Making chainsaw robot, carving logs 

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The robot arm I used: hubs.ly/H0K42Hg0
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
* Low Polygon Labrador Model: www.thingiverse.com/thing:446787
* RRT GIF: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapidly-exploring_random_tree#/media/File:Rapidly-exploring_Random_Tree_(RRT)_500x373.gif
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* I use a glowforge pro for rapid prototyping and it's great. You can $500 off a Glowforge pro here: glowforge.com/stuffmadehere

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Apr 4, 2021




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Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here 14 days ago
Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out patreon.com/stuffmadehere
Steve J
Steve J 2 days ago
Hey, you should try an offset grinder with the chainsaw blade. You could probably do more intricate cuts. Just a thought. I could NEVER figure out how to do all that you did.
HACKS. GEAR 3 days ago
uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html
HACKS. GEAR 3 days ago
uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html uslift.info/one/on-om5RmxoqStqw/video.html
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor 3 days ago
Your videos are awesome! Idea: Mirroring programming While the saw is attached to the arm, have a zero point. Have a professional carver carve something while the arm records the movements. Once they are done, save the the program. Now, every time you place the log and robot arm at zero, you can just run that program... would be awesome! Mass produce famous carvers works at a fraction of the price.
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor 3 days ago
Your videos are awesome! Idea: Mirroring programming While the saw is attached to the arm, have a zero point. Have a professional carver carve something while the arm records the movements. Once they are done, save the the program. Now, every time you place the log and robot arm at zero, you can just run that program... would be awesome! Mass produce famous carvers works at a fraction of the price.
samscar _
samscar _ 37 minutes ago
Not to push but when does the almighty stuff lock meed an unstoppable force
Thomas Bahr
Thomas Bahr 38 minutes ago
Wife obviously...
Mack G.
Mack G. Hour ago
If I were building a chainsaw wielding robot, my wife would be hiding in a corner with her book too. 😂
TheXstreet Fr
TheXstreet Fr Hour ago
"Stand back, I will kill you" genius 🤣
Barry Bencsics
I think it would be a great idea if you designed a robot for robot wars on USlift, very popular.
Mariusz Chyliński
Mariusz Chyliński 2 hours ago
You gave these machinery in your garage? ;)
Frank Charles Pedro
jsbmx 3 hours ago
Good stuff
Philip Saint
Philip Saint 3 hours ago
Bro, he was watching memes in the background
Dustin Fake
Dustin Fake 3 hours ago
This man is a G with real personality. Love this content.
Günther Lauch
Günther Lauch 3 hours ago
Who dislikes these videos?
Bald Ray Mak
Bald Ray Mak 4 hours ago
10:47 you are already at the max level of smartness
climatebabes 5 hours ago
You can also wire yourself up so that if you touch the saw you close a circuit which kills the saw. This is used in bench saws. Maybe it can be done capacitatively, so if you come to close to the saw its capacitance will increase and this can trigger it to stop
climatebabes 5 hours ago
Welcome to early machine learing. They introduced momentum and simulated annealing..
Unlimited Rory
Unlimited Rory 5 hours ago
If the the chainsaw needs to be edged it will just burn through the wood.
Martin Camitz
Martin Camitz 5 hours ago
Here's an idea. The divine combo of carbon and silicon. Use your setup to manually chip away at the log, restricting your movements with your software model. Ok, maybe clunky unless the robot isn't really flexible. How about this: use a laser to "color" the log where it needs chipping until a dog is all that remains. (Is that a thing? I feel it should be. There is no way no one has thought of it.)
ɹɐǝʍs I ǝƃɐssǝɯ ʇǝɹɔǝs ɐ ʇoN
wife is my favorite anime antagonist
Jean Kelly
Jean Kelly 6 hours ago
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David Morar
David Morar 6 hours ago
@Stuff made here, just an idea for using the estop when your in the kill zone. We use a double deadman switch for programing our material handlers. Ours are built into our tech pendants but it wouldn't be hard to make a stand alone one. Basically it's a switch that you hold half way down in order for the robot to move. If something happens and you release the switch it kills the arm and if something scares you and you tense up and push the button further down it'll also kill the arm. It's a pretty safe system. We also use cameras and stuff so that when you are in the work cell or kill zone the robot will only run at half speed. Then once you are outside the kill zone you don't need to hold down the deadman to the halfway position anymore and it returns to full speed.
