Finding Out I'm Pregnant + Telling My Husband 

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we are thrilled to announce we are having our Rainbow Baby coming 2021! WE ARE SO HAPPY AND I CANT WAIT!!! Thank you so much for all your well wishes, we are overjoyed. I love you guys so much and can't wait to share this journey with you.
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Nov 16, 2020




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Karina Bear Vlogs
Karina Bear Vlogs 5 months ago
I want to say thank you so much for all your sweet comments and well wishes. Sharing these vulnerable moments is not easy and the love you have shown us these past couple days means the absolute world to us. I cannot put in words how thankful we are for your support. I have been reading your comments and DMs hours on end and we are so grateful. Not gonna lie, the beginning of this pregnancy was an emotional roller coaster.. but today we are in bliss and over the moon ❤️ Love you guys so much and can't wait to take you along this journey.
Abril Guzman
Abril Guzman 15 days ago
And now she's a mom
Nelly Alvarado
Nelly Alvarado 27 days ago
Here some names 1. Olivia 2. Emma 3. Ava 4. Sophia 5. Isabella 6. Charlotte 7. Amelia 8. Mia 9. Harper 10. Evelyn 11. Abigail 12. Emily 13. Ella 14. Elizabeth 15. Camila 16. Luna 17. Sofia 18. Avery 19. Mila 20. Aria 21. Scarlett 22. Penelope 23. Layla 24. Chloe 25. Victoria 26. Madison 27. Eleanor 28. Grace 29. Nora 30. Riley 31. Zoey 32. Hannah 33. Hazel 34. Lily 35. Ellie 36. Violet 37. Lillian 38. Zoe 39. Stella 40. Aurora 41. Natalie 42. Emilia 43. Everly 44. Leah 45. Aubrey 46. Willow 47. Addison 48. Lucy 49. Audrey 50. Bella 51. Nova 52. Brooklyn 53. Paisley 54. Savannah 55. Claire 56. Skylar 57. Isla 58. Genesis 59. Naomi 60. Elena 61. Caroline 62. Eliana 63. Anna 64. Maya 65. Valentina 66. Ruby 67. Kennedy 68. Ivy 69. Ariana 70. Aaliyah 71. Cora 72. Madelyn 73. Alice 74. Kinsley 75. Hailey 76. Gabriella 77. Allison 78. Gianna 79. Serenity 80. Samantha 81. Sarah 82. Autumn 83. Quinn 84. Eva 85. Piper 86. Sophie 87. Sadie 88. Delilah 89. Josephine 90. Nevaeh 91. Adeline 92. Arya 93. Emery 94. Lydia 95. Clara 96. Vivian 97. Madeline 98. Peyton 99. Julia 100. Rylee
Nelly Alvarado
Nelly Alvarado 27 days ago
I been looking for this video for 3 days i yhought it was on your other channle
Yajaira Lopez
Yajaira Lopez Month ago
Hi that is good that you have a gril l I know that because l saw the only video be happy that you have a gril this is for you and your baby and you family 😇
Dylan El travieso
Dylan El travieso 3 months ago
Teresa P. UK Journey
I was so excited with my first pregnancy but I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks 😭😫.. hoping my next one will reached full term🙏🙏🙏
chaterii 2 days ago
Watching this after she gave birth congratulations
Dasia Reese
Dasia Reese 3 days ago
even though she had her beautiful baby girl i just keep watching this video feeling hopeful.
Deidre Hardiman
Deidre Hardiman 4 days ago
Emily Bollman
Emily Bollman 4 days ago
This makes me sad 😢
Saire Akbar-Davis
Raul is so sweet and supportive 🥺 I love how he comforts Karina everytime he never fails 💙
Julianne Kim Abesamis
Coming back to this video
monserrat angulo
monserrat angulo 5 days ago
5 months after this video karina finally had a beutiful baby girl
ummm. kaylie
ummm. kaylie 5 days ago
How did she test positive twice and not have a baby? Sorry I'm curious
Olaf 4 days ago
Miscarriage, she has a video explaining it (:
ummm. kaylie
ummm. kaylie 5 days ago
Off topic but august 17th is my bffs bday
Bella the budgie
Bella the budgie 6 days ago
Congrats!! God bless you and your family wishes that you get a healthy baby girl ❤️ You and your husband reaction was so pricelesss
Alexis Craddock
Alexis Craddock 6 days ago
Watching this now knowing that your already parents to a beautiful little girl
Anime Diamond Cat
Oh my god I can’t believe miss gurl is a mom now! Mia Violeta born 19th of April 2021 💖🥰🥲
Candy Garcia
Candy Garcia 6 days ago
This was my next video after the labor and delivery, I’m so happy your pregnancy and delivery went well with no complications ❤️ You guys are already such amazing parents 🥲💕
A M 6 days ago
Who's here after the baby is born?
hèaveñlŷ àngèł
I’m here after Mia is born💞
Doll N Fashion
Doll N Fashion 6 days ago
She found out she was pregnant on my birthday
jasmyn lily
jasmyn lily 7 days ago
Who just watched the labour and delivery vlog🙋🏼‍♀️
Lula Herrer4
Lula Herrer4 7 days ago
Girl i feel ur tears thats me 9'years and still waitting 😭
Yorelie & Jayleen Valenzuela
Congratulations 🎁🎉🎊🎈
Maggie Davis
Maggie Davis 10 days ago
When he says "it's special every time" it's breaks my heart😔
Esha Speaks Real
Esha Speaks Real 10 days ago
Aweee i love the support they show each other. God bless your family
Always Olivia
Always Olivia 10 days ago
Love you Karina!
