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What you're giving is what you're getting, spread love.
Trust me when I say that dreams come true, its truly a beautiful thing. Don't lose hope.
Track list
1. Javari (want you to fly) (leak) 0:00
2. See World 5:38
3. Just a little reference (kiLL Edward) 9:49
4. Lights Please 11:36
5. Before i'm gone 15:02
6. 3 Wishes 19:20
7. Love Yourz 21:57
8. Nobody's Perfect 25:25
9. Kenny Lofton 28:35
10. Land of the Snakes 33:51
11. Love me not 38:00
12. Deja Vu 41:24
13. I Get Up 45:33
14. Can't Cry 50:16
15. Head Bussa 54:28
16. You Got It 57:46
17. 4 Your Eyez Only 1:02:30
18. Premeditated Murder 1:11:05


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Nov 16, 2020




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Rhonda Siggers
This is dope. @lilvari
Zwelihle Maduma
Zwelihle Maduma 4 days ago
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 6 days ago
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EDEKØDE 7 days ago
Damn thats great art
Timothy Campbell
Timothy Campbell 7 days ago
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ultraQwick music
ultraQwick music 7 days ago
Whoever made this is evil.... thanks man... really needed this. Cole speaks straight with your soul no cap
Slug G
Slug G 7 days ago
Funny how Cole never went for any other label than Jay-Z's, Also funny how Jay never went for anybody else before Cole. Coincidence? I mean he just told another story of Jesus (Javari), Man out here preaching to us, also funny i'm hearing this on a Sunday morning. We are children of one God.
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 8 days ago
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Nadine Jonkers
Nadine Jonkers 8 days ago
SOOO GRATEFUL, NO ADS!!! This mix is underrated... Cole is truly the greatest of all time.
pedro lopez
pedro lopez 9 days ago
This mix is sooo good ! Thank you ! 🔥🔥🔥
morgan white
morgan white 10 days ago
Real likes Legit views,Likes Only *Authentic views* is the best
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen 11 days ago
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layton prendy
layton prendy 11 days ago
Lance Medley
Lance Medley 11 days ago
I’m playin this every Sunday before church ⛪️ keep on changing minds cole!
Drilla EmmPe
Drilla EmmPe 10 days ago
I’m not religious but aye respect ✊, let’s go cole bro
76FUHRER SteelSkin
76FUHRER SteelSkin 13 days ago
👽Javari😎I caught that
Brandon Chigunduru
Brandon Chigunduru 13 days ago
forever grateful for the love brother.
Thai Pham
Thai Pham 15 days ago
why does j cole rap likes hes not half white?? hes always bashing on the white man but isnt he half white? i dont get it...
Frank Espinoza
Frank Espinoza 16 days ago
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Craig Panashe Nhira
Damn, Javari 😪. Jesus 🤍
James Fielding
James Fielding 17 days ago
42:42 Tobias Harris? lol
Caylex Clarke
Caylex Clarke 17 days ago
Cole 🌎 Triple platnuim with No features
Ali Suma
Ali Suma 19 days ago
A Tara
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 20 days ago
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Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres 20 days ago
This is such a good mix.
Silent River
Silent River 22 days ago
Awesome playlist. This is cole I enjoy.
John Doe
John Doe 22 days ago
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 22 days ago
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Gehrke Santamaria
Gehrke Santamaria 22 days ago
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Victor Echeverria
Victor Echeverria 22 days ago
when I first heard 4 Your Eyez Only, I was just mind-blown. cole can really paint such vivid pictures in your head. takes me back to the first time I heard One Love by Nas, cause of the vivid imagery
76FUHRER SteelSkin
76FUHRER SteelSkin 13 days ago
Instagram noitulove24
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 23 days ago
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bill thomas
bill thomas 23 days ago
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A Rios
A Rios 24 days ago
Im wit u family PTB.238. A+ ig Real always survive
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 24 days ago
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EZart2015 24 days ago
Where is "See World" from?
friday nights light
duncan peter
duncan peter 24 days ago
I feel like cole is the GOAT but when i listen to prime Slim Shady i think twice
LOSTboii Big DAQ
LOSTboii Big DAQ 10 days ago
@duncan peter Witty >.> Well said.
duncan peter
duncan peter 10 days ago
@LOSTboii Big DAQ i respect your opinion even though its wrong...
LOSTboii Big DAQ
LOSTboii Big DAQ 23 days ago
Mac Miller. Juice Wrld. Cmon man I can name several in hip-hop that don't even make music cuz they're not alive that contend for the GOAT over Shady. Hell, have you listened to classic hip-hop like Biggie and Pac? Not doubting your opinion, nor dissing it. I just have personally heard better, but everyone's opinion is different. Slim Shady is up there among the greats. Maybe the greatest of the 2000's. Nothing he did before or after was really that groundbreaking is all I have to say. My only opinion is it only diluted his career further. I think we need a GOAT for a certain time period, because life is still ongoing and there's always subject up for debate. That's all there is to it. If you read even half of this you a real one. Again, not necessarily disagreeing, just playing devil's advocate I guess for the sake of interest in the genre alone. I can list rappers for days that are dope as fuck but today Juice WRLD is the GOAT in my honest opinion. He defined this wave of rap. He has literally over 2000 unreleased songs. I can't say he isn't the most prolific rapper who'd still be making songs today if not for tragedy because honestly he was only 21. Yeah he's dead. But how many people has he influenced? Hundreds of millions. This isn't even about Juice cuz like, if you wanna say Eminem's the GOAT shock rapper, I can tell you Mac Miller was his only real rival in any kind of popularity aspect within shock rap and actually sounding good tbh. Eminem has the biggest vocabulary? Aes Rock. If Eminem's the most well known rapper then why does Jay-Z make wayy more bank? '06 Lil Wayne. Early Kanye. The Drake era. tl;dr unless we're talking by one specific standard, it's hard to see Eminem as the only one to whom the term GOAT is even applicable. If you mean the most times people have googled songs and names, then yes you're right. Eminem's the GOAT by that standard even right now. I'm ranting now so, enjoy your day please and listen to good hip-hop.
