I DRY AGED Steaks in HONEY and this happened 

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Honey is amazing to eat and in recipes, but it is also fantastic for many other things. I learned so much about honey with this experiment and today I share everything with you. Dry Age steaks in honey is something I never thought I would do but the results are in. This cook is one of the most interesting ones. Is it better than wagyu? Let's test it and you be the judge!

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Jun 9, 2021




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Xienjou Gao
Xienjou Gao 21 minute ago
hey gugang bakla! how about squid meat?
Young Savage
Young Savage 50 minutes ago
If i was there i would have punch him and run away with the food
JB THECOOK 54 minutes ago
Dry age 1 year please
Ban Joker
Ban Joker 57 minutes ago
Next episode: “ I Dry-aged a steak in meth and here’s what happened”.
Nevvon 2 hours ago
I love the new editing with the zoom-in and thot bubbles all in the perfect places and great timing. Love it all
isaac Reicin
isaac Reicin 2 hours ago
Hey guys can you just make a cheap video. Go to s upermarket and pick out some cheaper prime steaks with good marbling and go back to the basics. Sear and then indirect vs indirect then sear. I'd enjoy it and i think your viewers would too.
Mazao G
Mazao G 2 hours ago
Why am I watching this before lunch? This is torture.
King Snake
King Snake 2 hours ago
So even in cooking I can’t escape stupid clickbait videos
Egehan Asan
Egehan Asan 3 hours ago
Can you try doing the pineapple method with wagyu fat Injection
Charmanders 0203
Charmanders 0203 3 hours ago
He looked like he was about to cry when he smelt the steak
Misaki T.
Misaki T. 3 hours ago
welp. I already had all the knowledge thanks to food wars
_ 3 hours ago
I've always been told to not flip a steak more than once. Is that just a fable?
Severinsen 3 hours ago
Should've done a regular round of tenderising instead. Honey is great for sauces and marinades, but I don't think it will ever work for dry ageing on its own.
Andy Stephon
Andy Stephon 4 hours ago
The honey dripped off, which is likely why some spoiled. Maybe if u vaccuum sealed the honey steak?
Mariusz Arszylo
Mariusz Arszylo 4 hours ago
Can we all just notice that Angel cut off the fat. He's getting spoiled over here.
John Hite
John Hite 4 hours ago
First "expert" that I have seen that cooks meat over flare-ups.
aime ايمي
aime ايمي 5 hours ago
Manuka honey is sooo expensive omg 😲 😂you're so rich🙂💫
krutas S
krutas S 5 hours ago
L Frechel
L Frechel 5 hours ago
Although dry aging is nice to have sometimes. I feel like you waste so much of the meat when you have to cut off the bad parts.
G zzz
G zzz 6 hours ago
not sure why you're simping for hello fresh when we all know you cook all your meals
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 6 hours ago
Guga food is down 1 if they keep this new person for taste test , no it doesn't work would rather you by yourself
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
We're is taste tester mama he's the best , you need a man to get a positive idea on mean the new young guy is like yeah nah
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
Get rid of your taste tester he's a youth Wana be, keep him in l def not watch your vids but hey I'm just one guy you don't care
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
Hello fresh hahahahah it's silly not worth paying for it.. I have not got it for myself but I have had a friend who recved it , the company understood the number of family member but they sent out enough for for about a family of 3 after they were told father , mother , 4 children.. when I told them they said sorry you have to contact customer service . No one thinks what are the below poverty line people are doing , most people just wish we die off , I wish I've tried such good meat and I wish I wasn't out down for being low poverty
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
In ancient days they covered there food near, farmed veges they covered in honey to preserve to keep it for longer
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
Honey is a preservative ...
Don L
Don L 7 hours ago
I don’t think you can call it dry aged. More like marinated 35 days in honey.
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
Manuka honey is really expensive because humans rely on buzzing bees to harvest and they do not get given the harvest lands they need
Jados Blackos
Jados Blackos 7 hours ago
MANUKA HONEY IS NOT YOUR EVERY DAY HONEY, No it is not, it is only found front New Zealand and Australia, manuka is a common hardwood tree grown in the areas of those countries
Sideral 7 hours ago
I'm not a specialist, but maybe you could avoid the oxidation problem by immersing the meat completely in honey.
artistpw 7 hours ago
Try garlic cloves fermented in raw honey. Those were found in Egyptian Tombs and were still edible. The finished cloves are more pungent than black garlic, but the honey can be used in salad dressing. Just don't heat because that will destroy probably most of the health benefits. Black garlic is just regular garlic fermented at about 140d f for a month.
dasfaha2 7 hours ago
You should run an experiment of Manuka vs regular honey?
