Burnout Truck Or Race Truck??? Fastest Pass to Date!!!! 

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Lots of maintenance done on the Burnout truck this week to get ready for more drag racing. Then we make a few test passes. She Is A Ripper!!! Huge Impovements were made.

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Mar 1, 2021




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Ole Dude
Ole Dude 8 days ago
It's actually the 3-5 shift. These 5r110's have 6 forward gears believe it or not. It only uses 4th if it's below like 15 degrees or so. Cold shift schedule is: 1-2-3-4-6 and the normal shift schedule is: 1-2-3-5-6. Every time I change tunes I have to drive it for a while before it learns to shift the 3-5, it sucks!!
Can't B you
Can't B you Month ago
the typical high horsepower woes, nothing can beat the feeling of having everything go your way once ya get everything lined out though.
blown up audi garage
Looks like she wants compounds 😂
Taylor Perry
Taylor Perry Month ago
Seem like it spoiling up could possibly be the converter being wrong for what ur trying to do with it and it also might be y it's not wanting to shift
Jason Hall
Jason Hall Month ago
I dont know stink about diesels. But damn it I love the energy you bring! Keep this channel going! I would love to see more technical breakdown videos on what it takes to do this kind of work! Love the channel brother! JHWhOO!!
Easy Pete
Easy Pete Month ago
Lmao this thing has came so far. I honestly thought u we’re gonna give up on it after a while
Duke Bacher
Duke Bacher Month ago
Dude- I don't get it. All these guys excited about that old square body... I have a 1996 Chevy 3+3 with a Cummins swap, and while the 12 valve drivetrain is amazing, I gotta have a sweeper follow behind me to pick up all the chassis and body parts that fall off the truck. Never again, Brother....Give me a Ford or Dodge ANY day!
cubonenineO Month ago
*BIG JH* *do you think you would ever do like a time laps thing, and show us some stuff you do on the truks*
yourname131 Month ago
That smoke trail 😄
Simon Starborg
Simon Starborg Month ago
JH is a natural in front of the camera! Love seeing this channel grow and improve!
Keith Mceuen
Keith Mceuen Month ago
It shows big single turbos are worthless for a street truck by the time you get it spooled the other guy at the light is already at the next light
Mr. Donkeykong4j
JH Diesel should make a dedicated diesel drag truck and keep this one the burnout truck.
Brian Ickes
Brian Ickes Month ago
Someone needs to sell me that square body crew cab hiding in the corner!!! 😬
Tyler Golden
Tyler Golden Month ago
3-5 shift lol if it's still a 5r110 lol
Logan Williams
Logan Williams Month ago
We're gonna need to see more of that old square body please!! Damn you been holding out on us!
Dang that square body is Mint.
Tod Robinson
Tod Robinson Month ago
Biggest problem is that little blue oval in the middle of the grille
KaoticFdr1 Month ago
OMG the hub issue happened to me when I was trying to pull my boat out of the water and it was spin city. Had to get pulled out but a stranger. So embarassing.
threehole punisher
Just use some nos
MJM’s Workshop
I think it wants to be a race truck.
Jon T
Jon T Month ago
That 4 link looks nasty.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Month ago
roll the truck on its side and pour some PB down the broken hub. :)
Grassguy Month ago
You need compounds it'll spool so much faster. And go manual valve body shift it yourself.
Chase Rogers
Chase Rogers Month ago
That crew cab chev🥵🥵🥵🥵
Jon Emeffinkay
Jon Emeffinkay Month ago
That race truck digging! Get a little Nitrous to help the spooling deal.
Chez Ra
Chez Ra Month ago
Its your 3rd to 4th shift running good tho
Michel Tremblay
Michel Tremblay Month ago
Time for a roll cage. Congrats for the 11. Thanks for the upload. Take care and Godspeed for the weekend.
