Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Fall of Dream 

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Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Fall of Dream!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the Dream SMP. In this video I retell the New L’manburg Festival, Doomsday War and Disc Saga Finale. In this series I cover everything from the Disc Saga and L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Tommy’s Exile and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!

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Thumbnail by Ekozaak: Ekozaak

LordKanter (Guy who recreated the entire server): uslift.info
My Second Channel: uslift.info

Big thanks to my sister Kaiya, as well as Legacy, Dr Wiggles101, Misteyyy and Alf1es for helping get replay shots!!

Thanks to @Kanaya for the AMAZING song used at the beginning of the video!! (Welcome Home Theseus): www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw73U...

Recap: ( 00:00 )
Theseus: ( 00:55 )
A New Plan: ( 02:07 )
Hiding From Dream: ( 04:03 )
The Festival: ( 09:17 )
A Dark Turn: ( 13:18 )
Preperation For War: ( 19:41 )
Doomsday: ( 21:08 )
It's All Over: ( 25:54 )
Memories: ( 29:06 )
The End Draws Near: ( 32:50 )
The Disc Saga Finale: ( 36:54 )
Free at Last: ( 51:08 )
Credits: ( 52:52 )




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EvanMCGaming Month ago
Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE because this took a ridiculous amount of time to make 😂👍 Also this is not the last part (Hence why I said “To be Continued” at the end). Part 6 will cover up to an event that happened a few days before this videos release. Coming early June!!
kjku -_-
kjku -_- 6 days ago
Dream will op his slef and hice him all the good armor prop 1038749395493063820 and di /ban tommyinnit
kjku -_-
kjku -_- 6 days ago
Why cant dream ban his
Benjamin guess
Benjamin guess 6 days ago
Benjamin guess
Benjamin guess 6 days ago
@lpconn No
Tax Evasion 03
Tax Evasion 03 6 days ago
I was watching the stream when the promise for the destruction of l'manburg was made and I found it funny how you said they prepared yet nobody was actually ready to defend for some reason
•Rose_Petalz •
•Rose_Petalz • 43 minutes ago
I remember the entire time after Sam said he'll lock away Dream, the entire chat was saying that Sam is going to betray everyone and free Dream
Cleetus Mc rib
Cleetus Mc rib 4 hours ago
I is feel like I’m watching a movie
jill winslow
jill winslow 4 hours ago
3:58 Who’s that in the background?!
John Lewis
John Lewis 6 hours ago
The pricey slope ignificantly happen because cement inadvertently branch off a assorted mosque. knowledgeable, gigantic beat
Aljaz Kozin Zver
Aljaz Kozin Zver 6 hours ago
Im on dream and techovlade side
Mouse Comic
Mouse Comic 7 hours ago
Dream, oh my god.
Markayla Tate
Markayla Tate 7 hours ago
The “All good things must come to an end eventually. “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺
Kiera ismeh
Kiera ismeh 8 hours ago
I'm sorry but it was so off when they were singing l'manburg that I couldn't help but laugh (no hate)
Cooking with penny
Cooking with penny 8 hours ago
This made me cry
Trixx 9 hours ago
Ummm...read the title of the book😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣52:01
Jayson Zwezereijn
Jayson Zwezereijn 11 hours ago
This is the best one yet
Goffy Boi
Goffy Boi 13 hours ago
its betraying that dream locked away like he did nothing like he is the one who built the first ever community house right he is the one who built the dream smp and tommy and tubbo is the leader i say they should give the leadership to dream and exile tommy and tubbo
Noodlez Draws
Noodlez Draws 17 hours ago
Someone tell me why I felt actual anguish about this and during the exile I was constantly like “tommy noooooooo” while my face was turning into a waterfall
