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A lawyer (Mikey Day) attempts to prove Wario (Elon Musk) is not responsible for Mario’s murder.

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May 9, 2021




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Joe Zegers
Joe Zegers 16 minutes ago
0:35 Andy Beshear next to Wario?
CHI-DOG73 3 hours ago
Kind of stupid
RobuxJuice 6 hours ago
han vario et elon møsk
April W.
April W. 8 hours ago
wholesome 100 Reddit karma keaunu reeves bitcoin
Justin Tuthill
Justin Tuthill 8 hours ago
Strawberri9 11 hours ago
SNL had Waluigi in their skit before Sakurai put him in smash
Slay Jay
Slay Jay 13 hours ago
The only thing I laughed at was how the guy tryna play Luigi said, “I was”
Philip Booth
Philip Booth 14 hours ago
You know when a skit or show is bad when they need canned laughter to tell you what parts were meant to be funny.
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 19 hours ago
Jesus is Lord
Evasion 20 hours ago
Haha soo funny :|
Nasho64 22 hours ago
Mario Movie (2022) Leak
Andrew McGregor
Onions are onions Garlic is garlic God bless us all ✌️♥️
Andrei Moldovan
this is so shit
Thomas Cable
Thomas Cable Day ago
1 Elon musk is Wario because he’s super rich? I mean I guess it makes sense. 2 when Wario was walking to the stand Wario’s battle canyon from Mario party which is really dumb to here is better songs for that scene 3 why does peach have a Italian accent she speaks fluent English 4 Wario is German not Italian 5 Mario dies by a banana peel? I mean ok I guess This never happens in the Mario kart series so isn’t very good of a way to kill Mario 3/10 not very good
Christopher W
Who's the actress who played Princess peach?
Christopher W
Christopher W 5 hours ago
@April W. hi sis
April W.
April W. 8 hours ago
MoveFaster Day ago
Mario land 2 has a backstory behind wario and wario actually is just the #1 fan of mario
JAZ Day ago
That's extremely so too perfect
Aaron Wynne
Aaron Wynne Day ago
No way that's elon
erico293 Day ago
I actually like this
Will Russell
Will Russell Day ago
3:59 Ok… I finally found a real life video game based skit worse than Pixels now. Earn that paycheck Adam!
H a l f - T i m e
Not funny, didn't laugh.
Wow lol using Mario Musjc
DaFuq!?Boom! 2 days ago
When the most expensive person on Earth plays Wario, this has to mean something...
Hidbid 3 hours ago
wait you can buy people now
moth goths
moth goths Day ago
Hi DaFuq
Niksor Spirez
Niksor Spirez 2 days ago
Imagine this without the laugh track
Narahari m v
Narahari m v 2 days ago
Tesla left the chat!
Luke Casio
Luke Casio 2 days ago
Jesus SNL is painfully unfunny when most of the time
RyanCR 2 days ago
Warios accent doesn't like wario
bminutes 2 days ago
Professional comedians doing youtube level humor
jpkjnn 2 days ago
The funniest thing about this sketch is the mean comments.
St.Samael 2 days ago
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 2 days ago
Grimes was also great lol
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 2 days ago
Neon 2 days ago
daddy elon wario
Quote 2 days ago
Inaccurate! Wario doesn't use child slaves to mine for his goods!
poyo 2 days ago
Omfg this is a disgrace to the Wario brothers and the Mario brothers shame on you SNL
Randomness Productions
Nintendo sees Mario on SNL: this is fine Nintendo sees Mario on SML: *u wot*
Randomness Productions
@That One Guy I wasn't talking about how good you think each show is, I was talking about how come Nintendo shoots down one, but not the other? Both have parodied Mario in an obviously adult orientated manner.
That One Guy
That One Guy 2 days ago
Both suck, both sml and snl hasn't been good in years
james buttkiss
james buttkiss 2 days ago
elon musk is my favorite actor
james buttkiss
james buttkiss 2 days ago
lol this is my favorite skit
If they played the laughter track during the scene recording the bystanders would be laughing rather than praying god strikes them down right then.
John 2 days ago
this is some salvia shit
Carlos-Andres Pazmino
it took me a whole month to watch this sketch in its entirety
Cyan Giorgio
Cyan Giorgio 2 days ago
This might be the worst SNL skit I’ve ever seen.
Dominic Ghirardi
Dominic Ghirardi 3 days ago
Ok but elon wario is giving me insatiable lust
Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp 3 days ago
I enjoyed it y’all are just haters
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 3 days ago
Ryan Stender
Ryan Stender 3 days ago
“Objection, he’s eating garlic right now,” *is eating a fucking onion*
Yomer 2 days ago
Do you even know what garlic looks like? He's eating garlic.
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 3 days ago
ElonX Imperator
ElonX Imperator 3 days ago
Wario is fun ...and also the grimes scene
Triston Pendarvis
what is a scott room?
Цанко Лапаков
Wario best boy
Bego Bertran
Bego Bertran 3 days ago
The cringe is strong with this one
Laetyn Jordan
Laetyn Jordan 3 days ago
Natalie Hickman
Natalie Hickman 3 days ago
“Wario has a tendency towards greed” pretty spot on casting
Skulltronprime X9
That part with Luigi sleeping with peach it's definitely not true! Also the way Peach is speaks is also absolutely not! XD
Goose 4 days ago
Nintendo's gonna have a field day with this lads
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 4 days ago
Barrier on both dimensions has left the server
Butch Coolidge
Butch Coolidge 4 days ago
the fact that this sketch was made is funnier than the sketch itself
The Masks
The Masks 4 days ago
I Can’t Even Tell Thats Elon Musk
Nena Rigsby
Nena Rigsby 4 days ago
The naive piccolo selectively imagine because link unknowingly remind lest a annoying guatemalan. living, gray greasy great turtle
Zackapo 4 days ago
he's a terrible actor
voicetube 4 days ago
Although I love seeing Elon here, the only literal laugh I had was when the "judge" hits that cube with her gavel. The ONLY laugh, sadly.
