iPhone 12 Restoration - Almost Impossible 

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Here we go again...
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May 22, 2021




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Comments 2 303   
gaming_windows 23 hours ago
wait how you make your own phone for yourself take something from different phone replace that with that yeah you know what i mean
KAI Day ago
Can you imagine buying a car that you can't drive after replacing a tire on.
KAI Day ago
Apple, more like Lemon.
The beginning of ww3 has began.
vicious Day ago
A: "So and how do I repair my iPhone?" B: "That's the neat part, you don't."
Ladderadder Mcglitternips
(Product Ded)
KoopaPlush 101
KoopaPlush 101 2 days ago
The info massages about the screen etc.. doesn’t seem to really stop third party repairs from fixing them. They will still most likely do it. (my local one just added the phone as an repair option)
Extremely complicated and not worth it at all 💀
Susan Tuna
Susan Tuna 2 days ago
thats why i hate apple they just make more e waste by doing this
chris brown
chris brown 2 days ago
Just so you know you can now buy screens for the 11 series that will not show the 'maybe not genuine warning'. No flashing needed.
Wurzel Tee
Wurzel Tee 2 days ago
imagine after all this it slips out of your hand and the back glass breaks again.
H12 2 days ago
haha, true. Imagine handing the repaired phone to your customer, it slips out and fall on the floor. and the customer picks it up and says: "oh, so you couldn't repair it, after all?"
Devon Ladd
Devon Ladd 3 days ago
Im so glad i just take care of my devices (and also dont have apple ones either XD)
HumanAbstract 3 days ago
Well at this point after removing all those parts you should replace the frame, not everyone got a laser machine or the budget to buy one !! Thanks to Apple for making this process easy to do, thumbs up to Apple for being such a stupid compagnies.
The Redneck Ram
The Redneck Ram 3 days ago
any guesses on how many more generations of iphone they make before they start making the frame of the phone a non-replaceable part that bricks your device if changed
Roy van Diest
Roy van Diest 3 days ago
engineering at it's worst!
Z0diac 3 days ago
Apple: Makes phone prevented from 3rd party repairs This guy: *repairs phone* Apple watching this: :|
The Jester
The Jester 3 days ago
Remember when you could just...pull the battery out.
Matt Theriot
Matt Theriot 4 days ago
2/10 reparability AT BEST.
SmellTheL 4 days ago
Apple is such a jerk
Joaquin Benavidez
13:55 Wouldn't be safer to use plastic tweezers to avoid scratches? Great video anyways!
Evert van Ingen
Evert van Ingen 4 days ago
I constantly had the feeling he was working inside an Iphone 4... Looks really similar
Atlas Hellwalker
Atlas Hellwalker 5 days ago
Fr, I think companies that do this should be taxed more. Edit: I’m talking about comps making the ikr products stupidly difficult to repair with 3rd parties.
STnSHtube 5 days ago
This whole thing gave me anxiety
Cyriac George
Cyriac George 5 days ago
Can the back glass be removed without a laser and not having to remove the internal components?
The Redneck Ram
The Redneck Ram 3 days ago
sure, it just requires a hammer, some good cut resistant gloves (for safety of course), maybe a metal pick or two, some tweezer, and a lot of patience......oh and a lack of caring about anything inside the phone wouldn't hurt matters
Darklurkr 5 days ago
My android was 50 bucks suck it Apple
Snoncy 5 days ago
*laughs in 8 plus*
Tony vlogs
Tony vlogs 5 days ago
I owned an iPhone 12 and it’s in its case take care of brand new phone to responsibly
Planned obsolescence in a nutshell
NotRainbow 6 days ago
And moreover that if they do remove third party repair that makes you go to their repair services where they literally charge you for a price thats like 200$ so they get even more profit
Astronomy Demon
Astronomy Demon 6 days ago
Is anyone else satisfied by watching the laser work? It was oddly beautiful in a way
odedo1 :
odedo1 : 6 days ago
I always loved my Apple devices but at the same time I always hated the way Apple don’t care about their customers only their customers money $$$$, which by the way it was exactly the opposite when Steve Jobs was around! His customers where important to him so much that me a nobody always got replies from him to my emails with questions that I used to send. But after his death Apple totally changed and now it’s all about how much $$$ they can get you to spend !!!
