My First Park Run In MONTHS & This Happened... 5v5 Basketball! 

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After months of no hooping we are back at it... Hope you guys enjoy this video!
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Apr 12, 2021




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Tristan Jass
Tristan Jass 27 days ago
Feels good to be back... Make sure you guys leave a like, comment, and subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all & thanks for the support! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Lantern ADB
Lantern ADB 14 days ago
What park is this
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
@M E i need that hype check me out
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
@J Profit check me out
J Profit
J Profit 21 day ago
Good game I know how it is when you haven't played in a sminute
J Profit
J Profit 21 day ago
Way to get back your W 💯🎉
Ed Llewellyn
Ed Llewellyn 8 hours ago
Hes way over hyped. Quick dribbling to go absolutely nowhere. He can kind of see the court but let's be honest hes about 1/10th of what the professor was/is
Bryson Thompson
T Jass is an ant killer with all that dribbling. Still respect tho
Zach Jones
Zach Jones 2 days ago
Nice job but I'm afraid we could win by alot
DoubleKyan Sutse
DoubleKyan Sutse 3 days ago
Keeping the observations real. You lost that first game, because you kept turning it into a half court game and making it about you. Which in return had your teammates just standing around. They basically didn’t want to earn a pass from you because I believe it’s expected that weren’t going to involve them. Now I do understand the times that it was needed for you to score, but roll back the tape and look at how you turned it into a half court one on one. Just constructive criticism, you’re definitely quick and have a pretty good shot.
Jesse Henley
Jesse Henley 5 days ago
Shoot the damn ball Tjaz
Say When
Say When 6 days ago
So sad people are a fan of this lady boy, who is literally a nobody.
AirForce Juan
AirForce Juan 7 days ago
Those kids in the background lowkey annoying sound dumb 😭but good vid
Nicholas Battaglia
Big red blew a tire lmaoooo
Wezweznaod 8 days ago
11:02 cool move but please tell me if that was an illegal move or not..lol I know it is.
Big Planz
Big Planz 8 days ago
Now ur doing ads? It’s wack be real ur also a good ball player but be real my G
Big Planz
Big Planz 8 days ago
You got the hype and the recognition why not dig into what’s going on in the world and spread the truth
Big Planz
Big Planz 8 days ago
He a good hustler I’ll give him tht
Jeremi Barnes
Jeremi Barnes 9 days ago
Little kids annoying af 😂
Sebastion Zavala
Sebastion Zavala 9 days ago
covid don’t matter to T.
Kaden 9 days ago
most calm and humble man
Kaden 6 days ago
@Say When yea that’s why I commented it
Say When
Say When 6 days ago
Humble? Really
Fernando Nava
Fernando Nava 10 days ago
Was this macy park in Rialto CA?
Dylan Remsburg
Dylan Remsburg 10 days ago
That one bald dude on the other team with the white tank top shot the ball every time he got. Dude was horrrible too, I hate those type of players
santiago pita
santiago pita 11 days ago
Where were you?
Sherryl Caparroso
Sherryl Caparroso 12 days ago
avatarslayer77 gaming
cash finna love this
rickyomason 14 days ago
TJass out here losing to bums now? Lolz
Stephen Mayer
Stephen Mayer 14 days ago
Idk why you’d wanna b on jass team. You never gettin the ball
TvSnipehype 00
TvSnipehype 00 14 days ago
Bro low key a ball hog
Michael Jorden
Michael Jorden 15 days ago
This kid isn't even a good basketball player, I'm not understanding the hype
simon avina
simon avina 16 days ago
Bro really pulled up to Colton that’s crazy 💯
Goldensword guy
Goldensword guy 16 days ago
Bro what's your brand name for shorts? I need some new hooper shorts
KillaSin515 16 days ago
You are good but you are a ball hogger. Pass the ball man.
Charlie Grant
Charlie Grant 16 days ago
People still don’t get it, there’s a huge skill difference between someone who can play in the ncaa that’s been doing repetitive training everyday from the age of 5 to someone who plays street ball 2 or three times a week. You’ll never measure up to or be remotely close to anyone that has played in any division of the ncaa
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
I never played college ball ,im a straight streetballer and il ball with the best of em . My content shows check it out
we know his voice
we know his voice 17 days ago
Turn to Jesus people he died for you sins, Repent of what the New Testament describes as sin. Believe the gospel obey the teachings of Jesus documented in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is the only way to be saved, be baptized if you have faith in Jesus then you will live life with him as your example. If you need prayer i'll pray for you. If you want to keep contact with a brother in Christ i’ll keep contact with you. The love of God is beyond our understanding. God bless,,,..