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara 25 days ago
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CallMeSamuel 25 days ago
wondering why would anyone dislike this video lol
Brandon Malcolm
Brandon Malcolm 26 days ago
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Carly Marie
Carly Marie 26 days ago
let me take yall back man... as i do so well
IGazeYouInTheHaze 26 days ago
Who made the first artwork ?
Sam 26 days ago
educate the world?!
Sam 25 days ago
every thing has to go except alcohol, tobacco and cannabis?!
Sam 25 days ago
At least 40 countries at armed conflict,,
Sam 26 days ago
no i'm blessed?!
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 27 days ago
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Odd Fvctory Music
Odd Fvctory Music 27 days ago
To the 0.1% people who read this in the world. I hope you find the love of your life and become successful someday. Relax and Travel
Odd Fvctory Music
Odd Fvctory Music 23 days ago
@CallMeSamuel your time is coming just manifest it
CallMeSamuel 25 days ago
already found love! just gotta get succesful haha have a great night
The Reaction Corner
a visionary
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 27 days ago
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luyanda loleka
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Kimberlie Pierson
Kimberlie Pierson 27 days ago
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jason harmon 29 days ago
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Tinisha Gold
Tinisha Gold Month ago
Awesome Playlist no ads Peace and Blessings to all listening to this legend!
My Nameis
My Nameis Month ago
Nothing like being stopped dead in your tracks by the first track on the list.
Mccoy Antoine
Mccoy Antoine Month ago
Legendary mix Well put together 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽
Sandile Shongwe
Sandile Shongwe Month ago
This some dynamic shit
Yendry Perez
Yendry Perez Month ago
Cole is a different type of rapper. And I'm glad he is
B. Son - RS Motorsports
he not a rapper. thats the difference. hes an actual artist. #goat
Emela 26 days ago
Call Me Cur
Call Me Cur Month ago
Is anyone gonna touch on the fact my mans blessed us w a hr + J Cole mix W/ NO ADS ???? 🥺👏🏽👏🏽
Iyanu Afrikah
Iyanu Afrikah 13 days ago
I already youtube premium
Deeshaun Bailey
Deeshaun Bailey Month ago
Everyting Blessed!
Tinisha Gold
Tinisha Gold Month ago
Yes Bless Lil Vari! Many Thanks 🙏
GranMastrKen Month ago
Not all heros wear capes 🙌
Nahom Kiflemaryam
I feel you ma nigga and it warm me up
Amer Abu-Sham
Amer Abu-Sham Month ago
Javari is one of Cole’s best and most poetic songs, straight up classic. Could easily be on an early Nas album.
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire Month ago
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Muney Jordan
Muney Jordan Month ago
J coles talent is God given
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire Month ago
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Kardìnãs Pet'e
Austin C
Austin C Month ago
Wtf is this comment section
D501st Month ago
great mix fire
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Month ago
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Apple Gray
Apple Gray Month ago
Felt like damn.. I finally made it.. Finally free.. thats when dem devils were created and hated on me..
Nestopedia Nestopedia
My name is, Jizzair Cumair, and I approve of this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen Month ago
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bill thomas Month ago
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SKET burd
SKET burd Month ago
chriss hlulz
chriss hlulz Month ago
the first 50 sec is everything to me,hits ryt at home#deep
Robert Lin
Robert Lin Month ago
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lambo chung Month ago
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Jonson fatinson Month ago
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Computrix Month ago
Yo, take that fat cole off the cover 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Wildin Lara
Wildin Lara Month ago
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Melinda Thebeau
Melinda Thebeau Month ago
Yes yes 🥰
Perfectwill.s Vundla
21:58 Love Yourz
Perfectwill.s Vundla
Frosty cold
Frosty cold Month ago
Fuck j cole I see an enemy
Geórgia Guimarães
thank you for this!! have a nice life
Designer Connections
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Jaycee Flores Month ago
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Robert Lin Month ago
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Kyle Castillo
Kyle Castillo Month ago
Beauty N the Struggle
Dennis Sanford
Dennis Sanford Month ago
My father is real
Lord De'Mun
Lord De'Mun Month ago
Lyrics and bars over beats substance and beats over fugazi...
Luis Marte
Luis Marte Month ago
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Michael Tang Month ago
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Harry Stott
Harry Stott Month ago
so good
Niya T.
Niya T. Month ago
This playlist is so hard bro omm, you did that fr.
A Tribute to Mac Miller
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