Limousine CHALLENGE | Top Gear - Part 1 

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Part 1 of 2. The boys have been tasked with building their own limousines out of existing cars. Jeremy chooses the 1993 Fiat Panda, James a Saab 9000 (and an Alfa Romeo 164) and Richard a MGF. After making their cars a lot longer they must face paintball gun attacks and the all dreaded 3 point turn challenge. Will any of them stay in one piece?
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Aug 5, 2010




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Comments 100   
Bradalicious Day ago
I call these customzines!
Wegetsu Day ago
James...Saunas are Finnish...
jiawen pan
jiawen pan Day ago
"yes officer, its stock."
Michael Auker
Richard Hammond is DaBaby 6:47
Krum Didov
Krum Didov Day ago
1 million for every year since upload. Let's keep going
Lorenzo957080 2 days ago
7:52 Best part, I can't stop laughing 🤣
Holger Vogel
Holger Vogel 2 days ago
Captain Scarlet Music...love it!👍🤗
every car an Afghani bolts together is more useful
Emil von Weissenberg
Jee but the sauna is kinda not sweadish tho
İsimsiz Kullanıcı
bu 3 adamı özlüyorum...
buddeeeeeeee 7 days ago
James' limo reminds me of those trains in a push-pull configuration with a different type of loco at each end.
Bonsai Herman
Bonsai Herman 8 days ago
Wedding vegetables 🤣🤣
ayyオイカorb ャulonlmao
Thumbnail be looking like a beamng screenshot
Dannysince1985 10 days ago
This is top gear.......the current top gear is........... abysmal, an abortion, excrement, excruciating, diabolical, Boris Johnson, the end of the world.......
Sanidhya Dixit
Sanidhya Dixit 12 days ago
"Wedding vegetable" haha
Rukhsana Bibi
Rukhsana Bibi 12 days ago
Hahahahahahahaha LMAO 😂 James you are too much funny 😆
oliver gille
oliver gille 12 days ago
James describing his car by repeating "and at the front" has always cracked me up for some reason
Schuh Suppe
Schuh Suppe 13 days ago
I wish May's car would had two drivers each side honestly
Willem Dijkema
Willem Dijkema 13 days ago
i love how every episode they find a new word for crotch
Jakub Max
Jakub Max 13 days ago
F16 Fighting Falcon
"Hope I don't meet any -IRA- terrorists." *"Oh no, **-IRA-** terrorists!"*
Alex 14 days ago
OmgDenis KillYou
OmgDenis KillYou 14 days ago
Raymond Man
Raymond Man 15 days ago
What type of paper are you sniffing He is not normal omg
Raymond Man
Raymond Man 15 days ago
It looks like a future train with tyre
Raymond Man
Raymond Man 15 days ago
We need this a 8 tyre car
sergio Sgreccia
sergio Sgreccia 15 days ago
Italians in this moment 🥲
SMPandanic 15 days ago
Johnny Stan
Johnny Stan 15 days ago
This is an airplane not a limousine 🤣
Chantelle Lowry
Chantelle Lowry 17 days ago
It's cool and funny how you can drive half a car
Rachel Walsh
Rachel Walsh 17 days ago
3:37 my driving instructor
Asad Tareen
Asad Tareen 17 days ago
liolp808 18 days ago
"Oh no! A pathetic roadblock!" - always gets me :D
Bag of Nails
Bag of Nails 18 days ago
Very nice to see Clarkson get soaked and the other two get hit with paintballs. I approve.
Lucio Virzi'
Lucio Virzi' 21 day ago
That is ridicolous :D
Nerio Zulberti
Nerio Zulberti 21 day ago
Monday saab tuesday alfa romeo 😄
Blastoid 37
Blastoid 37 22 days ago
1:31 All Americans in a 30 ford f-150 radius: LoOkS pReTtY cOmMuNiSt To mE
KajTech_ 22 days ago
Is it really a convertible if it doesnt convert?
Ben 22 days ago
The Panda is still alive at the top gear world museum in Hampshire
حمودي كشخه
.بجطف٠نب.ورغم مد البيتش
Muhammad Rafli Ramadhan
5:00 funny thing is, may tries to stir the car using the dashboard with his hand for a second
Thomas Phiri
Thomas Phiri 23 days ago
Lawyers: 5:27
duke 1
duke 1 23 days ago
Top gear
Dustino Pho
Dustino Pho 24 days ago
Act like 12 yrs old
The blue Tardis
The blue Tardis 24 days ago
K11 RMS is a legend !