Lucas Farms
Lucas Farms 10 days ago
Congrats mama so happy for you guys my hubby and I have been trying for 8yrs for baby 1 so all the joys for you
Shells Esquivias
Shells Esquivias 10 days ago
Im not trying to body shame and ALL bodies are BEAUTIFUL but studies have shown that when you are a lil bit bigger your prone to have a miscarriage ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOUR AMAZING AND YOU DONT EVER NEED TO CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYBODY
Lexi Lamprecht
Lexi Lamprecht 13 days ago
And 9 months later(now)you had her!
crescent moon
crescent moon 13 days ago
HogwartsExpress Editss
Yuri Gutierrez
Yuri Gutierrez 15 days ago
Karina you are so brave to show this so intimate moments of your life baby im sooo happy for you and omg i just started following you and you already have my heart and tears
sOpHiE cAkEs
sOpHiE cAkEs 16 days ago
I cried watching this
sOpHiE cAkEs
sOpHiE cAkEs 16 days ago
So proud Karina lysm!
Liza Roothe
Liza Roothe 16 days ago
Hahha she said in the pic was were pregnant hhahag I mean no offence haha
Thegrandbears 16 days ago
Me watching this now
Zortex Flyte
Zortex Flyte 16 days ago
Wow! I used to watch your slime videos years ago now you’re pregnant! Congrats (I know I’m late but still)
Felisha Powell
Felisha Powell 17 days ago
Just now seeing this in my recommended videos and it had me crying😭 So happy for you with the welcoming of your baby girl a few days ago.
Maggie Togores
Maggie Togores 18 days ago
I’m here after her posting about having her baby and I’m just so happy for her and Raul 💗 all the pain and heartache they went through and now they have their babygirl. Raul was so supportive, he seems like such a great husband and I’m sure he’s going to be an even greater dad . Congratulations 🙏🏼🙌🏼
Eve Santi
Eve Santi 18 days ago
She’s here girl! You did it. Congratulations!!! Rewatching and crying! God is good!
L B 19 days ago
Oh chick. Hugs to you. I cried when i found out i was pregnant. Only 3 months now but this made me cry.. the fear comes and goes 😅
Michelle Htown
Michelle Htown 19 days ago
Now she’s giving birth 🤰🥺🥺 congratulations 🎉
Meradith Gaudet
Meradith Gaudet 20 days ago
3 days after my birthday she took a pregnancy test
Diky Patel
Diky Patel 20 days ago
Gorl, don't let ANYONE stop ur thunder u deserve it you have been through SO, SO much
Lauren Eagler
Lauren Eagler 20 days ago
omg congrats
Yessenia Escalera
Yessenia Escalera 20 days ago
Hey I wanted to know if you was trying to conceive. What were you taking ? I’m TTC AND MY PERIOD IS 7 days LATE 😥 and I was ovulating on the 3rd of April and yesterday Sunday morning a faint text on both pregnancy tests ( Sunday the 18th April )
Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia 21 day ago
And now baby Aguilar is finally here! Your dream came true Karina your beautiful baby girl is here!
texting nightmare
Girl im so happy for you and your so 😍
Real Life Of Rashida
I found out I was pregnant on thanksgiving last year and at my first ultrasound I was diagnosed with blighted ovum & a few weeks later I ended up miscarrying naturally and its by far one of the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with yet but watching this definitely gives me so much hope & courage to try again! I’ve been watching you since the slime videos & I usually never comment but I had to because I’m genuinely so happy for you guys & now your little bundle of joy will be here soon! I’ve rewatched this video at least 4 or 5 times now ❤️❤️❤️
Anahi Escobar
Anahi Escobar 22 days ago
Awwww and you’re having your baby so soon! God’s plan are always perfect! This video makes me so happy because you deserve this mommy life!!!! Awwww can’t wait to see your baby 👶🏻
Ducky girl Gamer plays
This was one day after my last birthday
Alicia Salinas
Alicia Salinas 23 days ago
Aww I cried with happy tears!!! Congrats
Officialjannelle 23 days ago
Raul is literally so supportive. I love it
Sheyla Nicole
Sheyla Nicole 23 days ago
You did it mamas 💓 She’s almost here! I’m so proud of you and Raul.
Mila Santamaria
Mila Santamaria 23 days ago
You are so great and I think you will be a great mom.
