UPGRADING HULKBUSTER IRON MAN Into A GOD In GTA 5 Mods ... (Secret Powers!) 

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We're evolving and upgrading Hulkbuster from Tony Stark to armored Hulk Buster to Hulk Buster God in this GTA 5 Dimension Adventure! Can Steve and G.U.I.D.O evolve The Hulkbuster armor into a terrifying final form? Or will Hulk Buster Iron Man fight back and defeat our heroes?
Cartoon Cat is after us in the city of GTA 5. Can our TABS unit SWAP BODIES with Sirenhead in GTA V meets Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? We are trying to outrun Sirenhead's TERRIFYING apocalypse in Grand Theft Auto modded adventures today!
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Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game played from either a third-person or first-person perspective. Players complete missions-linear scenarios with set objectives-to progress through the story. Outside of the missions, players may freely roam the open world.
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Mar 1, 2021




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Penguin GH
Penguin GH 6 hours ago
Gamma agent 2.0
Tayton Siebuhr
Tayton Siebuhr 2 days ago
he is a 10,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
kyle3900 kyle3900
HEYIM mech 3000
HEYIM mech 3000 3 days ago
Hes controlling G.U.I.D.O and G.U.I.D.O is just not talking
Shameena Mohamed
Shameena Mohamed 5 hours ago
Shameena Mohamed
Shameena Mohamed 5 hours ago
Shameena Mohamed
Shameena Mohamed 5 hours ago
Godshowgun 4 days ago
Hulkbuster is way bigger than hulk bro yes
Reuben Langham
Reuben Langham 5 days ago
kyle3900 kyle3900
he's pooping
neoza world
neoza world 6 days ago
I love you the lest hulkbuster
Eli Keys
Eli Keys 7 days ago
#cool vida
Eli Keys
Eli Keys 7 days ago
Eli Keys
Eli Keys 7 days ago
#Lol love your vids
Kaushalya Waidyatilleke
Give me your number pleas
Rachel Deuel
Rachel Deuel 8 days ago
I love you
Anderson Garcia
Anderson Garcia 8 days ago
Ee|e I love yours vid
Raj madhavla
Raj madhavla 8 days ago
cool checkponit
Mason Morgan
Mason Morgan 9 days ago
dat2626 gamers
dat2626 gamers 11 days ago
ying weng
ying weng 11 days ago
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James C
James C 11 days ago
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James C
James C 11 days ago
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James C
James C 11 days ago
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Carl Ngo
Carl Ngo 12 days ago
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OSCARUWUXD 12 days ago
OSCARUWUXD 12 days ago
Emma Williams
Emma Williams 14 days ago
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Emma Williams 14 days ago
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Burn Box
Burn Box 16 days ago
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Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 16 days ago
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Jess Davies
Jess Davies 13 days ago
Micah Mark
Micah Mark 16 days ago
Go Go Go
Tara Hudak
Tara Hudak 17 days ago
Poor frank
Carla Olsen
Carla Olsen 18 days ago
Sacha Burgess
Sacha Burgess 18 days ago
G.W.U.I.D.O be safe steve is coming
Ravyesh Ravyesh
Ravyesh Ravyesh 18 days ago
I want you install 100 mods
Ob Gu
Ob Gu 19 days ago
Arman Francis Balagtas
HulkBuster GunHulkBuster GodHulkBuster Gugodhulkbuster
Paic Titan
Paic Titan 21 day ago
This is like age of ultron XD
Bens Polynice
Bens Polynice 5 days ago
@Paic Titan trust
Paic Titan
Paic Titan 21 day ago
Well kinda...
Vanessa Zin
Vanessa Zin 21 day ago
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QY C 21 day ago
Michelle Walsh
Michelle Walsh 22 days ago
Leo Bloor
Reyna Stevens
Reyna Stevens 22 days ago
ting wang
ting wang 23 days ago
Carmela Aristilde
Carmela Aristilde 24 days ago
Chi N.P.
Chi N.P. 25 days ago
No the people on the plane one innocent😑
ting wang
ting wang 25 days ago
Checkpoint is the best
Sonic the hedeghog
Sonic the hedeghog 26 days ago
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rukini mohabir
rukini mohabir 24 days ago
past eren jàger
past eren jàger 28 days ago
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Christian Malcolm
Christian Malcolm 28 days ago
Shani Joubert
Shani Joubert 29 days ago
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Qiaoyan Zheng
Qiaoyan Zheng 29 days ago
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Davis Leru
Davis Leru 29 days ago
can you pls do war machine
NIREL DZVAIRO 29 days ago
Jdane Bentley
Jdane Bentley Month ago
#Lol Steve what are you even doing Steve you are going to get 59,000 subscribers Jesus is real what are you doing the hulk hulk has started to you now
de1ayla Month ago
Not a bad person I ever seen I just farted you’re the best I love you so much much
Fullstakes Digital
i like hulkbuster
Rosa Angelica Vasquez
Robot team
Markeytia Bowling
Jason Hawaiian
Jason Hawaiian Month ago
Carolyn Reeves
Carolyn Reeves Month ago
You should do video upgrade yourself
Carolyn Reeves
Carolyn Reeves Month ago
Good job
Christie Mciver
Christie Mciver Month ago
Ironman morphe with Spider-Man
Sebastián Mašek
Es ser
Kamz Ahmed
Kamz Ahmed Month ago
That is awesome making God HullBuster
Olu07 David
Olu07 David Month ago
Go hulk busters
Gamer Bman
Gamer Bman Month ago
Devz Tzy
Devz Tzy Month ago
Elam the trick boy
Can do it
Raman Khangura
Raman Khangura Month ago
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Linda Cook Month ago
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Linda Cook Month ago
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Linda Cook Month ago
khalil chin
khalil chin Month ago
khalil chin
khalil chin Month ago
Don’t mess With me
This is basically robocop story but you were just too big
Don’t mess With me
Why do you always have to start your episode with dimension
Lina Torijano
Lina Torijano Month ago
Ashley Brightwell
Art and gaming sg
losing at the speed of light
It is sad how down hill hes going
Mraj Ullah
Mraj Ullah Month ago
Paramita Biswas
Paramita Biswas Month ago
Nice 👍
Sunny Lim
Sunny Lim Month ago
So cool
Muhammad Ramazan
See your Evil
Monalika De
Monalika De Month ago
Erik Le
Erik Le Month ago
Erik Le
Erik Le Month ago
Erik Le
Erik Le Month ago
Nice Logo
Nice Logo Month ago
Nobody: Not even a single soul: Not even iron Man: Steve: *Hippity Hoppoty This HULKBUSTER Is Now My Property*
Sx5 Clan
Sx5 Clan Month ago
I love ur vids
Maryam Maleki
Maryam Maleki Month ago
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Month ago
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Kate Lawrence
Kate Lawrence Month ago
Your videos are so cool
Mekdes Zebire
Mekdes Zebire Month ago
It’s cool when you do the fire
Thekid Month ago
Sorry friend it was for science earlier:killed a bunch of people
Savita Boodram
Savita Boodram Month ago
I love hulkbuster
J D Savage
J D Savage Month ago