PREGNANT WITH BABY #2!!! finding out + telling my husband! 

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Today we are sharing we are pregnant with baby #2!!!
Main Channel video about finding out im pregnant! - uslift.info/one/ZJbAqMuwj2eF1Io/video.html
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Apr 13, 2021




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Addison Reyna
Addison Reyna 22 days ago
Cove saying “Uuuuuupppp” while Parker is finding out is the CUTEST
lizzy pop
lizzy pop 22 days ago
awwhhh were all crying now!!! So excited for yall!
Brittany K
Brittany K 22 days ago
When he said how I about died. 🤣🤣🤣 You know what you did Parker. 😂😂😂 That was hilarious.
Sarah Holmgren
Sarah Holmgren 25 days ago
Congrats!!!! I was pregnant with my daughter while you were pregnant with Cove, and now I’m pregnant with #2 while you are! ❤️ I thought CERTAIN it would be a boy but turns out it’s another girl! Yay for babies!!!
chrissy & carrie’s Family Channel
Awwww congratulations you two! ❤️
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 26 days ago
People been getting pregnant a lot lately
Junior Diaz
Junior Diaz 26 days ago
Lmfao his face showed it all 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and this my first time ever seeing this channel
Jael Carrera
Jael Carrera 26 days ago
I never clicked so fast before
Avery Mayo
Avery Mayo 26 days ago
omg yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
darlene miranda
darlene miranda 27 days ago
Omg i had a feeling that they might be pregnant again! Congrats Y’all ☺️
Eric McHenry
Eric McHenry 27 days ago
Happy 25th Birthday Aspyn. I believe that everyone should have the best birthday that they can in this new year in a safe way and that includes you. So have an amazing birthday today.
Cassie B.
Cassie B. 27 days ago
8:16-17 cove says “crazy”😩😍she’s so cute
Chelsea 27 days ago
Congrats!! I'm due in May :)
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
We just found out that we are pregnant on baby number 2 as well!!
Alyazi Vibes
Alyazi Vibes 27 days ago
I'm so happy for you aspyn and parker ❤️.
Diane Pacifico
Diane Pacifico 27 days ago
Congratulations on baby #2!
Jen N
Jen N 27 days ago
You two! I’m so happy for your family!
Alisha Vial
Alisha Vial 27 days ago
I’ve been a little suspicious for a while because it’s not really like you guys to miss videos or skip a couple days completely in a vlog & that kept happening! I didn’t say anything because the pregnant comments always annoy me, like it’s not really anyone’s business. But now that you guys are announcing it, I’m super happy for you! I’ve been watching since the days when your channel was called hautebrilliance and it’s so fun to watch your family grow! Baby number 2 is going to be so cute, congratulations!
Tessa Collins
Tessa Collins 27 days ago
The most honest reaction I love it
Letty Barrales
Letty Barrales 27 days ago
You guys are trending #6!!!!
Astrid Vlogs
Astrid Vlogs 27 days ago
Awww this was so adorable congratulations you guys I think it’s a boy 2 of my cousins had boys and my brother has a little boy so I’m team boy for sure love y’all❤️
Maria S
Maria S 27 days ago
BB Anna
BB Anna 27 days ago
Ahhh we knew😍😍😍 CONGRATS
Cayla kravitz
Cayla kravitz 27 days ago
ahhhhh!!! yayayyy
Samantha Melendez
Samantha Melendez 27 days ago
Samantha Melendez
Samantha Melendez 27 days ago
Im so happyyyy
Renee Arsenault
Renee Arsenault 27 days ago
Bumble Beast
Bumble Beast 27 days ago
Wow first video 9 years ago. Wish you all the best!
anita banitah116
anita banitah116 27 days ago
Kandyce Joel
Kandyce Joel 27 days ago
Congrats!! I saw on Instagram that you are way more sick this go around, it makes me feel like its a boy 💙❤️
Katy Goodwin
Katy Goodwin 27 days ago
Why didn’t my husband cry both times I told him 😒😅😅
Morgan Mcdermid
Morgan Mcdermid 27 days ago
Omgg this is the best news!!! I feel like u just had cove I can’t believe it’s number 2!!! I remember when u got engaged🥺🥺
Kylie Williams
Kylie Williams 27 days ago
y’all can’t make me cry on my break at work omg😭
Jazmene Lambert
Jazmene Lambert 27 days ago
This was def one of the best reactions ever! I legit laughed! I love it!!
