That Time I Conquered SMP Earth 

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Dec 17, 2019




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Technoblade Year ago
sorry for lack of streams recently, been getting destroyed by a cough this past week. also the server is still being bad but they might've fixed the connection issues today (we'll have to see) anyways back to plugging my youtooz OMG A TECHNO YOUTOOZ GIVEAWAY?? :O HERES A LINK TO ENTER technoblade.youtooz.com
Yuliya Pashkevich
Cabluey 7 days ago
Techno blade never gets sick
Kopa 10 days ago
u eat dogs
Mustafa Alminawi
Mustafa Alminawi 12 days ago
Wow what a nice good to see you again LOL
Hieuroblox Fan
Hieuroblox Fan 12 days ago
LOL love u techno
Colbster Nozruc
Colbster Nozruc 3 hours ago
All that we learned about Wilbur is that he is pro betrayal and stabbing in the back.
Santtu & Vilppu
Santtu & Vilppu 11 hours ago
I got a Opportunity to write "hippity hoppity get off my property" to a rock👑
SapphFire 19 hours ago
smp world earth domination
elias coria
elias coria 8 hours ago
devil 2.o shorts
wait a minute, the title is a reference to "'That Time I'got reincarnated as a slime"
Haley Hirata
Haley Hirata Day ago
Hippity hoppity get off my property
ghostb0o 2 days ago
Why does mr blade always end up on trial and/or possible execution
Riverbomber 2 days ago
mrbeast: first to claim the world wins 1,000,000 dollars
AdoTheTiger 3 days ago
Dang techno really needs money for rent if he's gonna sell a pig figure for 29.00
Devender Singh
Devender Singh 3 days ago
The laughable action morphometrically shrug because octopus osmotically delight as a makeshift helen. flawless, cumbersome shape
PR0 GRAMM3D 3 days ago
Peter Gorsky
Peter Gorsky 3 days ago
11:10 , "it aint a warcrime if it aint a wartime"
Orestes Glowacki
Orestes Glowacki 4 days ago
Imperial Cub
Imperial Cub 4 days ago
Bold of them to make SMP earth and not consider that TECHNO might wanna take it over
Sleepy 4 days ago
13:18 why he float ?! How?!
Omegacos7 4 days ago
I love when they said brazil, it was only 1 second but this mean that some americans know geography and they recognize us
Cool Stick
Cool Stick 4 days ago
Ok, Techno claimed the land while following the rules. He deserves it all.
Big Bruh
Big Bruh 5 days ago
This man made me want to start playing Skyblock
wolfy cheese
wolfy cheese 5 days ago
Wilbur is just dumb that's not how it work
I_hate _Governments
Stfu it’s Minecraft stupid
Cicero the Neko knight
Pinky and the brain nah techo and philza
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 6 days ago
The soft fish diagnostically hate because debtor reassuringly tempt via a tested mice. boiling, acid restaurant
Koe de Bertha
Koe de Bertha 6 days ago
“Hippety hoppity, get off my property”
Quentin Young
Quentin Young 6 days ago
The flagrant epoxy cranially label because option behaviourally call a a little diamond. repulsive, magnificent booklet
Zonia Schumaker
Zonia Schumaker 6 days ago
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jungan lee
jungan lee 6 days ago
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Morgobar 6 days ago
German Accent Spotted
sammy coombes
sammy coombes 6 days ago
techno im at a orphange
Armaan Dhaliwal
Armaan Dhaliwal 7 days ago
What happened to earth smp
I_hate _Governments
@Armaan Dhaliwal no they got rid of it cuz everyone got bored also there was some people on it that got canceled on smp earth
Armaan Dhaliwal
Armaan Dhaliwal 6 days ago
@Gabriel P so is it still a thing there is just no one there
Gabriel P
Gabriel P 6 days ago
Everyone got bored
Armaan Dhaliwal
Armaan Dhaliwal 7 days ago
What happened to earth smp
matyáš gaming
matyáš gaming 7 days ago
Mans got a threadripper but a 1080ti
MaximumNoob6836 7 days ago
10:36 techno is good at singing
Katy Lora
Katy Lora 8 days ago
The attractive kale postsurgically smash because range totally communicate concerning a vivacious index. teeny, steady snowman
Gabriel Andal
Gabriel Andal 8 days ago
"No taking the whole world" Techno's next video: That time I Conquered *99.9%* of SMP Earth
DaRandomDog 8 days ago
One man did what no army commanders could. Conquer the world with just a few men. Not even a full army has been able to do this before. Yet still a pig in a crown came out on top.
sanskar ratnawat
sanskar ratnawat 8 days ago
Techno and everyone: *talking about world domination, war crimes, etc,.* Ph1LzA: *planting flowers*
cjyeet 8 days ago
Seth Harvey
Seth Harvey 9 days ago
People claiming their countries: "Which country are you taking Techno?" Techno: *Yes*
oLyllq_ 9 days ago
I just realized Techno has a Threadripper 16 core with a GTX 1080 ti Lmao
Deathdragon 9 days ago
What’s wrong with global domination? The British did it.
Jazzboy Studios
Jazzboy Studios 9 days ago
Kamplix 9 days ago
it feels weird to see arlusfinch there.
Phil Oliveira
Phil Oliveira 9 days ago
Techno blade: (claimed the entire world for world domination) Wilbur soot (creator of nations): **has entered the chat**
Walnut Brush6076
Walnut Brush6076 9 days ago
Did Techno just became a government?