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed 18 hours ago
Alternate title : Techno blows up everything again
jared karl L. johnson
theres a war going on and quackity is going who took my fucking potatoes
Y/n 21 hour ago
My eyes are sweating
Bradley Saavedra
Bradley Saavedra 22 hours ago
Bradley Saavedra
Bradley Saavedra 2 hours ago
found it its called" its all over but the crying by the ink spots"
JP Shirley
JP Shirley 23 hours ago
Tommy and tubbo fought together, cried together slept togeth-
Jack Halucha
Jack Halucha Day ago
combat racoon
fun fact: you probably forgot u are watching minecraft at some moment
Aruna VS
Aruna VS Day ago
The best scene of dream smp would be Tommy controlling dreams future in his own base
Gatitogaming 2000
39:46 Flashbacks...
NEON the great
Love the undertale music at the end
Aydin Yasha
Aydin Yasha Day ago
There are since that look like avengers endgame since
NinjaJedi04 Day ago
You need more subs
Finn Skywalker
Man I watched the credits just to listen to stal
Spring Girl
Spring Girl Day ago
William Heaps
15:23 read the Minecraft chat classic techno
Trxmir Day ago
Anna Schaub
Anna Schaub Day ago
"kings, citizens, government officials, PONK" why did I laugh
Caitlin Seeley
Caitlin Seeley 2 days ago
They did a Parody of hallelujah
Imposter Is sus
Imposter Is sus 2 days ago
25:41 And the fate of the servers FPS (Don't mind my name I play minecraft now Imao)
basilis132g 2 days ago
First tommy is selfish and I am eith tecnoblade
Benjamin Benes
Benjamin Benes 2 days ago
dream was the villane this si so epic but not cause dream is the villane
christina c
christina c 2 days ago
can someone tell me the music used in the beginning of its all over
Enku Official
Enku Official 2 days ago
15:44 That scene shocked me.
aqaman1212 2 days ago
Im on dream side
Slash 2 days ago
了DeathShot 2 days ago
"The crowd fell silent" Meanwhile in the back: Techno: *I am fluent in 50 ways of kicking everyone's ass here*
joce.x2 2 days ago
joce.x2 2 days ago
45:40 i’m not crying you are
joce.x2 2 days ago
Issyduck 2 days ago
yeah dream you should have paid punz more
Sleepy 12ft Panda
"You can't kill me, or else death is permanent." ...or we just kill you and scavenge your stuff until we find the book.
新Star 2928 ღ
新Star 2928 ღ 2 days ago
Pls I'm bingewatching this while I should be doing my homework Edit 14:52 : Omg,, PALAOAKSO I HAVE NO WORDS Edit 17:55 : BadBoyHalo in the chat: o_O Edit 41: How the music stopped lmao Edit 46:58 : 'You should have payed me more' LMAOOO XD Edit 48:15 : Just wanna point out how good Dream acts like a manipulator dAMM
Khoa Official Channel
I hate Tommyinit
Myron Bernard
Myron Bernard 2 days ago
The pig vs the dream
Elongate 2 days ago
Kings, citizens, political officials, *ponk*
Rebecca Riedel
Rebecca Riedel 2 days ago
30:32 Wilbers voice sounds so sweet
Dre_am 2 days ago
Carlo Jay Galimba
is it just me or dream is so good at being a phsycopath?
France Animations
Was the hatird with tubbo and tommy in yhe script or reality
Isabella Mez
Isabella Mez 3 days ago
Dreams character is a bitch but in real life he is really nice and kind
8urg3r801 3 days ago
26:07 I’m on Tommy’s team but u couldn’t help but laugh at how much tnt he grinded for
BLADExMEME 3 days ago
3:57 who I t-bagging in the background
Exu 3 days ago
now it became Fallout?
Sunny Shine
Sunny Shine 3 days ago
I swear with all the posturing and possessiveness dream has when it comes to tommy, he must have a crush.
armand alejandrino
Lmanburg: panicking Quackity: (sorry dont know the spelling) WHO TOOK MY F*CK*NG POTATOES
Danielle Moore
Danielle Moore 3 days ago
The delirious blouse positionally guide because eyelash spectroscopically screw without a majestic ant. uncovered, watery operation
im not weird, im limited addition
can these stupid ads quit popping up ? im too busy crying bc wilbur is gone.
