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It's Alive with Brad Leone is back for episode 78 and this time Brad is making fermented salsa. Join Brad as chars up some chilis and lets 'em ferment to make a salsa so nice you just might dip twice.
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Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad Makes Fermented Salsa | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Mar 3, 2021




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Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen Day ago
I’m only here for Brad and chris
David Harley
David Harley 2 days ago
What kitchen is that?
Pierre kickhefer
Pierre kickhefer 3 days ago
So good to see you at it again Brad!
Dyllan S
Dyllan S 4 days ago
its just not the same:/
Mary Harward
Mary Harward 6 days ago
Whenever im having a bad day I watch Brad xD.
Dolgion Ganbayar
Dolgion Ganbayar 6 days ago
At this point, at the end of the day
AirAssault7 6 days ago
Brad Leone's the best.
JHK 7 days ago
There is wayyy too many effects and sound effects please turn it down its very annoying!
Allie V
Allie V 7 days ago
I love this. Never thought to ferment salsa! Is there an alternative to the plastic container?
myrrhfishify 7 days ago
Try a fermented tomatillo/Hatch green chile green salsa. You will not be disappointed.
Paweł Bańczak
Paweł Bańczak 7 days ago
furmented soulsa
Maxim Bryson
Maxim Bryson 8 days ago
Well that was sad to try and watch
Max Martrich
Max Martrich 9 days ago
Brad looks hella stoned in this video.
Mariana Isabel Gómez Olavarría
Mexican people can differentiate between the dry chilis that crack and those who don't easily. Eg: guajillo vs arbol...
Brad is flying reeeaaaall high in this vid, love him but my man is chached.
paulywoggg Cat Chef
This guy is a Blithering Idiot! Bon Appetit used to be real classy. What happened?
Redline 10 days ago
I just want BA to know that the editor behind the scenes of It's Alive, deserves a huge raise. Brtbrtbrtpbrtp!
Lokk54 11 days ago
they must be paying him big time
Mirko 13 days ago
New you doing the video effects? Have not watched in months. They are so annoying now that I'll probably stop watching. Not funny at all. Just bad
T.H.E 14 days ago
Shia labeouf 😂
Udon't Sayxxx
Udon't Sayxxx 15 days ago
wtf brad suddenly loose a ton weight. ya ok?
Jim.B 16 days ago
Always awesome to see you cranking out the cool foods man. keep at it. Only thing good left here on BA...
Mikhel Barajas
Mikhel Barajas 17 days ago
This salsa is like a salsa borracha (drunk salsa) except that in México we do not usually ferment salsas but instead we use beer for that particular type of salsa, some prefer light beers but I use regular beer. And yup the custom is to add fresh chopped cilantro at the end, you can also add finely chopped onion. Some varieties include small chunks of queso fresco or small chunks of queso panela, even avocado, though I prefer to eat avocado just lightly mashed and add to it chopped cilantro, finely chopped onion and cotija cheese. PS For better flavour avoid habaneros and instead go for a combination of serranos and fresh chile de árbol, plus dried pico de pájaro and morita, it will have quite a punch. Saludos.
Bennie Ray Bob
Bennie Ray Bob 19 days ago
You have really inspired me to get in the kitchen.
J Rosenb
J Rosenb 19 days ago
Hey Brad, what happened to your old friends over there? Were they “let go” for some reason? Can you tell us why?
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 19 days ago
i remember that mustard episode. been meaning to make that
Peet Ky
Peet Ky 19 days ago
what are the small oven things on the counter
Hayley Van Gorden
Hayley Van Gorden 20 days ago
Brad make your own channel ❤️💕
Raymund Reyes
Raymund Reyes 20 days ago
I love Brad, but i miss Vinny
Itiel López
Itiel López 20 days ago
Is he depressed or something?? Love your vids Brad, proly the only thing I watch on this chanel
Jon luke Kaiser
Jon luke Kaiser 20 days ago
Brad My man, you are absolutely entertaining and have a talent for it. do the world a FAVOR and start streaming or making your own channel! with your viewers you'd blow up on twitch in the best way.
rompdude 21 day ago
The new editor sucks, totally off the mark.
fnhs90 21 day ago
God, that moustache just feels like it was missing on him all along
jdubs 21 day ago
Brad could go do this same thing on his own and make so much more money since the videos he’d own himself
Sadie Dimaggio
Sadie Dimaggio 21 day ago
Brad looks really good with the mustache, like it fits him really well.
Trz 22 days ago
Yo Brad pls try making a century egg
Alexander Sears
Alexander Sears 22 days ago
how do i subscribe to just brad
james wheeler
james wheeler 22 days ago
He looks tired and has lost weight. Hmmmmm
Cinnabar Analytics
Cinnabar Analytics 22 days ago
This is the only show that feels like old school BA.
osiel sanchez
osiel sanchez 23 days ago
Every Latino be thinking his salsa needs mores chiles
Halah 23 days ago
God how I love the editor he makes me laugh every time
E Byrd
E Byrd 24 days ago
Brad keeps it real.
