Every iPhone advertisement & TV commercial (2007-2021) 

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This video is a compilation of all the advertisements for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

All the video credits go to Apple.

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Feb 20, 2021




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Bongjesieca. Sr Rojas. Ignacio
This is applole iphhon by Jessica s Rojas international comersial
Der teytuta
Der teytuta 10 days ago
17:33 a MEME SOUND?
Haytham Ali
Haytham Ali 13 days ago
Love it
Ege Tuzlacı
Ege Tuzlacı 14 days ago
Best is 11
Dash Turner
Dash Turner 16 days ago
18:49 ah yes the AirPower that new we happened
Thet Paing Aung
Thet Paing Aung 20 days ago
I own the the iPhone 6
Thet Paing Aung
Thet Paing Aung 20 days ago
24:03 the iPhone 11 is my favorite iPhone
Forrest OHara
Forrest OHara 21 day ago
Bodi Buddha
Bodi Buddha 22 days ago
What was the best over all iPhone commercial?
AndroGuider 22 days ago
Probably the iPhone X
Swiftlemur78 24 days ago
Plot Twist: it is the 6 inch screen, but that is secretly Shaq 30:02
Elvin Kim
Elvin Kim 24 days ago
Iphone 8 has the best song ever..
Furrito :3
Furrito :3 29 days ago
25:34 Furry!
Star Vílchez
Star Vílchez Month ago
19:45 thinknoodles in the iphone 10/x commercial to celebrate the 10 years of iphone
Cutex01🤍 Month ago
I have the IPhone 12 mini.
Blueberry Bluetube
I hope Apple will make a SIM card called iCard.
Dodge Gaming Official
@Blueberry Bluetube a phone plan
Blueberry Bluetube
Blueberry Bluetube 16 days ago
@Dodge Gaming Official W-WHAT IS PHINE!
Dodge Gaming Official
Bit then they would have to make a phine plan
Gaming Rig
Gaming Rig Month ago
Dwayne Johnson's internet connection on the moon is better than mine when plugging in an ethernet port. 😂
iOS 15 moment 5:23 Most cringe ad
Kuzu Month ago
I don't think the SE one is real, a 5s is shown half the time
Fernando Sanchez
Viendo este video desde mi IPhone 7
w3j Month ago
i started with only the samsung note something then iphone 7plus but i feel great knowing i’ve lived in the same era as the evolution of apple, huawei and samsung
extreme smartphone pro
I remember the iPhone 5c commercials
Good Morning
Good Morning Month ago
The song from IPhone 12 is perfect 😍
Dodge Gaming Official
Apples by suzi wu
Tony Grossman
Tony Grossman Month ago
iPhone ads got so shitty after 2014. The iPhone 5s was the last good ad
universalxeno Month ago
Right because anyone other than you cares about the quality of ads
Katie Mitchell
Katie Mitchell Month ago
Dm mich.firefox on Instagram
I remember when everyone started talking about this thing called the iPhone and I’m standing there just lost in confusion as to what in the hell is an iPhone ??? 😂😂😂 they looked at me as if I had roaches coming out of my ears... they said you don’t know what an iPhone is??? You have to get one. So I did and I’ve been hooked every since ...
Random Person your meeting
Well idk anymore lol
My first iPhone was a six plus. I found it and I am not disappointed with it.
Apple Fan
Apple Fan Month ago
Well…. Sh-
They so tiny at the beginning compared to my iPhone 12 Pro Max ! I guess you can say the iPhone has grown up! 😂😂😂
Fedde Teeuwen
Fedde Teeuwen Month ago
My Siri was going on haha😂
Hải Long
Hải Long Month ago
9:59 wtf,stewie
Expelliarmus !
Expelliarmus ! Month ago
Thx, now purple is to be added. :)
Wiqui Oliveira
Wiqui Oliveira Month ago
that first ad must have been the most annoying thing back in the day. can you imagine that over and over multiple times every day?
KaijuZilla ‘54
KaijuZilla ‘54 2 months ago
Hey guys, remember when iphones were super cheap?
KaijuZilla ‘54
KaijuZilla ‘54 17 days ago
@Random Person your meeting bruh what?
Random Person your meeting
@Lawrence Siu they were still like 400
Random Person your meeting
@KaijuZilla ‘54 bruh
KaijuZilla ‘54
@Lawrence Siu Weren’t they? Idk, I was born in 2010
Lawrence Siu
Lawrence Siu Month ago
No lol?
X1 Gen KaneshiroX
X1 Gen KaneshiroX 2 months ago
That’s so many advertisements since iPhone 6s came out.
