Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC 

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FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY: bit.ly/3qC2INn
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Feb 19, 2021




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FOX 5 Washington DC
FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY: bit.ly/3qC2INn​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM » instagram.com/fox5dc​​ TWITTER » twitter.com/fox5dc​​ FACEBOOK » facebook.com/fox5dc​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts: www.fox5dc.com/apps
Travis Adams
Travis Adams Day ago
@Crazy 77 Senator Cruz is a Federal Senator. The issues Texas has experienced has nothing to do with a Federal Senator and everything to do with Texas Governor, Texas STATE Senators and Congressman. Bob is an idiot.
Stephanie Keith
How sweet! That puppy was just precious.This is great way to start my weekend! Thanks guys.
Llama Undercover
Llama Undercover 2 days ago
d fobroy
d fobroy 2 days ago
@M. A. if you weren't so busy trolling you could take time to spell words correctly. It's yeah, not yea
d fobroy
d fobroy 2 days ago
I thought reporters ethics required them to stay above personal opinions and taking cheap political potshots. That is why I watch SkyNews for my national news
J Brown
J Brown 3 minutes ago
Local news outlets are so much easier to watch
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. 29 minutes ago
Amazing footage! 🏆
Russ Catt
Russ Catt 36 minutes ago
Who the hell would dislike this video??
Marjian91 36 minutes ago
We've had these 'new contraptions' in the UK for years! A simple cover for your windshield.
Ashton Sweets
Ashton Sweets Hour ago
This is cute
D Kane
D Kane Hour ago
This made my day, thank you America 🇺🇸 from the UK 🇬🇧 👏
Mariusz Kozłowski
That’s a strange name for the dog ;) “dumplings”, I the dog loves to eat “Pierogi” ;)
Angel Cho
Angel Cho Hour ago
Lol I loved this one
doctordonuthin 3 hours ago
@0:08 “You know you can maybe dream of going to Cancun or something” 😝😝🤣🤪🤪🤣. Oh so funny mate. Or, you could maybe dream of killing 14,000 elderly in peoples homes up in New York like Cuomo did. And his ‘transperson’ health secretary moved ‘her’ mother out of the home as it happened. WHAT DID SHE KNOW???? And ‘she’ had the power, of not morals, to let the people know if ‘she’ knew something was up! I guess legalising puberty blockers for kids three and up is what’s more on ‘her’ mind. Anyway, nice puppy!
Þóra Björk
Þóra Björk 5 hours ago
Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl 6 hours ago
Love this 😆😍
BeMichelle 6 hours ago
There was so much going on in this one news segment. Lol
Ayla Coder
Ayla Coder 7 hours ago
This is so wholesome omg 😂
Crystal McKinney
Crystal McKinney 7 hours ago
We only got 4 minutes to save the world....
fuck you
fuck you 8 hours ago
That is the most chaotic news so far. I don't know what's going on but I was smiling the entire 4mins...
lepen 9 hours ago
We need more like him
Eric Bland
Eric Bland 10 hours ago
What a great reporter!
Kookie Bt21
Kookie Bt21 10 hours ago
BOB is the main character😭😌🤚🏼
Samantha Izaguirre
Samantha Izaguirre 10 hours ago
Lol all the focus on the puppy, but dang, this guy was funny anyways!
Brenda Echols
Brenda Echols 11 hours ago
The puppy was happy and wanted to play
Sandra 11 hours ago
Has it gotten so bad that when trying to get a weather report or see a cute dog we have to hear about our news people’s political beliefs? Crazy!
vegan4life 11 hours ago
whoever owns this dog needs to not own it! Don't just let your puppy outside without you! letting a puppy out without protection is like letting a 3 year old out to play in the street! Come on use your head people!!!!
Tom Hogan
Tom Hogan 11 hours ago
That was adorable!
Anon Shrimp
Anon Shrimp 12 hours ago
This is the greatest reporter I have seen.