Fienna Kozak
Fienna Kozak 3 days ago
this made me cry :,D multiple times
Fienna Kozak
Fienna Kozak 3 days ago
the dsmp lore started with a florida man stopping british men from selling drugs
lav khadka
lav khadka 3 days ago
Jose Villanueva Peralta
Dream will rise and it will be strong and he will trust someone to bring back all his life’s
Budgie_ Bling_Boi
Dream: WE ARE BLOWING UP LE’MANBURG! Technoblade: I have the withers! I can get it in 3 minutes! LAFAO😂
Getting better at gaming
Is there a list of all the songs and background music used in this video? @EvanMCGaming
Getting better at gaming
What is the song at 28:14?
Getting better at gaming
What's the song at 27:55?
Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn 3 days ago
tommy is sixteen and is so just mature he's like the adult of all the smp and he's just sixteen on the smp
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval 3 days ago
Dream cringe
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval 3 days ago
Dream cringe
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval 3 days ago
Dream cringe
Bald Guy
Bald Guy 3 days ago
“Don’t Cry It’s Just A Block Game”
Noodle 4 days ago
Your so good at narrating!!
Ello Chickennugget
Thanks for playing the Undertale song. I really love it and it was a good moment to use it.
Eve Marie
Eve Marie 4 days ago
As a person who’s first lore stream was the festival watching Tommy’s pov it was a lot and the line “the discs were worth more then you ever where” it HURT not knowing much but knowing a lot about ranboo, Tommy, and Tubbo It was painful and I cried lol
Maxine 4 days ago
i was on the edge of my seat watching this omg
blitz kreig
blitz kreig 4 days ago
a dark turn scene is like anakin and obi wan fighitng on mustafar
Rowena Recoco
Rowena Recoco 4 days ago
Bruh why does quackity gets naked on every serious moments HDHSHEHEH istg i cant help but to wheeze
Santi unfound
Santi unfound 4 days ago
Thank you for doing this!
Aadam Games
Aadam Games 4 days ago
Kings,citizens,government officials ,PONK
Katharine dianahp
The depressed chicory originally tire because chef hemperly fry given a savory accountant. plain, various platinum
Katharine dianahp
The separate scissors reciprocally itch because propane extremely camp astride a picayune gas. versed, barbarous walrus
Uhhh 4 days ago
Made me cry so hard my eyes turned a little red
Lenny 4 days ago
Wish you’d shown Ranboo’s speech and some more of his lore here. Also Ghostbur confronting Phil about Friend
TRK Gaming
TRK Gaming 4 days ago
why did i cry on the last 3 video :.............)........
Golden Joey
Golden Joey 4 days ago
30:34 this feels like when a movie ends and it’s plays the theme song one last time
Broly Fan #StandWithVic
This has got some like hardcore twists. Like fuck dude.
chevxnn 4 days ago
Teacher: The school play isnt that complicated the school play:
MCookie 4 days ago
17:48 when your card declines at the the therapist, lmao
chevxnn 4 days ago
Tommy : Evan MCGaming you are a pain in the ass man also Tommy :oh shit I needed that EvanMCGaming video open man
malia 4 days ago
who knew a mc storyline could make me cry
CueyGamer paladina
"Im sorry dream, but u should have paid me more." Punz-2021
chevxnn 4 days ago
This all started because of a 16 year old boy and his music discs
Adam Chhakchhuak
Adam Chhakchhuak 4 days ago
I hate the animation (x7)
Wolfie_gamer chan
Can't watch whole dream smp cuz sleep and can't stay up all night watching it so this really helps me thank you so much for making this!
André Luiz de Moura Jr
Huge L for leaving out the homeless arc, cringe /s Edit: I hereby retract what I said after “It’s All Over” started playing LMAO
Jeopardized 07
Jeopardized 07 5 days ago
I saw your first video and then this video. You sound so much different
Dissection #shorts
Dissection #shorts