The Incredible Japanese Prison Break 

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Video Title: The Incredible Japanese Prison Break

"Aomori, Japan. 1936. Prisoner Yoshie Shiratori had had enough. He was forced to confess to a murder he did not commit, falsely imprisoned in Aomori Prison, beaten and tortured every night by prison guards, and, now worse, prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. In his mind, it was time to go; but Aomori Prison wasn’t the easiest to escape. Regardless, Yoshie Shiratori had nothing to lose, and so at 5:30 am he made his move. He knew there would be a 15 minute gap in the patrol time as he had studied the guards’ routine for months; and when the coast was clear, he pulled out a metal wire (which he had smuggled in from the bathhouse) and started to pick the lock. (This was originally the metal support ring that was wrapped around the bathing buckets inmates used to wash themselves). His hands were stiff from the wintry cold, but after a few minutes of picking, he had success, and his cell door swung open. But he wasn’t out of the woods yet, because there were more locked doors ahead. He knew he only had a few minutes left before the guards would return, and so he wasted no time attempting to pick his way through the remaining security doors. Now fortunately for him, he was able to make it out of the facility, but the bad news was that he was only halfway to freedom. You see, he was still well within the search perimeter, which meant at any moment the alarm could go off and he’d still be caught. At 5:45am the guards returned, peering into his cell; and this is what they saw - Shiratori sound asleep in his futon bed..."

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Oct 1, 2019




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Kento Bento
Kento Bento Year ago
Bonus Video: The Japanese Prison Break FOLLOW-UP: uslift.info/one/dorTnaZo0YiYnZI/video.html Our Merch (includes Japanese Prison Break sticker set): standard.tv/kentobento Fun Fact: The prison that Yoshie Shiratori ended up in at the end (Fuchu Prison) is the same prison that was referenced in the 300 Million Yen robbery that I covered in my previous video 'The Greatest Bank Heist in Japanese History'. This Japanese heist took place in 1968, which is 7 years after Shiratori was released from prison. Our Patreon: patreon.com/kentobento
Soloman Guedi
Soloman Guedi 9 days ago
Insentinal 16 days ago
Herryson Benedict
Herryson Benedict 19 days ago
EpicAdmiral 20 days ago
@Agent47 it is real
ISuckAtMC 21 day ago
the follow up's link tho
Simon Juan
Simon Juan 3 hours ago
This i copied
SMG6 Gaming
SMG6 Gaming 5 hours ago
yo this is awesome
SML Reupload
SML Reupload 8 hours ago
So today is the “anniversary”
Maxzurr 10 hours ago
this is playing irl escapists
SlutforRyuk 12 hours ago
I'm definitely following
Louise Harrell
Louise Harrell 14 hours ago
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* USlift: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .
Serostoner 17 hours ago
what the hell, this guy broke his bones just to escape
Aimee Gem Veloso
Aimee Gem Veloso 19 hours ago
Bro just wanted some love.
Rayyaan Ali
Rayyaan Ali 19 hours ago
S T A R E 21 hour ago
Imagine your looking out of your cell and you see a dude caterpillar crawl through a door
Prince Off Duty
Prince Off Duty 22 hours ago
Shiratori’s 1,679,987th ability: being a badass and make every prison escape pog.
