iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro: Real-World Differences after 1 Week 

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Is the iPhone 12 Pro ACTUALLY worth the extra $200 compared to the regular iPhone 12? Here are some differences we noticed after 1 full week of using them both!
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We've been using Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for over a week now, and we've found some actually interesting differences between the two that you won't find on Apple's website!

You might actually be surprised by the iPhone that we recommend in this video.

So let's go through all of the real-world differences that we've discovered after 1 week!

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Nov 3, 2020




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Max Tech
Max Tech 9 months ago
NEW! Check out our 12 Pro Max vs 12 Pro vs 12 camera comparison➡ uslift.info/one/p4a3m6dpsJ15y6Q/video.html We think THIS is the iPhone 12 model to buy ➡ geni.us/Grej Need a fast charger? BEST 20W charger for $15 on Amazon ➡ geni.us/w332T Like our wallpapers? Find them here ➡ bit.ly/2WNc6Qw Support us by buying an Apple Product shirt ➡ teespring.com/stores/max-tech-store
Swapnil Rupanwar
Swapnil Rupanwar 3 months ago
Hey #MaxTech, please compare iPhone 12 Pro Max with S21 Ultra.
Amit Kukreja
Amit Kukreja 3 months ago
Hey Max Can You Tell Which Wooden Table You're Using In Your Videos Is It Good Enough to Hold a Regular Desktop Machine & Do Drop a Buying Link If You Have One Cheers 🥂🥂
Valentina Lim
Valentina Lim 6 months ago
12 mini or 12 which good?
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores 7 months ago
Can you go over your camera setting. I came from an iPhone 7 user
Vaanish Chugh
Vaanish Chugh 8 months ago
I still think 12 is a better buy & the primary reason is that 12 is lighter in weight than the 12 pro also 12 has a slightly better battery life which makes it an even better deal & if I have a budget of 1000$ I would rather add 40$ more & get iPhone 12 & AirPods rather than getting a 12 pro.
Rok Zavrl
Rok Zavrl 9 hours ago
I'm not pooping money so I went with 12😂
Edward Day ago
Maybe the best comparison ever ive watched..great job man! I am using now an iPhone 8 version and he is doing great but soon i will up with 12 pro or 13 - will wait till the end of the year! I am a photographer and need to choose between Pro Max or Pro version ,but maybe will stop at Pro,because Pro Max beats the Pro only in video mode...
Vijay Babu
Vijay Babu Day ago
Your video clears my doubts on which one I need to buy. Very good explanation. Thank you
Savvas Sidiropoulos
Title: 12 vs 12 pro Video: 11 pro
STEFAN X 3 days ago
I will use 11 pro for its oled screen and telephoto lens
Glenn Hughes
Glenn Hughes 5 days ago
wow your such a nerd hahaha
Spy 6 days ago
iPhone will release the series of iphone in number iphone 13 13r 13 pro 14 14r 14pro 15 15r 15pro 16 16r 16pro 17 17r 17pro What will be different between them? They will make processor fast fast fast fast fast speed every year,😁😁😁😁 Moral of the comments don't stuck in the scam of iphone, You can also call from $100 phone
Gem Grateful
Gem Grateful 7 days ago
Thank you for these vids - it really helps when consumers keep asking the difference(s) cause idk all of them tbh Lol... Not certain if you mentioned the "steady" shot -so when in motion it's still a crisp shot on the Pro
Oshawott Rules!
Oshawott Rules! 7 days ago
This video helped so much I’ve been begging my dad to get me the pro but still haven’t gotten it yet
Lyndee Shallberg
Lyndee Shallberg 7 days ago
I didn’t know the difference and I thought I was buying the 12 pro but I guess I bought the 12 :/
In india 12regual is 500 usd cheaper than pro
Javier Bocanegra
Javier Bocanegra 10 days ago
Great advice. Thank you
Naresh Samal
Naresh Samal 10 days ago
I want to purchase iphone 12 . Kindly suggest me which color is the best color in iphone 12.