U should use wagyu to do a Greek gyros wrap with pita bread
Maticulous 7 hours ago
Hey Guga can you buy the same cut of steak from different supermarkets and see which one tastes the best?
Shelley 8 hours ago
What if you covered the inside of a bag thing with honey and then stick the steak in and age it to maybe help with the oxidation?
HR Spooneyes
HR Spooneyes 8 hours ago
get a discount coupon from honey
_ Stelwer _
_ Stelwer _ 8 hours ago
This is the perfect chanel for vegans xD
Boris 8 hours ago
Please work on your grill marks. Would look better.
scalhotrod 8 hours ago
Wow, seems like more of a WASTE of expensive honey.
Miguel The Dad, Cook & Handyman
Smoke a watermelon to taste like a ham!
maybe paradigm
maybe paradigm 9 hours ago
Why no vacuum bag for the honey steak? Have to do it again to see if there is a difference. Also might lose less meat.
Drafteed 9 hours ago
guga i think u should experiment with different meats, for example, a review of snake meat
Caniggula 10 hours ago
Lets try dry aging with honey in a dry age bag, then sous vide it for 35 days. Yeah?
Crown Tuning
Crown Tuning 11 hours ago
Old meat
Sad life Is bad
Sad life Is bad 11 hours ago
boltonky 11 hours ago
Good old NZ manuka honey, has so many health benefits and its anti-microbial so probably why tastes different and you could probably eat the left overs of honey that is
Rob McGraw
Rob McGraw 12 hours ago
Could you warm the honey slightly to make it easier to spread?
naqib zulkifli
naqib zulkifli 12 hours ago
I have something tht i really wanna know for a long time what salt is the best for steak
Izzy R
Izzy R 12 hours ago
Why don't you dry age in the Umai bag WITH the honey!? This way there won't be any oxidizing
Davin 12 hours ago
This angel guy is freaking boring
Davin 13 hours ago
What the heck this guy's fake laughter...he can change from smiling happily to a serious face in less than half an second, what a hypocrite
Kutlwano Maroga
Kutlwano Maroga 13 hours ago
Anyone here because of food wars
PocketWatchMan 13 hours ago
What if we try use strawberry juice on meat instead of pineapple juice?
Ras Cricket
Ras Cricket 14 hours ago
You've com a great long way and I think i'ts awesome you're working with Hello Fresh, they absolutely provide a great service and product for people. But you sir, have some brilliant videos and they've only got better and better. Thanks for your videos :)
foodie 14 hours ago
Your voice is so annoying
Šiukšlių Karalius
Dip it in your own turd and see what happens.
Kenu 14 hours ago
Cook a dry aged sous vide a5 wagyu well done
Alain Rocheve
Alain Rocheve 15 hours ago
Too many waste but for an experiment it's ok
Malicious_Ghost 15 hours ago
Nothing quite like watching a Hellofresh ad while eating a hellofresh meal
CahaLLo 16 hours ago
I pressume this would taste way better if you used a soup type of meat instead of bbq
Alex Sun
Alex Sun 16 hours ago
From a New Zealander: Manukau honey has health benefits as well, it has natural antibiotic that only Manukau flower has. The higher the + number the more effective it is.
Bil Carter
Bil Carter 16 hours ago
That guy reminds me of Sid from Ice Age.