Diana 12 hours ago
The difference between paid actor (the dude that gave him $20) and pure talent
Lori 12 hours ago
best broadcast ever.😁😁😁
galina -purplelina
galina -purplelina 12 hours ago
I needed the laugh. Thank you!
rickster348 12 hours ago
- well that was cool.
{x Lucifer x}
{x Lucifer x} 12 hours ago
thisbarb 13 hours ago
Support your local news!
Jest'in Case
Jest'in Case 13 hours ago
Where is the representation of the non working public. You know the other half of the civilized country being ignored by the rich and reporters.
Vhs Vcr
Vhs Vcr 13 hours ago
i love local news
L 13 hours ago
I love that reporter. Everyone’s attitudes should be like those in this video. 🥰
SIKE01 13 hours ago
1:51 thank you (you're welcome)
Ezinma88 13 hours ago
That was worth the wait through jokes about ice scraping. What a cutie.
Rachel Rapp
Rachel Rapp 14 hours ago
Tip: If your dog gets out of the house, DON'T RUN AFTER IT! I know this sounds counter productive, but if you chased your dog it'll think it's a game and will keep running. If your dog is really slow then it's fine to run after it, but if it's really fast and not in immediate danger, then just sit or lay on the ground (maybe use treats to tempt it into the house) and it'll get bored and come to you.
SoyCow 14 hours ago
douglas bagshaw
douglas bagshaw 14 hours ago
Adorable puppy
douglas bagshaw
douglas bagshaw 14 hours ago
Got to defrost before scraping
LASHK001 14 hours ago
Look at all the kisses!
Walter Payne
Walter Payne 14 hours ago
Give that man a raise
Entropy Emerald
Entropy Emerald 14 hours ago
He’s so positive and the dog is cute
whutzat 14 hours ago
Ted Cruz is awesome
Stephanie James Keenan
I love pierogi!!
k a y l e e
k a y l e e 14 hours ago
this was the most chaotic news segment i've ever seen omg
Hannah Kitch
Hannah Kitch 14 hours ago
"Life is good"
vintage g
vintage g 15 hours ago
No one is around, take off the mask. Gee
William Chen
William Chen 15 hours ago
We're doing it all people!
roma 15 hours ago
Such a friendly neighborhood ❤️❤️❤️
KingGlo711 15 hours ago
Did that guy ever get his 20 back?! Lmao
Candace Jacobs
Candace Jacobs 15 hours ago
The miscreant kick clinicopathologically detect because storm inversely double by a silent dancer. filthy, whole print
ortegaviacava 15 hours ago
Keep watching people without masks... don`t get it.
Cheyenne Lawrence
Cheyenne Lawrence 15 hours ago
Awww he is so cute, I'll keep her
Jess M
Jess M 16 hours ago
Bob 😂😂😂 wish he worked on a network out where I am. The first Ted joke had me cracking up and by the end I had tears in my eyes from laughing lol. This was awesome hahaha.
chas ames
chas ames 16 hours ago
THIS... is how you do a morning show.
Pablo 16 hours ago
He had a great day. Lol
Elaine Cochrane
Elaine Cochrane 17 hours ago
Oh WOW..a baby Staffie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jay Locke
Jay Locke 17 hours ago
Why are weather bois always the coolest? and seemingly on something that I apparently need to try...
4tech69 17 hours ago
Is this the trash people watch every mooring? I killed cable TV 14 years ago and have never looked back. I don't miss this for a sec.
Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz 17 hours ago
Opportunity follows Bob wherever he goes! What a great day for him. 😁
Salty Elephant
Salty Elephant 17 hours ago
Such a cheap trick and very old one as well..
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 17 hours ago
A CNN reporter would never have made it through this
rcdogman duh
rcdogman duh 18 hours ago
Best news clip I have ever seen!
Emry Kin
Emry Kin 18 hours ago
New contraption 😂 I live in AK and those blankets for the windshield are a necessity. Been using them for years.
Honey Butter Biscuits Podcast
Pierogi, knew the paparazzi was waiting on him to come out. 😂
Roguejin Da
Roguejin Da 18 hours ago
Nice reporting 👏 👍 👌 I like such reporters ☺
Mr Jiggles
Mr Jiggles 18 hours ago
Why are they wearing masks?
