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Piston Honda 2 Strategy Evolution video (highly recommended) - uslift.info/one/d42_u9mlz2xiqo4/video.html
Thanks so much everyone :)
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Mar 2, 2021




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Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt Month ago
My alternate plan for this video was an interview with Matt Turk. Ended up deciding on this instead though. Maybe we'll have to do that at 2 million...
Kenneth Mclaughlin
11m views. Come on, you'll hit 2m subs in no time
Ungood Content
Ungood Content 2 days ago
rina cc
rina cc 4 days ago
When is the next smb1 any% world record progression because 4:54 was achieved
Milch76 11 days ago
Lucavi 11 days ago
Well now you HAVE to!
Cesar Arbusto Fifolatto
gg man
Its Agent B
Its Agent B 2 hours ago
Dude... look into the evolution of Getting over it with Bennet Foddy. The speedrunning community is amazing there and what these guys can do is insane.
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1M subs any% glitchless - 8 years 11 months 5 days nice run!
Ben V
Ben V 8 hours ago
I am finally ditching USlift because of censorship and manipulation. I will look for your videos, channels and content on other platforms.
Rock Balancer
hey this isnt my video but describes my feelings accurately uslift.info/one/g6KyrsODlHVdxoY/video.html -How it feels to watch summoning salt
Seth Masker
Seth Masker Day ago
Good job man, you deserve this
Mesquite Automotive
I learned about this channel from jacksfilms but I was hooked
Sean Sachs
Sean Sachs 2 days ago
Hey Salt, I don't know if you're aware, but I heard SmallAnt say multiple times that he uses your content to sleep at night. I thought that was pretty cool.
Michael Blount
Michael Blount 2 days ago
Funny you mention it because I’m using this to fall asleep myself. Can’t wait to see what we get next : )
Pitta 2 days ago
Summoning salt da GOAT
T- Helper
T- Helper 3 days ago
dying for KOTOR progression
Meper 3 days ago
When the mario do the 4:54
Tagus 3 days ago
n0oB gaming
n0oB gaming 3 days ago
Song in 0:00 home - we're finally home
Joe DOOM 3 days ago
I love your content so much I've been here since choco mountain! When the Minecraft RSG WR is sub 10 would you do a Minecraft speed run history?
CinderGD 4 days ago
I'm definitetly a little late to this channel, but all of your videos always keep me from being bored out of my mind, and i've watched some like rainbow road world records, the quest to beat matt turk, or the world record perfection almost 5 times and they never get old, thanks for making such awesome videos!
KindaSus 4 days ago
I think this is one of the only USliftrs I am genuinely happy for, well done man!
Nick P
Nick P 4 days ago
It's so refreshing seeing youtubers putting unheard of amounts of effort into their vids. These days, I see content creators dropping content that they wipped up in maybe half an hour and I m glad to say that Summoning Salt is not one of those people. Keep it up Double "S", We support you 1 Million percent.
prizefyter 4 days ago
Been watching you since the World Record Progression: Super Mario Bros. No idea how many views it or subs you had, but it wasn't 1M! Congrats!
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 4 days ago
Was anyone else getting chills while watching
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 4 days ago
Dude...:salt. We love your stuff... but this wait... is getting 1940s.
Noice Cartoon Cat
History of big blue in Mario kart 8
Matheus Cabral
Matheus Cabral 4 days ago
do a video about 4 54 Super Mario Bros 1
ATom.Exe 5 days ago
ok, new video when?
LelloLoSgabello ITA
Love from italy 🇮🇹 ❤️
Bilbo BT
Bilbo BT 5 days ago
I really hope you have a history of the Super Mario Bros world record to celebrate the huge accomplishment recently achieved in that field
Ultimate Gaming and Stuff
I just realized you dont use dark mode
Blevin Jenklins
Blevin Jenklins 6 days ago
im here for the long haul my dog
nglz 6 days ago
Kenny Wong
Kenny Wong 6 days ago
Great videos - one minor request, “All we ever see of Stars” by Three Chain links...will that be making an appearance in one of your videos again?
Wesselkss 6 days ago
Rip playbutton
Sankhya_0 6 days ago
we wouldn't have had summoning salt without Matt Turk.
sfphunter 7 days ago
Being in my mid-40s, I grew up playing a lot of these games. Glad I stumbled on your channel while looking up speedruns. It's fun watching the speedrunning community absolutely dismantle games that defined my childhood lol
DUCK1E 7 days ago
What’s this opening music?
Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell 6 days ago
Pantera - domination.
