Things In My Rental Home That Just Don’t Make Sense tiktok j babii 

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Apr 28, 2021




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JewelTheCheetah 20 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats not my shoe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tawnii 21 day ago
Bro inchman jack stauber be crawling up in that bitch
Crazypizzakid Osu
Crazypizzakid Osu 26 days ago
The amount of tags in these videos makes me so sad😭😭😭
Neri Berri
Neri Berri 27 days ago
Imagine scaring your younder sibling with this 💀✋
🐻🚀 Clutch the bear 🐻🚀
I mean if you were 5 and play hide and seek well that was a good spot 😛
nayra luiza
nayra luiza 27 days ago
people go to my friend's channel and help him there his channel name is DRAKOO thank you guys ❤️
Soojin Park
Soojin Park 27 days ago
LOL it was not only me who was thinking of Coraline
Michael B
Michael B 27 days ago
Makes sense when you realize the building codes required to legally call something a room. Can change a $100k house to a $125k.
Daniel Discord
Daniel Discord 27 days ago
The "oh no" stupid music = dislike
Samael shade
Samael shade 27 days ago
Brother you living in the house from granny 2
Mustafa Türkalp Güleç
Ev bizim apartman kadar
Varp16 27 days ago
Dislike just for using that awful song
ShoNuff Soundz
ShoNuff Soundz 27 days ago
Check the news for missing persons.lol that look like a hideaway closet
It’s AdRieN ShoE
Don C
Don C 27 days ago
Tik tok is cancer, this song is cancer.
Mira Mira
Mira Mira 27 days ago
Maybe that’s for your cats
hello bobba
hello bobba 27 days ago
This reminds me of that one film with weird rooms and clothes in that room(didn't belong to the owner) then they realized there was a man (son of the ex house owner) living between of walls to avoid human contact. Every night he wen't to girls room amd took care of her and fell in love with her. Hella creepy tho *The movie is called Within*
Just a doggo who has internet access
Disliked because of music
Rats Rats
Rats Rats 27 days ago
I mean you could put your cat in there
Fuqboi McCoi
Fuqboi McCoi 27 days ago
Landlord moment
EveryoneExposed 27 days ago
Can this song stop existing please
TheAngryGamer 89
TheAngryGamer 89 27 days ago
I will tell you what doesnt make sense. Renting all your life.
Crazy cart Coach
Crazy cart Coach 27 days ago
It’s corallines house
•Luna Amore•
•Luna Amore• 27 days ago
Givin me Coraline vibes got me yelling BLOCK IT BLOCK IT! SEEEAAALL IT!
Leaf 27 days ago
Call the cops because that shoes they should investigate (just in case ) :)
Infinite Space
Infinite Space 27 days ago
Damn that stupid song
Hillman Boy
Hillman Boy 27 days ago
I am TIRED of this DUMBASS song!
rebelripper 27 days ago
Anabelle incoming 🌚
Manoharan 27 days ago
Is thus rental because it does not look like rental
Brian La
Brian La 27 days ago
I've seen Coraline enough times lol Go tell your parents how loved and satisfied you feel to have them
Corndog Ink
Corndog Ink 27 days ago
But what does the light switch do?
Fade Format
Fade Format 27 days ago
That’s where you’re supposed to put your fake Christmas tree box at
Jasmine Roșca
Jasmine Roșca 27 days ago
Satvik Shyank
Satvik Shyank 27 days ago
Granny ch. 2 home
Elnathan Shee
Elnathan Shee 27 days ago
Mr Panther ff Gaming
This place is like granny chapter two 😂😂😂
Roshan Jacob John
Roshan Jacob John 27 days ago
This....song.....bro istg
Phonk Lover
Phonk Lover 27 days ago
Dislike for overused music -_-
Adnan Mehinovic
Adnan Mehinovic 27 days ago
yo jerry do be living good there
You can play among us real life
Ecto 27 days ago
It’s almost like an among us vent
I think it was granny house way
MSPablo 27 days ago
A.i 27 days ago
On Some Rambo Shit
Shan Dale Celis
Shan Dale Celis 27 days ago
Coraline’s at the other end
Dead Vibes
Dead Vibes 27 days ago
Can I get a tactical nuke for everytume people us this damn song
Hanna Szatyńska
Hanna Szatyńska 27 days ago
Im my head in this moment : OMG is this a ✨Converse✨ shue in this fucking cute little room?!
Kole Nadeau
Kole Nadeau 27 days ago
I think it’s prob just the people who built the house wanted some specific things that most people would find weird. I know when I build my house it’ll have weird shit like that😂
Fincher Braandhan
Fincher Braandhan 27 days ago
That space was constructed to hide in case North Korea attacks
John Carl Crisostomo
Woah if i had that in our house thats where i store all my snacks
Sailor Kira
Sailor Kira 27 days ago
if that connects to there its probably a little crawling space ot just a storage
F F 27 days ago
Gigahrtz Music
Gigahrtz Music 27 days ago
Maree Barron
Maree Barron 27 days ago
I couldnt sleep, until I find out who or what is living in there.
