Alpha Betas Exclusive Scene - CIA Security Check 

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The pilot for my new animated show premieres MARCH 13, 2021 on @VanossGaming’s channel! Follow Alpha Betas below for more info.
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In #AlphaBetas​, video games are powering the world thanks to a massive, top-secret CIA program. The show follows an elite virtual strike force of four top gamers as they drop into the virtual realms of video games to fix potentially world-ending issues. Known as the Alpha Team, these four willfully reckless and dangerously arrogant guys are the tip of a five-hundred billion dollar US Government spear sent to be heroes in high-octane pixelated worlds.
Starring & Executive Producers:
Evan Fong, VanossGaming
Tyler Wine, I AM WILDCAT
Marcel Cunningham, BasicallyIDoWrk
Brian Hanby, Terroriser
Created by Chris Bruno & David Lee
Produced by:
Starburns Industries
Additional Voices by:
Chris Parnell
Paget Brewster
Stephanie Beatriz
John DiMaggio
Brent Morin

Film & Animation

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Mar 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Danny Lynch
Danny Lynch 23 hours ago
Did they delete this out of the episode?
Silent Priest
Terroriser having Terrorist weapons
Smoove Buckets
Smoove Buckets 10 days ago
The drab cold interestedly bathe because meeting gully suffer worth a quaint accountant. plausible, true textbook
Bones Gaming
Bones Gaming 16 days ago
when is ep 2?
GooeySlinky450 22 days ago
Why was this scene not in the episode even though the episode was a plot ep
Anthony Ledezma
Anthony Ledezma 22 days ago
I love the intro and outro song so perfect 👌
Letícia Sousa
Letícia Sousa 23 days ago
The King of Moncow
The King of Moncow 23 days ago
Did jane literally do a line of baking soda
Enigma 23 days ago
i'll watch this and die happy
TimesNewLogan 23 days ago
Reviewers of the Kevin Spacey autobiography include fellow sex-offenders R. Kelly and Charlie Rose, and one of his victims, by the looks of it.
cupid 26 days ago
The phobic aunt energetically arrest because internet electronically kneel during a secretive snowstorm. animated, coherent witness
Levi Queen
Levi Queen 24 days ago
@cupid I am not a coherent witness
cupid 24 days ago
@Levi Queen mike
Levi Queen
Levi Queen 25 days ago
What the fuck does this mean?
Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy
0:50 so THATS where the doll suddenly appeared in the episode
PlantMaker 1200
PlantMaker 1200 27 days ago
At 2:01 i thought i was gonna get rick rolled
Anzo 28 days ago
Kinda makes sense when Steven is a robot and can detect what material in people's clothes.
Pyat Pree
Pyat Pree 28 days ago
why is evan playing a white guy but everybody else is playing their own race? is he ashamed of being asian or something?
Jacks Ace
Jacks Ace 28 days ago
Wildcat saying this is cocaine is perfect
Kevin Alvi Sunaryo
Kevin Alvi Sunaryo 28 days ago
OrangeLightning Gacha
These guys are my favorite cartoon people
Uluakinofo Taliauli
Lenny_Playz .I.
Lenny_Playz .I. 29 days ago
2:01 I thought it was a rickroll lol Il😂🤣
teminatron 29 days ago
Why the kevin spacey autobiography?
Hunter Sliger
Hunter Sliger 29 days ago
Skyfaller3D Month ago
Tommy is my favourite character!^^
lazylion games
lazylion games Month ago
Now I realize why the boss hates alpha team
NightSlasher Month ago
I cant wait for the next alpha beta episode
You expected it to be Dio But it was me Jonathan
This reminds me of the airport death run.
Adan Leyva
Adan Leyva Month ago
Im confused. They said the pilot episode was for people to try and pick up the series but they have all these scenes as exclusives??
ProSniperGaming 26 days ago
They’re picking up traction for the show to be picked up, imagine what they could do with a studio budget
Vix HQ
Vix HQ Month ago
i want nogla to be a npc when they go into a game and all he say is mmhmmm
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf Month ago
Technically that is a rocket propelled GRENADE
blue flash
blue flash Month ago
So is nobody gonna talk about how the security lady started feeling up the blow doll ???
I’m Pickle Rick!!!
Steven is gay
Dr. Sky Spades
Dr. Sky Spades Month ago
Steven is really something.
Jasmine Mayers
Jasmine Mayers Month ago
The show is actually pretty good
Infamous Wildman
Commenting for the algorithm
Pinche Bryan
Pinche Bryan Month ago
Not Bean
Not Bean Month ago
Well according to the label this is cocaine
Nice Guy Rio
Nice Guy Rio Month ago
I sadly didn't get the WD-40 joke...
TGN Month ago
I didn't get it
Read my comment Ayo read this
This shit is ass the voice don’t match the character
Read my comment Ayo read this
@Tags :D all
Tags :D
Tags :D Month ago
Which character?
MrBuTtErSkEt Month ago
Oi when the next one coming out
waluigi unfazer
waluigi unfazer Month ago
All we need is zoidberg with the mmhmm sound and that will be perfect
Skylar Hare