Charlotte Dalton
Charlotte Dalton 27 days ago
I found your channel when you told Parker you were pregnant with Cove, i have watched all of your videos since and love you guys so so much. Congratulations 🎉 ❤️❤️
Brooke Kucel
Brooke Kucel 27 days ago
Cherinda Call
Cherinda Call 27 days ago
Omg!!! Congrats!!!!!
Brenda Dockweiler
Brenda Dockweiler 27 days ago
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!
Mary Gichuri
Mary Gichuri 27 days ago
OMG so excited congratulations:D
Cierra Nicole
Cierra Nicole 27 days ago
Awhhh congrats you guys!! I'm due in September with my second as well!!!
Darian Rose
Darian Rose 27 days ago
I should not be doing my makeup while watching this 😂
Natasha Liseli
Natasha Liseli 27 days ago
Knew ittt! Congratulations 💓
meganhite 27 days ago
Do you know the gender yet?? I found out both my babies genders at 10 weeks with a blood test
chanel malara
chanel malara 27 days ago
I so happy🦋❤️🦋
Deon Young
Deon Young 27 days ago
Congratulations! 💖 Parker made me cry 🥺
Aqsa Khan
Aqsa Khan 27 days ago
Congratulations guys 💓💓💓
Alexis West
Alexis West 27 days ago
We’re due the same month!!!
Hope 27 days ago
Definitely think you’ll be having another girl
Beth 27 days ago
Congratulations! 💙💗 totally agree on not saying anything before someone's actually annouced 👶( I did have a feeling though from your Easter Instagram story with a well placed banner 😜🥳) x
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole 27 days ago
Love how Parker said “YOURE pregnant?” as if Cove could have been the one to take the test 😂
Mariana Howard
Mariana Howard 27 days ago
100% agree with you about your husband not being able to go in with you for your appointments (they also don’t allow kids in, which makes it hard when you don’t have anyone to leave your baby with). I hope that all changes soon too! Happy for you all!
Saima Aslam
Saima Aslam 28 days ago
I remember feeling pretty crappy early 2019 and your video of finding out you were pregnant came up on my recommend list. I wasn’t even a subscriber back then. I watched it and thought that maybe I should do a pregnancy test too. The next morning I found out I was pregnant!! Nine months later I had TWINS!! You’re right to be scared because two is A LOT of work, but it’s also so so so much fun!! Not only will you make memories with your children but now they’ll make memories with each other. All the best 💕
Morgan Cronin
Morgan Cronin 28 days ago
Sofia 28 days ago
Congrats! Such a nice family🤩
Vittel Berroya
Vittel Berroya 28 days ago
Congratulations! ❤️❤️
A m e l i e
A m e l i e 28 days ago
Ahhh the baby might be born on my birthday, wow this makes me soo happy to follow along with your second baby! I remember when cove was still in your tummy! 🥺❤️
Shyla Lopez
Shyla Lopez 28 days ago
Grace Elder
Grace Elder 28 days ago
STOPPPP 😍😍🙂🙂🥰🥰🥰
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams 28 days ago
TheDezzSays 28 days ago
Aspyn I was literally just thinking about you guys on my drive home and I was like I need to check on them I haven’t had time for USlift for a couple of weeks. And I open my USlift and this is the first video I see. I’m so happy for you al and praying for you always! Congratulations so happy for you
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez 28 days ago
Parker: "HOW?!!" Aspyn: "What do you mean how?!?!" hahah loved the reaction! congrats !
Marlyn Diaz
Marlyn Diaz 28 days ago
Really hoping for a girl!!! I’ve replayed Parker’s reaction so many times 😭
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 28 days ago
It’s a boy for sureeee
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 28 days ago
Jrpproductions1 28 days ago
Aspyn makes a good point about spamming people with pregnant assumptions. Some people go through mischarges and it really affects them so please respect people and their personal lives
Marlyn Diaz
Marlyn Diaz 28 days ago
I am so so happy for you both 😭and Parker’s reaction made me cry happy tears! but yeah, seeing everyone constantly comment how you had to be pregnant BEFORE you were actually pregnant was so annoying and rude.
C h a r l y L i v e s
Parker's reaction. Priceless.
Anna Stenerson
Anna Stenerson 28 days ago
Jrpproductions1 28 days ago
Parker crying makes my heart melt :,)
igna83 28 days ago
I love Parker's reaction and his "HOW??" --I'm chuckling as I say to myself, "Welllll...the same way you got the one in pigtails right here!" HA! HA!! Congratulations to you all!!!