Amazango 8 days ago
Every time i watch your videos, i enjoy it but then get sad thinking about how all the games you can cover are dwindling down, and that those videos were so good. Makes me want to like erase my memory of those videos and watch them over
Empyreal 8 days ago
I may have said this before but binge-watching your videos helped me a lot getting through the wee hours with my newborn foster son. One year later? *fade to black* This happened. [picture of me watching this video with his newborn brother]
Denske 8 days ago
I am starting to get antsy for a new summoning salt 🧂 video!
AT1G 8 days ago
Hi Summoning Salt, love your work and congrats on 1,000,000 subs and also if you are not working on it already, soon can you please make a new Super Mario Bros Any% World Record Progression.
BonzoKop123 9 days ago
Summoning salt make an updated mario 64 progression 120 star
animator 9 days ago
1 million
Shrimp Kid
Shrimp Kid 9 days ago
Bro I'm gonna get deep rq, ion know anything at all about speedrunning and have no interest in speedrunning/watching speedruns/getting into speedruns. WITH THAT SAID, your channel is probably my favorite thing ever. Something abt the way you edit and tell it like a story is therapeutic, beautiful how something as simple as playing a game fast can be an uplifting story of overcoming adversity and improvising in the face of roadblocks with just a touch of good narration, editing, and storytelling. keep doing what you do!!
okairo 9 days ago
please someone make a comment about this topic referencing another one of his videos
kauã Eduardo Nobre de Oliveira
Gold 9 days ago
E 13
E 13 9 days ago
Would be cool to see a video on Astro’s Game Room )))
DaVince21 9 days ago
Sinister1 seems to be sporting Piston Honda's hair.
Chris Plakos
Chris Plakos 10 days ago
You are a treasure summoning salt, love your content, keep going!
Guillem 444
Guillem 444 10 days ago
Hey dude, can you do a smb 1 wr history to celebrate nifski's 4:54.9?
Bbb Hegli
Bbb Hegli 10 days ago
I really like ur vids. Can you please make more videos about 2d games? My favorite video of yours is about Castlevania, followed by Ninja Gaiden and Mario 2
Matt Milliken
Matt Milliken 10 days ago
Keep it up. You've found your niche. TV level quality. It's great
MG 10 days ago
where is niftski video?!
Niko Miller
Niko Miller 10 days ago
When are you going to do a Spelunky video? AKA the BEST Speedrun game.
12tommita 10 days ago
Now that 4:54 was achieved in smb maybe its time to Make "The quest to 4:54 in super mario bros"
deth2250 10 days ago
Hey Mr salt You probably won't see this, but a vid of your editing process would be cool. Or I don't know if you'd be into this but a stream of you editing a video to see all the time and effort that goes into your process and craft. Editing probably takes days but even a small part of it would be interesting to see.
Chris Geer
Chris Geer 10 days ago
What is the world record time for someone getting 1 million subscribers on USlift? I think that would be a cool video!
VCXZ 11 days ago
New Super Mario Bros. world record.
Defultz 11 days ago
im glad i was apart of that 😢
Gabriel Pilan
Gabriel Pilan 11 days ago
Congrats Salt, I've been in your channel for a while now, and I can't thank you enough for so many great moments I've got from your videos notifications! You are THE BEST content creator I've ever seen, if anyone deserves millions of subscribers it's you! I'm already excited for your next video and for the future this channel holds! Thank you again for this amazing content, and I wish you the best!
Victor Brito
Victor Brito 11 days ago
Highest quality videos in a subject a know nothing about and wouldn’t have thought I’m interested in, thank you summoning salt for all the work you put in!
abeastlypenguin 11 days ago
I love the Mario kart videos, a Mario kart ds video would be cool
ThaAwesome10 11 days ago
You know what it’s time for
David Daverio
David Daverio 11 days ago
I think that this video shows something: when you do something just because you want success you are likely to fail! But when you do it because you like it you are likely to success!
RoyalJester17 12 days ago
Make a Spotify playlist already please!
freeHippie 12 days ago
Danke, keep going
Colten Clarke
Colten Clarke 13 days ago
For anyone wondering, the beginning song is “home we’re finally landing” uslift.info/one/m4a-nb6rxGOKyII/video.html is the link
GravyHippo 13 days ago
Your videos really are therapeutic. I feel so relaxed when I watch them. Thank you for being one of my favorite channels. You deserved the 1mil milestone!
linko909 13 days ago
Hey, you should keep an eye on what is going on with Wind Waker HD, they found a 3rd major glitch that promises to put the WR on sub 5 hours after 3-4 years on the 5:20 mark
waduv 13 days ago
also "the bald guy" Seth Everman dropped your channel in a q&a
Zion Misa
Zion Misa 13 days ago
Really LOVE this channel!!!!!