Skylar Hare Month ago
Alpha Betas is the best thing to happen to me In 2021
Moose Buckle
Moose Buckle Month ago
Too bad this wasn’t in the episode but that’s fine
Gab Cast
Gab Cast Month ago
Colgunzz lol
Colgunzz lol Month ago
Allison: why do you need a rocket launcher in real life?? Mason: to launch rockets? Me: well no sh*t sherlock
Christian Largo
Christian Largo Month ago
Nice, I'm now obliged to sub to you guys
spiks Month ago
I heard Jerry from Rick and Morty
Archie 1000k aliens
dragon born
dragon born Month ago
Future googling man and will I ever get married No you will die alone
Li Zhang
Li Zhang Month ago
Who brings a rocket launcher in a airport?!
TGN Month ago
...so I guess you missed the part where it says "CIA HEADQUARTERS: LANGLEY, VA"
DinoBoricua Month ago
Steven = Joe Biden
Ryan Revet
Ryan Revet Month ago
It’s been a while since I’ve seen an animation I really enjoy
Blitzdog 12
Blitzdog 12 Month ago
Is all of the whole series going to be on vanos
Total Creative Gaming
this show looks bloody hilarious. I'm actually excited to see more
Caleb Belyeu
Caleb Belyeu Month ago
Kyle Justiniano
Kyle Justiniano Month ago
Aaron Markey
Aaron Markey Month ago
This has great potential, would love to see more of this 👍🏻
Lexer Williams
Lexer Williams Month ago
Wildcats and BIDW is my favorite characters lol
Belle Python
Belle Python Month ago
One rocket a pistol and the launcher for the rocket
nightjokerrz Month ago
that appears to be cocaine 😗
Tobias Nielsen
Tobias Nielsen Month ago
what does the things in Masons case mean? I think i know the book's purpose.
yuubun199 Month ago
Im--- so impress 👁️💦👄💦👁️ I love this
James jones
James jones Month ago
Lol she brought the rocket launcher deeper into cia headquarters. Just to have this argument
IanTheGreat Month ago
The first episode was great!
Samantha Mccarthy
i was gonna ask how he got this informtio when the episode happend 1 day ago then i look at the account
Ashton Rodriguez
What could I do to watch every episode plzzzzzzzz
Justin G
Justin G Month ago
Today I found out Evan=Eddie Tyler=Tommy Marcel=Mason Brian=Buck Same initials
Ronny Williamson
Doooggg sshiiiittt
Ronny Williamson
Ngl... This is garbage ..
Nobody here
Nobody here Month ago
Will there be a tommy jacket for merch or plushie
Broben5 Month ago
They had to fit 4:20 in there somewhere
Fried sandwich
Fried sandwich Month ago
For the end of a series make nogla show up and go “mmhmm”
Sizz Rizz
Sizz Rizz Month ago
Victor Snyder
Victor Snyder Month ago
After watching the first episode, the "mmmm. Cotton blend, I know it. " Line from Steven is infinitely more disturbing
Gaming Kirby
Gaming Kirby Month ago
Mason: "To launch rockets?" I mean he ain't wrong.
Josh C
Josh C Month ago
This is my second time watching this extra scene, and I thought Jane sounded familiar the first time, but I am so amazed that that's Stephanie Beatriz. Best extra voice ever
banana tearex
banana tearex Month ago
it funny how it promote vanoss channel in d end lol
TankuiToku Month ago
Do you mind if I take this clips and edit this into the episode?
Dead Channel
Dead Channel Month ago
“Exclusive scene”
Michael Hohl
Michael Hohl Month ago
Is this a deleted scene bc it wasn’t in the full episode
lit 2.0
lit 2.0 Month ago
Sl66PYChan Month ago
Just watched it omg I love it
Im Hydrated
Im Hydrated Month ago
I am chaka
I am chaka Month ago
Looks good and something that ibwould enjoy watching
Louis Adviento
Louis Adviento Month ago
I have a feeling noglas gonna be the main villain
Tazzmanyu Month ago
Literally can’t wait till 11am pst
Heavy Weapons guy
“Why do you need a rocket launcher in Real life” Pretty obvious to rocket jump
Gaming time With dean
So you can obviously tell that they are gonna be doing some pranks wars and stuff that they do on their USlift channels
Slender 2005
Slender 2005 Month ago
Saying this now this show gonna be really funny
Harris Holt
Harris Holt Month ago
Eddie is just Evan in cartoon form. I wonder who plays him? 🤔
ace Month ago
Guess we will never know
weegee Month ago
I wonder.
Stg Growton
Stg Growton Month ago
Jan is a party pooper
FaZe Gl1tCh
FaZe Gl1tCh Month ago
Wildcat x Basicallyidowrk
FaZe Gl1tCh
FaZe Gl1tCh Month ago
@nae nae before ya get whoopin Yes
EDrocks23 Month ago
Where Will i be able to watch this
Amheer Karlo Beltran
We need droid to take them there and say "Uber for Eddie"
Timothy Strickler
1:39 Anyone else notice that that the rocket launcher switches hands each time she turns around?
Mochi Month ago
Artan9000 Month ago
1:46 Pure Savagery. It has the same energy as "Silence Liberal", I love it. **MASON**
YungJohn 23
YungJohn 23 Month ago
Am I the only one who noticed? Mason a r c e l Eddie v a n Tommy y l e r Buck r i a n Just sayin...
nae nae before ya get whoopin
I noticed that too
Maxximus Hicks
Maxximus Hicks Month ago
damn, daniel -JFK and BTK
FireFuzion // JD
I lost count on how many times i watched this shorts
THE big fat panda
Black Water