FULL MATCH - 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2020 

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Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Edge and more throw down in one of the most stacked Royal Rumble Matches of all time: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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Jan 31, 2021




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Comments 99   
MrKoke26 7 hours ago
lesnar dio tremendo espectáculo, pero se fue por la 3ra cuerda xd
Max Nathen ninja
Max Nathen ninja 8 hours ago
ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLLLE 1# 0:00- Brock lesnar 2# 1:37- Elias 3# 5:41- Erik Rowan 4# 7:09- Robert roode 5# 9:00- John Morrison 6# 10:49- kofi Kingston 7# 12:21- Rey mystreio 8# 14:29- BIG E 9# 16:38- Cesaro 10# 18:04- Shelton Benjamin 11# 19:56- shinsuke nakamura 12# 21:40- MVP 13# 23:30- Keith lee 14# 25:37- Braun Strowman 15# 28:06- Ricochet 16# 29:24- drew McIntyre 17# 32:03- the miz 18# 34:00- Aj styles 19# 35:44- Dolph Ziggler 20# 37:13- Karl Anderson 21# 38:50 Rated R superstar EDGE 22# 41:06- king Corbin 23# 42:52- riddle 24# 44:39- luke gallows 25# 46:13- Randy orton 26# 47:30- Roman Reigns 27# 48:56- Kevin Owens 28# 50:20- aleister black 29# 51:51- Samoa joe 30# 53:21- Seth Rollins 58:50 final *4* 1:03:26 Rated R superstar eliminated 1:04:01 *winner*
_davidinho 23
_davidinho 23 8 hours ago
1000% fake this nonamer can t ko roman reings
The Werido
The Werido 9 hours ago
Why so many long haired dudes and baldies
Mitzz VFX
Mitzz VFX 9 hours ago
kæft du er til m ænd!!!!!`````
SpicyDragonWings 10 hours ago
Noah Vallejos
Noah Vallejos 11 hours ago
Brock Lesnar could’ve won but Drew McIntyre The Claymore Andrew McIntyre one
Buttered Popcorn
Buttered Popcorn 12 hours ago
I’m a fan of wwe I buy everything is wwe
彐Wilson 12 hours ago
Marius Botha
Marius Botha 16 hours ago
33:30 matt raub from smosh
Victoria Castillo
Victoria Castillo 16 hours ago
ok brock is gooooooood
Rita Gerges
Rita Gerges 18 hours ago
برير برير
برير برير 18 hours ago
Oh roman rengs
Dam-age-boi 20 hours ago
Noooo I wanted brick to win why drew and u still lost like why
Dam-age-boi 20 hours ago
Sry I meant brock
Thai Macdonald
Thai Macdonald 21 hour ago
🤜👊🤛 🤜🏿👊🏿🤛🏿
ALFARIQ FF 21 hour ago
Katakan bewan pante
hoa sang
hoa sang 22 hours ago
Amazing good job
Rehan Rey
Rehan Rey 23 hours ago
A Bismillah
A Bismillah 23 hours ago
Did anyone see when shinskue nakamora did that twirl😄
Hendrix Cortez
Hendrix Cortez 23 hours ago
it is 2021
callum 10 hours ago
Good one.
Ero Kusworo
Ero Kusworo Day ago
The Joker
The Joker Day ago
Is it really that hard to read a number one a screen, they're always unsynced
brad harp
brad harp Day ago
when drew kicked brock out of the ring- that was a set up, when he got a low blow.
brad harp
brad harp Day ago
the main event is Edge. he had one hell of a match by lasting long as he did. he is up there in age too.
B G Day ago
I dont get it, why was Brock in this Rumble (and #1 as well!) if he was champion? So if he had won, then he wouldn't have to face anyone at Wrestlemania?
Phoenix Burns
aj dislocated his shoulder on that spear by edge and got thrown out early
iCrapBubbles Day ago
I know Edge had to keep his persona and performance up but it was pretty obvious he was visibly moved by his reception.
Luigibot Vlogs
0:44 smosh was in the backround
Phantom Ghost
Best moment 47:10 legends never die💪🏼
Eli Sistrat
Eli Sistrat Day ago
Good job drew McIntyre
Eli Sistrat
Eli Sistrat Day ago
Omg edge is back
callum 10 hours ago
Have you been living under a rock lol
Gabe Itches
Gabe Itches Day ago
Tbh lesnar looks better with his hold wrestling trunks on. His shorts cover his thigh muscles which makes his legs look skinny and weak
Khulekani Eugene Vilakazi
mugri fortu
mugri fortu Day ago
Were come back
Drako Boi
Drako Boi Day ago
1st : Brock Lesnar eliminations :
Carl Jordan Freud
48:48 Kane
Abdelkader Bennadji
بروك لزنر الافضل♥😍🌹🤩🇩🇿💝🤣Brooke is the best
Brock Lesnar the best my idol
Johnny Spen1994
At least they fixed that camera shot of Edge's first spear this time instead of a crowd shot
Giorgos Zolotas
For my greek bros 🇬🇷🇬🇷 Am i the only one who thinks that edge has the same face as Kritikos(the actor)
Golden Day ago
The Best Royal Rumble ever
boi Day ago
When Elias said “And your fat zoo-keeper.” It made me laugh so hard 🤣
Luis Discua
Luis Discua Day ago
Ya bro
Hockey Bros79
omg, the combo at 15:31
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul Day ago
Drew Mclntyre 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Кіно Солов'їною
Oh give me a break.... When will Morrison will get his shot on championship?
