Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters 

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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters. You asked for it. This was absolutely insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are not FOUR hunters but FIVE instead of just one.

This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost AND my friend awesamdude tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.

If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin




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Tafi- 51 second ago
Tatiboor Fartginder
Tatiboor Fartginder 3 minutes ago
CosmosPlays 3 minutes ago
i think that counts as you winning because they should not be able to respawn the dragon you kind of kild the dragon so i think that should count as you winning
Ayter YT
Ayter YT 7 minutes ago
*Dream is way to good maybe we need infinity hunters*
Arlene Reyse
Arlene Reyse 10 minutes ago
watching: action and guys shooting each other me: <(-︿-)> watching a green blob getting hunted down by weirdos Me: *Σ( ° △ °|||) heavy breathing*
gardy gaslaire Desulme
gardy gaslaire Desulme 12 minutes ago
Dream not human dream hits robot
Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith 12 minutes ago
Did those logs just instantly turn into pints
ELECTRO MR 13 minutes ago
Yo dreamer boi does your sister has crush
Thin man
Thin man 13 minutes ago
huong tran thi
huong tran thi 18 minutes ago
hard core
Jaime Compton
Jaime Compton 19 minutes ago
That boat thing blew my mind. The reaction time for that. plus actually remembering those physics was just insane.
Oscar Gomez
Oscar Gomez 19 minutes ago
Wait u can get netherite ingots in a bastion
lucero mercedes vilca
lucero mercedes vilca 20 minutes ago
Wesley Randall
Wesley Randall 25 minutes ago
hey dream theres an fnf mod of you called fnf vs bob every mod ever you should play that also play the tutorial in the original game before you play the mod
Maria Eduarda Krüger
Maria Eduarda Krüger 26 minutes ago
hello i'm brazil
Você 21 minute ago
@Maria Eduarda Krüger tô de brincadeira pô kkkkkk
Aldo 21 minute ago
I am from indonesia
Maria Eduarda Krüger
Maria Eduarda Krüger 23 minutes ago
@Você mas eu sou do brasil
Você 25 minutes ago
Não, você não és ☝️😎
Eddie Canaway
Eddie Canaway 28 minutes ago
New subs UwU💕
Você 28 minutes ago
Bread *
Bread * 33 minutes ago
can you play roblox one day
Hadi Susanto
Hadi Susanto 33 minutes ago
Alguém fala portugues
Bread *
Bread * 33 minutes ago
ThisPinkFox 36 minutes ago
Analin Raymundo
Analin Raymundo 38 minutes ago
Dream can you give me minecraft
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 20 minutes ago
Analin Raymundo
Analin Raymundo 39 minutes ago
Dream cab you give me minecraft
Ventrix19 40 minutes ago
Sanpam, GorgeNotFohnd, DreeeeeeeeeAm, BedBoyHahllo, Speeydrum.......
Dayse Maria Velez Lucas
Gerlane Gomes
Gerlane Gomes 44 minutes ago
Hi dream kids
Aquiles Bacellar
Aquiles Bacellar 44 minutes ago
Ei vc ue dykn dream chx
raizza gail clamor
raizza gail clamor 45 minutes ago
Why don't you take the armor dream?
chalo kuch sikhe mere saath Mere Saath
Release new video
Sheikh Begum
Sheikh Begum 46 minutes ago
Omar & Lena
Omar & Lena 52 minutes ago
If I were dream I should make a wall take the diamond and run
Stephanie Stumpf
Stephanie Stumpf 52 minutes ago
Should've gotten rid of the diamond or covered it up
Martín Contreras
Martín Contreras 55 minutes ago
E EMPIRE 54 minutes ago
Lol hater
roblox channel
roblox channel 59 minutes ago
in them
roblox channel
hi dream i am a youtuber too also i love your manhunt videos i wonder how u do the things u do
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 19 minutes ago
You have no subs, tf you mean you're a youtuber
•*glitch Trap*•
This was epic you are the GOD of manhunt. Never EVER say your low because dream will chase you and murder you if your ever doing a manhut lol
Profits Gaming
Dream go in creative mode and leave the prison without anyone knowing it can be our little secret
Maria Franqui
Maria Franqui Hour ago
Jalon Carr
Jalon Carr Hour ago
Who here after discovering what Dream looks like?👀
brogla Hour ago
Xd fishy
Xd fishy Hour ago
You should throw a cowbelly at the hunters.
tarek moumou
tarek moumou Hour ago
You suck -Tarek
Osiris St Fleur
If Rick played Minecraft
Borikito Borikito
8:56 damn- , im gonna subs this looks awsome
DEDEKEKE 10 Hour ago
Dream you soo good
Small Panda
Small Panda Hour ago
hey dream you remind me of my friend logan, smart, creative, and such a pain some time
Claudio Marcio