Vincent Bailey
Vincent Bailey 17 days ago
This man is mediocre. He dribbles way too much and doesn’t pass the rock. Come on T. Jass start passing the ball you aren’t good enough to control a game
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
I got fire content peep my channel for real entertainment
dlldll 17 days ago
An Alpaca wants his hair back
Merzz 17 days ago
Pass the ball 😂
Rashon McMiller
Rashon McMiller 17 days ago
T Jazz is a ball hogg
Nate Clark
Nate Clark 17 days ago
I hate a ball hog, it doesn't matter who it is
Dwayne Robertson
Dwayne Robertson 17 days ago
I want to play against you steal the ball from you with two hands with ease
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
@Dwayne Robertson im 5,9 but i got long arms lol my cuzzin 6 ft 4 and we have the same reach
Dwayne Robertson
Dwayne Robertson 16 days ago
@Blessed Cts Yeah I see your handles I watched two videos what’s your height im 6’2 I know height don’t mean anything to Muggsy Bogues But I’d still time it right and block the heck out of him body and body but I try and keep it clean nothing nasty
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
Can you steal the ball from me?
Typical gamer ?
Typical gamer ? 17 days ago
You should link with nick bris and play on the same team
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
You think he should play me one on one ? My content shows how fire i am
On Jaah
On Jaah 18 days ago
Idk man i like how u play but u really hog the ball soo much it hurts me to watch.
I Am Breezyy
I Am Breezyy 18 days ago
Lost the shot bruh🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Tinman T
Tinman T 18 days ago
Wonder if his teammates asked to be traded. The nonstop dribbling and jukes gets old. It's like watching harden play...dribble, dribble, shoot. dribble dribble, get in trouble in mid air pass.
Tajl3r 18 days ago
all this white boys culture vulture the pickup for $$
birna season
birna season 18 days ago
I know it’s street ball, but AND 1 moves are so cringe now. Just play the game 🤷🏽‍♂️
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
they just dont know how to do it like a pro , my content is fire watch a real streetballer
OldSchoolVato 19 days ago
OldSchoolVato 19 days ago
Blue dude was really guarding tf out of u
Eric Saltz
Eric Saltz 19 days ago
As much as I like TJass's mentality, shot ability, and love for the game/sportsmanship, honestly I think I am over him. The more I watch his vids, it is glaringly obvious that these are a collection of him being a ball hog. And I get it. We are here to see him and his skills on the court. However, I would never run a 5 with him. I get enough of those runs at home. It would be like when you are the guy(s) on the team where you know two or 3 guys always touch the ball and are never going to pass to anyone but those other 2-3 people, essentially playing the invisible, keep-away game from their teammates. OR be like one of those games after 2-3 hours being out on the court and you barely have enough people to run and everyone's not into so everyone's kind of "running" up and down the court not even for the fun of it. Just no passion and no fun. In a way, watching that happen to others and watching TJass play hero ball has lost its entertainment value. I challenge you TJass to put a vid up of you playing actual team ball and not dribbling like harden til you make something happen. It would be more impressive and show why you might the best out there. My next comment will be on your harden type defense. #GoGetIt #GoFixIt
Blessed Cts
Blessed Cts 16 days ago
Then check me out i got some fire streetball entertainment
matt judy
matt judy 19 days ago
Idk why so many dudes get mad at this guy. It's pure jealousy. The guy isn't cocky and shows respect to other players. It's not hard to return the respect.
James Zayas
James Zayas 19 days ago
Trash talking! Trash defense! Trash fundamentals! Trashing team concept of basketball!Game has changed to focus on 1 man's ego trip with way too much hype and zero humility!!
Tyrone The Bad Man
Tyrone The Bad Man 19 days ago
TJass coolest most mature A+ basketball player 💯🔥
Gary Ou
Gary Ou 19 days ago
I thought the rona is still going on
Ryan Kozicki
Ryan Kozicki 19 days ago
I'm so jealous of this. If this was in Ontario Canada, we would all be ticketed for "group gatherings" Sigh...
montana Fresh
montana Fresh 16 days ago
Bully Gabbana
Bully Gabbana 19 days ago
Thank goodness ur back and ok, damn I missed u bro 😭🐐🐐🙏🏾 u were actually my first hoopest Hooper n I started watching u because u paid off ur dad's car , at dat point I didn't even care about ur skills on da court ✊🏿
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez 19 days ago
T jass and D’friga collab 👀
Martin Lengyel
Martin Lengyel 19 days ago
Noooooo dont use currys outdoor what is u doin
Philly 1st
Philly 1st 20 days ago
The court is 🗑 🚮 🗑
Brad PITT 20 days ago
Sounded like NBA Ballstars Had A Gun To Your Head LOL
Matthew O'Chuida
Matthew O'Chuida 20 days ago
Those youngbuhls be annoying as fuck fr😂 but I’m glad you hoopin hoopin again bro bro
Liam Kane
Liam Kane 20 days ago
T would have shot better if he was more calm.