Leifer04 24 days ago
Give us a brad show man.. come on
jimmycotter2207 24 days ago
Can they start a meat series called It was Alive just too give Brad more content
Wylie Brooke
Wylie Brooke 26 days ago
Adopt me Brad
RichardGrayson 26 days ago
I thought everyone watched these videos for Brad only, Sohla really messed things up.
bradpa02 26 days ago
The stache is the character development we've wanted. 👌
CartoonHead 26 days ago
Whoever does your audio mixing needs sacking.
Diane Needham
Diane Needham 26 days ago
Does anyone here know if he's not aloud to have his own youtube cooking channel cuz he's on ba ..I want more brad !!
Jeff Coomsalot
Jeff Coomsalot 27 days ago
bruh he was high as a kite in this one
Tomas Jonsson
Tomas Jonsson 27 days ago
Brad Appétit!
coarsehearts 28 days ago
Need a count on how many times brad says “at this point”
Flynn Hammonds
Flynn Hammonds 28 days ago
Brad, you have to make your own youtube channel
Jeremy Miedreich
Jeremy Miedreich 28 days ago
Can you freeze it after the 4 days?
Vikki Skomarokha
Vikki Skomarokha 28 days ago
Did they get new video editors?
stiflingmystrife 28 days ago
Glad to see Brad back !!!!
Michael Prazmark
Michael Prazmark 29 days ago
Really nobody is going address how blasted he is in this video lol. Awesome. But we get it. The only reason you watch the channel.
KayKovo 29 days ago
Brad's giving me major stoner energy lol and I'm 100% here for it 😂
Kas S
Kas S Month ago
Who ever is the editor...your funny AF
Megan Mackey
Megan Mackey Month ago
Is Hunzi editing again???
Mr Dissident
Mr Dissident Month ago
brad please make your own show !
Megha Maravi
Megha Maravi Month ago
Except for fermentation part, that's how Indians make 'chutney'.
Todgerino Month ago
when covids over send brad to a truffle farm for goin' places
Natalie Holch
Natalie Holch Month ago
what just happened lol
Scared Folks
Scared Folks Month ago
Stoned AF.
marcus Bear
marcus Bear Month ago
Rip vinny Kevin is just a fake imitation
mayen67 Month ago
This guy talks to dam much.
Morella Továr
Morella Továr Month ago
Zachery Zietlow
Zachery Zietlow Month ago
um cryovac
very funny big chungus
dann6 Month ago
The editor of these videos is trying WAY too hard. This show is getting annoying real fast.
Melissa Month ago
I made this as my second fermentation project and was so impressed with the results. Once I was happy with the level of funk, I used a touch of cane sugar to tone down the spice prior to refrigeration. So easy to make and the flavor is out of this world. Thanks, Brad!
Andy Rainbow
Andy Rainbow Month ago
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - editing skills of the editor of It's Alive are just gold.
Andy Rainbow
Andy Rainbow Month ago
Normal people in the kitchen: *stirs sauce, slices tomato, cooks potatoes* Brad: *making weird noises* Let's put these peppers straight onto the flame
freitanzerin Month ago
I only watched this because a bunch of people on reddit said not to. Just sayin!.
Kim Schuller
Kim Schuller Month ago
Ugh been missin my wildcard!!
Jussin Month ago
I thought Claire was cool. Yall are haters
AshtonCoocher Month ago
Is he high? Is he neurotic? Nope. He's Brad. Making onions (half). Love ya weirdo.
svetlana berkovich
Your videos always make me so happy 😊
iAnon Month ago
i heard tom cruise has a kink for caught fish.
Trollocs Month ago
the editing is fire! LOL
Emmy Reeeid
Emmy Reeeid Month ago
How many times is Brad gonna bash that bag 🤭😂 that one won't need to be whizzed up when it's ready. I love watching him and his odd ways x
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis Month ago
I saw this video today on LG free t.v. and went right out and bought the ingredients. Wish me luck!
adreain sykes
adreain sykes Month ago
i hate brad hasn’t left yet, it pains me to watch this channel
Hugo's creatures
4321Enjoy Month ago
man these videos have become staile without the old crew haning around
Robert Mays
Robert Mays Month ago
Oh brad how I’ve missed you
A B Month ago
Serious question: is there a risk of botulism because of the garlic and onions in the vacuum sealed bag?
xZanexX Month ago
the most disappointing thing about covid is Brad not being able to walk around and mess with the other ba staff
Eric G. Hanus
Eric G. Hanus Month ago
How does someone make this in a jar? Wont the tomatoes become mush and mix with the salt water?
Willow Yong
Willow Yong Month ago
Request for a misozuke making video 🙏🏼
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
Less than 12 mins? They being a bit stingy with Brad. But I’ll take what I can get.
Uranija Zeus
Uranija Zeus Month ago
I'd eat if he gave me poison.
Moana Daniels
Moana Daniels Month ago
Today on It's Alive: Singlehandedly keeping Bon Appetit alive!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
is this how to be a professional cook? lol if so, sign me up.
Logan Newman
Logan Newman Month ago
I think if I switched it up and used tomatillos for a green salsa I would roast them.
Clay3613 Month ago
So when is Claire coming back?
GW Month ago
how is he touching the handle of the cast iron??
Slow Season
Slow Season Month ago
I need one a dem shirtz
jayrock Month ago
Josh Fabregas
Josh Fabregas Month ago