Math uca
Math uca 6 hours ago
3:39 what is the name of this application?
Autumn River
Autumn River 8 hours ago
U make me feel unprepared for the work word as an eng student
Klaus rasiert sich
Klaus rasiert sich 8 hours ago
@Holzkunst Scholz wäre das nicht was für euch ?
Harris Outdoors
Harris Outdoors 8 hours ago
Can you please send the lock to lpl then we can be satisfied
Buron Krilitas
Buron Krilitas 8 hours ago
this guy is trying to beat mr beats watching dance till your dead for 10 hours 14:29
Tucker Garcia
Tucker Garcia 9 hours ago
SMH hq smh?🤦🏼‍♂️
Chris Mcneill
Chris Mcneill 9 hours ago
Dude, thank you for explaining this to me in a way that I actually understand. I was talking to a friend of mine recently (I'm 28) and we were agreeing that we, pretty much, learned not much of actual worth, in all our years of high school (in the UK). Teaching in the UK is no where near as good as what it should be, and I think it comes down to the teachers themselves. Not one that I can remember, looked interested in the subject they were teaching... From your videos, and your explanations, I learn more than I did while at school. Through you, and others like you in other subjects, I'm filling the holes in my education. Cheers. Love from Scotland.
Etienne Coiffard
Etienne Coiffard 10 hours ago
This comment turns out to become a joke on me. I was trying to figure out what music you were listening to during your programming session around 14:35 (upper screen). And then you change of scene at time 14:42 and I saw your screen with a new page... There, my mind flipped and I thought you were looking at a page with the title: "Why are Dog's Wiener so Long?" It took me five minutes to realized that I am the one with twisted ideas... Well... my bad. So... what music were you listening to by time 14:35? :) :)
Gumba Plays
Gumba Plays 11 hours ago
you are insaaaaane
Frederik Wolf
Frederik Wolf 11 hours ago
make a chessboard that moves a brick, when you move it in a online chess game(you can use magnets).
Deepanshu Rawat
Deepanshu Rawat 12 hours ago
You should use this robot arm to your hair cutting robot And please add upward moving comb in front of suction cup it will allow to cut correct length of hair One more suggestion in front of suction cup don't use that metal sheet use a sensor over there we need comfortable working LOVE YOUR WORK ❤️
AWIE - 12 hours ago
can i ask you question? I HOPE YOU WILL NOTICE ME... WHY ARE YOU VERY SMART? HOW DID YOU DO IT? huhuh tell me i want to invent teleport
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 12 hours ago
ooo! Hi, Phineas. where's Ferb?
Syed Huzaifa Ali
Syed Huzaifa Ali 14 hours ago
Man you are amazing
Syed Huzaifa Ali
Syed Huzaifa Ali 14 hours ago
why didn't you changed the tool size i mean you could have used a small chainsaw or any other cutting tool
asdf lkjh
asdf lkjh 15 hours ago
The dunce cap guy looks like stephen colbert, so yeah, he's knows nothing except what he's told to say and do.
ol sim
ol sim 15 hours ago
Dude thats not an "anti kickback tooth" 😂 it's the depth guide..it needs to be sharpened down relative to the cutting tooth to maintain cut depth.
RUBE 16 hours ago
really appreciate you changing that amber alert sound! The original sound was a bit ear-piercing
Gerhard Zangerl
Gerhard Zangerl 16 hours ago
Ha, ha, i know the book your wife is reading :-)
Bastiaan Cheetah™
Bastiaan Cheetah™ 16 hours ago
Like the random stuff in top screen. Why are weeneer dogs, so long? *looks it up @ internet*
mohammed abdu
mohammed abdu 16 hours ago
Anyone knows what he studied in highschool?