Vansh Khyani
Vansh Khyani 12 days ago
I don’t wanna live with a heavy phone
Vansh Khyani
Vansh Khyani 12 days ago
So true
kassem abou alfa
kassem abou alfa 13 days ago
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله عليه صلاة وسلام
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 14 days ago
Got the 12 mini was considering the pro but the difference ain’t much my iPhone 12 mini is basically a 12
itspenguinplays5 14 days ago
I would only get a pro max because it’s bigger but if not then I would get the 12
MAX AJ 15 days ago
I was wrong about the pro but get the pro
Mashburn Edits
Mashburn Edits 15 days ago
I'm considering switching to an iPhone 12, and honestly I was really hoping I wouldn't need the Pro. Not even because of the price difference, but because the Pro doesn't come in the purple color, which makes no sense to me. Why have less color options in the better, more expensive phone? Pro should be no compromises for that price point imo
Mickey Garcia
Mickey Garcia 16 days ago
I really don’t care about cameras. I hardly take pictures and it’s just perfect for me. I care about battery life and that’s about it.
Mickey Garcia
Mickey Garcia 16 days ago
Can’t wait for iOS15.1 I really want it to come out.
Mickey Garcia
Mickey Garcia 16 days ago
They did really good on limiting the brightness because of the battery. The battery is good but they really did good on limiting the brightness.
Alastair Archibald
Alastair Archibald 17 days ago
I just got the vanilla iPhone 12. The larger lenses from those on my old iPhone Xs. However, I only snap with the iPhone on opportunity shots. If I go out with shooting in mind, even these excellent phone cameras can't compete with my Sony A7R II. And I always carry a fast prime, a good zoom and a wide-angle lens and a fast macro with plenty of aperture control.
Sami Anttila
Sami Anttila 18 days ago
3:54 That imperial 30 minutes is 20,83 metric minutes for you non-US folks.
Water resistant is NOT the same as waterproof!
༻ Whinnie ༺
༻ Whinnie ༺ 19 days ago
Im still on an iphone 8, is it worth upgrading?
Josh Connect
Josh Connect 20 days ago
Technically I don't see many differences though unless I want to see the pupils of a rabbit and or see the kind of gray hair the rabbits got on my front porch.
Priyanshu Verma
Priyanshu Verma 21 day ago
I'm happy with my iPhone 12 128gb white color
Shahrul Ezan
Shahrul Ezan 22 days ago
wanna ask..if ip12 pro can last 1 day use daily 1 hour of game?
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee 22 days ago
good comparison, i have finally made my decision for iphone 13 pro
MrLoneeKriss 22 days ago
I’m not a broke weak little girl so I got the 12 pro max
mzhotniz86 22 days ago
Watch the crash test on the 12 pro vs the 12. The pro holds up much better and is sturdier. That alone makes me want it
Dakota Neff
Dakota Neff 23 days ago
If I hear one more USlift phone review bro talk about how large their hands are...
W A 24 days ago
weak review, and how much did you get paid for this???not impressed at all soy boy. weak very weak. you can do better.
AlexChalls 24 days ago
Thumbs up right here 12 pro gang, wya?!
Fernando Leal
Fernando Leal 24 days ago
Great review!!
Joni 26 days ago
Just remember if he didn't do side by side shots I gaurentee you won't notice the difference in quality for most people. Both do 4k HDR 30fps and 60fps so don't worry about that low lighting as to be honest if you're recording in 4k most of the time you will be in a well lit room or outside. In some areas around the world its slightly more then 150 difference and for some people like myself would be a deal breaker as O dont see the added value of the features for the pro worth the 200-300 dollar increase in some countries.
Charles Chambers
Charles Chambers 28 days ago
I bought the 12, and returned it a day later when I found out about the ram. I haven’t regretted it at all.
Mido vinci
Mido vinci Month ago
I'm currently on iPhone 8 Plus its a great phone . got it in 2017 the only reason m watching this video is my phone battery now is very unusable
Ryan hector Sepulveda
Who got the biggest screen size?