Epic Doge
Epic Doge 2 months ago
Thet Paing Aung
Thet Paing Aung 20 days ago
Are you winning ya son
Thet Paing Aung
Thet Paing Aung 20 days ago
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Month ago
Oluwatobi Adelakun
Bad ad
ausdlantein1986 Month ago
霜月[shimotsuki] 2 months ago
5:23 WTF?!?!?!
Duszek Smsaczek
Duszek Smsaczek 2 months ago
29:55 Phone miniaturization is to come again with 5G.
Draven Molina
Draven Molina 2 months ago
13:56 that music Is going to give me a nightmare
ParkerPi 2 months ago
Jojo F
Jojo F 2 months ago
Did I just watch a 35 minutes ad
Faiz ll
Faiz ll Month ago
Jojo F
Jojo F 2 months ago
Lets not forget the legendary goat john appleseed
swalehaa Month ago
john appleseed the man 😫
Henrique Lindoso
Henrique Lindoso 2 months ago
Mds o trailer do 5s branco e abisurdo
ItIsYeBear 2 months ago
I just got a random wave of nostalgia and looked for this
Amber Plays Games
Amber Plays Games 2 months ago
Oh HeLlO bArNy!
Copyright Free Music
Why Is There So Many iPhone 7 Ads?
adoreity 16 days ago
Yea APPLE THIS GREEDY? NOW there forcing you in your dreams buy it now
The Only Gaming Channel
transitions are really fucking annoying
Fyberz 2 months ago
lol i litterally just watched a video with apple ads for 30 mins xd
Random Person your meeting
@Alibium shut up kid they were just saying something go back to to minecraft or roblox lol
Fyberz Month ago
@Mk4 thanks mate :)
Mk4 Month ago
@Fyberz bro ignore them , they are just shit people who hate fornite ;)
Fyberz Month ago
@Alibium i literally get so many hate replies from being a "fortnite kid" and it just makes me sad that people cant play the game and not get hate for it so imma ask you nicely please leave me alone and i have also been going through a lot lately thank you.
Alibium Month ago
@Fyberz no, but nobody asked about what u did either.
Iris Heart
Iris Heart 2 months ago
Re:Zero ➡ Touhou ➡ Girls' Frontline ➡ Fate ➡ Danganronpa ➡ Konosuba ➡ Darling in the Franxx Wallpaper is here
かおり-さん 3 months ago
Am I the only one who is wondering why there is no iphone 1?
AndroGuider 2 months ago
Original iPhone, iPhone OG and iPhone 1 - all are the same
Jordan Sklar
Jordan Sklar 3 months ago
lol verizon 5G sucks hahahaha
Juilianna Ye
Juilianna Ye 4 months ago
iPhone 11 is the ad I’ve seen
Juilianna Ye
Juilianna Ye 4 months ago
The start of 13:46 and when it was taking pictures and stuff the music was glitching
Lol 4 months ago
It was creepy ash LOL
/ 4 months ago
Me with iPhone SE 2020:
ANG1E 26 days ago
@universalxeno didnt get it yet
MK 27 days ago
Me with SE 2016 512GB
universalxeno Month ago
@ANG1E how did you even get a brand new one
universalxeno Month ago
That’s not a flex you paid $400 for it
ANG1E Month ago
@Apple Fan i hope your happy with your iphone se! And i hope im happy with my new iphone xr!
Pradeep Rathore
Pradeep Rathore 5 months ago
Iphone x ad song?
AndroGuider 4 months ago
The name of the song is Best Friend. It's sung by Sofi Tukker. Here's a link to the song's music video: uslift.info/one/Z4venbGKt2CFun4/video.html
Kristen Paluch
Kristen Paluch 5 months ago
I love it but you forgot IPhone 11 Pro Max
Edong BlocksYT
Edong BlocksYT 3 months ago
@AndroGuider your kinda wrong, theres an ad about the iphone 11 pro max, its like smashimg things to it, and doenst break
Nothing At all
Nothing At all 4 months ago
@AndroGuider it has a ad it had the one where it was like dropping things on the iPhone and it wouldn’t break or whatever.
Kristen Paluch
Kristen Paluch 5 months ago
oh they were
AndroGuider 5 months ago
Apple didn't release a specific ad for the iPhone 11 Pro Max as it did for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you watch the ads of the iPhone 12 (the standard model), you will find Apple mentions the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 in the same ad. And the iPhone 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max are also advertised together. The same is the case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Pro and the Pro Max variant of the iPhone 11 series were advertised together.