Paula Venegas
Paula Venegas 24 days ago
I am so sorry you should have those two pretty baby in your arms you should have never went in all of that
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark 24 days ago
Im watching this now!! and your gonna have the baby in like 2 days!!!!!! man i gotta catch up!
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez 24 days ago
I’m crying
M M 24 days ago
I’m so happy and proud of her my mom had a few miscarriages before having me and my brother and their is times when she cry’s and I ask her why she tells me she’s happy that she had me and my brother because she never thought she would ever have kids after the miscarriages so I hope you best and that your baby born healthy and well love you ❤️❤️❤️
Lily Stein
Lily Stein 25 days ago
I'm here in 2021 when you are 9 months pregnant! And getting induced in days DAYS!
Val Forsdyke
Val Forsdyke 27 days ago
Girl don't cry
Kimberly Quezada
Kimberly Quezada 28 days ago
11:42 I broke down 🥺🥺🥺 all the prayers for u guys ❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️
Heaven Lee
Heaven Lee 28 days ago
August 19th, 2020 is the day my dad passed away
calynnie 28 days ago
Raul is such a sweet and caring guy! He loves you so much. Congrats to you both I’m so very happy and pray all the best for your family. She’s almost here...yayyyy💕🌸💕🌸💗
Missb3rri Shorty
Missb3rri Shorty 28 days ago
I love to see her happy😊
Katie DeYoung
Katie DeYoung 29 days ago
Good for you
Brylynn’s World
Brylynn’s World 29 days ago
OMG I’m so sorry that you lost your baby just remember that you can do anything And I know you are going to get through this
Brylynn’s World
Brylynn’s World 29 days ago
You have a great life have fun I love your channel
A.Z. Garxia
A.Z. Garxia 29 days ago
Megan Lopez
Megan Lopez 29 days ago
You are so blessed to have such an amazing husband. He’s such a great man and will be such a wonderful dad.
hey its morgan
hey its morgan 29 days ago
the way she says “ ok “ to herself 😭💞
Tiffany Fowler
Tiffany Fowler 29 days ago
you got it girl don't be nerves it will be okay
Chahd Moussa
Chahd Moussa 29 days ago
Who here when she 9 months🥰🥰and she having a girl 😇😇
Anna Spencer
Anna Spencer Month ago
Can’t wait for their little girl to be born also she really going to have A LOT of slime lucky
Jocelyn Anderson
I’m watching this when she is 8 months pregnant and I’m so happy for her she is doing so well😭
Nyelete Lopez
Nyelete Lopez 29 days ago
9 months🥳😭❤!
Firstname Lastname
I’ve never really watched you before, but this was suggested to me! I’m so happy for you. Congrats 🎊 (i know I’m late lol) I just recently lost another baby. I have 3 angel babies of my own. I can’t wait for this moment again. These types of videos bring me so much joy!!
Maria Juarez
Maria Juarez Month ago
Girl when I tell you that I pray every day for pregnant women and specially for you and my sister... I pray!! But I'm really hoping that both of you guys are healthy y que todo salga bien 💖
Katherine Zepeda
just maryam453
just maryam453 Month ago
muthoni ndonga
muthoni ndonga Month ago
raul is one supportive husband omg
Milyoen Mohmed
Milyoen Mohmed Month ago
Linnéa Gustafsson
This video breaks my heart and heal it at The same time. Im trying to get pregnent with my man after i lost my baby boy. Thanks for showing us this ❤️
astro x
astro x Month ago
this video made me bawl so fucking hard oh my gosh
Bionic Army
Bionic Army Month ago
Omg it the girl from Facebook 🥺♥️
I am just shookethhh cause ily so muchhhhhhhhhhhh like I am so happy for you
Annie Month ago
Annie Month ago
I'm so sorry, your reaction is the best though. I literally cried. (Sorry I'm 4 months late) x
Annie Month ago
Way late but this is amazing!!❤️
Laura James
Laura James Month ago
this is the safest thing I've ever watched
RobloxGurl hehe
RobloxGurl hehe Month ago
Aww god bless you guys!
Judge J
Judge J Month ago
God bless her 🧡
Kerece leequay
Kerece leequay Month ago
They are so cute together😁
cookie _dot156
cookie _dot156 Month ago
Happy for u
B'elanna Braithwaite
OMG there is so many people getting pregnant my sis is having a baby its a girl and born in July
Vee Ollivier
Vee Ollivier Month ago
You're an amazing pair of human beings. 💙💙
Antonell Lopez
Antonell Lopez Month ago
Oml ur pregnant!!! I’m so happy for u Karina and I love that Raul is so supportive 🌈 💖
Awnna Escobedo
Awnna Escobedo Month ago
I’m so happy for u!
Maddie P
Maddie P Month ago
I am really sorry that happened.
Natasia Williams
Why did I cry when she said she lost her baby🕊🥺
A S Month ago
It was today when I realized she was prego
A S Month ago
And that she is married
Alexah Stafford
Alexah Stafford Month ago
I am sorry for your baby
Avelynn McGlinchey
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