Gismo 18 hours ago
"this is one of those ideas that is so bad... it wraps back around to good" - i felt that in my soul, as my life flashed before me.
slip0n0fall 18 hours ago
What's the name of the pen software (I've never owned a Surface)?
Alex Folland
Alex Folland 18 hours ago
lol python for speed
122 122
122 122 19 hours ago
Reeves helped?
Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson 19 hours ago
I vote for a wooden dog. :-). Get a very soft wood, and definitely add an oiling system for your saw. Keep up the great work!!! LOVE it!
Mash Rien
Mash Rien 20 hours ago
Software optimization means _not_ using Python.. Dunno what it is about you and CodeBullet, but y'all are just stuck in the false-peak that is an interpreted/JIT language. Move to a compiled language, many many orders of magnitude faster, even for terrible code.
Mash Rien
Mash Rien 20 hours ago
For the gradient ascent problem, you just make multiple guesses and check if each result is the same peak. Then just pick the highest value found.
Shark Attack
Shark Attack 21 hour ago
This is why most of humanity is relegated to doing general labor. This is complicated stuff. Bravo man. 👍
Polynomial Polygon
Polynomial Polygon 22 hours ago
new chain, lubrication for the chain. Potentially correct tools like rotational power tools with exchangeable bits such as a router.
ben2ben 22 hours ago
10:40 couldn’t you just guess more then one time making the chances lower?
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez 22 hours ago
His wife's reactions are so unamused lolol I wonder how she reacts when she climaxes 😂😂😂 😴😴😴🤦
PixL 22 hours ago
Oops thought this was a michael reeves video
bpetnoi 22 hours ago
Minkowski difference is basically magic. Very good of you not asking us to try and understand the math.
milanlouwet 23 hours ago
I’ve learned at least three new quotes to say when I mess up
Gabriell Huver
14:33 o dog caramelo brasileiro em todos os lugares
Jackal1412 Day ago
SUPER COOL! Definitely hoping to see a wooden version down the road! :)
Robert X
Robert X Day ago
Too bad that these highly ambitious projects always seem to require a compromise. Amazing to see the process though.
Oh...she made a dog too? At first glimpse, I was more like "yup, that's a playing cat right there"....
Andrew Reeves
I don't know why youtube does not want me to watch this channel. I have subscribed and unsubscribed 4 times. Turn the notification bell off and back on 6 times and I still do not get notifications when you post a video. It's only this channel that does this to me. So I am forced to check back every 4-6 weeks if I can remember and see if there is anything new posted.
Ryan Wendell
Ryan Wendell Day ago
I have that book! Honestly a lot of the stuff I learned in my class went over my head but it was still pretty dope!
Jason Poletta
Noside Noside
where's your bar oil?
baianoise Day ago
In my rumble opinion your project would have taken greater advantage of a 5 axis CNC machine (the robot arm plus the rotating table should have actually even more degrees of freedom), it's just that instead of a chainsaw the arm should use an endmill and the coordinates should be totally different, fortunately mathematically it should be possible to apply a linear transformation in the robot arm + rotating table to transform the system in a 5 axis CNC, if there is someone who are specialist in those arms and details, please let us know, thanks for the video !
dev lmcs
dev lmcs Day ago
Whats that iPad app he’s using at 4:50 to illustrate?
Yannis Kontopoulos
Put carving bar on the chainsaw. 1/4" 1.1mm.
Big Worm
Big Worm Day ago
This bloke is more intelligent than I am.
Wazoo117 Day ago
rip chainsaw bar and chain needs an oiler
peetre Day ago
Very entertaining! Thanks and best wishes
AreYouListeningToYourself ?
You should make a machine that can throw and catch a baseball. It should be able to track the ball coming in, and see where you are and throw it appropriately. Love your channel!
Ivan Rybalko
Ivan Rybalko Day ago
Thank you for making this awesome video!
