Fortnite's New MYTHIC Gun Game Mode! 

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Today GUN GAME is back in Fortnite! Today I try to rate all the items im using, then I try to win with the whole lobby has a 10 kill headstart! Hope you enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today its the new MYTHIC GUN GAMME MODE!! Hope you enjoy!
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Apr 17, 2021




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yo calm down jamo
yo calm down jamo 17 hours ago
"I will destroy them" gets killed "never mind"
Tyler Walton
Tyler Walton Day ago
I thought he was child friendly but 'land on me papa
Ryan Yates
Ryan Yates 5 days ago
It’s arsenal
Shadow Switch
Shadow Switch 6 days ago
The weapon everyone wished for: skye's scar combined with kit's charge shotgun with a gold hunting
Amina Fahad
Amina Fahad 8 days ago
My favourite Mythic weapon is in yellow or maybe gold
john van impelen
john van impelen 9 days ago
ZZ. ™️🤩👑🤩👑
Yashas Tarikere
Yashas Tarikere 10 days ago
Clickbait title and thumbnail
Jubz xX
Jubz xX 11 days ago
Wow bro, i started watching you when you had 100k views and now you're popping off dude
JayyBeBalling 13 days ago
I'm ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.......❤️
areen sami
areen sami 13 days ago
scarf op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugar Space
Sugar Space 13 days ago
i love you sypherpk
This boom bow is normal bow
halima zannah
halima zannah 14 days ago
I couldn't get my banned account back until I was introduced to *RX_TECHZ on IG* who helped me recover my account
Bardia_SK .,
Bardia_SK ., 14 days ago
That is arsenal -_- and that is not new ---____---
shane kriese
shane kriese 14 days ago
I feel bad for the catalyst
Michael Rowe
Michael Rowe 14 days ago
What the F is that game mode
Jason & Peggy Sasser
We playing Minecraft I like to cut G
DarkSwayYT 15 days ago
I got clickbaited i thougth it was a mythical only but its a Gun Game mode 😒
TheRealKite 15 days ago
Burst smg is one of the better smgs change my mind
kingofmarch4 16 days ago
It was the best gun but its in creative
kingofmarch4 16 days ago
Yea they need to get back the burst asulte rifle its my fav gun and i use it as my asulte rifel
Mick Polain
Mick Polain 16 days ago
Yes the hunting rifle
Anthony Keremian
Anthony Keremian 16 days ago
not new
Scott Gasque
Scott Gasque 16 days ago
Darren Dixon
Darren Dixon 16 days ago
cp ox
cp ox 16 days ago
Sypher: Land on me papa..... you:................
Mustafa Ehab
Mustafa Ehab 16 days ago
sypher is cracked bro when he was at 15 health
Ryan S
Ryan S 16 days ago
bonecrusher8 16 days ago
getting famous off of comments so I can live the dream life (day 5)
HenryDev 16 days ago
Sypher: come here to papa. Me:👁️👄👁️
Achristiano87 16 days ago
In my opinion I thought the burst smg was good
ARIEL PEREZ 16 days ago
shypher calling legendery a mythic boom bow
Logan Grieb
Logan Grieb 16 days ago
my favorite weapon is the recycler i like it because it destroys stuff like me
Bryan Melendez
Bryan Melendez 16 days ago
The arsenal but what’s make me sad is the primal gun mythical they didn’t added it in the arsenal solo :(
Martyn Dance
Martyn Dance 16 days ago
And you guys complain about controller aim wow bro
the four simpsons
the four simpsons 17 days ago
he said land on me papa what the fuuuuuuuu
Karina Aguilar
Karina Aguilar 17 days ago
it is not all mythic
Karina Aguilar
Karina Aguilar 17 days ago
Jerry TheBigBerry :D
why in tumbnails its like the old u
VipeX 17 days ago
Hey sypher Jules’ drumgun was an L because of the headshot damage nerf before Midas’ drumgun did 25 body damage and 50 headshot coz of the 2x headshot multiplier. Ofcourse it did 1 less body damage but due to the headshot damage need it wasn’t good.
JACK THE GAMER PRO 17 days ago
What's with his game graphics in this
Sona & Nate
Sona & Nate 17 days ago
Bro this game mode is arsenal wtf
MrChickinMan 17 days ago
i guarantee you that fish at the first round wanted to reset his health, but didn't know that the after-death kill credit still exists lmao
It's Reindeer
It's Reindeer 17 days ago
Remember the sniper pump in like season 0-1? Did like 70 damage from 100 metres
Darren Randall
Darren Randall 17 days ago
1:17 according to SypherPK legendary weapons are mythic
Darren Randall
Darren Randall 17 days ago
Did he say Mythic boom bow?
Jonah Munley
Jonah Munley 17 days ago
Does anyone else watch newscapegames???
