Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator) 

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Open that Coca-Cola!
What does Coca-Cola even taste like?
The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words.
✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨
#OpenthatCocaCola #CocaColaKickShuffle


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Feb 21, 2021




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Comments 100   
The challengrr
The challengrr 43 minutes ago
What are all those "less white" jokes
Ape the kid
Ape the kid Hour ago
Love this it’s a little different from what he normally makes
Aesthetical Hour ago
This is worse than the grubhub ad
José Cubano Santiago
Coca cola is poison
Callum Lawlor
Callum Lawlor Hour ago
I can’t wait to hear this song on Spotify bay bee
Alejandro Leon
Can someone kindly explain what exactly is wrong with this. I think I missed something.
Bro Day
Bro Day Hour ago
1:42 looks like somin from midsommar
GoGo Remakes
GoGo Remakes Hour ago
This song is dropping tonight apparently
Rezy Roszalez
Rezy Roszalez Hour ago
1st time in a long time that a commercial actually made me want what theyre advertising
drew werd
drew werd 2 hours ago
Tyler goated for this one
andrei drei
andrei drei 2 hours ago
Imma be less white = no more coca cola for me
Mete Elbeyli
Mete Elbeyli 2 hours ago
Mtn Dew missed out
Cre8ive YexaM
Cre8ive YexaM 2 hours ago
He’s dropping this song tonight
datb0ii 2 hours ago
i heard this song comes out today-
Awribalh Idugagk
Awribalh Idugagk 4 hours ago
Coca-Cola : "Be less white"
Matthew paine
Matthew paine 4 hours ago
Be less Coca-Cola
Hey it’s Mya
Hey it’s Mya 4 hours ago
I’m so proud of Tyler, especially because this is my favorite drink
Hey it’s Mya
Hey it’s Mya 4 hours ago
Dude in the beginning lowkey dress how Tyler use to😭
Nicholas Costas
Nicholas Costas 5 hours ago
I’m so inspired by this to be less white. Mmm. 😂
Casey K
Casey K 5 hours ago
Does everyone in the comments think saying the same thing over and over again is that funny?
James Cooke
James Cooke 6 hours ago
So who's switching to go Pepsi??
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 7 hours ago
Its Okay to be white Coke-Cola!
cara 8 hours ago
How bout you open that wallet I smell a lawsuit coming on soon
GymRat 10 hours ago
I don't know how to be "Less White" but I sure do know how to buy less Coke
Alex Lex
Alex Lex 10 hours ago
Officially switching to PEPSI. Too white, not enough sun to get a tan 😥...
Luca108 12 hours ago
So they put the cocaine thing back in it?
ProDeo04 15 hours ago
Clay 15 hours ago
Drink Pepsi......Pass it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin McCown
Justin McCown 16 hours ago
"You can't be racist against whites because you need institutional power which only whites have" Institutions with power:
Mark Philip
Mark Philip 17 hours ago
Job 17 hours ago
I´m not white, and I am not gonna buy a Coca-cola product in my life.
Suck it Google
Suck it Google 17 hours ago
Be less white... Stop drinking Coke
Amir K
Amir K 19 hours ago
Coca Cola the official sponsor of a lesser white world Join today
Ashton Wynkoop
Ashton Wynkoop 20 hours ago
Coca-cola just stop already nobody is gonna but your products anymore just stop trying!
tyrannosaurus rex catholicissimus
how to "be less white" as per the coca-cola company's new guidelines: 1: take a daily shower in coca-cola
Gunnar R Grimsby
Gunnar R Grimsby 23 hours ago
Open that Coca-Cola! - Why? Seems like its going to make me into a drug addict. What does Coca-Cola even taste like? - Sweet, caramel and vanilla. The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words. - Yes it is... Nauseous because of all that sugar🤢🤮 ✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨" - OOOH Barf, burp and then some more barf. Definitly one of the worst commercials ive seen so far..
Citizens Arrest
Be less white!
LadyHulkX Day ago
Coca-Cola no somos retrasados mentales
Why’s the white man in the middle?! Very offensive 😡😡😡😡
blue six
blue six Day ago
play this on .25 speed
Thanks for the ad Coca Cola for not being too white.
Cindy Ray
Cindy Ray Day ago
My whiteness is a given! Coke is not!
Eva Esslemont
why is no one talking about addison rae at least i think it’s her
Is everyone here remembering to be less white?
Marcel Klein
Marcel Klein Day ago
Gillette: "we are woke." Coca Cola: "wait, hold my soy beverage." 🌈
*What happened to "Be Less White?"*
Jennifer Larson
I've been trying to figure out how to be less white and it's a problem. However, I can figure how to NOT by any more Coke products for the rest of my life.. I even told my whole family, until you people learn how to change yourself into something less white, there will be no more Coke products in this house. They said Mountain Dew works good for them.
Josh Nacua
Josh Nacua Day ago
Its like lazy town all over again
Gravity Slave
