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I can't believe we made art using food and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber!
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Feb 24, 2021




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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Month ago
WE JUST HIT 2 MILLION SUBS!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ❤️❤️ Subscribe if you want to be in our videos! Also just curious... what's your favorite food lol Thanks to Current for sponsoring this video, don't forget to get your Current Card here! www.current.com/ZHC
Ilmije Abdyli
Ilmije Abdyli 5 days ago
Omggg you are the best artist in the world i love youuu and your friend you are amazing♥️♥️♥️
Droppzz 16 days ago
My parent said if i hit 100 subs before 2022 she will get me a gaming pc
Reagan Johnson
Reagan Johnson 18 days ago
Mine is mac n` cheese I'm 9 my birthday is march 19 I'm a black person
Dora Locklear
Dora Locklear 19 days ago
🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏 please give me some food my grandma's almost out cuz she has a lot of food my uncle takes it all cuz he's got to go to work he's coming home after Wednesday please please give me some food I'm so sad he took my favorite he took my ice cream and I don't and I really need some more ice cream and bring us some chips please just delivered it tomorrow and afternoon 😊😊😊😘
Tabassum Naseem
Tabassum Naseem Month ago
No :3
Avatar 287
Avatar 287 2 hours ago
I would have bought a real meal and put it on the plate and said dine
#TartaTeam 4 hours ago
Yeeess,finaly a turtl3e
Html, java script, css coding
Me: Yelling cuz no one used food coloring My mom: O_O
Hannah Playzzz
Hannah Playzzz 11 hours ago
ZHC giving his team 5000 dollars for a challenge Mr Beast giving his team 5000 for no reason lol 😂
Ramang Agrawal
Ramang Agrawal 12 hours ago
jack do you wach naurouto
Hybrid- -Studios
Hybrid- -Studios 14 hours ago
First ever egg pelting inside - I-
bri gal
bri gal 18 hours ago
i LOVE the turtle and the elephant
bri gal
bri gal 19 hours ago
they all look pretty cool love em!
MALKS A.T 23 hours ago
Jazz looks so cute
Hassan Sohail
I love Mckenzie's art
Snehlata Ambastha
If you and your squad can come to INDIA (patna) PLEASE come and teach me please🙏🙏🙏
Amreen Zainab
Nice video! But!when are you and Michelle going to marry ❤️♥️
Vinny Bajaj
Vinny Bajaj Day ago
The elephant looks like the Hindu god Ganesh
Arzoo Badgujar
We have naruto and sasuke the team 7 and itachi
Arzoo Badgujar
Did anyone notice Jake is wearing a naruto shirt ?
MaveNick Day ago
I havent watched the full vid but I am a potato and i like turtles So mckenzee seems the winner to me Sry if the spelling is wrong
Nirob Khan
Nirob Khan Day ago
maria iraida azusano
Every thing
bad criminal gaming
Why do u waste so much of food other than this if u give to the poor or homeless people they will be helped
noha elaskary
Zach is so thoughtful. Normally you tubers would do this challenge and just waste food without caring but Zach is so nice that he is donating to the food shelter! We need more people like Zach in this world
Eunyoung Choi
luv your vids beautiful
patricia fullerton
Yo yo yo I am a kid I love you so so much
seokjin wwh
seokjin wwh Day ago
Ilove you viv and michelle and all of you but zhc why i cant get any thing ☹😞
Bentley Bell
Bentley Bell 2 days ago
jake weth narto shrt
Sxmply Flxming
Sxmply Flxming 2 days ago
Averie Verhulst
Averie Verhulst 2 days ago
10:44 look what she said 0.0
Dheshaan Pieris
Dheshaan Pieris 2 days ago
Bergen Kiel Mercado
i can eat a plate of mayo
Why viv cannot winn
Awakened By Whomst?
A lot of people are saying viv’s (the doll) was the best. And I think it’s *nightmare fuel*
theone krygger
theone krygger 2 days ago
Jenny Fuentes
Jenny Fuentes 2 days ago
Do a ice sculpture challenge
Your mom’s account
Popcorn and chicken wings and tacos
Isaac The gamer
Isaac The gamer 2 days ago
:o i like the naruto shirt
John Garofalo
John Garofalo 2 days ago
Can I be in one of your videos
David Etheridge
David Etheridge 2 days ago
I'm so mad because I think Viv should have won hers was so pretty I love elephants
David Etheridge
David Etheridge 2 days ago
I think Mackenzie and Michelle's and vivs was the best
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed 2 days ago
Look i am not a hater but you are wasting food .
Carlitos Valladares
Look at the bottom right at 10:57
Otaku_ girl
Otaku_ girl 3 days ago
Thank you, now I'm hungry ;-;
Lucy Sarfo
Lucy Sarfo 3 days ago
You guys are really talented😍🙃🙃🙃🙃
Skanda 3 days ago
I like how all of them have different hair colors
Maria Hemmero
Maria Hemmero 3 days ago
how old are you
Raigardas Svirskas
ZHC you pro
Prince Bigornia
Prince Bigornia 3 days ago
Sreelalshmi Koganti
Viv that’s ganash a god name in india
samuel adjei
samuel adjei 3 days ago
Viv is so underrated think she should win.
