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TWICE take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Who is the best dancer in TWICE? What is the TWICE fanchant? When was TWICE formed? Why are TWICE called TWICE? Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu answer all these questions and much more!

TWICE’s new single ‘Alcohol-Free’ releases Wednesday, June 9 and their new album Taste of Love is out Friday, June 11. \u0026gt;\u0026gt; twice.lnk.to/tasteoflove/

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TWICE Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Published on


Jun 7, 2021




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Chubby Mochi
Chubby Mochi 53 minutes ago
Look idk twice it’s my first interview I saw ab them, but this is so boring like they have no character??? No hate but they seem boring
lele cane
lele cane 39 minutes ago
If you base your opinion of their personalities of this video that’s actually quite sad especially when these questions were boring af. They got a whole channel dedicated to their content and this is the video for you😂lmao
Angelene Lazaro
OMG Sana's voice in english😭❤️❤️❤️
고구마 Hour ago
I love how they always answer in unison. They kinda sound like the minions😂😂🧡
Mark Casuco
Mark Casuco 2 hours ago
Imagine if one of them got the answer wrong while synchronizing their answer 🤣
Chong Chewy
Chong Chewy 2 hours ago
I heard ALCOL-Freeeeeee
MardyE Reyes
MardyE Reyes 2 hours ago
Lol Nayeon is gonna be a meme again 🤣
Marked One
Marked One 3 hours ago
There all so so absolutely beautiful. Absolutely stunning in every way
Bee King
Bee King 3 hours ago
this is most awkward looking interview i have ever watched lol
editsxx hidalgo
editsxx hidalgo 3 hours ago
6:23 tuaisss
Brandon Sugiura
Brandon Sugiura 3 hours ago
Such a fun group of ladies.
Gandi Adi Kusuma
Gandi Adi Kusuma 3 hours ago
Feel awwwkkkkwaaarrrdddd
pyrocat 3 hours ago
its so akward honestly lol
Ale G
Ale G 4 hours ago
5:06 Dahyun’s AmericanOoOoOooOo
being an orbit is tiring
When dahyun said "after momo, all the twice members" mina was soooo offended 😭😂
being an orbit is tiring
@Kim Minari ikr
Kim Minari
Kim Minari 3 hours ago
Actually she doesn’t seem to care. It’s us, her fans, felt offended.
James Enzi
James Enzi 4 hours ago
2:50 The moment Dahyun puts her hand in Momo's shoulder and daggers come out of Sana's eyes LOL
Courtney the jisoo stan
Kim Jisoo 🖤💖
Kim Jisoo 🖤💖 4 hours ago
كفاية ان الفاندوم يسرق الحين الفرقة طلعت تسرق بعد
대수리 daesuli
대수리 daesuli 5 hours ago
Tzuyu: “who are twice members?” Dahyun: “WE ARE TWICE!” Tzuyu: ok next question The person who wanted to know the members names: 👁👄👁
Mariroka Maria kim
Mariroka Maria kim 5 hours ago
Now we finally know who drives the members to see their boyfriends , nice job jeongyeon
TWICE domination
TWICE domination 5 hours ago
Mina is so ELEGANT and HUMBLE that's why she doesn't need to spoke up for her to get the attention, because she has the PRESENCE that can get easyly to hook up attention.
Youtube Premium
Youtube Premium 5 hours ago
Why everbody sayin' Tite???
Sadhna Singh
Sadhna Singh 5 hours ago
Jihyo is soo beautiful
Mochi's Lachimolala
"Who are Twice members? " Twice:We are TwiCcee
Anonymous For You
Anonymous For You 6 hours ago
No one: Dahyun: Twice genre is Twice
Jk 6 hours ago
I need their leg workouts. Why didn’t anyone search that up🥲🥲
Hema Singha
Hema Singha 6 hours ago
Common a fan can lie but a real dancer who's been in this field knows mina is equivalently an excellent dancer like MOMO,pple always think hip hop and free style is the only genre of dance.....if Ur hip hopper I swear u can't dance as elegant as a ballerina dancer which MOMO lacks and mina over powers.....if MOMO is the free styler then mina is the definition of elegance.....compare their dances if u don't believe the elegance wat mina has no one in twice has it let alone be MOMO.....
