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Official “pov” Lyrics:
It’s like you got superpowers
Turn my minutes into hours
You’ve got more than 20/20 babe
Made of glass the way you see through me
You know me better than I do
Can’t seem to keep nothing from you
How you touch my soul from the outside
Permeate my ego and my pride
I wanna love me (ooh)
The way that you love me (ooh)
For all of my pretty
And all of my ugly too
I’d love to see me from your point of view
I wanna trust me
The way you trust me
Ooh, ‘cause nobody ever
Loved me like you do
I’d love to see me from your point of view
I’m getting used to receiving
Still getting good at not leaving
I’mma love you even though I’m scared
Learning to be grateful for myself
You love my lips ‘cause they say the
Things we’ve always been afraid of
I can feel it starting to subside
Learning to believe in what is mine
I wanna love me (ooh)
The way that you love me (ooh)
For all of my pretty
And all of my ugly too
I’d love to see me from your point of view
I wanna trust me
The way you trust me
‘cause nobody ever
Loved me like you do
I’d love to see me from your point of view
I couldn’t believe it or see it for myself
Know I be impatient but now I’m out here falling falling
Frozen slowly thawing, got me right
I won’t keep you waiting, waiting
All my baggage fading safely
And if my eyes deceive me,
Won’t let them stray too far
I wanna love me (ooh)
The way that you love me (ooh)
For all of my pretty
And all of my ugly too
I’d love to see me from your point of view
I wanna trust me
The way you trust me
‘cause nobody ever
Loved me like you do
I’d love to see me from your point of view
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Music video by Ariana Grande performing pov (Audio). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Oct 29, 2020




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Comments 100   
Josimar Candeia
Josimar Candeia 13 minutes ago
Tatiana Stennett
*In love twerking*
nicollete Moyo
nicollete Moyo 3 hours ago
Playing this masterpiece ,hits different when you can relate
ALANPROO43 5 hours ago
Pov: eres el unico comentario en ingles
Verónica Abigail Coria
why this sounds a little bit similar to psycho by red velvet 🤨
Queen Booth
Queen Booth 5 hours ago
Ariana you are so special you are so awesome and sweet keep singing let nothing stop you ok# I am your biggest fan 💖 👍🧠💪💪💪💪💪you are strong and independent woman.
Massiel Maria Orellana Rubio
BardiBarbz ;;
BardiBarbz ;; 7 hours ago
**emotional twerking**
BardiBarbz ;;
BardiBarbz ;; 7 hours ago
Edson Junior
Edson Junior 7 hours ago
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 7 hours ago
I have peace with this song.
Iris Romão
Iris Romão 8 hours ago
Dami R
Dami R 9 hours ago
Stream treat myself and stay by victoria justice ❤️
ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴢᴇ ʀᴜɴɴᴇʀ シ
i come here everyday
Fernando Belimac
Fernando Belimac 9 hours ago
The underrated songs are the best
Pokemonxx James
Pokemonxx James 9 hours ago
its not underrated tho its got over 50 milllion views:)
Carlos 11 hours ago
Make a cute clip with this song so perfect ariana please 😍
Paz Delacruz
Paz Delacruz 12 hours ago
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Michelle Ayala Chocarro
This is my favorite song✨🤍
QueenAri 13 hours ago
Ari really wants to make us cry.
ariana positions
ariana positions 13 hours ago
Whenever I hear this song my emotion go crazy
stef . jnk
stef . jnk 14 hours ago
Arianator 4Ever
Arianator 4Ever 15 hours ago
i love you so much🤍
Fausto 16 hours ago
Es re tonta se come los mocos ,😂😂😂
What "uglies" miss MAAM
"I used to be a fan but after listening to this masterpiece, I am a whole air conditioner."
Medha Chattopadhyay
Medha Chattopadhyay 17 hours ago
Every second of this song gives me the CHILLS.... This is so good💜💜
Bianca Esther
Bianca Esther 18 hours ago
Katherine Ortiz
Katherine Ortiz 18 hours ago
'..for all my ugly too' *im hurt.*
Nanao Nao
Nanao Nao 21 hour ago
i here after watch this uslift.info/one/l2ad3K5vmp2ekag/video.html
Andressa Pereira
Andressa Pereira 21 hour ago
Essa música faz a gente querer amar alguém❤
Ploopy 21 hour ago
anuna sis post mo na mv neto dapat nga nung february mo pa ginawa hays vaklang to
Joshua Girdharry
This sounds so emotional😢
Xavier Morán
Hot Girl
Hot Girl Day ago
This song hits different when ur emotionally hurt and ur in bed listening to this work of art. Love u queen 💕👑
Omar Owens
Omar Owens Day ago
Can we please get a music video for this song
Renata B.S.
Renata B.S. Day ago
Stariidust Day ago
Isaias Jimenez
pov buscaste pov y te salio esto XD
Peacewell Dkhar
This Is The Point If View From Ariana That I Can't Point Anymore.🤗
Ahmad Danieal
I can't wait for official music video 🥺why this song don't have music video 👀
40kVibezz Day ago
My mood: :( Sad Af
Anna Presty
Anna Presty Day ago
me waiting for the music video
hari Day ago
We need their wedding video as pov mv. Sure it will compete with all of me by John leagend.