HuAboodiy Month ago
Since I admire the 4s design , I feel 12pro is so similar to it , especially with its stainless steel frame 😍❤️ I’m with 12pro 🥰 .
Ryan Cho
Ryan Cho Month ago
0:23 Dude, you should really check your emails
Reagan Poo
Reagan Poo Month ago
I was confuse to buy which iPhone 12 or Pro. Am actually using iPhone 11 Pro thought of upgrading.
stevesquick92 Month ago
Stuck with the 12. In the next 2 years... there will be another inevitable 700+ trade-in on these devices so saving the 200.00 now is essentially paying it forward towards the next trade-in.
Jack Dominiak
Jack Dominiak Month ago
Only a fool would think the 12 could be as good as the pro 😏 the 12 is a good second tier phone, the Pro is a great flagship without compromises!
madmentoday Month ago
how about the Apple Pro RAW, does it matter much? FYI I usually take RAW format with my digital camera.
Wright Lawn Care TRUMP WON!
So they’re both 5g capable?
Karl Aber
Karl Aber Month ago
2:20 what’s the name of this wallpaper?
47 Month ago
I want to get the 12 pro because of the better cameras, so I can take the best pictures and videos. But the price tag and that blue color on the 12 looks too clean to pass up. Hard decision for sure.
Keletso Mogobye
Keletso Mogobye Month ago
Chase Kilpatrick
I myself would actually buy both the 12 and the 12 pro but if I were to have just one good phone, It would be the iPhone 12 Pro Max
coper maanea
coper maanea Month ago
*Can’t just stop recommending 24.7web at 1nstaG, he help me*
Steve W
Steve W Month ago
This dude tripping over 25 grams....
Glasmania Month ago
Low testosterone soy boy
Glasmania Month ago
This is what happens when too much soy is consumed. End up like this mutant
lospopularos Month ago
I bought both the 12 and the 12 Pro Max about a month ago and I still can't decide which one I prefer. I got both of them second-hand, but still boxed and sealed for about $250 less altogether (and no tax, of course). My SIM card is in the 12 and I use the 12 Pro Max for shooting vids and various music apps.
MASTER GAMING VT 2 months ago
In India iPhone 12 mini is has more value for money because as you go higher models gst ,tax ,import duty , APPLE TAX INCREASES
jagpreet garcha
jagpreet garcha 2 months ago
It’s a easier choice if your wallet actually have some money to buy either one of them
DIGITAL BANDZ ENT 2 months ago
hands are slightly large that the average person so it’s the 12 p max for me
otm rings
otm rings 2 months ago
i play wz ik what meters are
Najeeb Paralayath
Najeeb Paralayath 2 months ago
12 is also good
Whofan 998
Whofan 998 2 months ago
I have the 11 pro max and I’m tired of the big cumbersome phone. I’m upgrading to the plain ol 12.
anita abigail
anita abigail 2 months ago
In different country, the difference is not just 100$. It can be up to 350$.
Gregory Schmidt
Gregory Schmidt 2 months ago
Very well-edited video.
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 2 months ago
In every video it is said that you were wrong lol.
jacksputrid 2 months ago
I would pay 1100 for a mini with pro specs
E M 2 months ago
I literally feel like I’m carrying a feather with the mini. This thing weights nothing!!! I can hold and use the phone with one hand for hours and that’s something I haven’t felt with an apple product since the iPod mini!!!! This is what apple was all about!!!
E M 2 months ago
@jacksputrid compared to ? I had an iphone x.
jacksputrid 2 months ago
Lol feels heavy as hell to me but eitherway
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 2 months ago
i know this was meant to help you decide easier but this just made it that much more difficult lol. thank you for clarifying everything though. very informative
Shannon Clements
Shannon Clements 2 months ago
What about the customizations of the IPhone when you first turn it on? It tells you that the technology can adjust to the light that your operating under or you can turn it off. Which did you do? Basically it's all about the customizations which you totally forgot to mention. Which kind of makes your review misleading.