Mackattack gameing awesome
This actually made me cry 😢 😭 🤧 😪 💔 what a sad story his dignity was restored Life lesson never ever disrespect another's dignity even though what their crimes are and how they escaped Yamori Shiratory I respect you not harming a single soul and acting in self defense when you needed to eat to not die is 💯 the best and if you're no longer with us then Rest Peacefully and I hope you made your mistakes into the right thing
Mackattack gameing awesome
But the Japanese didn't expect the Americans 9th ability: Dropping bombs and forcing them to surrender
Mackattack gameing awesome
Well here we are the greatest KENTO BENTO video
Teddy Nguyen
Teddy Nguyen Day ago
fun Fact some life sentences are only 40-50 years long
H3xad3cimal Dev
When prison food is better than school food
Dino Day ago
23 million veiws 10 of these are me
Sleep exe
Sleep exe Day ago
What sucks is that he never even committed the murder
iTz_L1nc Day ago
For his 5th ability: Telikenises, He could move prison walls by looking at them
The ultimate :\
happy 4th time watching this 4 me
Prabi Prabx
Prabi Prabx Day ago
Finally had the time to watch it🙌👌
Victoria Day ago
Marjuky Day ago
Yoshie Shiratori chain ¦ V
Marjuky Day ago
Yoshie Shiratori
KreekCraft Day ago
Hallow Day ago
no no
no no Day ago
what happened to his 7003245600th ability????
Mclaren Craze
Mclaren Craze 2 days ago
162 time I watch dis
Dark shadow James
Dark shadow James
Maleek Dwayne
Maleek Dwayne 2 days ago
after dealing with law enforcment and being wrongfully accused and charged.. even detained. i honor this man for his story and im glad to say i was brought to tears by his story. god bless you all if your reading.
TNH.Tenshi 2 days ago
This some like real life anime stuff 😂
iiwaterful roblox
also him *teaching other criminals how to escape hard prisons by escaping nearly all of them*
MrBluntNose 2 days ago
That dude reminds me of my hamster 🐹. Born fugitive
Abui 2 days ago
But the guard didn't expect his joestar bloodline, and he gain his fifth ability : STAND POWAA
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson 2 days ago
why is the floor always wood why cant it be metal or something?
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 2 days ago
The internal pilot provisionally excuse because heaven virtually introduce upon a guttural H habitual book. elderly, free knight
Green 2 days ago
ʍɛʀƈɨʟɛֆֆ ȶօռɢʊɛ
really caught me off guard with that sponsor at the end-
Brooklyn Nets and NYC sports vlog
Where did he put all the dirt that he digged up?
Pie pie Samurai
Pie pie Samurai 3 days ago
What they didn’t know was his 69th ability the ability to be funny
Pie pie Samurai
Pie pie Samurai 3 days ago
I’m not saying the vid was not funny but I use the funny number
Sir Ultralord
Sir Ultralord 3 days ago
I love how it was a embarrassment.. That's like being embarrassed because you couldn't make a tornado change paths and it destroyed your house. The mans is a monster..mad respect
6IX DAWG BOI 3 days ago
They should have sent him to Azkaban prison
349 Shubham Pawar
Michael scofield was his student
Lazer Lambo
Lazer Lambo 3 days ago
Hamd Qusair
Hamd Qusair 3 days ago
22:16 da faq
Yotam Budnik
Yotam Budnik 3 days ago
damn this is interesting
Yotam Budnik
Yotam Budnik 3 days ago
for the 4th time??? what the hell?
Ali Hacisalihzade
Shiratori sounds like a goddamn olympian. Also, why didn’t they just keep him in a small steel cube which they can torch open to give food then weld shut?
saas soos
saas soos 3 days ago
This guy is a hero
white phantom
white phantom 3 days ago
Do they have movie on him
Gaming with Saturn - Roblox & More!
For a year I haven't cried for the sadness of a other person this caused that this is a very sad story
Unknown? 4 days ago
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker 4 days ago
The symptomatic seashore strangely love because umbrella happily examine above a spiffy notify. bouncy, trite file
nikocado's black t-shirt
3 extra years to a life sentence
cty thanhlong
cty thanhlong 4 days ago
Embrace his wife for waiting for her husband who had a life sentence prison but still wait for him to return
DN_rocks! 4 days ago
Who came here after Mythrodak(Minecraft Prison Escapist) named his parrot shiratori?
jazeel husain
jazeel husain 4 days ago
it turns out shirati had a 69th ability. god mode
If Kento Bento ever has kids, he would be the best story teller.
l feel inspired by this guy
Jeremy Rush
Jeremy Rush 4 days ago
But they didn't know his 0th ability: The ability to live.
ale ku
ale ku 4 days ago
But the guards did not know about his one millionth three hundredth thousand nine thousand and seven hundred and forty sixth ability
Jeremy Rush
Jeremy Rush 4 days ago
If he was still young and alive, I wonder if he could escape a video game.
