Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Mar 1) 

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Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about Bobby Lashley beating The Miz for the WWE Championship, Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus, Braun Strowman teaming up with Adam Pearce and almost becoming Tag Team Champions and much more.
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Mar 2, 2021




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Invincible Young Empire
Cried so much when we saw Miz tap and Bobby winning the WWE Championship. Means so much for him winning that title. May the reign continue and may he keep inspiring on so many levels. BUSINESS IS BOOMING!!!
Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin Month ago
Wait so I know I'm a week late but is no one going to talk about the fact that Flippin Mark was here? I got so excited like damm
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar 2 months ago
Miz got screwed, ngl, I was rooting for Miz to retain it for some time. Now this makes Bobby Lashley champion from charity of Shane
lieutmustang 2 months ago
Braun always get screwed in WrestleManias
John 2 months ago
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JJ Reichner
JJ Reichner 2 months ago
I'm upset miz is no longer champion sorry but I find Bobby Lashley to be boring
Jeandre Stoltz
Jeandre Stoltz 2 months ago
Disagree with the bald idiot!! I love the Alexa/Randyy angle!!!!!!
Johnny D
Johnny D 2 months ago
So who was the actual heel in that match?
GuillotineStare 2 months ago
About time you rate ANY wrestling show properly. Shill.
Spear Pig
Spear Pig 2 months ago
Now apollo crews needs to get some gold!
Wakuljrv 2 months ago
I still have no clue who is supposed to be the good guy in the Orton-Wyatt rivalry
Sohail Alamkhel
Sohail Alamkhel 2 months ago
Sami Zayn dancing to Nakamura’s theme or Simon talking about wrestling? Idk which two is more entertaining and fun.
Deron Craig
Deron Craig 2 months ago
But I thought about something...I never understand the purpose of the Hurt Lock..but for every Lock, there is a key. And you’re right Simon Miller, Hard work always pays off 👍
Deron Craig
Deron Craig 2 months ago
Lol I always loved how Simon talked about wrestling on Ups and Downs
gil jackson
gil jackson 2 months ago
Jerzi 2 months ago
I just hope the Tag match where Shane screwed Strowman doesn't lead to Shane vs Strowman at Wrestlemania... That would suck
Shortydude420 2 months ago
Lashley being Champion is looong overdue
reddnavy 2 months ago
9:24. I never knew Strowmam was screaming, "Brauuun" in his entrance theme. I always thought he screamed, Arhhh". This is the kind of commentary and insight you can only get from Ups and Downs.
{Sav}ii28 2 months ago
Eugenectftff Davisrtrtrrrttfftrtt
I love the raw deal card
apple apple
apple apple 2 months ago
The only thing I hate about world champions in WWE right now is they are 2 dominant, I like a champion that can take punishment and still win, I don't take champions seriously if they win 2 easy
Katiso Thatho
Katiso Thatho 2 months ago
Am I the only one who's actually calling it Monday night Bobby?
Jackson Tyler
Jackson Tyler 2 months ago
Lashley is a beast. 3 ups. 7 downs. Up though lol
Fadoodle Rulez
Fadoodle Rulez 2 months ago
Love the show but y’all could at least not put spoilers in the thumbnail
flydlm87 2 months ago
honestly bobby lashley is bland and dull i consider him the default create a superstar model he has no personality no unique look and is kinda boring
Twisted Turnip
Twisted Turnip 2 months ago
God please God....no more Charlotte title matches, their good but just....please...no more
Jan Roselo Reyes
Jan Roselo Reyes 2 months ago
I remember that Bobby Lashley Break Chris Master's MasterLock and now he is using it...