Kamsa Wangsa
Kamsa Wangsa Day ago
I came here after Yeri IG post😊
Adrián Falcón Guevara
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Shawn YT
Shawn YT Day ago
Cute twerking
armond Day ago
the beginning: ☁️✨🌴🌸
daniel89 Day ago
TF is up with her ear!? 😐
tvtime2121 Day ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...
Adorable Angels
I love u ari
d boehm
d boehm Day ago
please stop doing black music. ugh
Martín Delvalle
Go Arianators!
Martín Delvalle
Ariana on #1 Billboard Hot 100
Martín Delvalle
Let's make this a huge Hit 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Manuel Lendoiro
art 😭
German Rodriguez
German Rodriguez 2 days ago
keith arnold matuguina
*Emotional twerking
Laney_Midnight 2 days ago
1:10 those vocals 😍😍 and 2:08
Iyesha Rouse
Iyesha Rouse 2 days ago
Chanel Games Roblox
OMG ❤️💋💋🥰🥰🎈
Olivia Lobo
Olivia Lobo 2 days ago
Is so good and Beautiful
Olivia Lobo
Olivia Lobo 2 days ago
That is my favorite song
Kauan Felipe
Kauan Felipe 2 days ago
Brasil 🇧🇷?
juan Colon
juan Colon 2 days ago
I have to admit, I was NOT high on her when she first came out singing but DAMN she is the real deal. Am I the only guy that loves this woman's music? And she's ALL woman!
Dee Holmes
Dee Holmes 2 days ago
this song will forever not be the same since the VOICE VERSION GENE AND THAT GIRL TOOK OVER THIS SONG
Bumblebee Grimlock
Ghostin: I'm a girl with a whole lot of baggage Pov: my baggage is fading safely
Claudia Ostuni
Ikr It actually makes me cry, she's so much happier now😭😭
Neuba Maia
Neuba Maia 2 days ago
a ariana grande não responde os comentarios não ??????????????????????????????????????????????/
Neuba Maia
Neuba Maia 2 days ago
like much of you
Neuba Maia
Neuba Maia 2 days ago
hello ari i love you is you is mutch cool is pettry
Mary O'Farrell
Mary O'Farrell 2 days ago
Who else thinks this song is for dalton?
Xxky2xX 2 days ago
Yrg put me on
ธิติมา บุญเอิบ
Gidi brosh
Gidi brosh 2 days ago
מגיע לזה לפחות ביליון צפיות
Anna Nyirenda
Anna Nyirenda 2 days ago
Imagine stuck with you and POV mixed🥺
Charmaine Bacarra
the only song i can relate and want more
rnr 15
rnr 15 2 days ago
Wow her voice is so heavenlly👌👍🥺 the best song ever
abhi shrivastav 9795
This song is underated 🔥🔥🔥
out of the woods - graveyard
STREAM 7 rings FOR 1B!!!!
Miroslava Pilerová
I love Ariana Grande
alex. linton
alex. linton 2 days ago
So good go queen!! Xxx
Daniel Melendrez
Daniel Melendrez 2 days ago
#PovVideo 🙏🏻
Daniel Melendrez
Daniel Melendrez 2 days ago
#PovVideo 💙
Kenneth Karl
Kenneth Karl 2 days ago
"the way that you thrust me!" eyyooo wtf "THE WAY THAT YOU THRUST ME!" WTH CALMDOWN GIRL-
Ruan Ruan
Ruan Ruan 2 days ago
Amooo ( lovee)
Ruan Ruan
Ruan Ruan 2 days ago
*amo ariana* i love Ariana 😍
miro Camargo
miro Camargo 2 days ago
*윤지 2 days ago
Shazzy 2 days ago
Gay Latiño
Gay Latiño 2 days ago
*~gay twerking~*
french pxnkie
french pxnkie 3 days ago
i love you ari
Vivian P
Vivian P 3 days ago
imagine getting a like from ariana
Thông Trương
Thông Trương 3 days ago
Nice! I wanna listen everyday!
Bárbara Semedo
Bárbara Semedo 3 days ago
Anyone from Portugal? 🇵🇹🇵🇹
Tobias Alaya
Tobias Alaya 3 days ago
the mv is comingggggggg
Amir Shainsky
Amir Shainsky 3 days ago
When the music video???
Taja Young
Taja Young 3 days ago
Snow Warrior
Snow Warrior 3 days ago
Raphael Mwirigi
Raphael Mwirigi 11 hours ago
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Joshua Girdharry
@ellie ɞ it kinda sound like a wedding song
ellie ɞ
ellie ɞ Day ago
i want there wedding video to be it
Daniel Alvarez
p e r i o d.
moonlightxari 3 days ago
ARIANATORS!7 rings is almost eaching 1 billion views!Lets help Ari to 1 billion!♡
Ahmad Daniel
Ahmad Daniel 3 days ago
I know I'm not alone for coming here every hour.
Zinab Mukbel
Zinab Mukbel 3 days ago
Who searched ' all of my pretty and all of my ugly too' instead of the song name?😂
Martina2497 wta
Martina2497 wta 3 days ago
That’s why she’s on the voice because she has the voice