Kelly Clarkson's Stirring Rendition Of "The Dance" Honors Garth Brooks At The 43rd Annual Kennedy… 

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Jun 6, 2021




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K Siepert
K Siepert 5 minutes ago
Gosh. I didn't feel it at all. Pretty voice, but not the same feeling as Garth.
J S 16 minutes ago
Greta Carter
Greta Carter 17 minutes ago
Who doesn’t cry when Kelly Clarkson sings ??
Amanda Cox
Amanda Cox 20 minutes ago
Settle down Chris Gaines. 🙄😂😂 💀
Jennifer Adkins
Jennifer Adkins 22 minutes ago
Camille Ward
Camille Ward 24 minutes ago
I just love everything about this and these people so much.
strom cameron
strom cameron 29 minutes ago
On Garth’s best day,he couldn’t touch this woman’s vocal skills
George Horn
George Horn 44 minutes ago
Who's fatter him or her, and what's with the gay pride ribbon? That's not country that's just "Gay"-GSH
hews 48 minutes ago
Quite simply this woman is a national treasure, a once in a generation talent. She has the innate ability to arrange a cover to complement its setting. This was the most remarkable way to honor Garth and this beautiful piece.
john girgenti
john girgenti 49 minutes ago
Hey Garth I’ve always been a big fan but what the hell is with that rainbow around your neck come on man
Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel 54 minutes ago
She is beautiful inside and out, and sings like an Angel.
RJ Moes
RJ Moes 55 minutes ago
❤️ beautiful💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Serena H
Serena H Hour ago
Delia Gentry
Delia Gentry Hour ago
WOW! That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
puppetmaster Hour ago
Thou shall have no other Gods. This is a form of worship. Creepy
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas 53 minutes ago
That’s ridiculous.
Jen McKinney
Jen McKinney Hour ago
Accidentally came across this and now I’m bawling 😭
Wanda Yarbrough
Jackie C
Jackie C Hour ago
Always gives me goosebumps 😁💯
M Hour ago
Simply put, wow
T Gaskin
T Gaskin Hour ago
Just beautiful!
waterRat Hour ago
Can't stop listening
What's There Everywhere
So very beautiful...
cynterslave 2 hours ago
My God, she’s amazing. So much talent!
Debbe Borders
Debbe Borders 2 hours ago
Kelly Clarkson shows once again how her voice touches the hearts of the world.
Marshathe Fishy
Marshathe Fishy 2 hours ago
Incredible rendition of this classic! Beautiful is an understatement
Eyeris625 2 hours ago
OMG! I just wanted to cry..
Ron Jaime
Ron Jaime 2 hours ago
Kelly can sang anything
L B 3 hours ago
Burleson girl right there! 💕💕
Cindy K
Cindy K 3 hours ago
Kelly Clarkson 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
C Burkens
C Burkens 3 hours ago
After years of watching Garth I finally have the words to describe what I observed all this time.....he is openly emotionally appreciative of everything.
Richard Wood
Richard Wood 3 hours ago
Wonderfull tribute to a wonderful man.
Melissa Lee
Melissa Lee 3 hours ago
Look at all the social distancing nonsense- Jesus effing Christ so fed up with these germ phobe freaks!
Kate Marlowe
Kate Marlowe 3 hours ago
You know you’ve nailed it when you make the original singer/songwriter CRY with your performance of their song.
Rick M
Rick M 3 hours ago
There is no song that this girl can’t sing! She is absolutely amazing!❤️
Susan Prather
Susan Prather 3 hours ago
Is there nothing this woman can't sing... 👏
Suzanne Cater
Suzanne Cater 3 hours ago
Roslyn Caskey
Roslyn Caskey 3 hours ago
I broke down in tears because the emitionscof Garth Brooks and the soul stirring voice of Kelly Clarkson. That woman can, "sang"
Roxann Ross
Roxann Ross 3 hours ago
All I can say is it's amazing to watch Garth cry as Kelly nails his best song of his career ! Way to go Kelly and Garth deserves this honor!
James Price
James Price 3 hours ago
Absolutely. Nailed. It.
Lexi DuBoi
Lexi DuBoi 3 hours ago
Stunning lady and such an angelic voice. I cried too.
Michael Petry
Michael Petry 3 hours ago
He didn't write it. Not sure why he would cry.
chris r
chris r 4 hours ago
I think this lady is one of the most amazing an talented singers out there. Theres nothing she cant sing an every thing she sings is just amazing. An you know shes doing it because she loves it.
shawn31 4 hours ago
0:17 Did you guys catch the way Trisha naturally and lovingly pulled Garth close just as she seen him start to fall apart allowing him to regain his composure? Oh this right here.... I could NEVER in a Million years get lucky enough for someone to love me like this.
Kris S
Kris S 4 hours ago
That song is already one of my favorite Garth songs but this tribute takes it to a different level. Garth's reaction at the end said it all.
Tammy M
Tammy M 4 hours ago
Kelly Kelly Kelly!Dang that was beautiful! My heart feels it. Thank you for honoring Garth
Ann Day
Ann Day 4 hours ago
patricia sherman
patricia sherman 4 hours ago
Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson 5 hours ago
I love Kelly but nobody will ever sing that song like Garth!! I saw him in concert and I was hooked!
Rejoyce Jones
Rejoyce Jones 5 hours ago
My favorite Garth Brooks song and she did just amazing as he did 💕
The Kilted Adventurer
Such a beautiful rendition! ❤️🇺🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Suse G
Suse G 5 hours ago
This just takes my breath away!