Ilke Tunali
Ilke Tunali 4 days ago
Escapes 4 different prisons,has super stength,Is a climbing expert,kills a farmer,never trusts a law officer because he got betrayed, dies to an heart attack
Óscar Santos
Óscar Santos 4 days ago
Guards: this guy can’t go out of this jail :man i got 9 power (;
Óscar Santos
Óscar Santos 4 days ago
Who the hell s this guy super mans step brother this guy has 99 powers bro
TOD 5 days ago
This must be a joke
a toxic guy with toxic rat
omg, is this man a demi-god or something? like, his abilities are infinity and beyond.
Eli Curington
Eli Curington 5 days ago
Shoes don’t even exist
dont mind me im just watching
Man just wanna to be treated right :(
Dennis Uwadiae
Dennis Uwadiae 5 days ago
This man is like rasputin
UraniumPuppy 4000
Rain_ray22 5 days ago
Speed run prison escape
Kubiluga 5 days ago
Is nobody going to pay attention that the miso soup is the hero 5
Felipe 5 days ago
The more I watch this, the more this becomes unbelievable
Couer Garnet
Couer Garnet 5 days ago
Fucking Legend
Aaman Khan
Aaman Khan 5 days ago
They forgot his 8th ability: hypnosis
TheMagikConk 6 days ago
That farmer really didn't know who he was up against
Kato 6 days ago
deam refernce????
Ephraim Mostovoy
Ephraim Mostovoy 6 days ago
what did he do bad?
Bruce Camel
Bruce Camel 6 days ago
•CaЯsoп• 6 days ago
“Sleep on the hard concrete floor” me who lays down on the house floor: 0- 0
Martha Simmons
Martha Simmons 6 days ago
The fine guarantee electronically milk because tanker chemically follow mid a strong creditor. lackadaisical, astonishing volcano
AutoSemiMatic 6 days ago
But the guards didnt take in his 69420th ability IMMORTAL
Wroth 6 days ago
He’s the real life Michael scofield
Ronan Traynor
Ronan Traynor 6 days ago
hacks in real life
Stricky 6 days ago
Everyday I come back to this video when Kento Bento doesn't post.
Keyon Roberts
Keyon Roberts 7 days ago
My favorite USlift because he doesn’t take 5 minutes to talk about the sponsor
FBI Minecraft Agent
I am crying
Dr Sin
Dr Sin 7 days ago
Good movie
Achanta Lakshmi manognya (Pioneerps)
bro escape artists are meant to escape brpoo like dude
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
the officer that gave him a cigarette: *exists* God: well I just wanna say I'm a huge fan
Alexis Lloyd D Alinan
Harry Houdini: who are you? Yoshie Shiratori: I'm you but Japanese
hennayatsu6969 7 days ago
The worse way of telling a story. Hire someone who can speak properly.
Istiyak Shaikh
Istiyak Shaikh 7 days ago
What guards didn't know that he has MF Super Saiyan abilities
HaritasTheDrumR 7 days ago
He breaks outta 3 prisons, kills someone, lives in the wilderness, but can’t steal a tomato.
HaritasTheDrumR 7 days ago
Dude he’s gonna be a verb! “Hey, don’t worry, I’m a Shiatori it!”
horatio kim
horatio kim 7 days ago
This feels like watching Netflix without paying 👍
Lunbow 8 days ago
IQ level = 1000
Naruto Uzumaski
Naruto Uzumaski 8 days ago
Dude watched too much of One piece prison breaks scenes
Zoltik編集 7 days ago
def ault
def ault 8 days ago
"Your skills are MUDA MUDA MUDA!" "doubt." Second day of being in prison : gone
DarX 7 days ago
Jjba reference?