Yurtra 27 days ago
“A spare freddy faze bear head, problem solved!”
gmax yt
gmax yt 27 days ago
She is living in granny house
GamerAne06 Yt
GamerAne06 Yt 27 days ago
Rasazy 27 days ago
This is where u hide a dead body for sure
Limon Gallagher
Limon Gallagher 27 days ago
Caroline are u xd?
Evan Bybee
Evan Bybee 27 days ago
Mice be having a five bedroom two bath in your house
Lady Laurk
Lady Laurk 27 days ago
Okay but I would crawl in there with a pitchfork in hand and explore. That way I can defend myself just in case monsters be hiding in there. But then at least I could say I explored it....and killed a monster. That's a win win.
Patience Myers
Patience Myers 27 days ago
Looks like a old laundry.shoot or a light switch befote added upstairs
Financial Leaf
Financial Leaf 27 days ago
Cat getaway
Girish D k
Girish D k 27 days ago
That's for Jerry.
Gerald A.
Gerald A. 27 days ago
Living in there still
Gerald A.
Gerald A. 27 days ago
Bruh have you ever watched the amazing world of gumball
ILLusion_Clipzツ 27 days ago
That house is freakin big
Fierce Peter Gaming
Freakin sweet
Laughin Jaxkss
Laughin Jaxkss 6 days ago
•Yasmin• 27 days ago
Já sabe né?
M1k37 28
M1k37 28 27 days ago
M1k37 28
M1k37 28 27 days ago
SOULS_ EATER 28 days ago
More storage room? What is the weird thing i dont get it
TRONMASTER 52 28 days ago
Be hiding some stuff in there if you know what I mean 😉 😉
Faustas Li
Faustas Li 28 days ago
Mini grow rooms👀👀
lostintime86 28 days ago
I think I've seen something like this before. It was a light switch that no one knew what it did. Kept turning it off and on. And then we realized that it was controlling a light in the doghouse. 😀😀😀😀😂
Aysa Becerra
Aysa Becerra 28 days ago
For the rats, duh
Shirley Wiggerman
Shirley Wiggerman 28 days ago
I've been watching to much news/crime on tv. To me it looked like a holding place for a child abduction.
Omar Estrada
Omar Estrada 28 days ago
I need a whole video of you going in there 😂😂 not parts 😤
Lina Park
Lina Park 28 days ago
Caroline in real life
Yayu Nasiem
Yayu Nasiem 28 days ago
clxiria 28 days ago
If i hear this audio one more time ima eat a whole can of Vegemite
s 28 days ago
Can we, like, not pick this song anymore? Jesus
Saba Sultan
Saba Sultan 28 days ago
It's the same house like in the game granny 😲
BENTHEBEASTHENv2 28 days ago
That shoe looks like a clown shoe for children
Lami 28 days ago
Coraline real life
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 28 days ago
Thumbs down for both the song and the genaric computerized female voice. Would of gotten a thumbs up otherwise.
IIGECKOII 28 days ago
Nah nah you see.. Its a vent right? Then a imposter lives there! Goodluck lving with dead rotting bodys everywhere
d d
d d 28 days ago
Ultra 28 days ago
Things in my house that are really useless: starting off we have the kids in my basemen-
Blaine Rushing
Blaine Rushing 28 days ago
It’s for the cat
Too Many Marys
Too Many Marys 28 days ago
It's storage. That's your answer.
Chum MD
Chum MD 28 days ago
That little door is Draculas coffin
Space Cat
Space Cat 28 days ago
I would make a really cramped room I'd just shove some blankets and pillows in there and hang some battery powered ferry lights then go in there randomly throughout the day- if I could fit that is
ThatOneAnimator 28 days ago
Coraline but in real life
Prestupnik 28 days ago
Prob where Anne Frank was hiding
omar 28 days ago
Whoever made this song im about to oh no their life
Mohammad dipu
Mohammad dipu 28 days ago
I am from Bangladesh and i support palestine #savepalestine #savethemuslims #StopTerrorismAgainstMuslims #AlAqsa #StopConspiracyAgainstIslam #stopIsraeliTerrorism #GazaUnderAttack #AlAqsaUnderAttack #WestandwithPalestine #PalestineWillBeFree #FreePalestin
NoobCannon1234 28 days ago
Everytime that shit song plays a child dies in africa
ꨄangelica Sayson
ꨄangelica Sayson 28 days ago
You can spy your brother,that would be cool actually.
see you soon
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