Linus Vogt
Linus Vogt 24 days ago
No the funniest episode ever is the lorry challenge
Kaapo Ahonen
Kaapo Ahonen 24 days ago
I bet the sauna is as hot as the swedish sauna
a casual roblox player
They had some oldschool flex.
Brandy Scott
Brandy Scott 26 days ago
Vegetable area Aka gentleman’s area lmao I’m learning so much today
Brandy Scott
Brandy Scott 26 days ago
omg I’m dying of laughter Over here 🤣🤣
GrockleTD 27 days ago
James' car was cursed by design. An unholy marriage of an incredibly overbuilt car, and a shockingly substandard one
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang 27 days ago
James as usual always trying to be smart and failing terribly 😂
Slovenc Devetinsedemdeset
I love how James instinctively grabbed the first other round thing after steering wheel came off - the dashboard
nagarajan sd
nagarajan sd 28 days ago
"This is still funny after ten years" , lol
whitestreamz 29 days ago
Me: whilst choking on my water after james sais at the front on the other side of the car
Akash Nag
Akash Nag 29 days ago
It was hilarious how the steering of James's car came out.
Akkar_Unbekannt Month ago
We all miss old top gear.
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson Month ago
All funny
MrDurpy Boi
MrDurpy Boi Month ago
Plot twist when being drenched by water after getting his cars tires popped be tripped onto the stingers himself And he popped...
Todd Perkinson
Todd Perkinson Month ago
I love how he came out of his panda with a jack in hand, like he intended to change the tire right there
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Z_Tech Month ago
10M Views. 10(m) Years ago [I put M on the years cuz why not.]
Le4ky F4ucet
Le4ky F4ucet Month ago
JFK would agree that convertibles are not a good idea
A Tom
A Tom Month ago
Timo Ilonen
Timo Ilonen Month ago
Sauna is Finnish
its Tahier
its Tahier Month ago
"next is the stinger. no wait its the water people"
its Tahier
its Tahier Month ago
"in fact there were two flows" steering wheel comes off.
Micha Grill
Micha Grill Month ago
Thats comically long 🤣
Zer0 Deaths
Zer0 Deaths Month ago
I loved how The Pusher by Steppenwolf was playing in the background. 😂
Rizki Syam Azhari
They said Limo on the title, but I saw Red Boat coming.
noisyturtle Month ago
I love seeing Jeremy suffer
Goldie The golden derp
I know this is top gear but wouldn’t it be cool if they flew planes and cars
BySantana Month ago
Fiat uno xdddd
Branco Month ago
Instructions unclear I now have a lawsuit
Mlgpenguinboy Month ago
whats the music when james turned up?
Ilias Mohammad
Ilias Mohammad Month ago
1:53 mafia mode on
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki Month ago
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Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles Month ago
He has the Fiat that the yugo was based off of
New Brickson
New Brickson Month ago
The topgear car boneyard is sad
Bruno Month ago
Ty Manson
Ty Manson Month ago
10 million likes and posted 10 years ago.... So a million views a year 😂😂
René Aangenaam !
At this end it is....a sauna!! Does it work? "No"
The Penguin / ROBLOX, Gaming, And More! Nootus
2:20 James is on 4 pints of gasoline again
coconut Month ago
10M views in 10 yrs nice
P_Sher 12
P_Sher 12 Month ago
let me just say Top Gear was a motoring enthusiasts show that turned into an entertainment show
P_Sher 12
P_Sher 12 Month ago
& turned into a boring nothing but supercars show since 2016
Luis Partida
Luis Partida Month ago
That ending!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rado Kromka
Rado Kromka Month ago
I lost it when his steering wheel came off lmaoo
AWPeti Month ago
-- Month ago
You've heard of keying your ex's car, now get ready for splitting the car in the divorce
Suren Xavier
Suren Xavier Month ago
Feel the Vibe
Feel the Vibe Month ago
Who is watching this 2021✌️
Azad Ahmed
Azad Ahmed Month ago
The panda was the funniest
Loris Perfetto
Loris Perfetto Month ago
How to destroy a perfect fiat panda
Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro Month ago
Sometimes my intelligence is almost frightening
Thetacomaestro Month ago
Definitely one of my favourite episodes
Calum Scott
Calum Scott Month ago
Best top gear crew no proof needed.
Jacob _N_R_Z
Jacob _N_R_Z Month ago
The thing i like about this episode is that i saw the YTP of this episode and then watched the actuall episode
Keke Meme
Keke Meme Month ago
Oml I love this
Elenor Steuernagel
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can güven
can güven Month ago
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