Tabassum Worthy
Tabassum Worthy 6 hours ago
Twice English pronunciation is not good😯😯😯
Rushanay Meeram
Rushanay Meeram 6 hours ago
You make me feel speciarrr
Olivia Berry
Olivia Berry 7 hours ago
I’m not even really a kpop fan but this video could make me stan
Uni Marie
Uni Marie 7 hours ago
I love you 💕💞💖💗💝
damhee 7 hours ago
that crackhead
that crackhead 7 hours ago
We want bts here tooo! It would be fun to ask them such questions.
Su Myat Sandy
Su Myat Sandy 8 hours ago
OMG their English 😂😂😂
이찰스 8 hours ago
다현이 캐스팅이라니 JYP는 늘 저런 외모 좋아해 ㅋㅋㅋ
Akatsuki Mitsui
Akatsuki Mitsui 8 hours ago
the way they answer reminds me of the way 4th grade students synchronously recite something the teacher tells them to read and it's fkin adorable
Nayeem Ahmed
Nayeem Ahmed 8 hours ago
Namjoon RM
Namjoon RM 8 hours ago
The girl wearing white and sitting on the left side is truly gorgeous 😍💕 Plus BTS do something like this too💜
Lohini Gamanayake
Lohini Gamanayake 8 hours ago
Orlandov Halawa
Orlandov Halawa 9 hours ago
ATTENTION ONCES #ONCECIVILWAR has begun, I repeat #ONCESCIVILWAR has begun In AF MV and Twitter. All troops are called for service
Oroc Monique C.
Oroc Monique C. 9 hours ago
1:02 alagang heechul😭
Remus Pierre
Remus Pierre 9 hours ago
Remus Pierre
Remus Pierre 9 hours ago
Cool names
Ngalu Liuanga
Ngalu Liuanga 9 hours ago
Tzuyu: tzuyu Members: 🐝 🐝 😂😂
Remus Pierre
Remus Pierre 9 hours ago
•jen_30uwu •
•jen_30uwu • 10 hours ago
Dahyun: abke to spot ang cameras lurking behind Also dahyun: *I don't see very well* This is just a joke.
KING Jeon JK 10 hours ago
5:07 that 'Americano' gives me hyunjin vibes.. lol
Kat Chan
Kat Chan 10 hours ago
Omg Tzuyuuu.
andrew paclibar
andrew paclibar 10 hours ago
1:14 who said that?
Tithi Tithi
Tithi Tithi 10 hours ago
Queen's 💞
Kritika Kattel
Kritika Kattel 10 hours ago
5:06 Why does it sound like " Americano joha joha" i miss hyunjin 😭
Tasting Ver
Tasting Ver 10 hours ago
Varshini Baskar
Varshini Baskar 10 hours ago
dahyun dress is best of all members...
KIM DUNG CHU 11 hours ago
Mina is so underrated
mali !!
mali !! 11 hours ago
Komi's Sonata
Komi's Sonata 11 hours ago
Google: How to pronounce Twice's names? Our bunny: *Tuu - waii - sss*
HyunA kim
HyunA kim 11 hours ago
Null Shock
Null Shock 11 hours ago
Their is too much cuteness in this video...
kpop 11 hours ago
Who's Twice leader ? Everyone: Jihyooooo Jihyo: I know *hair flip*
Yιи Hαииα
Yιи Hαииα 2 hours ago
Gabrielly Tavares
Gabrielly Tavares 12 hours ago
Nayeon: TwwwwiiCEeeee- Dahyun:Naaaayeonn
RaikiriRamen 12 hours ago
that girl sam
that girl sam 13 hours ago
theyre soooo cute ;w;
Allison Chang
Allison Chang 13 hours ago
I just feel like they are so awkward in this video...idk
Hollow Purple
Hollow Purple 13 hours ago
I'm smiling like crazy the whole interview
Winner winner chicken dinner
Please USlift. Stop recommending this stupid female plastic asian barbies to me.