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray 2 months ago
Monstamos 2 months ago
Bobby 'Finally The Champ' Lashley!!!!!
r8drfan76 2 months ago
Can we get Brock vs Bobby before they are 60 for the love of god
Sam Reese
Sam Reese 2 months ago
I realize Raw isn't the best currently. But ..... the downs for Raw are given a lot easier than for AEW
Clinically Sane
Clinically Sane 2 months ago
MVP just needs the US title now and we have a new dominant roster
Mar1218 2 months ago
I love the fiends story line and how they are telling it and I still understand why Simon don’t like it but when Matt hardy be doing his weird broken thing he is like that’s amazing or when people on aew be sayin u need to kill me to win 😑 like really u believe that
Shay Dillane
Shay Dillane 2 months ago
Are we really building up to Srrowman vs Shane McMahon? 😣 Also the McIntyre vs Sheamus match was exactly what you expected from 2 Big hoss type wrestlers like that. Genuinely felt like they were knocking six shades of shite out each other.
Eric Martinelli
Eric Martinelli 2 months ago
Can the creative team at Smackdown take a stroll over to Raw for a week or two?!
Chulang Searles
Chulang Searles 2 months ago
The Feane on maternally leave (Hahaha)
Beep 2 months ago
Raw sucked again there was only two good match one Drew match and Damien match what they did to Braun Sucked to
tommy2chips 2 months ago
I was happy that Bobby Lashley won the championship
Internet Bandit
Internet Bandit 2 months ago
The only up for Raw was Bobby Lashley looking dominant as hell and not playing around when he finally got his hands on Miz. I really don't want Lashley to lose to Mcintyre. Lashley was the only thing that got me to watch Raw again after I quit after that terrible Hell in a Cell shit show.
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise 2 months ago
Bobby Lashley put the second hurt lock on him because he has the personality of a dead stump.
Andrew A
Andrew A 2 months ago
Raw could really benefit from a dominant heel champion not named Brock Lesnar. Hopefully Bobby holds the gold for a long time to come
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise 2 months ago
Still waiting for one person to tell me what Lashley has done to "earn this"...... He has zero mic skills, he's a very stiff wrestler, and his matches are generally short and as easy on him as possible.... So what has he done besides so many steroids that all the hair on his body is gone and "stuck around"..? Honest question.
jaypeo88 2 months ago
For retro ups and downs you should do royal rumble '92 and count how many times someone does the spot " I'll hold his arms and you chop the hell out of him!" It's ridiculous in the first 20 mins
It’s Obvious who Bobby Lashley as New Raw Champ is going to Wrestle at Wrestlemania. It’s going to be Bobby Lashley VS Brock Lesnar
MrMagguz 2 months ago
i watch it for month now and it is getting clearer every week. John Cena is now Charlotte Flair. Cause it doen'st matter how high the stacks are against her or what happen before or in the match, at the end she wins. She even don't selling the moves from her opponent from time to time. And i can't remember gettin her some new superstar over but stopping the push of neearly every superstar. Cena was worst then her at his peak but i don't think we reach the peak of her. Sorry but this gettin a down
Sonic The HedgeRat
Sonic The HedgeRat 2 months ago
Bobby Bobby Bobby!
Slap tooth
Slap tooth 2 months ago
Damn, Miz got punked hard. Almost made me forget my dislikeness of him.
King Of Bacon
King Of Bacon 2 months ago
Really upset that “bullshit” from MVP didn’t get its own up
Jay Eckberg
Jay Eckberg 2 months ago
Groundhog day without Bill Murray doesn't work. Simon apparently hasn't seen Happy Death Day. Simon you get a DOWN.
Akbar Anthony
Akbar Anthony 2 months ago
remember lars sullivan was a thing for few weeks ?
Aaron Sebastian
Aaron Sebastian 2 months ago
Why couldn't they let that storyline build until Fastlane? Have Miz running like a coward and using different loopholes to get out of the matches with Bobby on RAW. RAW is the worst wrestling show on TV right now.
Donald Smith
Donald Smith 2 months ago
I thought Shane was suppose to be out of the WWE cuz he lost to Kevin Owens a few months ago?