Alex Rosenberg
Alex Rosenberg 5 days ago
...wow that was not great for this stage. For a high school theater class, it's fine and shows some (but not much) promise. For a national comedy show with 40 years of runtime, that was terrible. If you like it, that's fine (feel free to like it), but know I'm not comparing it to the best SNL has done. I am comparing it to the average they should be at.
Marc The plushtuber
Taht Luigi thing was messed up
HermanLoud 5 days ago
When you get bored on The Sims so you start adding characters from other universes.
fuel074sinister 5 days ago
F*ck SNL for ruining my childhood
S 5 days ago
all these videos have only the brain washing propaganda.
Roberto V. di Bisceglia
Just came for Grimes as Peach!
Sailor Goon
Sailor Goon 5 days ago
how did grimes pull that accent so well
sailor zuna
sailor zuna 5 days ago
4:01 she sounds welsh when she said overall s edit is that Grimes as peach
sailor zuna
sailor zuna 5 days ago
i love Elon musk
Nathan Snyder
Nathan Snyder 5 days ago
Wario is German but whatever, still funny.
ppman _-
ppman _- 5 days ago
Idc what u redditors say, I found this funny
Quark 5 days ago
Liam Funnyman
Liam Funnyman 5 days ago
Imagine how Bowser, Yoshi, and/or DK would have played into this... I bet DK would have been the real culprit (Remember, Mario ran over a banana peel), but insist it was on accident.
ra bA
ra bA 5 days ago
they must of paid nintendo a lot of money.
Fionn Collins
Fionn Collins 6 days ago
BaconOnTheSide 6 days ago
The Audience Members Sound As Though They’re Being Held At Gun-Point.
Nick Meale
Nick Meale 6 days ago
This is so stupid but still doesnt deserve all the dislikes
Dante Rodriguez
Dante Rodriguez 6 days ago
Why are 90% of snl sketches blocked in my country?
Nicolas Carlos
Nicolas Carlos 5 days ago
Yes in my too
The Doctor
The Doctor 6 days ago
I wish there were a way to dislike twice
the stuff
the stuff 6 days ago
This isn’t as bad as the internet would like me to believe
Undertrue Undertrue
I beg to differ
beebo 6 days ago
god this sucks
beebo 6 days ago
maybe let’s keep these guest hosts to people that are actually funny and know how to act
Karyn Re:
Karyn Re: 6 days ago
Fredophobia is no laughing matter guys
R& Oke
R& Oke 6 days ago
This skit honestly had so much potential, it was just ruined by the horrible execution and the lazy writing
AccrueBlue771 6 days ago
The worst part about this is that I genuinely have no idea what demographic SNL is trying to target lol.
MrTurtleTail 6 days ago
*PLEASE LAUGH SIGN FLASHES* Audience: Hahahahaahahahaahaha?
Montie Browning
Montie Browning 6 days ago
I love Mario. And Nintendo. And Elon musk. This sketch misses on all levels. It’s not funny. It’s not relevant. It’s just bad. It even misses on cheap laughes. Dogshit out of 10
Min Kittie
Min Kittie 6 days ago
The fact people taking this so seriously when it’s snl is so funny to me. 😂
Gamer 7 days ago
Came here from twomads vid….
Pluigi Expluigi
Pluigi Expluigi 7 days ago
I’m surprised this wasn’t cease and desist
Polaverse 7 days ago
Honestly, “Gutfeld” is starting to look like a better option for comedy.
Waluigi don’t have a strong Italian accent but I much rather them assume that then the person doing waluigi and peach isn’t Italian
Sassy The Sasquatch
this has made me hate the west so much im joining isis, (especially the waluigi how are there at least 4 waluigi covers of songs but they cant do a half decent impression same with peach, she isnt italian its like they never played any mario game from the last decade)
Sam Green
Sam Green 7 days ago
In the words of Wario: “SO EIN MIST!” (What a crap!)
Sam Green
Sam Green 7 days ago
My opinion on this entire skit: “D’OH I MISSED” the part where the skit was actually good
J Kuebler
J Kuebler 4 days ago
It's So ein mist, Wario was meant to be German, he was originally voiced by the former German translator for Nintendo, Thomas Spindler, and Nintendo's European branch is headquartered in Germany.
Jacob Goodyear
Jacob Goodyear 7 days ago
Why is this popular. If Chris Farley was alive he would kill himself after watching this.
Andre 7 days ago
There's definitely a bug in this build of the simulation.
Corrupt Sheriff Mad Shepherd
I’m amazed that not a single person in the making of this sketch knew that Peach isn’t Italian and thought to stop her from using that accent
Scorching Goat
Scorching Goat 7 days ago
she isnt?
Cheezy Films Productions
This might be an alright sketch -- but the performances are all just so fucking bad. And also the ending is fucking abysmal. How about let's not get evil billionaires to host anymore, yeah? Maybe stick to getting people who actually know how to entertain.
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