Chris Menger
Chris Menger Day ago
Get a pro chain, one with no kick back. one that’s fresh or one that has been professionally sharpened is preferable. Also you need lube for the chain. The other option is to grind down the guide teeth down but just to below the cutting teeth.
alex mirza
alex mirza Day ago
if you see this in irl you knmow you are gonna die 6:18
j5jdn Day ago
Did you get around to sending that lock to the lockpickingloyer?
Jan K.
Jan K. Day ago
Michael Reeves got his hands on one of those boston dynamics dogs. I think now it's time to do a crossover and mount the chainsaw arm on the robot dog.
Richard DaVis
When his wife is mad she accidentally turns it on & boom a human sculpture dog 😂
Axel Skördeman
Can anyone tell me what note/sketch app he is using at 04:29 ? :)
Mynx Day ago
well you sold me kiwi co that looks great
Ishaan Kapoor
Which software do you use for technical drawings?
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Day ago
I am crazy when I saw the foam dust on the robot I blew on the screen of my phone just on instinct what is wrong with me help
Caleb Hughes
Caleb Hughes Day ago
Turn the 50 cal bat into a power hammer
Joe Marty
Joe Marty Day ago
Bro, use it for ice-sculpting instead (over-heating problem solved)... great work, man!
Johannes Omberg
What is the program being used here, uslift.info/one/nK2cntOIyHxlq7A/video.html, in this clip? Looks really nice. Great project.
andrew Powell
I would move heaven to earth to have that dog
mAGiXO94 Day ago
I would transition to using a laser. That would improve the chainsaw mobility problem. The downside is your kill radius increases and gets other flavours like a blinding radius.
Lukas Werner
Lukas Werner Day ago
The particle swarm optimization among others (e.g. genetic algorithm) could help not ending up on a local optimum, right?
Cyphen Rozulus
Your videos awaken my creative capabilities and so do others
Roma Belov
Roma Belov Day ago
а она сама себе харакири не сделает пока будет что то выпиливать?
I think you mistitled the video. It should be called "Haircut robot v 2.0"
Mirnich 10
Mirnich 10 Day ago
For whenever or never you will make dog from a log you miss two key things... Lubrication to the chain (that is why it was heating) and different chainsaw bar shape. It is funny how we always try to predict all small details and forget something major (still can't believe you tried to cut wood without oil).
Kamala Nenavath
I love it
Stephen Cervantes
Hey why don’t you turn the saw vertically. That’s how lots of the cuts are made when humans do chainsaw log art ? It would solve issues for getting into those tight spaces you have when the saw blade is turned horizontally. Like maybe you start horizontal get off the bulk then rotate for the detail .. let me know if you think this is a good idea ! :)
random crap
random crap Day ago
When’s the collab with lpl and your lock
Mark Pulver
Mark Pulver Day ago
___ wow ___ super cool. Well Done Sir!
A O Day ago
I can't believe the wife is impressed
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones Day ago
Christian Buzzio
Hi! One very common way to overcome the non-global maximum search is to add simulated annealing, it follows the same principle as the annealing of metals by adding some randomness to the calculation of the gradient descent (or ascent, it depends on how you pose your problem) in such a way that some times the optimizer makes a decision against what would be optimum locally. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulated_annealing
robdude1969 Day ago
14:30 - thumbs up if you roll USlift while you work.... how else do you think I found this video?!?!
MrJacobegg Day ago
With as many comments as this has, I'm guessing you won't see those but, in the off chance you do: look into Particle Swarm Optimization to help with your problem of getting stuck in local maxima. PSO will sample tens to thousands of points from your vector space, in a single run, then moves all of those points around in the problem space for some configurable period of time, eventually converging around the collective swarm memory of the lowest (or highest) point observed by any member of the swarm. This helps avoid the problem of tunnel vision from sampling a single point in each run, as with gradient descent. You can also combine PSO with gradient descent (or ascent) to get the best of both worlds.
YanTing Cheng
If a kid likes video games, is Kiwico gonna give a gaming station? LOL