Musa Silas
Musa Silas 2 months ago
The wizard in the sky made it possible
djspunkymonkey 2 months ago
Stuff just happens
Sudridh Joshi
Sudridh Joshi 2 months ago
Simon Miller and Philip N. Marx in the same video... what is this? A crossover episode?
AnnaBellaK 2 months ago
Naomi jobbing to worst wrestler ever is a HUGE DOWN
Domenic Duarte Sr.
Domenic Duarte Sr. 2 months ago
That was stupid....I like Lashley as the champ but the match was stupid.
Sajo Mtonga
Sajo Mtonga 2 months ago
half way through the video and there's 1 up and 7 downs haahaha sums raw up perfectly
DavidRagan1734 2 months ago
I liked Elias vs. Priest. It felt like an old match. It was slow at times, and then it would pick up. Good pacing.
Charlton Williamson
Charlton Williamson 2 months ago
Maybe they can now give Bobby a personality.
Reggie Noble
Reggie Noble 2 months ago
Wrestling, Entertainment?
Aaron Henry
Aaron Henry 2 months ago
Retribution only has Mustafa Ali and his yelling is keeping the faction alive, even though unrelevant.
Nehemiah Jacobs
Nehemiah Jacobs 2 months ago
I think they kept doing the title matches every hour ish because they wanted us to tune into the last hour of raw
Brother Esquire
Brother Esquire 2 months ago
WHAT. LASHLEY IS CHAMP. OIOHHHHHHH SSHHHIIIIITTTTT. . He in the business of hurt and business is about to pick up. And that's the bottom line, cause stone cold said so.!!!!!
Robert Hacker
Robert Hacker 2 months ago
I'm 36 and when I was in high-school, I brought my girlfriend to a couple shows. We met Cena, Orton, Batista, Miz, and Lashley. I haven't talked to her in 15 years. Guess who's still wrestling?
boy Goku
boy Goku 2 months ago
"Where's Payton Royce?" She's not good enough to be pushed but what happened to pushing the NXT woman they actually earned it
xXMYxSWAGGXx 2 months ago
Simon just wants a fucking job. None of his commentary makes sense. Hes the Vince if WhatCulture
Krys 2 months ago
Gonna have to call Simon on his Up's and Down's shenanigans... It's weird how he praises a segment, give no Up or Down, then skips to the next segment... It seemed he liked McIntyre vs Sheamus, as did I, but he gave it no Up... Why, Simon, WHY?!?🤔 Final score should be 4 Up - 7 Down.
The Kurt Gobang Show!
Bobby needs to work on them mic skills.
Tim Kruse
Tim Kruse 2 months ago
RAW just needs to go back to 2 hrs
The Kurt Gobang Show!
Like I said Miz cashed in on Drew. It sucks because they are saying Bobby beating Drew is not believable. Yeah Bobby beating Miz is....Miz dropped the belt to that man period. So if Bobby looses the belt at Mania. This whole thing is pointless. Like I'm happy for Bobby I'm not jumping for joy. Unlike Drew Bobby didn't need to wait 16 years. This shows how much of a lackey he was back than hell he didn't even hold the world title.
