CJ So Cool on meeting Royalty in the club.. cheated on her baby daddy to get with CJ (Part 4) 

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May 6, 2021




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TEIGO BAY Hour ago
Dat boi was clapping Momz cheekz
Lucas Phillips
Lucas Phillips 4 hours ago
Jinx da realest
KashManiaccGaming 7 hours ago
KashManiaccGaming 7 hours ago
Stop being Mean
KashManiaccGaming 7 hours ago
Latrell Day ago
Mike clowned him so bad he dont wear that grill no more 😂😂😂
Nicole Business YT
Amazing story, I love your truth
Tut Jing
Tut Jing 2 days ago
True hustler 🤣
M RAD 2 days ago
Wow they both were desperately Looking for a come up lol damn guess it worked in the long run
Sevyn Gomez
Sevyn Gomez 3 days ago
A man said 2 days 😭 “we gotta save YOUR money”
K L 3 days ago
5:47 7:12 My man just told the whole court everything he did was based off of her investment 🤦🏾‍♂️
Rann 3 days ago
Do y’all not see the bitch shit in his moves? The manipulation is crazy
Jada Bonner
Jada Bonner 3 days ago
This nigga foul 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arlando AMB67
Arlando AMB67 5 days ago
His teeth has always been too big but with the grill in his mouth he look crazy
A O 5 days ago
She talks all that stuff and she was a freak
Derrick Winston
Derrick Winston 5 days ago
Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian
A mother with many kids, acting like she's the prize. Smh, where is Kevin Samuels?
Gotti Yoyo
Gotti Yoyo 5 days ago
Cortez Zuc Fuller
And THIS is why she had her BD at buddy crib 🤷🏾‍♂️ u leave em how u meet em
The_Renegade 7 days ago
She gon leave him the same way
29 TY
29 TY 7 days ago
Bro square
Zaven Chambers
Zaven Chambers 7 days ago
sauce23d 8 days ago
Never his story this was dope cuz I sure be walking pass my kids rooms like wtf is cj so cool
Tom hardey
Tom hardey 9 days ago
That's crazy you got booked for doing your job
Jerome Kyng
Jerome Kyng 9 days ago
CJ made a lot of simp moves and shows he has low self esteem. It proves men with money can still be simps and be controlled by women. Never date a girl with any kids. You playing step daddy when that girl really should be holding her baby daddy accountable. Never get with or impregnate a women who cheated with you. Common sense is if she cheated with you she will cheat on you. Never give a women things she doesn't deserve or worked hard for. CJ upgraded a bum b*tch and gave her everything she couldn't get on her own, and once she got the bag she dipped out. Fellas, especially black men I know you didn't grow up with a father to teach you these simple rules in life, but don't get overcome with feminine energy that you make stupid choices like CJ did. Too many males are acting like they have a vagina and make women run their lives into the ground. Be a man, be alpha. Work on yourself, work out and get your body right, meditate and be spiritual, build your business, and get a girl with real values. The simpin stuff aint working for you guys cut it out!
Bongani Zulu
Bongani Zulu 10 days ago
Royalty she really bogus, 🤣🤣🤣
Taykutit 10 days ago
When he mentioned USlift is a bag everybody can get money... You wanted to go back to meeting royalty in the club smh
Cobey Joyner
Cobey Joyner 11 days ago
Niccas like this need your help only until they on they feet then they move like they never needed you. Royalty helped this man from the jump he was broke and he threw that he was rich in her face everyday. Even though without her he would have nothing he still talks down on royalty she had two jobs and allat kids and sleeping on her moms floor. This right here is watchu call a cap flexer.
Karolyn Mannion
Karolyn Mannion 12 days ago
Ur story is fishy u just said royalty ain't no about ur situation and then u said it at the end royalty and her mom was in the club wen ur ex try to stop u from getting the number I can't be that high lmfao
G Force 21
G Force 21 12 days ago
Real talk man
Alicia Hart
Alicia Hart 14 days ago
He should have got a smaller grill
Robert Morel
Robert Morel 14 days ago
DaKing4900 15 days ago
The money got to his head
K Investors
K Investors 15 days ago
This man is a simp
SandstormNemesis X
SandstormNemesis X 16 days ago
Why a wonderful story
Ty Boyd
Ty Boyd 16 days ago
How we get to felonies off some casino shit? Somn missing buddy 🧐
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler 16 days ago
So CJ gets CAUGHT CHEATING and decides to BASH ROYALTY.. black men aint shit
Anthony Young
Anthony Young 16 days ago
From this video, without royalty he wouldn’t be shit and if you say other wise you’re sick.