Zero Kun
Zero Kun 13 hours ago
Sana as a Gakusei
shivam 14 hours ago
"How did twice start?" Sixteen! "How is twice formed?" ...... Sixteeeeeen "How Twice Members were discovered?" LIKE WE MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY-
glen andrea
glen andrea 14 hours ago
they're so cutee
MASANGKAY Jann Kenneth G.
This is painful to watch
humairah 14 hours ago
chaeyoung looks like a succesful ceo
Hey you
Hey you 14 hours ago
They all are so beautiful i don't know where to look. 😩😍
Black Blink
Black Blink 15 hours ago
1:52 for reaaaal??? That's the first song i listened to twice back in jhs and i liked it with that cute mv like zombie apocalypse 🤣 (it's originally my friend who liked TWICE that's why i discovered them)
hungrysloth 15 hours ago
i hate how mina isn't acknowledged enough for her dancing skills especially with how she's a main dancer and the fact the she took ballet for 11 years
Kasturi Dastidar
Kasturi Dastidar 15 hours ago
Literal queens ❤️
Sophia 15 hours ago
This was awesome,also some of them acted cute and funny and shy 🥺,also God bless keep safe 😊🙏🏻.
Jennie kim
Jennie kim 15 hours ago
I personally loveeee twice but twice is not the best girl group in kpop blackpink is
Star Fall
Star Fall 15 hours ago
This was so wholesome yet funny shshdhdh, beautiful queens
kristineyein lili
kristineyein lili 15 hours ago
Keziah Gan (Prps)
Keziah Gan (Prps) 16 hours ago
Their English improved so much!
James Roland
James Roland 16 hours ago
They put so little effort in to learning English. Itzy is twice the group that Twice has ever been.
Hotdog 2020
Hotdog 2020 16 hours ago
Angel Sabino
Angel Sabino 17 hours ago
Озвучка MARRIS
Sana's english so cute🥺🌟
Shahanaz parvin Assisttant Primary School Teacher
Blackpink is the best
Samsung Phone
Samsung Phone 18 hours ago
Mina is the most beautiful white lady on this planet.
Use Less
Use Less 18 hours ago
I'm Dani I'm Ok
I'm Dani I'm Ok 18 hours ago
"Twice genre is Twice." Right on, sweetie!
tay- hannie
tay- hannie 18 hours ago
Why is the silence so loud 😭
Bob Sungjin
Bob Sungjin 18 hours ago
Hello WIRED! We'd really appreciate it if you could consider inviting Twice's brother group @day6official's Even of Day to your channel for their comeback this July. Since they produce their own songs, we thought that their stories and music would be great content to feature on your channel. Thank you ❤️
Z T 19 hours ago
8:40 awws Sana is so sweet😊✨
jon arsis
jon arsis 19 hours ago
Tzuyu is most hard pronounce in Twice member
izaiah Scott
izaiah Scott 19 hours ago
Wait jihyo is the leader !? Thought it was naeyoung!?
jshudo44 20 hours ago
Twice being featured on this channel has made my day.
haiHaam 20 hours ago
They are so charming and funny, I can't get enough of their "oohs" and "ayeees" I love these clowns❤️
Cheese ooh
Cheese ooh 21 hour ago
Not a once but, i hope we guys can recognize mina as a main dancer too and a best dancer too, i mean i kinda felt bad for her tho Ps. I'm not hating on other members
Akira 21 hour ago
;Who are twice members? :*We are TWIIICE nice!😅
Casandra Can
Casandra Can 22 hours ago
levi heichou
levi heichou 23 hours ago
i really love jeongyeon so much🥰
ThAnime Asian
ThAnime Asian 23 hours ago
I just realized the Japanese members names are not in the fanchant :'(
denisse chuco
denisse chuco 23 hours ago
Bias Star 바이어스 스타
Right when they say acohol-free and acohol add come on
caro Day ago
Kaye Michelle Capaning
I feel like WIRED could have asked more interesting questions, any group asked those basic questions would feel bored tbh.
Yιи Hαииα
Yιи Hαииα 2 hours ago