
Kai -A
Kai -A 2 hours ago
June 30th gonna be 20... yay
CJ Carson
CJ Carson 3 hours ago
I’ve always wanted to go on the biggest roller coaster in the world
BeccaAnne King
BeccaAnne King 3 hours ago
Michael 3 hours ago
One of y’all carrying a curse from one of your investigations
Bob Bobberson
Bob Bobberson 3 hours ago
I’ve always wanted to skydive -_-
Tracy Castellaw
Tracy Castellaw 3 hours ago
Celery and peanut butter
ali !!
ali !! 4 hours ago
i went in knowing he didn’t die but still having so much anxiety because he’s corbin
Deanna Thompson
Deanna Thompson 4 hours ago
February 15th
Brianna Condit
Brianna Condit 4 hours ago
Hannah Paradise
Hannah Paradise 4 hours ago
Ive always wanted too swim with pigs at the Bahamas.
kawaii frog❤
kawaii frog❤ 5 hours ago
I want to go to Florida and I also want to see all of you colby, corey, sam,Jake, and everyone else!
Mayday_10 5 hours ago
Explore a haunted place
Brianna Condit
Brianna Condit 5 hours ago
Love all y’all 😂
Stella Clemente
Stella Clemente 6 hours ago
The waterfall is like from our country
JuLiEtA-pOrTo 6 hours ago
why is a parot named after me
Ghislaine Vasquez
Ghislaine Vasquez 6 hours ago
My birthday
Ghislaine Vasquez
Ghislaine Vasquez 6 hours ago
Your social security number
Raeleigh Pritchard
Raeleigh Pritchard 6 hours ago
My friend, Lucy, and I have always to explore a abandoned/haunted place wait but I'm too scared maybe not idkkkk ugh you know what take us to disney world instead thanks ;-)
Brianna Carimbocas
Brianna Carimbocas 6 hours ago
Celery and peanut butter 😂♥️
Raeleigh Pritchard
Raeleigh Pritchard 6 hours ago
I want to be able to be noticed and win a CASH PRIZE for once hehe ;-)
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown 7 hours ago
Alexis Purpur
Alexis Purpur 7 hours ago
It’s been a huge dream of mine for the longest time, to be able to travel the world. I recently got a scratch map, where I can scratch the areas off where I’ve been to. And I’m so excited for when I get to use it!
Brianna Carimbocas
Brianna Carimbocas 7 hours ago
I've always wanted to witness a exorcism or anything hunted if you know yeahhhh🥺🥺‼️
Stephanie Micheal
Stephanie Micheal 7 hours ago
Masicure Music
Masicure Music 7 hours ago
My b day is June 13.lmao
AuxThept 7 hours ago
something i've always wanted to do is meet you guys, the first vid i watched was the first overnight in a trampline park so im pretty og id say lol
Strxwbxrryyy 7 hours ago
I've wanted to go to Japan and work at a maid cafe for a while now but I also wanna try their crazy fashion it looks like so much fun! I would love to see y'all try it out! Also good luck healing Brandon love ya!😂💛
Dylan Malm
Dylan Malm 7 hours ago
Notice in the Biltmore he answered the phone and after it said death and now he almost dies
923isme On fortnite
I liked and comment
923isme On fortnite
Can I come with you guys and do a overnight stuff
iambabysloth 8 hours ago
Aud 2, 2002
chloe 8 hours ago
I'm Welsh and I have always wanted to go in to the deep mines in Wales and do a ghost investigation there x
Maria Alcantar
Maria Alcantar 8 hours ago
Celery and Peanut Butter
Elijah McGinley-Christie
Your birthday
Ginnell Craner
Ginnell Craner 8 hours ago
Ok. That video was * AWESOME*. LOVED the whole thing...minus the slight near death thing.
Christofer Burkhart
Iv allways wanted to go to Hawaii
Baby Spartan
Baby Spartan 9 hours ago
Corbin: I'm fine everyone: you're not fine
Ginnell Craner
Ginnell Craner 9 hours ago
I wanted to ride an elephant since forever, but realize that is not always a great business for the elephants. I now want to visit a sanctuary to meet and help care for them.
Auden Hamright
Auden Hamright 9 hours ago
Thank God Corbin is stiLL live
Kahlyn Baumann
Kahlyn Baumann 9 hours ago
June 28th
Kiarah 9 hours ago
I wanna do something sick man. Get possessed by a demon, jump off a cliff, sky dive. Y'all are living the life and it's so cool to watch
hadley chamberlain
hadley chamberlain 9 hours ago
I WANT TO GO SKYDIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jermoreon Slaton
Jermoreon Slaton 9 hours ago
Feb the 4
Anna Teo
Anna Teo 10 hours ago
Elizabeth Higgins
Elizabeth Higgins 10 hours ago
I just want to say there is this abandoned government Lab near me in front of this 7 elevon and a Pizza hut for Corey.
Kirby Kenney
Kirby Kenney 10 hours ago
Have a safe healthy healing process Corbin! What a story to tell! Glad you are okay!!!
Lex Marie
Lex Marie 10 hours ago
I have always wanted to drive across the country and visit haunted places around the country .
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 11 hours ago
And then... Yeah 😂
Aluka Zoldick
Aluka Zoldick 11 hours ago
awwww i feel so bad
alpha wolf 111
alpha wolf 111 11 hours ago
Seriously why just a blur it out I wanted to see it
Niall Beattie
Niall Beattie 11 hours ago
Legit wasn’t bad imo
Rozza Dog
Rozza Dog 12 hours ago
😂😂 I just got the funniest screenshot of one of the small monkeys at 15:23 it’s so funny
Tamara's Vlog
Tamara's Vlog 12 hours ago
hahahah birthday JUne 23 1990 ... I was expecting a gift from you guys... how about .. a photo of Corey hehehe.. !!!!
