Crowd Chanted “OVERRATED"…SO I GOT BUCKETS (Mic’d Up 5v5) 

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What city is next???

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Mar 30, 2021




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D'Vontay Friga
D'Vontay Friga 2 months ago
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code FRIGA20 at → www.manscaped.com/FRIGA THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!! Let's hit ONE million!!!
Clamp TG
Clamp TG 2 months ago
Come to Dayton Ohio bruh we got some real hoopers down here like certified
SoulGlowCholo 2 months ago
hey you should come out to Eaton Blanche Park in pasadena Ca... on mondays at 6pm we would love to have you out here...
ISO Bully
ISO Bully 2 months ago
My new video is fye 💯💯 you inspire me so I kept recording after my camera died that’s why it’s in 360p I had to record on a phone I’m mad it would have been way better on my camera 💯🔥🔥YOUR supporters give me hope I can be something 💯💯
MAALIK Ligene 2 months ago
Northeast regional park
Marco Goedken
Marco Goedken 2 months ago
You need to make a it’s early shirt
Prudent Bute
Prudent Bute 17 hours ago
Come to Vegas
Randy Ortiz
Randy Ortiz 6 days ago
Does that man with the purple outfit ever finish
OMGSOCOM 8 days ago
7:28 dude tried being all sneaky and shit slappin white boys ass
Tanmamba24 9 days ago
bullying kids out there lol by the way he was wearing a white shirt.
Luc Beauleu
Luc Beauleu 11 days ago
That’s my city
No Name
No Name 13 days ago
You can label me a hater if you like .. but what is with this moronic generation that runs on to the court when someone dunks a basketball? Half the kids in High school can dunk the ball. Between the over reactions and the idiots standing on the court your videos are becoming unwatchable. I have mad respect for your skills but I think u are drunk on the roar of the crowd.
Jack 13 days ago
My man did the slip n slide move from nba street!! Lmao 🔥
Adam 15 days ago
12:55 is so disrespectful 😂
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson 16 days ago
you aint' Briz 17%... stop trippin on yoself.
Erit Vobis
Erit Vobis 16 days ago
D'Vontay, I've been watching your vids all day. Love what you're doin bruh! Some damn good hoopers out there!
anthony wall
anthony wall 17 days ago
D’vontay friga college highlights 👉 uslift.info/one/n6-Wxd19y3qjt4I/video.html
Keith Dauzat
Keith Dauzat 17 days ago
That stupid ass build up yeeeaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! is starting to get old as fuck... every crowd that he shows up to does this and i just dont get it.
Last ESPADA 20 days ago
So just like all these other videos no ones wearing masks?? 🙄
Jeff B
Jeff B 25 days ago
Jeff B
Jeff B 25 days ago
Luke Avena
Luke Avena Month ago
Come to Orlando
Cl dripy
Cl dripy Month ago
i was there
Limuel Madrona
Limuel Madrona Month ago
Sir friga how are you, nice play the basketball and you're very kind all teammates,
dawormly Month ago
Ma man ZZ TOP
Hangsham V1
Hangsham V1 Month ago
What are the red shoes he always wear called?
Donny Yi
Donny Yi Month ago
we gonna forget about covid
G P Month ago
More people still come out to these games then a WNBA game lol
SOTIA POI Month ago
Not the white boy pass at 6:46 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
RYG K Month ago
Pull up to New York
Evan Smithers
Evan Smithers Month ago
Need to link up and put me on the squad I drop dimez b ask about me h town found
David Carlos
David Carlos Month ago
St cloud no doubt, you gotta hit bvl my home
Money Mac
Money Mac Month ago
Bro layup package so crazy
Ricky Theodore
Ricky Theodore Month ago
You know D’vontay boutta get crispy when the baseline camera turn on
It's Your Boy K E R B S
Fan from philippines bro hope you notice me
Tommy Exler
Tommy Exler Month ago
Come up to Pittsburgh brother
Trey Month ago
You have no left it’s ridiculous LMFAOOO
Miles Mohrien
Miles Mohrien Month ago
this man made a 360 layup then missed a wide open standing layup
Daniel Gausin
Daniel Gausin Month ago
Amarillo TX has Sum HEAT come this way.
