ROOMMATE WARS! || Ultimate Pranks On Roommates And Friends 

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Roommate war is back on! And it's time for a sweet revenge!
If there’s one thing we’ll never get tired of, it’s pranks. And here are even more tricks and pranks you’ll love pulling on you roommates!
If you love playing jokes on your friends, watch this video for more awesome pranks! Coming up with the perfect prank isn’t always easy, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of pranks you can pull on your friends and family.
Think these pranks were epic? Try them out on your buddies!
And stay tuned for this and even more funny prank hacks!
Prank on, friends!
#funny #pranks #prankwar
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Jul 6, 2020




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Marla Joseph
Marla Joseph 7 hours ago
My class mate I’m so pretty I’m prettier then every single person every and the me your pretty annoying LOL
Kirti Rao
Kirti Rao 18 hours ago
His mouth was so stinking all day at may 11 2021 it stoped
Kirti Rao
Kirti Rao 18 hours ago
This is my mom's phone that's why her profile is here ,so I want to say that glue prank was so fun like I tried all pranks but I tried the glue prank last so he washed his hand and the glue never came off same of the banana prank , I am 8 years
Himiko Yumeno¡
Himiko Yumeno¡ 17 hours ago
What glue did u use-
Rachael Sanchez
torenonion Day ago
yeah my glue also hardens .5 seconds after i apply
torenonion Day ago
who uses hand sanitizer before watching a show...
Thee first prank Me:are you blind you can’t see her under the table
Scarlet Marceau
Scarlet Marceau 2 days ago
Jennifer Norman
Jennifer Norman 2 days ago
I like you videos
gina girl
gina girl 2 days ago
Why does it take 2 hour to get a coke what did you do go to work? Go shoping till you drop
purnima Pandey
purnima Pandey 2 days ago
Oh my god aleden b I watch your channel
purnima Pandey
purnima Pandey 2 days ago
I live in the morning and smart ways of learning in the world and M mean 😸 and M to
purnima Pandey
purnima Pandey 2 days ago
Notified your channel love Tanvi 👍
purnima Pandey
purnima Pandey 2 days ago
Il. Yeh sleeps
jina Love tv
jina Love tv 2 days ago
I love 123 go!!!!!
Mabel Pena
Mabel Pena 3 days ago
So funny hahahah🤣🤣🤣🤣
8:41 its not dead I see the little line and from when the IPhone is on lol XD
Carolyn Fagan
Carolyn Fagan 4 days ago
I can't believe she put tape on her bed.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marla Joseph
Marla Joseph 7 hours ago
Okokokokokok like uh I follow you on Instagram but your a but in the pain
IT'S A SUN GUYS 4 days ago
I love you 123go
brandy king
brandy king 4 days ago
Redninja0809 4 days ago
the thumbnail lol
Celine Yaacoub ajpw art
3:08 Have fun wasting money on tape
WinXPower1000 5 days ago
Black Pink
Black Pink 5 days ago
why you guys un like the video this is the best
CR shunmugam
CR shunmugam 5 days ago
Happy cleaning Day ⏰⏰
Carlee Boone
Carlee Boone 6 days ago
Aadya Ramidi
Aadya Ramidi 7 days ago
Stupid Olivia
Aadya Ramidi
Aadya Ramidi 7 days ago
Madison Purcell
Madison Purcell 7 days ago
Barbara Bowie
Barbara Bowie 7 days ago
pupper luver
pupper luver 7 days ago
Does it REALLY take tHaT long to get a cOkE in the fridge in the kitchen RIGHT in across the HALLWAY
khushboo keshari
khushboo keshari 7 days ago
You wasted sooo much of TAPE
gale brillante
gale brillante 7 days ago
I tested the first one to my sister for my payback for the first time
•Itz_Emelia Orange•
8:14 Why she so calm about walking in on her roommate tho-
•Itz_Emelia Orange•
6:42 Wait refilling a coke/getting a new bottle takes longer that the hours it does to let the Jello set, huh, never knew.
6:23 me playing fortnite be like :P
Holly Escudero
Holly Escudero 8 days ago
Sarah Mei Santos
Sarah Mei Santos 8 days ago
3:07 she just wanted to sleep
Mum Akua
Mum Akua 8 days ago
Lol it was funny in the first clip
Mum Akua
Mum Akua 7 days ago
Naresh Garg
Naresh Garg 8 days ago
Triggered Insaan should roast this
Mc Ryan
Mc Ryan 8 days ago
It takes her like 5 hours to get a COKE
CottonCandy 9 days ago
theres no villeag in fortnite and its youtube
CottonCandy 9 days ago
theres no villeag in fortnite
CottonCandy 9 days ago
1:40 lilly? could of move the broom and 1:50 how did she know
Russell Esteban
Russell Esteban 9 days ago
1:08 The Girl cleaning up look soooo CuTe im an 9 year old viewer by the way
Alessa Barrionuevo
Princess Angel
Princess Angel 9 days ago
Temitope EKERIN
Temitope EKERIN 9 days ago
Jafer Fedilu
Jafer Fedilu 9 days ago
I love 123 go
thaseena ahamed
thaseena ahamed 9 days ago
I love Emily
Sara Leipzig
Sara Leipzig 10 days ago
This video sucks it is all fake also baddddd😡
Mary Snow
Mary Snow 11 days ago
i tried one of these pranks on april fools and it actually work!