C&M Moser
C&M Moser 17 days ago
Dude all cap lmfaooo
Shannon Griffin
Shannon Griffin 17 days ago
He ain't got nothing better to do than talk about her move on she is straight without you
Abraham Ballard
Abraham Ballard 17 days ago
My wife used to tell me how green this dude is. This is my first time seeing anything having to do with him...GOTDAMN HE IS MESSY AS FUUUUUUUUUH. He was made for the spotlight tho, get that money homie
[landon_socol1478] Dacoolboy#landon
He a big bi+ch you deserve everything that’s coming to him and funny mike better
SkGuzman LORD RGMD 18 days ago
Jinx was the goat
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
I'm trying to make that money
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
You right
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
Amin don't hate
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
Copyright infringement im a look it up
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
Do u think u owe royalty
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
Say that
Karen Ricks
Karen Ricks 18 days ago
I respect u
jocelyn anderson
jocelyn anderson 19 days ago
Dam how many kids do she got
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 19 days ago
I understand he has money, and I don’t but his grill 😢 why ? So ugly
B4kReacts- 19 days ago
Earl 19 days ago
You let a man potty train your daughter that you only knew for 3 days... What a sin and a shame!!!!!
Monica M
Monica M 20 days ago
CJ is for the streets and very gross and Kevo must be gay I think he wants CJ.
August finest
August finest 20 days ago
Dis nigga grill big af gotta be pullouts
t souverain
t souverain 20 days ago
To be honest with all yall we can learn from this, first he vip looking like money, so proves she opportunist also he didn't use her because he did everything for her that can get expensive and frustrating. She had 3 kids and at her mothers house lol. Nothing wrong with that but it proves how they think they look down at u and they ain't nothing financially,.yes she gave him the laptop. But all his videos he treat her well and buy her rolexss and all. He paid his due to her, no friends will look bad at that, but secure relationships women think u owe them your life if they give u a dollar. Cj thank u for having your life in front of us so we can learn. Sometimes 2 ppl just ain't meant for one another. Buy appreciate the education u probably didn't know u gave us
t souverain
t souverain 19 days ago
@Ra'Quawnn Davis lol u right on that, some ppl are just like that, in person he might be quiet till a degree. But I agree with yea. I'm just not going to say he run his mouth like a chic lol. But I think youtube is for talkers. I watch and listen thats y im typing u lol. Give him a chance though he had to struggle
Ra'Quawnn Davis
Ra'Quawnn Davis 19 days ago
I agree but tbh he doing a Lil too much. He really exposing all his supposed-to-be love one's situations like kid speak about yourself. He talk like a woman fr fr.
Dehjhunae Day
Dehjhunae Day 20 days ago
What she doing in the club with her daughter????
Plex Global
Plex Global 20 days ago
Had to check out the OG video rq 🤣
EastCoast Nuke
EastCoast Nuke 20 days ago
Them some big ass 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷
Ruhshell TV
Ruhshell TV 20 days ago
Someone said he got some fat ass grills, and now I can’t unsee it 😭
Brook53 74
Brook53 74 21 day ago
He never respected Royalty because of the way he got her... cheating
Asia Lynn
Asia Lynn 21 day ago
Sounds like if royalty never came into his life he would’ve never been where he’s at and now he’s dissing her?Shame.
Atksscopes O
Atksscopes O 21 day ago
how dont she dont ant a rich man when she cheated with funny mike
D To99
D To99 21 day ago
Couldnt even trust a girl like that.
Jessica Chanae
Jessica Chanae 22 days ago
I typed in "CJ So Crybaby" and this video popped up 😂 #messy
Antonio McKinney
Antonio McKinney 22 days ago
You definitely lucky. Stories like this isn’t that inspiring. I mean good job , you made it on USlift. But, how could you marry a promiscuous woman & actually trust her. Then you admitted she’s bogus from the day you both met. Leads my thoughts to believe you both are probably cheating on each other. Plus, you are a rich betta. Woman with 3 kids? Nah G. But I guess it ended up being a blessing for you. Lucked up with USlift but it did take sure will to continue the process.