kent gabucan
kent gabucan 2 months ago
iphone 12 has a lesser ram, might explain the lower bench marks. 4gb vs 6gb
Peyton Lee Petrowski
I currently have a huawei mate 20 pro, I love it and I have loved it for the past 2 years. But, as you said in your video, I do have the issue of closing apps once I go to another app, even if it’s just for a few seconds. But sometimes it happens, that after hours of not being in that app it starts off right where I left it. I appreciate that, but it would be nicer if my phone could continue to run an app for a fe seconds until I’m back at it... anyways, you helped me decide whether to go for the normal 12 or the pro option, thanks
Shauna 2 months ago
Just upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro from the iPhone 7…. Such a world of difference
Avidcomp 2 months ago
Are you saying that rabbit didn't move an inch whilst you ran to get your 12 pro?
Jacqueline Dadic
Jacqueline Dadic 2 months ago
I honestly love my iPhone 12 regular perfect size Oled it’s white so no fingerprints another plus mind you I am upgrading from the iPhone 8 Plus
Redhurricane 2 months ago
2:50 won’t matter cause most of us have cases
Bryan Cortes
Bryan Cortes 2 months ago
I’m thinking of upgrading my XR to the 12 but I’m also a photographer and just experienced having to take pictures would my phone instead of my canon because I forgot my SD cards. But I think the camera quality might be the deal breaker for me just for that and the 6gb of ram, doubled what’s inside of the XR
Ara hex
Ara hex 2 months ago
WHAT'S WITH THAT POTATO LTE ??? 4 Mbps ? Seriously ?
Ashestates 2 months ago
I think we'll get the pro thanks
Adam Ben-Shimon
Adam Ben-Shimon 2 months ago
I totally agree with everything he said in the video. I tried both iPhones and the 12 was a lot better.
The Oasis Drummer
The Oasis Drummer 2 months ago
Anyone who has an iPhone 12, what storage space do you have Like is a 64G decent enough ?
_ also_ _also_
_ also_ _also_ 2 months ago
Reminder JESUS CHRIST loves you.
Sean Irick
Sean Irick 2 months ago
Ok one very important ? I have is, even tho the 12 pro is better images and video my ? Is is it even noticable when viewing on the phone itself since the screen resolution is the same? I can see the difference alot more if viewing on a large monitor.
M M 2 months ago
Max is there better reception with the pro max vs the 12
Kenny 2 months ago
This was a really nice review and comparison
Sam Finoh
Sam Finoh 2 months ago
Is the pro the equivalent to the s back in the day?
Tyler s
Tyler s 2 months ago
Was excited to see which one I could buy, a very tough decision. Then I forgot I was poor, and will never own one of these...
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. 2 months ago
I want to upgrade because the design but I’m waiting for more of an upgrade. Also until that stupid notch is either mostly gone or completely gone.
Wesselized 2 months ago
No matter how people try to sell smartphones, once you get a real camera, smartphone photo's just look bad. Because of this I got the 12, I won't be taking photo's with a phone so the pro version is completely redundant for me.
Nathan LeDee
Nathan LeDee 2 months ago
Just get the 12 pro
Enduwhoa Oweo
Enduwhoa Oweo 3 months ago
Lovin my 12 mini...and trying not to get another pro. 🤦‍♂️
Tristan Valdez
Tristan Valdez 3 months ago
Solaris 3 months ago
The normal 12 is totally fine for most people. In addition lighter in weight!
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly 3 months ago
Iphone 4 will always be the best iPhone
Solaris 3 months ago
Have fun with your iPhone 4 then, looser.
Golden Moment Media
Golden Moment Media 3 months ago
I’m happy with the 12 mini; for photos and video I much prefer my Sony a7 Siii 📷
Akash 3 months ago
Great video thank you ❤️
healTHCare Grim
healTHCare Grim 3 months ago
Just upgraded from an X to the 12 Pro, love the pro.
John Titor
John Titor 3 months ago
I'm from the future. I use an iphone 34. It is 7 foot wide and can zoom in 45000. It costs $1000000.
Beth Chaplin
Beth Chaplin 3 months ago
Very patient rabbit! (Or scared.)
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