I Built a DRAGON in Minecraft Hardcore (#44) 

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Today I BUILT A DRAGON IN MINECRAFT in my Hardcore Minecraft Lets Play! I built a giant ender dragon in survival minecraft and it took a long time!

Watch the series from episode 1:


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Jun 7, 2021




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Comments 0   
Orbyx 21 minute ago
...No more water checkpoints?
Hunter Parratt
Hunter Parratt 2 hours ago
Jesus loves you!!!!!!
skyegaming forever
skyegaming forever 3 hours ago
"So.... I want to fix the tail" ZELDA MUSIC STARTS.........Five seconds later...........DOOM MUSIC BEGINS.............Two seconds later............ZELDA MUSIC RESUMES
Bradley Thoms
Bradley Thoms 3 hours ago
anyone else from 44k subs or less?
Boudewijn van Oene
Boudewijn van Oene 4 hours ago
You made a Dragon by the end en now make a bastion by the nether
VenusKing 4 hours ago
wadzee: bridges diagonal me that plays bedwars: *Cringe* hes slow bridging
ltzPandaYT 5 hours ago
G i i
The Great Rocket YT
why would you put a dragon skeleton *and* the dragon that was supposedly killed in this build? i think the dragon came out great but it just doesn't make sense...
dani6780 dani6780
dani6780 dani6780 6 hours ago
wow the black concrete makes the blackstone look not black
Nolan Reese
Nolan Reese 6 hours ago
bruh WadZee needs to be on the hermitcraft server. WadZee Hermitcraft season 8!!
Hudson Roth
Hudson Roth 6 hours ago
make's entire body, eehh. makes rough sketch of head "applause"
Hudson Roth
Hudson Roth 6 hours ago
he's like grian junior when he builds
dani6780 dani6780
dani6780 dani6780 7 hours ago
10:40 it looks like a fricking decapitated seahorse
andrea bell
andrea bell 7 hours ago
one question, how?
PyreQYT Gaming
PyreQYT Gaming 8 hours ago
World: Save the beaches WadZee: hold my sand...
sometinwong 8 hours ago
You should build a MASSIVE melon next for melony
Chill. Blue
Chill. Blue 8 hours ago
the first little bit 10:26 looks like and alligator
Mohammad Khazaee
Mohammad Khazaee 9 hours ago
Daniel Kozak
Daniel Kozak 10 hours ago
This guy makes a dirt pillar an insane dragon.
Super Blaze
Super Blaze 10 hours ago
Day 16 of asking wadzee to do water checkpoints again
Marc 10 hours ago
Throw concrete powder into a cauldron with water to turn it into concrete
Godly Gamers
Godly Gamers 11 hours ago
He doesn't need creative mode. Creative mode needs him🥶
Jujhar singh
Jujhar singh 11 hours ago
For fasting the trading with piglins you can set a gold block with sticky piston front of them so when the piglins take gold and then they see that the gold block was not on his position so they try to attack you and drop item fast
Bears and Tigers
Bears and Tigers 11 hours ago
When he finish the dragon Skyrim Music came on and I was like “yes Skyrim”
sneaky albino
sneaky albino 11 hours ago
you should build a white godly dragon in front of the ender dragon
Fahmi Nugraha
Fahmi Nugraha 11 hours ago
Man, this isn't a pointless building, this is a masterpiece
Shubh Ranjan Chakraborty
Wadzee be like -- who cares about dying in hardcore?!?!? I'll do something impossible!!!!!
♧•Gacha Queen•♧
Mayde you can built a baby bragon coming out of the egg
J Fuzion
J Fuzion 12 hours ago
I wish I could build as good as wadzee
Dark Hollow
Dark Hollow 12 hours ago
Wouldn't it look cooler if the claws were made from quartz blocks or stone instead of cobblestone walls?
LucKyPlayZ 2000
LucKyPlayZ 2000 13 hours ago
If your melon farm is tho big, just build another layer
Pawan b shivaram
Pawan b shivaram 13 hours ago
😍😍😍😍lov u
Bigtuna063 14 hours ago
Make a minecraft sign in the air with all the biomes
Batmask Playz Roblox
14:03 Wadzee: It kinda just looks like i've built a floating godzilla with no head Me: No, it is a floating dinosaur for the chrome t rex game with no eyes
Jayson Gonzales
Jayson Gonzales 15 hours ago
Can you make a mega ultra base
Kengo Ito
Kengo Ito 15 hours ago
I'll never be able to defeat it.
Kuldev Singh
Kuldev Singh 16 hours ago
brian jefferson
brian jefferson 16 hours ago
wadzee pogzee samething
Krish Gupta
Krish Gupta 16 hours ago
he should build the wither in the nether area
Hasanthi Dayarathna
Hasanthi Dayarathna 16 hours ago
this is the most complicated build by him
Zile 17 hours ago
Heads a little big compared to the body, but meh...
Mayuresh Chaudhari
Mayuresh Chaudhari 17 hours ago
He is going to end grain's whole carrier
Preeti Kulkarni
Preeti Kulkarni 18 hours ago
You’re insane
Aniketh H
Aniketh H 19 hours ago
you are good enough to join the dream smp .
Yucky Ducklin
Yucky Ducklin 19 hours ago
Get this legend to 10mil he 100000000000% deserves it
samarth vasisht.k
samarth vasisht.k 19 hours ago
10:46 The dragon looks like a crow