Demetrice Birdlong
🔥 lit
George III Torreros
Alejo Cristancho
Alejo Cristancho 2 months ago
since no one did it in 2 weeks.... here you go this is why you came for 11:00
Tad Pole
Tad Pole 2 months ago
Great camera work
Jemel Watson
Jemel Watson 2 months ago
I shouldn’t be focused on this, but it irks the hell out of me how people can’t stay off the court.
Tyrone Copeland
Tyrone Copeland 2 months ago
I pray who needs help call out to GOD and he will answer you. Be blessed
Jashua Martinez
Jashua Martinez 2 months ago
Why does nobody force you left
Michael Jefferson
Michael Jefferson 2 months ago
Bro my brother is somewhere in this crowd lol
BrrownBoii 2 months ago
back up means back up 1 step 2 them😂😂🤣
Wabbly Pop
Wabbly Pop 2 months ago
Bruh why tf are they straight up ON THE COURT TEXTING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME 💀
Tommy Exler
Tommy Exler 2 months ago
Dude with the red hair and goatee is a incredible passer as well
Kiosu Nightstep
Kiosu Nightstep 2 months ago
I'm amazed no one has sprained an ankle on some dumbass's foot being too far on the court.
Songs 2 months ago
Friga always seem to drive right. I don't think he even attempted to driving to the left. If he gets shut down to the right, he does a crossover for a shot.
trebein young
trebein young 2 months ago
Somebody tell Friga play D
Izaiha Daniels
Izaiha Daniels 2 months ago
You gotta come 2 philly
muggzy 83
muggzy 83 2 months ago
I can't stand when the crowd can't stay behind the line. and get in the way on the court . Just get the fuck off the court it's simple . Can't even shoot a 3 on the sideline cause they literally standing there SMFH
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas 2 months ago
Why they act like he did sum coming off that screen
Travis 2 months ago
This is why covid will never go away
Spencer Barnett
Spencer Barnett 2 months ago
He has no left
Jamaican Breeze
Jamaican Breeze 2 months ago
You complaining about hand checking outside the three-point line sheesh
narwalo MARMLAD
narwalo MARMLAD 2 months ago
why is NOBODY wearing masks... like the players ok but come on bro... Do you even know that there's a worldpandemia ?
ItsFeztoYOU 2 months ago
Come to Arkansas
al_ivera_ 2 months ago
Why you playin with your food? 😂
Zakariyyah Muhammad
Zakariyyah Muhammad 2 months ago
This man really did the overtime symbol at 24:33
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
Buddy with the beard looks like a 2k cheeser lol 🤣
NotYourAverage Nick
NotYourAverage Nick 2 months ago
Who is the fat guy with the beard?
Andre Turner
Andre Turner 2 months ago
I'm moving to Tampa Florida and I have to pull up to one of these
NEROO#4 VEVO 2 months ago
Ill love him to come to illinois and try it 😭🚦
Elijah Rendon
Elijah Rendon 2 months ago
I'm sorry stay off court while the game in session..I love street ball but not every hood park is Rucker
El Seis
El Seis 2 months ago
Weirdo in the long sleeve green shirt was running on the court every chance he got
RJMDesigns 2 months ago
nice game..... YO Im wondering if you guys visit and play in NYC Rucker park? or W4 aka the CAGE?
El Seis
El Seis 2 months ago
Big man on Frigas team ain’t getting enough attention lol Dude is nasty with it
Girldattswill 2 months ago
You have to come to Maryland. It’s prolly the last place you’d think about but trust me your gonna get ran off.
Dante Thompson
Dante Thompson 2 months ago
Nah son wild out with that 360 lay, shit was tough tho
Rip grams Official fan page
Come to Milwaukee
Caleb Clapper
Caleb Clapper 2 months ago
The way the people on the side are on the court is mad annoying
Khalil Bitar
Khalil Bitar 2 months ago
This man looks like a whole different ethnicity compared to his senior year.