Jennifer sharp
Jennifer sharp 11 days ago
Hi gab
Sajma Alimov-Honic
Sajma Alimov-Honic 11 days ago
Sophia is short
Emma Spells
Emma Spells 11 days ago
Dhiraj Singh Bhadouria
Amy Is Lazy Because she was in the toilet and she was calling Lana. For Charging her phone
Guy And Gal Gamer
Guy And Gal Gamer 12 days ago
8:07 What makes you think that she is gonna play with you you idot I don't want to talk about it anymore
Priyanka Kandukuri
Priyanka Kandukuri 12 days ago
Aaron Koppel
Aaron Koppel 12 days ago
Im ava im on my dad friend phone
Aaron Koppel
Aaron Koppel 12 days ago
Im ava roely jayden 3
KillGaming又 12 days ago
i hate 123 go waste
Candy Channel Unknown -w-
there's is new channel 123 go like
nala zazu
nala zazu 12 days ago
Kan you do more Haks
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen 13 days ago
Sorry I don’t know your names :( Girl 1: cya! Girl 2: wait a second The cup: enjoy! Me: I think the cup is saying to enjoy the prank :o
xXxF•N•A•F xXx
Quan小米 13 days ago
Yes how long can it be?
Quan小米 13 days ago
Poop 123 go!
tmukiisa6 13 days ago
arif burhan
arif burhan 13 days ago
I like it that Lana is playing fortnite
lexi reyes
lexi reyes 14 days ago
Why was the tolet paper blue?
Frank McQuaid
Frank McQuaid 14 days ago
Me: I want loes chips
Shanika khendra Cereno
I eat and play now
Poojita Mukadam
Poojita Mukadam 15 days ago
For the "mouse in the jello" prank, it doesn't take hours to get a coke refill.
Ray Huang
Ray Huang 7 days ago
And it’s looks so yum or yummy🤤😋.
Ray Huang
Ray Huang 7 days ago
Well they pained this vid.
•Itz_Emelia Orange•
I just saw this after posting something like this 😶👏
Rihanna With love
Rihanna With love 10 days ago
But yah might have to go to the shop bro and it wasn’t hours
Diana Ferguson
Diana Ferguson 15 days ago
Sadia Queen
Sadia Queen 15 days ago
But She Said Ladies and Gentlemen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ayezel Siano
Ayezel Siano 16 days ago
Like I don’t want to see the pranks like yeah I’m the Angel by the way I’m not angel in the family am I even my baby sister and my father my teenager sister my mother and my brother are the devils
panchali chakrabarti
When someone think a letter says there pretty but unexpectedly... it says “Your Pretty Anoying”
Aubrey Wilson
Aubrey Wilson 16 days ago
You should have put: You’re pretty- Pretty ugly
Harmony Huynh
Harmony Huynh 16 days ago
10:25, she was playing hot potato with the snake. So would it be hot snake?
jdkhang Le
jdkhang Le 16 days ago
Amber Lewis
Amber Lewis 16 days ago
Sienna Switch Roblox
Hehehehehehe ty
Sienna Switch Roblox
Jacek Kubiak
Jacek Kubiak 17 days ago
So it takes a couple hours to buy 1 coke?Weird😱😱😱😱
Aubrey Wilson
Aubrey Wilson 16 days ago
Yea... that is weird...
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 17 days ago
Over acting ke 50 rupee kat
Kaylee Kashiwada
Kaylee Kashiwada 17 days ago
9:29 me in quarantine: toilet paper....,.
Kaylee Kashiwada
Kaylee Kashiwada 17 days ago
8:41 do you see that’s her background on her phone? Theres a camera and flashlight button. 😆
Lilian games
Lilian games 17 days ago
Me with the name lily: WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT
HyperKenfox behind the Slaugther
2:17 i even do that if i'm too tired, like REALLY tired
Heather Greenlay
Heather Greenlay 18 days ago
ThAtS aBoUt GoOd ---> the whole cup is good
Noob 18 days ago
9:12 I thought she said RICKROLLER XD
Foxxie Channel
Foxxie Channel 19 days ago
Maryam Mustafa
Maryam Mustafa 19 days ago
Abigail Jones
Abigail Jones 20 days ago
Ah yes the classis broom shower trick
Sofia Anandita
Sofia Anandita 20 days ago
Them: puts the mouse the the fridge for a couple hours My mind: she's just getting coke how long could it be :/
Izzygames 13 days ago
Timmy Mi
Timmy Mi 14 days ago
Pranks on 123 go food
Timmy Mi
Timmy Mi 14 days ago
Night night
Nøt_Charløtte 14 days ago
Same lol
Mrs Arif
Mrs Arif 20 days ago
All. Pranks was funny but 3 prank was very funny
Catherine Iaconis
Catherine Iaconis 20 days ago
Awesome vid!
Oreratile Ramela
Oreratile Ramela 20 days ago
Problem with that is how you feel
Brandon Leung
Brandon Leung 20 days ago
7:28 Wow that girl sure is buying a lot of coke until its taking a couple hours
BLACK PINK 20 days ago
I tried this but it dint work how to do that hmmm😅