Joe Patenaude
Joe Patenaude Month ago
Jh check the transfer output speed sensor and the speed sensor and reluctor ring in the rear end one of those two could be not letting the transmission shift or learn
Joe Patenaude
Joe Patenaude Month ago
Think you can run a 10.?? Or 9??? under full power and transmission shifting at commanded shift points?
aaah tex
aaah tex Month ago
aaah tex
aaah tex Month ago
aaah tex
aaah tex Month ago
aaah tex
aaah tex Month ago
drewitt9 Month ago
love watching the channel. need to do some video of that square body 4dr
Joshua Fountain
Joshua Fountain Month ago
Jh I have a race for you
Moto Vid
Moto Vid Month ago
I bet it’s the 3rd to 5th shift
Moto Vid
Moto Vid Month ago
4r100 swap
S Brett
S Brett Month ago
Hell yea! That thing is leaving hard! It’s got a low 11 in it for sure.
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe Month ago
how the frick do you get an alignment on a solid axle? wtf
Steve Austin
Steve Austin Month ago
Can you use nitrous to get up on boost quicker ? I know Shawn with the murder move did that and it worked . Not sure how a diesel will react.
jacobrecord82 Month ago
What’s up with the 3x3 crew cab ?
Joe Gilbert
Joe Gilbert Month ago
That's a spicy heavy diesel
Mike Baz
Mike Baz Month ago
The bass of that thing idling in the background will never get old
Bob Robert
Bob Robert Month ago
you could do PR for nascar
Nick W
Nick W Month ago
It brings the rust out in the body really good! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Arneson
James Arneson Month ago
Holly crap from my point of view it looks like your truck is kicking butt!
James Arneson
James Arneson Month ago
Oh crap that really sucks that it looks shot. Get some TRC grease you will really like how long it lasts.
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Month ago
Truck needs a Carli kit
Tripp Rogers
Tripp Rogers Month ago
Those stupid Ford Hubs.. you almost HAVE to drive them in 4wd to lube the hubs..otherwise:THIS happens
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Month ago
Whats going on with that 4 door Square body! I wish I never sold any of my square body's.
Jdub1988 Month ago
As the SxS blog guys would say....she’s choochin”
Jake Offord
Jake Offord Month ago
Love your vids jh but your audio in most videos goes real soft then loud, might need to sort that out haha
Chris Morin
Chris Morin Month ago
this should have been posted as 2 videos video1 build update and then video2 track test
Kyle Lanoue
Kyle Lanoue Month ago
Never thought I’d be into diesels🤔
William Seim
William Seim Month ago
Jesse Warren tuned my zf6 6.0 powerstroke and god she rips and there is almost no smoke such amazing running I love them guys, he built me tunes with a exhaust brake on everyone and then 3 without and I run my truck in the race ex brake and I love the sounds and it’s plenty fast
Tbone Month ago
What's up the the 3+3 square body chevy let's get a video on that!
Kenneth Dispain
Kenneth Dispain Month ago
Need to go to the 67
Gene Dalton
Gene Dalton Month ago
I freaking love the 3+3 on boggers
ace mobile
ace mobile Month ago
4R conversion & loosen up converter. 5R is a fabulous pulling transmission, strong as hell but slow as molasses during shifts. Even the Dodge boys run a 4R when they wanna go really fast. It's one of the quickest 1-2 shifting transmissions ever made.
cole dobson
cole dobson Month ago
Put the torch to the hub it’s junk anyway
Lyndon Wortley
Lyndon Wortley Month ago
How about turning this truck into the diesel truck version of Leroy..... Race truck all the way!!