K Info
K Info 2 months ago
Damn no one wearing mask
CertifiedDxmion 2 months ago
Fat boi a baller
CertifiedDxmion 2 months ago
Aye see ima beginner two on my basketball even tho I don’t have a goal but I still go outside and run tho but can’t do nothing now but it’s all good tho hope you have a good legacy of basketball!
Floridafied Bullies
Floridafied Bullies 2 months ago
Appreciate ya I'm fat old all that but you notice the important part 💯 IM A BALLER🏀💪I just started up my page check.me out show some love 🙏
West Side
West Side 2 months ago
I always fast forward thru the advertisements
Y The Lag
Y The Lag 2 months ago
What shoes he reppin ???
Zei Norgate
Zei Norgate 2 months ago
Great words in the intro always be grateful
Alexander Uber
Alexander Uber 2 months ago
I lived in Hudson, FL for a few years before I moved back to Ohio. The park I used to hoop at night is liiive man. Every night there’s 5 runs under the lights on both courts normally. 14330 Hicks Rd Hudson, FL 34669 United States
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 2 months ago
Praying for the immune systems of the grandparents all these kids are going home to.
Bryan Cisneros
Bryan Cisneros 2 months ago
It’s crazy I’ve been watching this man since he ha smile 65k ish
DescentfuI DRAG
DescentfuI DRAG 2 months ago
I ain’t saying this lightly but , Friga is the epitome of what humble really is and in my opinion he’s the best basketball youtuber out there doing what he loves and inspiring millions of hoopers let alone the world for all we know God Bless D’Vontay Friga 🙏🏽🕊
Nick Nevins
Nick Nevins 2 months ago
That dude with the 360 layup is 🔥🔥
Floridafied Bullies
Floridafied Bullies 2 months ago
That's blessed cts add him
MTA Nero
MTA Nero 2 months ago
Come to Grand Rapids
Blu Bryant
Blu Bryant 2 months ago
I’m from St. Cloud FL my profile pic was taken at the lakefront in St. Cloud y’all playing at outdoor civic is incredible
Tran Nguyen
Tran Nguyen 2 months ago
The mixed slope multivariately trick because finger concurrently expand since a new week. tense, worthless rate
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 months ago
All these kids on the court though.. Jesus.. back up. Lol
Royal James
Royal James 2 months ago
I'm happy to see you Pushing my brothers and sisters to get off the 2K n actually stay active during there journey 💖😎😇🌎😁#PutGod1st #timetocometogether
Chris Prado
Chris Prado 2 months ago
Lmao my boy Johnathan was hooping tho
Ryan David
Ryan David 2 months ago
bro i can’t lie it pisses me off how people just can’t stay behind the lines on the court like god damn give them space
TheCapo 2 months ago
Bro, red beard is a fuckin' hooper! bring that man out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Floridafied Bullies
Floridafied Bullies 2 months ago
Hey I appreciate that I just started a page pop in and show some love. We keep the spice in the game
Lil 4
Lil 4 2 months ago
Krazy what a ball and a hoop can do🙌🏽🔥💯
Jimmy Prieur
Jimmy Prieur 2 months ago
You made it dawg .. you got people out there like MJ showed up to hoop
Teo 2 months ago
Friga: makes basic layup Crowd: 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Zachary Griest
Zachary Griest 2 months ago
Purple shirt, purple shorts and purple shoes 👀 Dude was playing street ball
Floridafied Bullies
Floridafied Bullies 2 months ago
That's my only style add my page 🙏🤪
Joe K
Joe K 2 months ago
Happy Easter Friga.
Jumpman Jimmy
Jumpman Jimmy 2 months ago
Bro I didn’t know you could bang like that so easily now. We’re them low rims or something?
Chase Rose
Chase Rose 2 months ago
Corona don't exist in Florida I swear to god 😂😂
1of1 Zeus
1of1 Zeus 2 months ago
Friga dun turned into FrigInTheLab with the narration like Dev 😂😂
D K 2 months ago
Do you think most of tthe kids there are vaccinated?
OxOm 2 months ago
Keep eating come to the dmv
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