ErrdayLife Of Johnathan
I respect the dude, but would hate to be on his team, he shoots everything
E On one
E On one 20 days ago
Damn this game was wack, t jass rusty and Sergio still soft
Sportsjazzfan 20 days ago
dem kids need to realize it’s not “and one” every time T Jass drives to the hoop... man 😂
Joey Belisario
Joey Belisario 20 days ago
Philly Killa
Philly Killa 20 days ago
Pass the ball bruh u missed like 50 shots this vid
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj
Djdjd Ddjfhfjjddj 20 days ago
That tall guy is so trash all that height for what literally misses every layup and all videos
Shell 21 day ago
Tjass I rock with you the long way, your my guy, love the content, but I think it’s about time to add some new gym shorts in the hoop rotation fam. #realsubscribersrealobservations
S. Diaz
S. Diaz 21 day ago
Dude in cargo got chopped up like 4 times im fucking rolling
Zanixfy 21 day ago
The jits in the background had me dying🤣
T R 21 day ago
Your center sucks!
dianoel23 21 day ago
There is something in basketball that is called a "pass"... Wait,... Or is it? Maybe not, ... In 15 minutes and plus of basketball, there was not more than 7, ... So, I may be wrong, "passing" is not a basketball thing,...
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
Little kids are wild lmao 😂😂
sharp shooters
sharp shooters 21 day ago
Am i the only one who is amazed by the rolls roys in the parking
DHILLON84 21 day ago
Been watching hella dfriga so my expectations were high lol :/
Mark Belden
Mark Belden 21 day ago
the guy in the red was just walking down the court the whole game
Mantra PDX
Mantra PDX 21 day ago
T Jass couldn't do anything with Bankroll Hayden guarding him
Hip hop anonymous Hip hop a
that little kid crowd in the background so annoying lol
MrYankster 21 day ago
I think he used to pass more often
ker and dyl 1034
ker and dyl 1034 21 day ago
Heard of passing?
J Profit
J Profit 21 day ago
Play another one with the Professor 😎
YAlX SÅVÅGE 21 day ago
If those kids could stfu, it would improve the video
YAlX SÅVÅGE 21 day ago
So I guess COVID is just not a concern for some people
Mk 21 day ago
Video was weak but I know cuh gonna pick up
John Genson
John Genson 21 day ago
back on business 👏 do you have video on dribbling sessions or work out mr. t I want to watch it🙇 caise i want to learn🙏😀 by the way very nice content😀
Hugo Oliveira
Hugo Oliveira 21 day ago
It's him + 4, right? Less selfishness and he would win more
YTE MANIAC 22 days ago
Ball hogging ahhh
Yvng Quin
Yvng Quin 22 days ago
Why was his hands so big in the sponsor part of the video 😂
Julian Ruttlen
Julian Ruttlen 22 days ago
14:17 2k Robbed him
Adam Chreene
Adam Chreene 22 days ago
Tbh I don't even think tj is that good. I'm not saying I'd beat him but I'm saying I would compete with him for sure.
Adam Chreene
Adam Chreene 22 days ago
I wouldn't wanna play on his team he selfish af
RichHomieNas 22 days ago
Nigga literally plays like a play shot random in the rec 🤣🤣🤣 he’d definitely have to see me after the game after he threw that shit off the backboard instead of passing
Rob Beast
Rob Beast 22 days ago
He can’t go left
Dino Edwards
Dino Edwards 22 days ago
Come to flint mi summertime games go viral
BCizzle 123
BCizzle 123 22 days ago
Im sorry but sergio is so fucking trash smh
alvee Chowdhury Fam
Is it me or this guys didn’t pass the whole time
ab solo dot
ab solo dot 22 days ago
T.. pull up to nyc😫
I AM:DJWAN 22 days ago
Keashawn Rudolph
Keashawn Rudolph 22 days ago
Almighty Wel
Almighty Wel 22 days ago
The 🐐 is BACK 🔥🔥🔥
Jose R
Jose R 22 days ago
Soft as kid wants a foul call for everything softer than charmin 🤣🤣 I’m not saying I’m great at basketball but one pickup game I got elbowed like 3 times in the face and I didn’t even flinch generation of bunch of softies
Aaron Cutting
Aaron Cutting 22 days ago
Am I the only person who feels weird seeing all these people right next to each other and not one person wearing a mask?
MaddWiz 21 day ago
Mathieu Fredette
Mathieu Fredette 21 day ago
Cashton Thompson
Cashton Thompson 22 days ago
Keep the ball moving sonnie! Or slow it down on some Bron Bron shit, scouts are looking from across country❗️💯🤟🏽🔯🤙🏽
Cashton Thompson
Cashton Thompson 22 days ago
Stay showing your Ws and Ls 🥱 you got it #BeingAuthentic wins
K Z 22 days ago
9:00 “oh yeaaa he’s not scared” of whatttt the rim?? Mfs on a breakaway 😭😭
Shae Taylor
Shae Taylor 21 day ago
I thought little homie said “he got scared, he got scared” 😂
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