Leonard R
Leonard R 18 hours ago
thanks for walking into my recommended. such a light hearted segment. feels good
Tegan 19 hours ago
Perogie has got to be one of the best puppy names I've ever heard.
FLuFFy PoTaTO 19 hours ago
0:02 poster kinda looks like a Pokémon card from far away 😂
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark 19 hours ago
Omg Pierogi!
sassiemolassey 19 hours ago
This is like a scene from Bruce Almighty
jack frost
jack frost 19 hours ago
That was awesome
Mildred Alexander
Mildred Alexander 19 hours ago
So endearing!
paul kim
paul kim 19 hours ago
This video has everything. Chaos theory, Ted Cruz mocking, PUPPY, and even more Ted Cruz mocking.
Alyssa 27
Alyssa 27 19 hours ago
I would watch this guy everyday.
Thebe Betelgeuse
Thebe Betelgeuse 20 hours ago
Read for you are due to know it. National Sunday Law, Read On-line www.seventh-day.org/Read_NSL.htm "Violence & riots in the blue areas of the nation are not a mistake, but are an accomplishment! Do you comprehend that? It's all been planned out months in advance by a universal power which is strong enough to push it, rich enough to finance it, and secretive enough to behind it". "New Revolution" and the " New Civil War" going on in our nation. Most people don't have a clue who's behind it all. The plan is to destroy AMERICA as we know it, and take it over - ruled by the Beast power and the great Whore in Revelation 19:19-20; Revelation 19:1-2; Rev 19:7
Kenya Rodriguez
Kenya Rodriguez 20 hours ago
I want him in my tv lol I’m from California, bring him over, there’s no ice 😄
Real Talk
Real Talk 20 hours ago
I was expecting the dog to bite the hell out of him. Nonetheless, pretty entertaining clip.
RikkiTikkiTavi 20 hours ago
Great reporter
Anita Hiltz
Anita Hiltz 20 hours ago
What is it about FoxNews the so-called conservative network that has female broadcasters who can't cover up their chests? It's so unprofessional! It implies that a woman got her job because of her sexuality instead of her brains! Cover up your chest girl and dress professionally!
Meerna M.
Meerna M. 20 hours ago
0:08 the members of the pop group Now United were preparing to go to Cancun at the time this video was uploaded
bynahelemaal 20 hours ago
Damn, I knew Americans were stingy af, not wanting to raise minimum wage, but damn.... y’all got reporters out here slumming it, doing chores for money 🤔
Tully 20 hours ago
Did he ever do the guys window thoe ? Lol
greanstreak04 21 hour ago
A Ziploc bag of warm water will clear frozen windows quickly, wipe and dry...
Mimi Mwenyewe
Mimi Mwenyewe 21 hour ago
That's a lot to unpack! Good times ❤️
Bryant Ford
Bryant Ford 21 hour ago
Why is he wearing a stupid mask? Stop virtue signaling!
Everything is Possible
Love fox5
Healing Wisdom
Healing Wisdom 21 hour ago
Pierogi is plural
ms. ongnipotent
ms. ongnipotent 21 hour ago
Life IS good!
numeroVLAD 21 hour ago
Propaganda channel has found some cuteness. Good for them, maybe it will remind them what’s it’s like to be human
TheBaconBrotato 21 hour ago
What a great segment. Kids and animals will always upstage you.😁
DigitalPraise7 22 hours ago
Take. Off. The. Masks.
Diogo Pinto
Diogo Pinto 22 hours ago
Momma Minga
Momma Minga 22 hours ago
I love this guy!! He needs his own show lol
Lucie Melahn
Lucie Melahn 22 hours ago
Advice from a northerner: The best way to scrape the rear window is to start the car and turn on the back window heater for a few minutes before scraping.
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson 22 hours ago
Frozen fish
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson 22 hours ago
nelsonta00 23 hours ago
2:41 is she wearing thermo pants or yoga pants? I swear women will wear Yoga pants into anything.