I decided to be less white...so I'm not taking responsibility for my actions, being completely self entitled and blaming everyone else for my problems. Also, I will NEVER buy another Coke product again. Apparently you dont want my money...its too white.
Bad Router
Bad Router Day ago
Martin Luther King didn"t want this
Captain Howdy
This is way too white.
Snow axe
Snow axe Day ago
This advertisement is full of cringe, or maybe I have to be less white, to understand it,
Anton Schollum
I would like to try this but I'm a white man soooooooooooooo🤜
Daniel G
Daniel G Day ago
Pretty nasty sell out move here. You’re better than using your music for water corn syrup sugar juice I thought Tyler.
Alex Golubev
Alex Golubev Day ago
Now Coca Cola need to paint polar bear different color
Jordan Hazel
Jordan Hazel Day ago
What do you guys mean by Coca-Cola being less white? And am I the only one that's creeped out of all the people in this ad? Like I totally agree with the person who said that they returned to putting cocaine in the drinks again
c co
c co Day ago
How dare they use a white man for a commercial. Have they not heard about being less white?
8razar8 Day ago
Sorry coca cola I won't be buying your products any longer-Anonymous White guy.
ncpmadhead Day ago
Wish we could find the full track of this!! It's awesome
unogazzy84 Day ago
I'm glad I stopped drinking Coca Cola a long time ago.
thirsty desert drones
Up yours Coca-Cola, I'm switching brands you're losing out big time because I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
keviana peoples
Manuzki Day ago
This ad is cursed
Juan Carlos Munoz
definitely worse than the github ad.. i can't believe he produced this..
Jade Gordon
Jade Gordon 2 days ago
So when can I get this on iTunes?
D Simmons
D Simmons 2 days ago
Do I have to be less white now to drink coca-cola or does it make me less white by drinking it? Missed the training course.
Bayou Ninja
Bayou Ninja 2 days ago
Will be boycotting. Be less White. Probably one of the racist things I've ever heard. Going online now to know all Coke products so I don't buy them
Chains 2 days ago
This ad is pure genius
Hilltop Man
Hilltop Man 2 days ago
Did anyone hear that COKE employees are mad at some kind of new training and are peeing in the coke? Is there a news story someone can direct me to?
linda tobler
linda tobler 2 days ago
This commercial needs to be a little less white.
Doc Jay
Doc Jay 2 days ago
Coke is racist boycotting their products in my stores!!!
Jesús Lairaga
Jesús Lairaga 2 days ago
ahora en serio...esos movimientos no son naturales...como la coca cola. 😅
Imagination Deprivation
Poor tyler getting caught up in the crossfire of people angry about cherry coke and white people or sumn
weak flex
weak flex 2 days ago
Dope commercial. Though I can't buy it since I'm yellow and according to your supporters Asians are marginally white so therefore I can't buy it.
naomi stoy
naomi stoy 2 days ago
i dont get what everyone means with "coca cola says to be less white" like where do you see that
thisiskruk 2 days ago
This sounds like it could be a deluxe track on cherry bomb i love it so much
J W 2 days ago
Coca Cola be less white....REAL RACIST OF YA!
Ruth In Boots
Ruth In Boots 2 days ago
Guy's guy's! I feel too white to watch this! What can I do to be less white?
CT-6743 2 days ago
coca cola will make you high
AzeTunez 2 days ago
SoundsOfSushi 2 days ago
A shame that diversity and inclusion ruined the brand. Sell your product, not an ideology.
R1GAMBLER 2 days ago
thrashzach 2 days ago
tO wHiTe
NANI 2 days ago
I can’t be less white But I can buy less coca cola
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 2 days ago
#cancel coke John Stith Pemberton
Christopher George
I need to know why coke wants me to be less white???? Pespi still wants my business
Sergeant Elephant Priest
Too many white people being too white for my taste.
Bobby Fungel Fingers
Yep definitely Tyler.
Kjell Maake
Kjell Maake 2 days ago
I'd rather drink the old versions of coca cola
maanav shetty
maanav shetty 2 days ago
Jiayuan Bao
Jiayuan Bao 2 days ago
video is too white
Kjell Maake
Kjell Maake 2 days ago
Kjell Maake
Kjell Maake 2 days ago
If I ever want coca cola, I'll just watch this ad and I don't want it anymore👍
Martin Foster
Martin Foster 2 days ago
Oh look they're being less white just like coca cola wants
LemonyBreakfast 2 days ago
Yo could you guys help me on my quest to be less white.
Reformed Stoic
Reformed Stoic 2 days ago
We must secure the existence of a future for pepsi and dr. pepper.
Space Serpent Records
This commercial is so pathetic. BE LESS CHINESE. (Btw I have no problem with Chinese people just the CCP).
My blue cat loves blue flowers
These adds just make me switch to water with a slice or two of lemon 🍋 🤷‍♀️ #TiredOfTheTasteOfCola
Kjell Maake
Kjell Maake 2 days ago
Yeh, I rather want to watch someone pour water in a glass for 12 hours than watch this ad
Liam Ifargen
Liam Ifargen 3 days ago
Only watched this cause it’s Tyler’s music
Sniffelur 3 days ago
Grubhub 2 confirm!?
Vyhraj skvelé ceny
Vyhraj skvelé ceny