Tree 22 days ago
He killed his own dog for attention he paintball to his own house for attention the man is a proven liar and disrespectful to royalty who is blessed by Venus herself and every child she brings into this world is also blessed unfortunately she met a demon.
Jerusha Higgs
Jerusha Higgs 22 days ago
They were that come up they were that come up for him roof over his head , a family that needed love , a family that knew how to show love back. HE just needs to grow up and be that man that he's supposed to be. Slow down he is going too fast think about yourself the things that you maybe had done wrong forgive yourself, for every action expect a reaction........ forgive royalty there is no doubt that she will forgive you give yourself a little bit of time and space away from everyone and everything a little bit of counseling would be just right for you a church pastor a real good Christian friend I guarantee the lesson from all that pain and that hurt will become clear.
Sunstar Burst
Sunstar Burst 22 days ago
Utube is dumping them stacks on those who put in the work on the it. 😐👍👍
Sunstar Burst
Sunstar Burst 22 days ago
He should of hooked up with Royalty's mom instead. 🤔🤔😏
Momo Monroe
Momo Monroe 22 days ago
I’m not mad at it keeping it real
Momo Monroe
Momo Monroe 22 days ago
Just all lies
Momo Monroe
Momo Monroe 22 days ago
Momo Monroe
Momo Monroe 22 days ago
O wow all them games he is a real player
LaThorn Yahshua
LaThorn Yahshua 23 days ago
Lucky! Luck! Aint no such thing! Repent! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Revelations 5:5
JustUsNuJeru Nu
JustUsNuJeru Nu 23 days ago
Cheating is this: If you do it for me: you'll do it to me... Enough of the blatant immatur2
Joe Stansil
Joe Stansil 23 days ago
Coming back to Gary definitely would have been a trap for him
Neisha Williams
Neisha Williams 23 days ago
Horse mouth 😂🤌🏽
Thatboyreckless 23 days ago
Cj wouldn’t be shit without royalty she was getting mistreated by her (bd) soo yaw all some idiots🤦🏿‍♂️ the kids made the USlift soo yeah
Keasha QUEEN
Keasha QUEEN 23 days ago
Cool story though
Keasha QUEEN
Keasha QUEEN 23 days ago
Keasha QUEEN
Keasha QUEEN 23 days ago
Why he look like a down grade of asap rockie
Mr. Random
Mr. Random 23 days ago
*The Grind Don’t Stop*
Nasi Jolly
Nasi Jolly 23 days ago
So lefts go back you’re telling me you had Royalty and her mom in the club😂
Brittney B Red
Brittney B Red 23 days ago
That one night cost him his crib.
Sonjia Gilmer
Sonjia Gilmer 23 days ago
Boy please! You're no saint. Both of you deserve your karma
Moon Lasers
Moon Lasers 24 days ago
This interview just got cj new fan
JP Richmore
JP Richmore 24 days ago
Wowwwww you really never know where really goin on in these you tubers real life. This is almost unbelievable great story tho. One thing is homie kept goin !
Capone 24 days ago
Can’t call shorty bogus now lol....smfh who raised these niggas.?-
wiwi wiwi
wiwi wiwi 24 days ago
damn royalty was easy🤣
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8 24 days ago
Is this supposed to be a spoof of a DJ Vlad interview? Or is this real?
anthony reynoza
anthony reynoza 24 days ago
Idk even know who this guy is but I respect how honest he is. Most guys wouldn't admit that they were living off of people. I respect the come up forsure.
Laydee Graham
Laydee Graham 24 days ago
And you tha Latest TRICK She FLIPPED OFF 😂 Dork
Darius Olfus
Darius Olfus 24 days ago
I can relate to this 😂
Kendall S.W.
Kendall S.W. 25 days ago
All these niggas actin
Lani Lan
Lani Lan 25 days ago
So they both cheated on their previous bf and gf thats how they met, and you mean to tell me she thought cj wouldn’t cheat on her?........
Daniel Mccaffrey
Daniel Mccaffrey 25 days ago
Jesus bandman kevo really pulled him in deep hes talking him into anything and everything
Mizz Qua
Mizz Qua 25 days ago
At a certain age it’s just certain shit you don’t say. Ok so whatever she was prior should have stopped when he got with her you still chose to be with her. My thing is kids may see this but damn ain’t no gray areas with you tubers. This applies for both