GcubePlayer8 7 days ago
Nah the 12 gets a 0.1
calastan 7 days ago
i never use the Metal Pry Tool as they are way to thick i use the fine tip of a "Best BST-302'' as i can fit it under the screen/cables without force. you can remove the battery without the need of touching the speaker/taptic engine. ihold tool looks cool but overrated ;) u can hold the screen in place with one hand while locking down the connectors with the second hand. still overall a great div
Huskey Kaito
Huskey Kaito 7 days ago
Good job on opening and yes this is first iPhone that apple try to make unrepairable. I haven't open yet one because all of it I recieved they are* Oh they have garanteed *.
Aeri 7 days ago
Apples repairability score is the same as Masterlocks security scale. The numbers are just made up
Edoardo Zone
Edoardo Zone 7 days ago
Amazing work. Congratulations on your restoration.
Mace 7 days ago
i read almost and immediately clicked on it
Saad Khan
Saad Khan 7 days ago
Nice work bro
Maxime L'Écuyer
Maxime L'Écuyer 7 days ago
I got a message from my car dealer , By doing my oil change myself , it void the warramty and they disable 1st an 2nd gear on my car !... Now it took me 4 min to hit 60 mph , and im still going to buy a new one !
Martin's Welt der Technik
Apple engeniers should go to hell for that.
MrViral20 7 days ago
Can you people please for the love of god stop buying Apple phones?....they don't give two shits about you.....
Aaron Stevenson
Aaron Stevenson 8 days ago
apple should hire him lolololol
Lukas Baltuonis
Lukas Baltuonis 8 days ago
i remember when you just took off the back case with your nail and could just take the battery cuz there was a little space to take it out
Len L
Len L 4 days ago
I still have a phone that does that thank god
sig mocs
sig mocs 8 days ago
What song is used at the very end
Allan Barr
Allan Barr 8 days ago
You can get a upgrade board for the vs1 programmer on Ebay. I just saw it a couple of days ago. For the iPhone 12
Jonathan Cousins
Jonathan Cousins 8 days ago
this pairing business is utter crap
Mr Gamebreak
Mr Gamebreak 8 days ago
What is the name of that machine you use to remake the back cover of the iPhone ?
Lars Ricaldi
Lars Ricaldi 8 days ago
Great job with the repair, it was fun to watch. I am glad I stopped using apple products, they are a pain with all the limitations it imposes to customers in software and hardware.
Irish Foreignfoxx
Jeff have you any fixed 11 pro max for sale
Dick Kickem
Dick Kickem 8 days ago
apple users when they need to use a 1.5 Gigawatt nuclear fission based laztorch to fix the screen on their phone: _its fast tho_
Abdul Samad Channa
bro just throw it away and just buy a cheaper android!
imblocko 8 days ago
these phones un-repairability tells us that apple doesn't really care about being Carbon Neutral, because there phones cant be repaired by 3rd Parties. They want everyone to go through them so they can sell more phones.
Quesler 8 days ago
(repairs iphone) you are on the veil between life and death
Th0mas 9 days ago
The extra wire around the wireless charging coil is used for communication stuff like nfc
Kont Hoofd
Kont Hoofd 9 days ago
If they dont want 3rd party repair they need to solder all parts to the motherboard
Marie Hannah
Marie Hannah 9 days ago
The marvelous delete visually hum because syria unquestionably whistle underneath a living fireplace. youthful, concerned fahrenheit
Ghostify~exe 9 days ago
HouseOfGu44i 9 days ago
I remember those days when I was fixing iPhone 3G's by myself but now I see that I have no chance to repair an iPhone 12. The amount of tools and work you need to do is insane.
SirMexicanYCP 9 days ago
People actually use true tone? I usually just keep that disabled myself.
Jovan Radojevic
Jovan Radojevic 9 days ago
Remember guys if this guy dies after the video it isn't 'suicide', Apple probably did it.