Davin Show Indo
Davin Show Indo 2 days ago
Ogasawara Maki
Ogasawara Maki 2 days ago
Rey He is Have Batman No Cape
Benzenati Zineeddine
That was intense
Ben Lee
Ben Lee 2 days ago
I keep staring at Brock's tummy.
Travis Savin
Travis Savin 2 days ago
No one realize that mvp came back like what?!?! But drew deserved that win so much and happy that he gets a chance at a title match long time coming for him to get this opportunity
Nathan HowardI
Nathan HowardI 2 days ago
If if zdx
SaltyCures 2 days ago
I gasped when Brock hit Elias with the guitar, string side across his back...Brock’s no dummy, he knew what he was doing 😬😱
LordVant 2 days ago
Stupid drama
Dayanna Miñarcaja
Kelly Castro
Kelly Castro 2 days ago
Amjathamju amjathaamju Amjathamju amjath amju
QuatroAK47 2 days ago
Where the beast? 😐
Sean Momin
Sean Momin 2 days ago
Shelton Benjamin, MVP, John Morrison, Edge, Drew Mcintyre feels like 2008 again
KING GHIDORAH 2 days ago
حسوني العراقي
رويا رامبل جميل
Zzzz 2 days ago
This will forever be my favorite Royal Rumble match of all time
Sophia Mellinger
Sophia Mellinger 2 days ago
Wait..........Pause! 😂 why does he just say "Take note!" I am confused whyyy?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 i mean you cAn TaKe note on whos the winner.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I am dying! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ibrahim Zebari
Ibrahim Zebari 2 days ago
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne 2 days ago
What is in that cage
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story 2 days ago
Omg Edge is my favorite one💘
Persebaya Surabaya
Johc cena 💚
Dubois Jordan
Dubois Jordan 2 days ago
Lilian gospel Bogonko
I love feeling goesspems
Anna-Lena Christensson Österberg
Jag och Samir
Rospro8 2 days ago
Poor edge I wanted him to win
Nisa Nurhayati
Nisa Nurhayati 2 days ago
Adie Prasetya
Adie Prasetya 2 days ago
One question Royal rumble 2020 in pandemic without mask ?
منوعات 2 days ago
I need your support. I have a USlift channel. Varieties (religious + rebuilding old motorcycles) Please subscribe to your brother from Iraq.
Chivaro Seymonson
YourFilipino TV
YourFilipino TV 2 days ago
"You think you know me". Yes! We know you, lol.
YourFilipino TV
YourFilipino TV 2 days ago
1:02:38 spear vs spear
Destra Officials
Destra Officials 2 days ago
Mohd Adzreen
Mohd Adzreen 2 days ago
Edge is back
Severo Luan Yu
Severo Luan Yu 2 days ago
40:17 is that dean ambrose???¿¿¿
Iwok Wok
Iwok Wok 2 days ago
Mohd Azreen
Mohd Azreen 3 days ago
Edge is back fight you man
Jaydan Watson
Jaydan Watson 3 days ago
🤣🤣🤣look how the man get eliminate to Nuh as mhii did aguh seh a brock a mhii favorite... The man drop out🤣🤣🤣🤣‼️‼️😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣caah believe a bomboclate
Jaydan Watson
Jaydan Watson 3 days ago
Yo brock is a different type a ute enuh dawg😂😂😂😂‼️mah laugh him the man dem eliminate him
Jaydan Watson
Jaydan Watson 3 days ago
A bet him could do the rock suh‼️‼️😈
Jaydan Watson
Jaydan Watson 3 days ago
Just afi laugh to how brock get rid a the three first mn
Masa Ar
Masa Ar 3 days ago
❤️Orten and edge ❤️
Popfishy _
Popfishy _ 3 days ago
Can we just appreciate the guy in the green shirt he is an every match
Lucas Pangborn
Lucas Pangborn 3 days ago
It's about dame time
Landon Herbkersman
Brock Lesnar is the best
Lucas Pangborn
Lucas Pangborn 3 days ago
Drew mycintre earned it
Landon Herbkersman
I love WWE
Chris Burnell
Chris Burnell 3 days ago
Drew McIntyre needs NEEDS his Broken Dreams theme song.
khaled 3 days ago
mvp looks like sean paul😂
Antonio Manfredi
Antonio Manfredi 3 days ago
My bro brock lesnar
Anthony Bhola
Anthony Bhola 3 days ago
Wwe, 😇