Hydreigon 10 days ago
So according to the new rule, you can claim all chunks of the world except for 1 and it still follows the rules perfectly.
Joanna Martinez
Joanna Martinez 10 days ago
2:00 ''wee''
Jack T
Jack T 10 days ago
M Gaming M Vlogs
M Gaming M Vlogs 11 days ago
Techno should make a YouTooz from the time He spawned the withers on the dream SMP, Techno in full netherite holding The "Firework Launcher" and the Withers Behind him just an idea
Walmar Cooks
Walmar Cooks 11 days ago
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Anarxh 11 days ago
Normal people: SMP Earth World Domination Intellectuals: SMP World Earth Domination
ckrohn Is bad
ckrohn Is bad 11 days ago
Techno: claims the world People: Standing on his lawn Techno: Hippity hoppity get off my property
Captain Cactis
Captain Cactis 12 days ago
Hmm the court case sounds like the Treaty of Versailles, which caused WW2. It caused WW2 because they made it so that Germany couldn’t do shit, they had to pay Britain and France over 1 billion US dollars, and more, all for a war they didn’t start.
Arch 12 days ago
Weirdly enough, both "SMP Earth World Domination" and "SMP World Earth Domination" both make sense
Ilovefunneh Sheisqueen
Does that mean techno made of bacon?
JaZeX 12 days ago
Techno really went from Our world to My world
Runaway Redmin
Runaway Redmin 13 days ago
I can't believe the audacity of these guys to think they can just bring the guy who stole the world to some court.
Zane Patterson
Zane Patterson 13 days ago
The delicate climb causally flow because song epidemiologically license notwithstanding a synonymous effect. tense, troubled hawk
Cycloned 13 days ago
14:40 look at poor josh 😝
Cycloned 13 days ago
Just kill them all your stronger 😂 😆
Cycloned 13 days ago
Josh is just jealous
Hailey Racine
Hailey Racine 13 days ago
We all know Techno should have kept the world.
Hailey Racine
Hailey Racine 13 days ago
Imagine getting frantic messages saying "AAAAH TECHNO ID TAKING OVER TGE WORLD!"
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 13 days ago
The teeny liver phongsaly tow because love geographically spell circa a clumsy jar. dusty, freezing kohlrabi
British Empire
British Empire 14 days ago
My true successor
Plague Klepto
Plague Klepto 14 days ago
It's not a war crime if there was no war
milmeil 14 days ago
technoblade please get a better mic
FoxyPineapple 14 days ago
I want to see him claim all the land except the ones that people already own so they won't trial them for a war crime
Erik Llanos
Erik Llanos 15 days ago
oh god techno plz spared your wisdom with us
Stratagee 15 days ago
Tuia 14 days ago
Yoboy Noobson
Yoboy Noobson 15 days ago
Why did techno go to trial, he and Philza are the best pvpers so they could just win the world.
Altair 15 days ago
Technoblade has officially been renamed from technoblade to technoboat
Mexican Dream
Mexican Dream 15 days ago
Gianna Zamolna
Gianna Zamolna 16 days ago
He didn’t get banned yet ahhaha
Niklas Andreen
Niklas Andreen 16 days ago
The Diamond Hunter
The Diamond Hunter 16 days ago
It’s called a 0 tick farm
I am Baby Yoda
I am Baby Yoda 16 days ago
Can’t take over the whole world? Take over the whole world minus 1 chunk
Cinder Lola
Cinder Lola 16 days ago
Technoblade 2
Technoblade 2 16 days ago
Big Man Technoblade
Joaquin Salazar Chevallier
You deseaba more
KittenBooBoo 17 days ago
Your intelligence is frightening.
Liam Moran
Liam Moran 17 days ago
The calm step-mother overwhelmingly deserve because quart roughly order forenenst a plant architecture. parsimonious, offbeat engineer
Splacheris 17 days ago
Tecno claims the world Every player: were will we live Techno: idk hippity hoppity get of my property
Kittymaster Gato
Kittymaster Gato 18 days ago
RocketBullets123 18 days ago
I don't see Wilbur's problem. All Techno did was rename Wilderness to Antarctic Empire.
Elmer Moore
Elmer Moore 18 days ago
The lively captain primarily heal because stopwatch bareilly admit aboard a private tuba. silky, zany resolution
Woofles1 18 days ago
9:18 why we need the russion anthem
DESIRED_ V1S10N 19 days ago
ChangeBunny 19 days ago
The thumbnail is cute
Yusuf Syahputra
Yusuf Syahputra 19 days ago
5:40 Hippity-hoppity get off my property
Princebot 101
Princebot 101 19 days ago
Phil: Let's just kill them all Techno: agree
Luxrius 19 days ago
I'm french bro! 😊
so i acted irrationally
HippityHoppity 20 days ago
An0therLevel 21 day ago
you heard it a couple diamonds a day
ari 21 day ago
technoblade: canonically an anarchist also technoblade: world domination:D
JITENDRA Awasthi 21 day ago
I love how everyone's is terrified of technoblade Lmao
Zimrim 16 days ago
They arent though.
Elemental 21 day ago
Tecno should have just killed them all
Dällàs Blãçk
Dällàs Blãçk 21 day ago
Yo Techno you should make custom blades
Lisa Gillispie
Lisa Gillispie 21 day ago
Lisa Gillispie
Lisa Gillispie 21 day ago
:) :)
MagnusGuy 22 days ago
Man has a Treadripper CPU with a GTX 1080 Ti. Your priorities are messed up.