Why are people so ruff with there phones my phone is literally my child
Dylan C
Dylan C 9 days ago
13:30 - "i'll just have to deal with" (no true tone) wait so you're going to use that phone? thought you hated them ;/
Huskey Kaito
Huskey Kaito 7 days ago
Guess we gonna have to wait until they make a gadget to transfer identification number for the replacement parts...
A Rock.
A Rock. 9 days ago
Completely impossible to repair by design.
Dylan C
Dylan C 9 days ago
9:00 nah. the iphones are rated at a much higher water resistance level, and yeah the samsung backs definitely come off easier. theyre plastic... lol
Herkules 9 days ago
easy fix: dont buy apple
TQ LLA 9 days ago
If the back glass breaks, I would just put a sticker over it. Or a case.
Tyson W
Tyson W 9 days ago
The 433 dislikes are apple employees
NekoKitsu 9 days ago
If the people at apple can repair it, that must mean there’s a way to replicate that repair process. But how?
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 10 days ago
nutzeeer 10 days ago
alternative: buy a fairphone
nutzeeer 10 days ago
next up: how i used the tokamak fusion reactor and a particle accelerator to repair the latest iphone
n8neiTen8n 10 days ago
Obviously, apple is trying to force their isheeps to buy new as frequently as possible.
la blackzed
la blackzed 10 days ago
Let's repair Apple products pass me the sledge hammer sport.💥
ink 10 days ago
itd b so cool to have a transparent phone
IamNotSuperStar 10 days ago
rip whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Mitchell Thy Artist
Has Android done this? If not, imma switch when I get a new phone sometime in the future
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 10 days ago
I bought a $30 android throw it across the room not even a scratch I bought a 1000 dollar iPhone looked at it wrong and the screen shatters you don't always get what you pay for they are meant to last more than a year and they claim to be trying to go 0 emissions to anyone who buys them for this there using you they don't care about e waist only that money in your pocket
IzzyNarwhal 10 days ago
Just imagine how many people would buy apple if it wasn’t this hard to repair anything!
Carson Hart
Carson Hart 10 days ago
Just replace the back panel entirely why would you bother replacing the glass alone
Vlad Ventura
Vlad Ventura 10 days ago
I remember that about 6 or 7 years ago my little sister told me that eventually Apple was gonna make phones that would need lasers to be repaired. I guess she was not joking huh?
ChicagoTv 6 days ago
Gavin Hedgepeth
Gavin Hedgepeth 11 days ago
There was no need to remove all of the components to use the laser. At that point you might as well replace the housing. The only reason the dust was there, was because he modified it to run through the center of the phone, which is completely unnecessary as there is no adhesive there.
Augustin 11 days ago
Hi ! Where did you buy the backplate?
God Speed
God Speed 11 days ago
i know one thing: Apple is pissed :D
SleepyFox 11 days ago
If you have hands steady enough to repair an iphone then you could make even more money by becoming a surgeon.
Marinda space
Marinda space 11 days ago
Why iphone 12 look like a iphone SE with iphone x screen
Trevor Omondi
Trevor Omondi 11 days ago
I bet the next iPhones internal components will just consist of one whole slab
watching you makes me hate apple more with every video.
SPEEDY EGG 11 days ago
That boi doesn't look happy :(
Red Emp
Red Emp 11 days ago
Fight for your Right to Repair laws.
Gio00 11 days ago
And people is still asking me why i hate apple
JaggedBird 11 days ago
What the hell did Apple do to this phone? It's a mess inside!
Siri // GD Partitionhlep
apple basically wants you to buy a new iPhone 12 once your current iPhone 12 gets a cracked screen. apple these days...
Celeztia 12 days ago
Samsung galaxy grand prime. First smartphone i used. You could pop the back off and replace the battery in 10-20 seconds on a bad day
HackZy 12 days ago
Double notch
Ratna Singha
Ratna Singha 12 days ago
I guess repairing cost of an Iphone 12 is almost similar to that buying cost of Iphone12... may be thats why the person threw it away. haha Lolz
KAELANIME 12 days ago