Baylan Maverick Legacy
well dang son shes justa rippin an a tearin.
carson Day
carson Day Month ago
Hang in there buddy you will figure it out. I have a o9 f30 6.4 and I am having boost issues. It showing 30 plus psi but building zero power for some reason. Shops can't figure it out and it's pissing me off at this point
Brian Gallagher
Brian Gallagher Month ago
What about a doing a looser stall converter?
yotanmudd21 Month ago
JH if your running 5r110 there is no 3 to 4 shift it shift from 3rd to 5th it how 5r110 works
Jaime Reyes
Jaime Reyes Month ago
Lmao I forgot I had the video sped up 1.5x. I was like damn that's quick, no way that's only 12 second
JH are you able to get a FMVB for the truck?
MrGixxer1300r Month ago
Awesome content!!! Thanks for keeping up up to date on the truck. Looking forward to seeing it and you in action.
Erik Larson
Erik Larson Month ago
Great stuff man. You know old Jackstand has a cure for slow spooling. Just sayin.
based_will Month ago
Really enjoying the content JH, keep it up. That truck was on a RIP
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Month ago
Test it & put a little shot of nos on it.
JCmowers Month ago
Just feed it nitrous
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Month ago
Ol man
Tyler Shea
Tyler Shea Month ago
Hit with NOS on line to get it to spool
cody lawrence
cody lawrence Month ago
JH sell me that blue chev
Scareface79 Month ago
Please fix the audio balance! The loud to quiet and back is like nails on a chalkboard! I like the content otherwise!
Mike crystal robert
That extended cab the blue one is sick
SN95 Mustang Garage
I would not trash that truck now, It's a burnout truck I get it but the way it's running now I'd fix it up. This can be your drag truck build a beater for burnout pad.
Tyler gonzalez
Tyler gonzalez Month ago
i know that its a totally different world but I get a kick out of when yall talk about the "rust" ... in Wisconsin that's a clean truck that would be a dream to work on. not a ford fan personally but she looks good and runs real strong (for a 6.0, sorry i had to) keep it up!! i love seeing how busy the shop is, good people deserve good things and you are killing it bud.
Zy Tschirhart
Zy Tschirhart Month ago
Another turbo
Blake Wheeler
Blake Wheeler Month ago
Damn, all these fancy parts underneath now you need to start replacing body panels and make it legit!
Jj Snyman
Jj Snyman Month ago
Horsepower Hour
Horsepower Hour Month ago
This is the perfect truck to troll TX2k lol
Half Sack
Half Sack Month ago
we just gonna ignore the square body
Jamie Brierly
Jamie Brierly Month ago
Man I’d love that blue Scottsdale
launch it in only 2wd
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Month ago
If you put the bolt closest to the steering pump stop put a socket in an extension on it and turn the steering wheel it usually helps pop the wheel bearing right out
Jacob Rupp
Jacob Rupp Month ago
what are you using for a trans controller?
GrimmRetro Month ago
probably best to fully manualize the transmission
Matthew Herring
Matthew Herring Month ago
Man I'm loving the truck
bwise609 Month ago
Ha ha get it back done what a line
andy bowyer
andy bowyer Month ago
17:50 Boy your gonna need a wash, your face is black as arsehole's. Mans never happier as to when he's covered in oil and his vehicle isn't broken 😜👍
andy bowyer
andy bowyer Month ago
Fcuk Justin how much you spending on the jalopy 🤣
andy bowyer
andy bowyer Month ago
I've spent hours n hours with busted n bleeding knuckles trying to remove/repair fcukin hubs, jeez I feel ya pain brother! All the way from Liverpool uk 🤣
Cody Ogden
Cody Ogden Month ago
Burnout truck turned drag truck. Love it! Get that bad jaxon competeing with fass diesel truck
Zac Williams
Zac Williams Month ago
They worked their ahhh.... butts off 😂😂
Maxium4x4 Month ago
Warren will get you dialed in, seems like you need more negative injector timing on spool up.
Jared McQuiniff
Jared McQuiniff Month ago
Where can I get the JHDiesel hat??
Got a link for the 4 link pro fabrication same guys who build the gear box?
Josh Hassler
Josh Hassler Month ago
What up with that 3+3 jh?? That things sick!