Sara Christine
Sara Christine 6 hours ago
The range. The expression. Kelly deserves her flowers while she's here 💖
laura 6 hours ago
I wish I knew what he said while she was singing. "It's beautiful "?
laura 6 hours ago
Got me all in my feels with this one. Hey! Dont touch me there. That's my no no square
Danny McDowell
Danny McDowell 6 hours ago
Sorry, but she does this classic by Garth Brooks no justice. Her voice is too shrilly to sing this beautiful song. Just my opinion but somebody else would of been a better choice to honor him and this great song.
D V 6 hours ago
God damn her voice is perfect in this
Cassie Meigs
Cassie Meigs 6 hours ago
John Anthony
John Anthony 7 hours ago
terri e
terri e 7 hours ago
Kelly, you are just the most amazing songstress! Amazing.
Krista Jones
Krista Jones 7 hours ago
She has got that entire audience CAPTIVATED. My favorite artist performing my VERY FAVORITE song. Loved it.
RedheadedMusic 8 hours ago
Such a brilliant voice, awe inspiring. What a great tribute to Garth. She is such an incredible talent and apparently Garth agreed. Deeply moving.
Jayne Bartholme
Jayne Bartholme 8 hours ago
Love her
Just Sayin
Just Sayin 8 hours ago
Pure artistry. Kelly Clarkson is a MASTER.
Gloria Krueger
Gloria Krueger 8 hours ago
Absolute perfection!!!
Shauna Carpenter
Shauna Carpenter 8 hours ago
Tears when he’s crying
Mandalee Milly
Mandalee Milly 8 hours ago
It’s perfect.
DanaBFerg 8 hours ago
Love me some Kelly Clarkson.!!
Christine Hinton
Christine Hinton 8 hours ago
They say to produce (write/perform) excellent music, one must experience hardship. I know for me, performing music is an emotional outlet. Kelly gets better and better communicating and conveying emotion the older she gets, the more of life she experiences.
Joe T
Joe T 9 hours ago
Dopey Shit
April R
April R 9 hours ago
That was just amazing
Debbie McMurtry
Debbie McMurtry 10 hours ago
Wow what a voice!! Great Job Kelly
Lauren Wood
Lauren Wood 10 hours ago
This song had just come out when a patient of mine introduced me to it on CMT. I really appreciated the song that much more when she lost her battle with COPD. I thought of this song at her funeral. It touches me and brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. I'm glad that you didn't miss the dance Elva Rose. RIP
Anne Kelly
Anne Kelly 10 hours ago
Love Norah O’Donnell singing backup behind Garth Brooks ❤️
Lisa Zelko
Lisa Zelko 10 hours ago
This is such a sad song but to hear this incredible woman sing thing this with such pain in her voice had me in tears. Kelly, you did this sing justice, thank you x
TDogJr 10 hours ago
Always loved this powerful sweet yet simple song about embracing those in our lives, enjoying life’s journey and cherishing those moments that disappear so quickly. Hearing it today so many years later and experiencing so much loss in this past year, definitely hits the heart ❤️ differently. Bravo and congratulations Garth. And beautiful rendition Kelly C.
Laura Isley
Laura Isley 10 hours ago
I’m crying so hard!!! 😂
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! 10 hours ago
Garth always crys....lol he's so emotional and it makes him so special!!! Love that guy!!!!! Love Kelly too but Garth sings that like nobody else...I'm just saying!!!
Faith Stortz
Faith Stortz 11 hours ago
Loved he was moved to tears
Lynn Oconnell
Lynn Oconnell 11 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful xoxo
Fotini Gavrilis
Fotini Gavrilis 11 hours ago
the way Garth sings it... I feel the pain.... ❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰
Amy Smith
Amy Smith 11 hours ago
I think he was impressed ❤💙
geri twomey
geri twomey 11 hours ago
A fantastic performance. So moving. Love her
Lillie Gibson
Lillie Gibson 11 hours ago
Kelly has such a powerfully beautiful voice, and seeing Garth fighting back tears at the beauty. Love this.
Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith 12 hours ago
Excellent! Bravo!
Jude Kay
Jude Kay 12 hours ago
I've decided we REALLY don't NEED any other singers besides Kelly!
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 12 hours ago
What's with the rainbow thing around garth's neck?
Really Tired 64
Really Tired 64 11 hours ago
It's part of the medal that Kennedy Center honorees receive. They all have them. So you can stop being homophobic now
Katherine Williams
Katherine Williams 13 hours ago
Kelly Clarkson is a powerhouse. You know she performed an amazing tribute when Garth took his hat off and stood applauding her at the end. He even cried while she was singing. This was amazing.
fbueller 14 hours ago
1:44 It’s so cool Norah O’Donnell knows the words to the song!
Sonja Teal
Sonja Teal 14 hours ago
So soothing. I love her voice. Wonderful performance. She has a lullaby voice.
Sheri Lynne
Sheri Lynne 14 hours ago
Loveeeee Kelly. Bite me garth and trisha...make me sick. Used to love yall...oh SHALLOW sux. Better than garth, kelly
Sherry Stiffler
Sherry Stiffler 15 hours ago
Garth it's gonna be ok you got trisha
Sherry Stiffler
Sherry Stiffler 15 hours ago
Brings tears
Liberals are mentally ill head cases
Crazy how many people still follow the blood cult that is the movie and music industry. They're all satanic pedophiles and feed on adrenochrome of tortured children. Ask garth about the tunnels. I bet he knows
Sarahh Palin
Sarahh Palin 15 hours ago
The secret forehead parallely miss because song summarily annoy afore a petite ferry. alert, careful hand
christine wellington
Beautiful Kelly Clarkson!!!
kittycasino29 16 hours ago
Kelly is absolutely amazing!
kittycasino29 16 hours ago
One of my absolute favorite songs 😍
Ponyboy 5.0 coyote Wild
Pure talent. !!!!