HAYLEE SIMO 17 days ago
Joseph Dellaposta
Joseph Dellaposta 17 days ago
Sypher when did you start playing fortnite I don’t really watch your channel
Hi have a good time
I never telled you this but your clickbate
SnXk3_YT 17 days ago
Jan William Juht
Jan William Juht 17 days ago
your sooooooooo good in fortnite
Joey 18 days ago
Dead game
Unreal Gamer7433
Unreal Gamer7433 18 days ago
Sypher:mythic boom bow Me:it is a normal boom now not tntinas
Jan Geiersbach
Jan Geiersbach 18 days ago
Its just a legendary bow
Aqua Vortex
Aqua Vortex 18 days ago
Talk about clickbait
Andy’s Super Gaming Booth
Sadly I don’t have 5hat game mode
king slime
king slime 18 days ago
the mythic primal was the most broken gun in the game
Warrior Donutzz
Warrior Donutzz 18 days ago
Psycho FN
Psycho FN 18 days ago
Sypher gets so much hate for no reason idek why he’s so nice and doesn’t swear if you hate in him then ur just s rude person
Arnav Bal
Arnav Bal 18 days ago
a little yeet in the chat
Wolfe Gamer
Wolfe Gamer 18 days ago
5:13 papa?!
Team CNF
Team CNF 18 days ago
Alternate title: being a suck can in fn
carvergosbananas 18 days ago
ayo chill sypher
Hannah Grace Owens
Hannah Grace Owens 18 days ago
I miss the dual pistols 😭😭😭😭
Isla the gamer
Isla the gamer 18 days ago
Its basically Arsenal right?
nfidnejsisj 18 days ago
Burst smg is under rated hit you shots and it can beam
Brynden Bender
Brynden Bender 18 days ago
I'm happy snipers are vaulted. Also I'm God with the crossbow
Ryan Russo
Ryan Russo 18 days ago
love you sufer
Txs4clapzzz 18 days ago
Syther pk is trash (idc if I spelt his name wrong)
Isaac Molina
Isaac Molina 18 days ago
epic needs o bring back all of the og guns from chapter 1
Fortnite Memes
Fortnite Memes 18 days ago
THE BOW WAS NOT A MYTHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deidre Smith
Deidre Smith 18 days ago
The game mode isn't new dude
Mary Sleboda Nieto
Mary Sleboda Nieto 18 days ago
Jose is my name in real life not fortnite
Sam Banham
Sam Banham 18 days ago
Im sorry did he I actually said he liked the Infantry rifles
Ahmad Mosawer Tahery
Vrex 18 days ago
sypher: dual pistols have potential sypher in cap 2 season 2 and every other fortnite youtuber: duals suck man
justjj11 18 days ago
Is it gone now
oussama Guettal
oussama Guettal 18 days ago
bruh SypherPK is the best click baiter on the platform
Gabriel Magoon
Gabriel Magoon 18 days ago
I am absolutely hated and when I say absolutely hated I mean I ABSOLUTELY HATED the recycler
Niklas Schönhofer
Niklas Schönhofer 18 days ago
Day one of my list how many times Sypher Pk clickbaited: 1
Christopher 19 days ago
Why did you choose to take out snipers fortnite is bad without snipers
Henok Teklehaimanot
How do you get 800xp for 1 kill and I get 100xp for 1 kill.
Bambooey Plays
Bambooey Plays 19 days ago
If you crouch in it won't send you back
Elijah Hager
Elijah Hager 19 days ago
Ladies and gentelmen...Sweaty PK.
Agenda de Tutankamon
another clickbait title
iamnobody 19 days ago
I was playing arsenal and i won the first match and i felt confident and i tried a another match buuuuuut tere was the last guy and he was following me i had the scope pistol and he was pickaxing me i was one shot so i jumped of the cliff and i died but he still woooon
TrxasHazey 19 days ago
Sypher u gotta remember that the Pew Pew rifle did more damage then Syke's AR but the fire rate that Meowcules rifle had sucked
K-Jay Mc Dowall
K-Jay Mc Dowall 19 days ago
bro makeing elikc
Connor Her
Connor Her 19 days ago
The hell
Slay Clan
Slay Clan 19 days ago
DrxpzyFN- 19 days ago
that "Focus" was me😳
Skittledime 19 days ago
idc what you say Skye's are is the best mythic to ever exist
N ST 19 days ago
"0:17" ”this is the thing u need.” *VB2.ONLINE** ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord
eggmego 19 days ago
Not new
Melissa Almaraz
Melissa Almaraz 19 days ago
How to do clickbait
THOB 19 days ago
Maggie Amos
Maggie Amos 19 days ago
Sypher* I gotta-I-g-gotta Me*BAHAHA
Axs__Raven Raven
Axs__Raven Raven 19 days ago
SK1_N1NJA 56
SK1_N1NJA 56 19 days ago
why not use your skin anymore(street rat)