Tamara's Vlog
Tamara's Vlog 12 hours ago
celery and peanut butter
Tamara's Vlog
Tamara's Vlog 12 hours ago
just visit here... in the Philippines after covid please
ivan gonzalez
ivan gonzalez 12 hours ago
i wan o go o acapulco but im 12
Jess Tipene
Jess Tipene 13 hours ago
Best intro ever. Just saying
AshleyRose Watters
AshleyRose Watters 13 hours ago
Corbin is just like me!!!!😂😂😂
CheesyChelsea 13 hours ago
Credit card information as well?
CheesyChelsea 13 hours ago
I’ve always wanted to go free swimming with sharks. So no Cage just swimming with sharks.
Louisa Emilia
Louisa Emilia 14 hours ago
Next one is Corey hahaha
lauren hanks
lauren hanks 17 hours ago
Celery and peanut butter
Nawress Jebnani
Nawress Jebnani 19 hours ago
Visiting iceland and seeing the northern lights 🙌🙌
Jazzy Rogers
Jazzy Rogers 19 hours ago
"Your social security number" "Your birthday"
SorinsWonderland 20 hours ago
Kelly Catalan
Kelly Catalan 20 hours ago
jokes on you I don't know my social security number nor I don't remember my own birthday I know I'm a few days late.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 21 hour ago
door or a window and escape out into the wild
Janae Angelina
Janae Angelina 21 hour ago
That’s like when i fractured my tail on jumping from a cliff into the water. You don’t know what hit you lmao but that’s a big cut!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 21 hour ago
nervous due to my social anxiety but I'd do my vest to warm up to yall 😄
Tristan Motheral
Tristan Motheral 21 hour ago
Biggest travel dream of mine has always been going to Ireland. Exploring the castles is the main thing I'd like to do, they're so amazing looking. Plus museums to go to, river cruises, and I'd looove to see the Cliffs of Moher. There's also the Dublin Zoo and so many other places to sight-see, it just sounds like a lovely adventure.
Jiggy Jayy
Jiggy Jayy 21 hour ago
all i’m saying is BORA BORA w y’all would go CRAZY
Jiggy Jayy
Jiggy Jayy 21 hour ago
thats crazy omg
Mae Baker
Mae Baker 22 hours ago
I've always wanted to go to Silver Dollar City in branson Missouri
Grace Stroman
Grace Stroman 20 hours ago
It’s a lot of fun
Jess 22 hours ago
i've done that just not on a waterfall. i don't remember a thing about it tho. let's just say i lost a lot of blood.
xxEverdeenxx 22 hours ago
*Corbin almost dies* Lets go look at animals
Makenna Madison
Makenna Madison 22 hours ago
Ive always just wanted to go somewhere tropical and have fun, ive been struggling with keeping my happiness up during covid and i feel like a trip to somewhere gorgeous would be great
CallMehDesi 23 hours ago
April 8th !!! and bro doing back flips and front flips off the edges at a pool is already scary enough because they hurt and i cant even land a back or front flip i dont even trust myself to do a backflip XD
bby z
bby z 23 hours ago
so glad Corbin is ok and safe but Brandon shirtless is making me too giddy
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 23 hours ago
Bruh I just ripped off my big toe nail for fun. This guy will be fine. And me and my brother used to jump off the backyard deck and swing on a powerline with a piece of elastic from one of those balls that come back to you when you kick it. Our bunkbed used to have drawers under it and we'd put socks on, run full speed down the hallway and slide under the bed frame on our knees or backs and come back out on the other side. Got scars from when my head slammed into it. I look like Harry Potter lmao
Maze Ivy
Maze Ivy Day ago
I am a psychic medium in learning and I have always wanted to stay over night somewhere haunted. I never cared where lmao
Irene Yolanda
Celery and peanut butter
Knovamped Day ago
I’ve always wanted to do flyboarding!! It’s insane and would be so dope to race!
Jerika Ortiz
Jerika Ortiz Day ago
Feb 24 1993
icey wth
icey wth Day ago
771432 may 25th
Neko O'Toole
Neko O'Toole Day ago
(Something I've always wanted to do) hmmm I didn't have much of a childhood cos of issues with my parents fighting eachother and with me and and both alcoholics but let's see...I've always wanted to face my fear of the ocean so for a while now I've wanted to go cage diving in another country . I also want to go to a wicked water park and my partners one and only wish that I would love to fulfil for him is seeing wolves in the wild or staying in a cabin in wolf territory. Btw I'm a hugeeee fan. I've watched you guys for so longgg. I watch all of you! I love your vids keep up with the great vids. If your able to fulfil any of these I would greatly appreciate it and I would just love to meet all of you (I will most likely be nervous due to my social anxiety but I'd do my vest to warm up to yall 😄
Neko O'Toole
Neko O'Toole Day ago
tiara hannah
tiara hannah Day ago
Celery and peanut butter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁
America Bermudez
celery and peanut butter
Mother Nature
****you guys help me get out of my funk. i honestly truly appreciate that. if no ones told you guys lately... youre freaking awesome and doing a great job!!! KEEP PIMPINTHATSHIT. much love and respect****
Celery and Peanut Butter. Also, I want to have a date with Keanu Reeves, I don't think ya'll can do that, what a shame 😔