꧁вυη вσι꧂
I really felt like she should of won.
꧁вυη вσι꧂
This is very true!
Mable 3 days ago
No a fence zack but Viv always try’s really hard she’s a really good artist and she never wins like I gotta admit hers was the better one out of them all she worked so hard I feel bad for her she’s just such a good artist and she deserves to win a challenge😢😭🥺😔
Nirmala Jain
Nirmala Jain 3 days ago
5:17 what are you doing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Juliahhgggyu Sullivan
I don’t want to get egged
Sophie Douglas
Sophie Douglas 3 days ago
Sophie Douglas
Sophie Douglas 3 days ago
Sloth Lover23
Sloth Lover23 3 days ago
How is Viv not winning she is better than all of them in pretty much all the challenges
raze 3 days ago
VIV is so good I don’t think u like VIV
Danxa 3 days ago
My face when he went you ONLY spent 82 dollars: O:
Taahirah Khan
Taahirah Khan 3 days ago
I think viv should have won
Jayleen Rivera Geronimo
I love your art and video's
Annie Liu
Annie Liu 4 days ago
i thought the elephant should have won but all was amazing! :)
0livia’s W0rldooo
Viv should've wonnnnnn
Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆
Hmm that mean I dont to steal moms credit card hmmmmm ah I will still steal her credit card😏
Koluttt Ikay
Koluttt Ikay 4 days ago
I press dis because I love food even fruit
Nancy Infanta
Nancy Infanta 4 days ago
How just Mckenzie wins all the time . But it's ok congratulations Mckenzie and also the other players keep on going
Leanne Pham
Leanne Pham 4 days ago
harpreet aulakh
harpreet aulakh 4 days ago
You are the best youtuber♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
tiktok_videos 4 days ago
11:00 what is that girl doing in the corner lol
Max and Vincent
Max and Vincent 4 days ago
Did you see jake wearing a naruto shirt
jennifer morton
jennifer morton 4 days ago
Me in this challenge How do you make food What's going on Do you make food What is food Never heard of it How do you make Food help Me make food Food Santa doesn't sound like a word food food food food food food
Yùrękå Bøbå
Yùrękå Bøbå 4 days ago
Teacher: don’t play with food Me: i can win 5 grand Teacher: .......
derek anderson
derek anderson 4 days ago
i love your videos
MangoJellySunset 4 days ago
Mum: “Don’t play with your food” ZHC:How about no
Lilyanne Meche
Lilyanne Meche 4 days ago
What do you think Gordon Ramsey would say if he saw this
Yùrękå Bøbå
Yùrękå Bøbå 4 days ago
Bulldogs play Roblox
I never thought they were food artists I always thought they were like just artists like I’m mind blown
khadija sadaqat
khadija sadaqat 4 days ago
Can you do roblox food 🥘 plzzz
Kate Berkoski
Kate Berkoski 4 days ago
Such good video so clean and so good
Mark Abdou
Mark Abdou 4 days ago
why didnt one of em use a ginger bread house?
Allison T
Allison T 4 days ago
Can we all just wish Jake can actually win once. He hasn’t won in any of the videos I’ve watched yet. Good luck on further challenges Jake. ;)
Makena Stringer
Makena Stringer 4 days ago
mashel!!!!!!!! 1
Jill Bourget
Jill Bourget 4 days ago
Huge fan
Jill Bourget
Jill Bourget 4 days ago
Spaghetti 🍝
Margot Baetens
Margot Baetens 4 days ago
Jake i love jou T-hurt (Naruto) '')
Savannah Gibson
Savannah Gibson 4 days ago
Kiymet Sirin
Kiymet Sirin 4 days ago
She win again I hate her f her
Christy Bahnson
Christy Bahnson 4 days ago
Green Mitier
Green Mitier 4 days ago
Before I watch the video I will see if he says something about not "playing with food" He didn't😞
Ellie The Elephant
ZHC can you guys use clay for a challenge uwu
Courtney 5 days ago
I think Viv should have won but good job Kenzie
Nisha Shah Hariyani
9:43 it's gud like it's like ganesh je Only Indian's will understand
Maybe _Mercy YT
Maybe _Mercy YT 5 days ago
(ZHC uploads video) the video: Hello there . Me: General Kenobi I’ve been expecting your arrival
iamyumilicious 5 days ago
jake watches naruto?
Cleo Rentrop
Cleo Rentrop 5 days ago
Hi zhc I would love o be in ur videos
Jena Abi Raad
Jena Abi Raad 5 days ago
his shirt narruuuuuuuuuuuuuuutooooooooooooooo merchhh
All around Kynslee Moore
Jakes looked like big foot not a 🧟‍♀️ zombie
alisha rahman
alisha rahman 5 days ago
Me:Just watching food videos Me:I wish I could eat (I'm fasting)
Siddiqa Kabir
Siddiqa Kabir 5 days ago
Bob needs to win
Pratyush Coder
Pratyush Coder 5 days ago
Jake is wearing a Naruto shirt!! Yaayy
Christie Allan
Christie Allan 5 days ago
Are you Australian
VAXS 5 days ago
ask viv can we be bestfriends