RexX 17 hours ago
I watch Food Wars before so i know the effects of honey:)
Tan Tian Wei
Tan Tian Wei 17 hours ago
Not sure if anyone commented this before but Guga, you should try a impossible meat experiment. Like purchase the best impossible patty/sausage, try to make your own impossible patty/sausage and then make ur own real one. And see which one is best! (I mean we know which one would be best but the reaction will be priceless)
AstroMagic 18 hours ago
Pretty sure at this point guga is a master at cooking steaks because he’s for sure passed his 5000 hours mark after all these yt videos
Wipsplash 18 hours ago
There is no other channel that makes me want a steak more than yours.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 19 hours ago
"if you know me you know I dont like to waste any food " = takes a $$ two bone rib eye and has to cut away so much spoiled meat after a dry age experiment gone bad, hahah
Alfredo Jamaica Tovar
I almost ate my cell phone 🤣🤣
Sean Nissen
Sean Nissen 19 hours ago
You might think this is crazy Everyone who watched food wars: Wait till you get to covering squid with peanut butter
Dylandrifts1320 20 hours ago
What about dry aged steaks in wagyu fat
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 19 hours ago
Looks like cheese
julius cherry
julius cherry 20 hours ago
😂hehehe. dose it smell good😐
CoraTheBlanket 20 hours ago
I wish the honey steak was also put in a vacuum pocket to avoid the oxidization
Cameron 21 hour ago
02:48 - Also going to be the most expensive dry age you've ever done, you just dropped $20 worth of honey on that steak!
Kaldonis 21 hour ago
Do a dry age in caviar!
Matthew Spharler
Matthew Spharler 21 hour ago
Chinese apothecaries travelling the Silk Road would rarely have an item known as "mellified man," human tissues preserved in honey. Eastern medicine would probably call it an aphrodisiac to make you harder than Chinese algebra. I can neither confirm nor deny this claim.
Georges Hall
Georges Hall 21 hour ago
Your Honey Dry Aged Steak made me wonder; what would a Beeswax Dry Aged Steak be like?
nosmoya 22 hours ago
Every single edge huh? what about that patch on the bottom left at 2:43
Jeffrey Baker
Jeffrey Baker 22 hours ago
So basically, you did this so we would never have to, and we should not try it at home 😂
Josh Neu
Josh Neu 22 hours ago
Pep is always added after the cook!
jonah sahagun
jonah sahagun 22 hours ago
Guga lives by Kendall?!?!
Andrew Kosarko
Andrew Kosarko 22 hours ago
I wanna see a video called "Guga's last meal" and while he's not on death row, I would love to know what Guga would do for his #1 most epic meal... Dry aged Wagyu A5 Picanha + MSG + Butter of the Gods + ???? Or something completely different? What would it be!? What cooking method? Sous vide? Smoked? Charcoal grill? Cast iron? What would be your "last meal" Guga?
CahaLLo 15 hours ago
Idk about this man but my last meal would be fresh liver
vannie Leaño
vannie Leaño 23 hours ago
"I dry-aged steaks in mud and this what happened"
kevin stewart
kevin stewart 23 hours ago
Angel look like Tekashi Snitch9
Dimas Andika
Dimas Andika 23 hours ago
Next : dry aged with wasabi
The Back Trackers
The Back Trackers 23 hours ago
Looks like cheese
Shy Nee
Shy Nee 23 hours ago
“But IT IS” 😂🤣
WhiteRabbit 23 hours ago
"Dry aging" beef with things that are wet. Sounds a lot like "marinating".
Joe K
Joe K Day ago
'I dry aged these steaks by blasting them with synthwave'
Stahp Kepslock
Why does this recommend me at 2 am?
Stahp Kepslock
Why does this recommend me at 2 am?
Stephan Ginther
When I lived in China, the area we lived in didn't really have beef. The 'beef' was actually water buffalo or ox. Usually they were also working animals that died so the meat was _extremely_ tough. We would marinate the meat in papaya juice for 4 hours. For real, good beef I would probably suggest trying 1 hour then seeing how it turns out. It worked wonderfully and gave the meat a surprisingly pleasant fruity aftertaste.
Rob In Mojacar
its not dry aged .. but it is.. but its not ... but it is ...
That honey looks like some quality THC wax
Bobbers Down
Bobbers Down Day ago
Dry age in cement please Guga. You are a man of science and doing impressive work!
Grain Assault
lemon demon sweet bod
TTV_Flexx07 Day ago
Next time GUGA. dry age SPAM
Eric Myers
Eric Myers Day ago
I don’t care what it tastes like I’m not wasting that much perfectly good meat
scotth798 Day ago
Rumor is, he went to Walmart and bought this...
Soomro Gamer
Soomro Gamer Day ago
It Looks ugly on the outside, But believe me it is Juicy and tender on the inside
Nworah Frank
Nworah Frank Day ago
Guga "If you know me, you know I don't like to waste any food" Yea right 😒 Goes ahead to dry age every beef and ends up cutting off and throwing away a huge amount of it...that's a good way to not waste any food😏