Mega Stefan
Mega Stefan 19 hours ago
pog 19 hours ago
4:12 the andesite agrees
Justin Jayden Purnomo 1737026
7:03 godzilla
AAAGAMERx Playz 20 hours ago
Add some fire breath to your dragon. (or you can't do that)
parth tak
parth tak 21 hour ago
You should rename your 'wadzee plays minecraft hardcore' to 'wadzee does pointless building' its just more accurate
GamerXPros 21 hour ago
12:57 kinda looks like a black skullcrawler to me XD
Lesly Arriaga
Lesly Arriaga 23 hours ago
Title should be: holy dirt
randomBees 23 hours ago
0:30 what is this song called
We Get It You're An Army
I love it so much
Jax Goodman
Jax Goodman Day ago
Plz stop spoiling the build with the cover
SlMDONG Day ago
This is the definition of “trust the process”
Silky tea
Silky tea Day ago
to make pigeons trade faster make ⏃ gold block move by a piston constantly:)
Dragon Zaps
Dragon Zaps Day ago
Me: can't even build a decent wall Wadzee: so today I'm going to build the universe Me:😯
Player Pascal
😲 wow
Juliana Nordquist
unless this dragon is the hatched egg you should remove the dragon skeleton from the ground just a tip :)
kunjal Khamkar
I think the animation movie how to train your dragon seeing or making of the movie
Not RiFtZ Shorts
make FIRE
Martha Gudmandsen
Two things. One you inspired me to find a desert and just destroy in the realm im in. So much fun xD second. THANK YOU! I have been looking for a dragon build that is not a mod or WAAAY too big
Mera Ataala
Mera Ataala Day ago
Wadzee that looks like a wolf
sea turtle
sea turtle Day ago
15:00 so nobody's gonna talk about that creeper up there?
Liudvikas Velykis
Why did he built a dragon if there is a dragon skeleton at the ''bedrock'' portal
TabbyCat 3000
The dragon he built in this video could be related to the the other dragon, the skeleton, and has come to take back it's territory
Lastexpedition 112
Can you make a nether style village
MrBeast At Home
Who thinks he should make a wither
Adrienne Dean
The dragon is cool I like how you built it
Platinum08 Day ago
Where is tha water brakeeee
Alma Bayle
Alma Bayle Day ago
10:23 looks like a snake
Alma Bayle
Alma Bayle Day ago
9:56 looks like a crocodile
Randy Uhren
Randy Uhren Day ago
W You could make a bunch of glass domes with biomes in them
Oliver Crofts
I thin k the samr as the top 2 peiple that typed
I would love to see an insane portal behind the biome, itself. It would add so much to the build. Also, you could add a purplish trail from the dragon itself and you can start to revamp each part of the biome. You could add little to big purple spikes going through each of the islands, scatter some bone trees? (Just a suggestion) Last, of all, I think it would look phenomenal if you rebuilt the ship but in your style... perhaps? It would break the build up and really stand out.
Megha Jain
Megha Jain Day ago
Automatic concrete farm It converts powder into concrete and then u can use auto clicker with moving Just like going afk with autoclicker U can try jc playz concrete farm
Zaroon Niamat
Bruh you’re s good at minecraft I need some teaching from you LOL I literally love it 😀🤩🥳🤩
Bachvan Pham
Bachvan Pham Day ago
He should make a squid farm
Avocado the Cat
Wadzee make a schematic of the drag pls
Manta Monk
Manta Monk Day ago
Wadzee for hermitcraft season 8 plz
Bergþór Hugi Bjarnason
I like how the head and the wings changed the dragon
Mohammed mohammed
U can first build by concrete powder block and with the help of water bucket u can make them into concrete block
AJ Day ago
Please make more videos🙏🙏🤬
Video idea (If you already did it ofc just ignore) : Trying to kill the Ender Dragon 100 times..
Wadzee Still playing minecraft after beating the dragon Me: **Gets iron armour a full set of tools and a house and feels like have beaten the dragon and just want to come back in kitpvp farming kills**
Forza Ferro
Forza Ferro Day ago
Bro Your crazy
Nightmare Day ago
This man needs 8 mil likes and subs
U deserve 10+ million subscribers
Make a pac man
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Day ago
What would've looked sick is having tiny rips in the wing membranes, to make it look like it's seen some action
Lucas Rekkebo
Ur SO GOOD AT BUILDING!! Im the best minecraft builder out of ALL OF THE PEOPLE IVE EVER MEET and u are TWICE AS GOOD AS MEH
Grace Gong
Grace Gong Day ago
Wait but there is already a skeleton of the dragon and the egg didn’t hatch and then another dragon appear so it is a dragon family(sadly the mum or dad died)
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Day ago
making the teeth dripstone would be rad
WinRaR Day ago
Plot twist: wadzee died and open world lan to use cheats, turned all back, built everything and turned off cheats
KvN Day ago
18:31, 19:06
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