Gracelyn Marie
Gracelyn Marie 28 days ago
I KNEWW ITTT!!!! congrats 🥰🥰🥰 i gasped so loud when i read the title
Princess Ayslinn
Princess Ayslinn 28 days ago
Sarah Tagum-Patron
Sarah Tagum-Patron 28 days ago
Congrats!!! Yeah going from 1-2 is a huge adjustment especially for the first born! Buuuut it’s so true that having 2 is a lot more fun. Especially seeing the two babies adore each other so much. ❤️
Brooke Cross
Brooke Cross 28 days ago
Awe I’m due October 7th for my first baby. So excited for you guys!!
Magsy Haskell
Magsy Haskell 28 days ago
OK. Now that is the cutest way to tell him have your daughter give him the test. Love it. Adorable. Congratulations. Love you guys.
Angel Bridges
Angel Bridges 28 days ago
So exciting. Congrats you guys
Charlene xo
Charlene xo 28 days ago
Yayayay!!! I’m also due October!! So fun watching these and following your journey. God bless you guys ❤️
Cassie Marie
Cassie Marie 28 days ago
Parker starting to cry .... omg I love it
Leisa C
Leisa C 28 days ago
He cried omg I’m melting 🥺🥺🥺 congrats
Annie Smith
Annie Smith 28 days ago
Thank you for that Aspyn I've been with my fiancee for 14 years I have Endometriosis, We've tried for years the first question everyone always ask is when are you getting married and why don't you have any kids.. My heart breaks every single time.....
Madhavi Singh
Madhavi Singh 28 days ago
Rupy K
Rupy K 28 days ago
It's Cove's world we're just living in it
Lauren Colangelo
Lauren Colangelo 28 days ago
To think I watched your old cheerleading makeup tutorials and now you’re having a second baby! My goodness you guys I’m so so happy for you both!
Marissa T
Marissa T 28 days ago
I always wait for someone to tell me they're pregnant before I say anything. Someone assumed I was pregnant once and I'm on the plump side and was having the most horrible bloating. Was already a horrid day thinking of how I looked before that was piled on.
Racquel Casano
Racquel Casano 28 days ago
Awww parkers reaction had me in tears myself. I love this family💕💕
Jasmine Martinez
Jasmine Martinez 28 days ago
Yay CONGRATS Aspyn, Parker, and Baby Cove! She is going to be the best big sister so excited for you all!!
Britanee Lilly
Britanee Lilly 28 days ago
Two is easy! Three? Three is killer. Might as well have 6 once youre outnumbered. 😅
Nicole Pelan
Nicole Pelan 28 days ago
So I was thinking about you guys this morning and wondering if you guys were gunna have another baby soon (for some reason) & then I saw your announcement on Instagram this afternoon. I was shook that I pretty much predicted it. So while I was watching this video I had the strongest feeling that you were going to have a boy and he was going to look just like Aspen!
mariana balderas
mariana balderas 28 days ago
parker’s reaction omg🥺🥺🥺
mariana balderas
mariana balderas 28 days ago
parker’s reaction omg🥺🥺🥺
Victoria Sapeta
Victoria Sapeta 28 days ago
I am so happy for you guys!!
Fatimah Mir
Fatimah Mir 28 days ago
oh my goodness!!! YAY how did i have a feeling cause yesterday your video for baby #1 was recommended
Heidi Munoz
Heidi Munoz 28 days ago
omg the way parker cried 🥺🥺🥺❤️
Miranda Eaton
Miranda Eaton 28 days ago
I hope you enjoy every ultrasound with Parker.
Trish Pipkins
Trish Pipkins 28 days ago
THANK YOU FOR THE PSA!! People really need to think before they speak. It's extremely hurtful and painful to get those comments if you've been trying or if you've lost a baby. And really it's no one's business so just please don't ask. I don't even ask my sisters or best friends that. I'm here when they need me.
Vaaalentina 28 days ago
Soooooo f-ing excited!!!!
saad Bux
saad Bux 28 days ago
Yey congrats I am so happy for you guys cannot believe you are having baby yey
Hannah Hendrikse
Hannah Hendrikse 28 days ago
Parker crying made me cry, so sweet. Love following y'all on this journey🥺
Kiara Nicole
Kiara Nicole 28 days ago
KNEW IT! Congratulations ❤️❤️
Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon 28 days ago
You had a super easy labor and delivery so hopefully it’ll be like that again 🤞🏻
I adopted a cat.