John McCormick
John McCormick 2 months ago
2014: Lashley wins TNA championship after MVP is injured and wears a crutch celebrating with him. 2021: Lashley wins WWE championship with an injured MVP celebrating with him
justa nime
justa nime 2 months ago
That up for the episode itself was a mercy up
Sik Switch13
Sik Switch13 2 months ago
Wow,Botchzilla is still getting matches???? She need's to just follow the same move set as great khali or giant Gonzalez. She's fuckin' dangerous and useless, for the love of the cloven hoofed one, send her back to developmental
justa nime
justa nime 2 months ago
So Bobby lashley is getting the biggest push of his wwe career, being built as an absolute force.. after mania Lesnar comes back challenges bob, we finally get that match..n it's over in about 10 seconds n Lesnar is the new champion...or he comes back n at the next ppv n same results cause u know...Vince mcmahon
MegaAwesome1121 2 months ago
Damn Orton segment got a down 🥺
Sik Switch13
Sik Switch13 2 months ago
Yeah,I don't watch any promotion full time anymore as it kinda all blends in. Giving lashley the strap is obviously a move from Vince as he's always loved the oversized meat thinking that's what everyone wants. Lashley has zero mic skills (look he may have gotten better, but I don't watch full time), so if it's just cos he's big,don't care.I had hopes when he first came in,(wasted), then he did TNA,(again wasted), then back to wwe( I know he did a stint in bellatore or ufc or whatever), look, the poor guy has zero presence on the mic,get a good "valet" to do the talking for him & he could go place's
Chestwolf Games
Chestwolf Games 2 months ago
Braun Strowman needs anger management? Sounds familiar *cough* BTE *cough*
Bob's Bergers Rule
Bob's Bergers Rule 2 months ago
Seems like WWE is FINIALLY taking their chance to bend a knee..I'm guessing Crews Bel Aire Street Profits get titles by end of WM
Randyman Maximus
Randyman Maximus 2 months ago
I naively was hoping the opening of RAW was just going to be Sheamus vs Drew but no we got the ridiculous ongoing interview segments.
Cody Dutra
Cody Dutra 2 months ago
I definitely dorked out when Lashley won. On a related note I absolutely love that elevated spinebuster thing he does. It looks so devastating.
ethan lopez
ethan lopez 2 months ago
Simon don’t stare at me like that 😳
Ric Lulua
Ric Lulua 2 months ago
All Warm And Fuzzy In my Tum Tum... nuff said
YNGTonyMontana 2 months ago
Edgardo Olivares
Edgardo Olivares 2 months ago
Took long enough. Now lashley is official
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Warrior 2 months ago
Strowman vs Shane, yuk
edge12234 2 months ago
Did anyone notice the count in the Elias Damien priest match he was at 5 then 2
Alfred Lewis
Alfred Lewis 2 months ago
Here is one for you!! Chef Alfred Lewis says Damien Priest vs Bobby Lashey.
I sell dope
I sell dope 2 months ago
Can’t go absent for 3 god damn weeks
Phill Mineff
Phill Mineff 2 months ago
How is Lashley winning the title on Monday Night Bobby not a GOLDEN UP?
Svetsi 2 months ago
"This was pure orange, because it was such a squash" legit got a solid laugh from me.
metallicaddictno1 2 months ago
Lashley is living proof that you can rebuild your life after a failed marriage XD
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 months ago
Anyone find it odd that the rest of the hurt business didnt come into the ring to celebrate after bobby won?
Paradox R.N.O
Paradox R.N.O 2 months ago
Yes it's Monday night Lashley
ccase798 2 months ago
Appreciate the Zelda comment.
Hail Hydra!!
Hail Hydra!! 2 months ago
I was hoping that Seamus and Drew would manage to do a double KO as they hit each other with their finishers.
GRACE FOUND ME 2 months ago
They say, 1 bad overrides many goods but this time, 1 good overrode many bads
933236 2 months ago
Simon and WC guys can you have Simon break down Smackdown may 4th 2000? A truly masterpiece of an episode
David Wollmer, Jr.
David Wollmer, Jr. 2 months ago
Poor Braun, he's never going to get that real push and title reign which it feels he deserved by now.
BigJake Powers
BigJake Powers 2 months ago
Idc what anybody has to say about it. Miz deserves better.
Menno De bruijn
Menno De bruijn 2 months ago
your r right bad episode and missing mathces
O.G. SnakPak
O.G. SnakPak 2 months ago
Duh Simon, 2+2 is Thomas Jefferson sucka
Phillip Bennett
Phillip Bennett 2 months ago
you on drug hahah hate wait like mr mcmahon kiss club on youtube channels