Kayzenhyuga 13 days ago
Have you considdered doing a History video on the Dragon quest games speedrun?
Timothey XVIII
Timothey XVIII 13 days ago
6:55 I’m so glad for that algorithm, it showed me one of the best channels on USlift. Love your Videos!
iLifeline1 14 days ago
speedrunning story time: with Summoning Salt
enyomn 14 days ago
What is the song that you use at the beginning of every video?
Daniel Mikell
Daniel Mikell 14 days ago
With so few videos its amazing how fast you grew!
john basedow
john basedow 14 days ago
Salt needs to drop more consistent content. He’s a genius
pirateclick1 :D
pirateclick1 :D 14 days ago
mycol tong
mycol tong 14 days ago
No matter what. Please take time for yourself. As much as i truly love your videos, please take time to relax. I never want to see a day when your content loses meaning to you. Your content. Your voice. Your topic. Your process. I cherish all of your videos, very much. I wish their were so many more. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. From the days when i needed to dull my reality to make it through the day, your videos were there. The nights that i needed to rest, with my mind somewhere else entirely, your videos were there. Even in moments of my life in which their was nothing but energy, happy vibes and joy. I still enjoyed your videos. So don't thank us, at least don't thank me. I appreciate your existence. Thank you.
AA. 14 days ago
I really hope to see more speedrun content. maybe from more modern games like ratchet & clank or cuphead?
Alnilam Ecrota
Alnilam Ecrota 15 days ago
I really enjoy your channel buddy. You deserve every sub you get.
King 2nLink
King 2nLink 15 days ago
I have an idea you should do the history of pencil sharpening speedrun
Dossie Bigham
Dossie Bigham 15 days ago
late but love you man and your vids maybe something on Doom speed runs or something.
Sebastian Loh
Sebastian Loh 15 days ago
fell into a 🐰🕳, 🙏
ASMR People
ASMR People 15 days ago
Congrats. I'm a somewhat early sub, subbed right after the smb1 video dropped. You have a way of making the chase seem so heroic. I liken you to a sports documentarian. Might I suggest a long term project, an overall history of speed running. Perhaps rather than dropping it on USlift you go a step further and make a full movie on it the type that might be on Netflix. Perhaps you even do a GoFundMe or something because at that point you'll need an actual fair-use attorney. Something similar to what those guys whom were making the kyzoo documentary were doing. Anyway just some food for thought.
Odeta Rudling
Odeta Rudling 15 days ago
Good job 1m
escuchaesto 15 days ago
Did I hear your voice cracking at the end? ngl the video made me emotional for some reason :D
Judge 16 days ago
congrats !
TheRogueThunder 16 days ago
How do you think Home feels about accidentally writing the National Anthem of Speed Runners?
Chris Waudby
Chris Waudby 16 days ago
You deserve it man here's to the next million
Juan Sudarsky
Juan Sudarsky 17 days ago
These videos are amazing. Good work. They have provided a window into an amazing world for me. I absolutely love the music too. Keep up the good work.
evan tanuwidjaja
evan tanuwidjaja 17 days ago
lmfao stfu, you falsely accused someone of cheating
Thetrollerstroll er
MagicOfIO 17 days ago
I clicked newest comments and this kid is the first one i found. :/
Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt 17 days ago
What are you talking about
Frenzee 17 days ago
This man could make watching paint dry interesting with his commentary. How
Wyoshineo 17 days ago
As soon as I found this channel 2 weeks ago I fell in love, and I've binged every episode chronologically since. Such a perfect concept, and I'm glad the host is so good at what he does as well. It's rare to see someone with that much passion, but a speed run history channel run by someone that actually has an investment in speed running from a player's standpoint is truly special.
SchoolofRockNRoll 17 days ago
Forrest 17 days ago
Dude I am dying for a Monkey Ball video. I love your videos so much I get more excited than anything seeing you made a new video. Keep killing it.
TheYedmeister 17 days ago
The Story of Speedrunning YT (Ft. Summoningsalt)
Cranky Detective
Cranky Detective 17 days ago
This guy is what feature people will look on for speed running history
DavidamThomas 18 days ago
Can you ever cover paper mario? anyways your awesome thanks for the great content
Vladimir Tchuiev
Vladimir Tchuiev 18 days ago
Now please do a video about Diablo 2 speedrunning
Zucchini 18 days ago
Been watching since the red/blue video. You’re a legend.
ً 19 days ago
Very epic. I'm not really interested in these types of videos but I did watch the Wii kart video but I congratulate you