go go go
Anonymous Gaming
The end crystals came back
Anonymous Gaming
What the hell was that at the end
benjaminx4240 Hour ago
That was ... so violent
Johnny Motorcycle
You are ruining Minecraft
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 14 minutes ago
How did he ruin Minecraft?
CHALLENGE FOR DREAM FANS! jump off of a bridge with a water bucket, and at the last second, try to use the water bucket to negate fall damage. Shout out to whoever can do it first!
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 14 minutes ago
That's not that hard to do
•Looney June•
Dream, do a reveal of you and your set up when your on your pc, computer.
oruiegoihruefoiuhreg irtgioooijrtgoihirtg
This is the only thing I don't get bored off on USlift
András Sztankovics
i think dream won this . because u can't respone the dragon if he didn't died DREAM WON!
Pedro RM
Pedro RM Hour ago
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 13 minutes ago
Thanks for supporting him
Submonger Hour ago
This literally blew my mind dream actually survived. OMG!!!. THAT WAS AMAZING. well not amazing... BUT SIIIICCCCKKK. Dream ur awesome
IsaqueBlock Hour ago
HitmaN Hour ago
dino hunter
dino hunter Hour ago
12:51 bad can you say that again
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 13 minutes ago
That was Ant
Raccoon Hour ago
Omg lol
Anthony Le
Anthony Le Hour ago
dream died rip
Emre K.O.G.G
Emre K.O.G.G 2 hours ago
This is the boatttttttttt
Miguel Lee
Miguel Lee 2 hours ago
If dream isn't uploading he's probably traning to do like idk the whole smp
Danger Chicken Dc
Danger Chicken Dc 2 hours ago
That whole end had to hurt
Ibrahim Dahir
Ibrahim Dahir 2 hours ago
This guy has beaten Minecraft more times than ive gone into the nether
Gustavo Ramos
Gustavo Ramos 2 hours ago
Dream Regenve Coming.....
a very angry wasp
a very angry wasp 2 hours ago
Gustavo Ramos
Gustavo Ramos 2 hours ago
36:11 ?
Liam Sosa
Liam Sosa 2 hours ago
Dream dame tu poder
MsYabsy 2 hours ago
I have a good idea for you! Make a video where each block is a diff size!
ItsSquiddy9 2 hours ago
Why does this feel like I’m watching the end of infinity war all over again
kennedy oficial
kennedy oficial 2 hours ago
I am from Brazil I do not speak your language i'm using google translate
just some unknown guy who commented on this video
Can you do 11 hunters ????
just some unknown guy who commented on this video
@Hairy Sauce alright sure buddy
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 3 minutes ago
It's not gonna he interesting at all, he's gonna die immediately
just some unknown guy who commented on this video
@Hairy Sauce but it will be interesting
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 13 minutes ago
He hasn't even beat 5 hunters yet wtf
Pog champ 69
Pog champ 69 2 hours ago
Dream probably took a break to eat some more
Nikola Petrović
Nikola Petrović 2 hours ago
What happened? How he didn't win?
Ken R
Ken R 2 hours ago
You are so cool
Anthony Alvarenga
Anthony Alvarenga 2 hours ago
How to hell did you get the stone pickax
corvo brawl
corvo brawl 2 hours ago
Bye dream
A Ld
A Ld 2 hours ago
Me at The end of the video Screaming Thinking that dream won When he Said he killed the dragon Me 5 seconds later Realizing what happened
Mayte Salazar
Mayte Salazar 2 hours ago
25:40 he jumped over the arrow right?
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 12 minutes ago
H Carson
H Carson 2 hours ago
Hi Dream I just wanted to say thank you for being a great guy. I hope you are doing well :)
Igor Matulik
Igor Matulik 2 hours ago
BrawlPai 3 hours ago
ABDLLUAH 8606 3 hours ago
i loev you
Eggs Eggs
Eggs Eggs 3 hours ago
damm he speedruns in games but can't even run in real life lmao
Marco 2 hours ago
Broooo 💀
Lindsay Brown
Lindsay Brown 3 hours ago
Who the #### are you in real life
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 11 minutes ago
Why do you want to know?????
Submonger Hour ago
He is El Mencho
Aryano 3 hours ago
In a couple months dream will have a manhunt with 30 hitmen
Galen Goodyezr
Galen Goodyezr 3 hours ago
And surprise you haven’t been on the SCP with me
Solar Studios
Solar Studios 3 hours ago
Next video be like: if this video hits 1 like I’ll do 1000 hunters vs 1 speed runners
Jodi Urquhart
Jodi Urquhart 3 hours ago
Do a hardcore speedrun
Vann McNeil
Vann McNeil 3 hours ago
7:09 the big brain play
Ella A Thing
Ella A Thing 3 hours ago
Why is no one talking about that achievement at the end
Hairy Sauce
Hairy Sauce 11 minutes ago
Because it's such common knowledge, everyone knows about it
Unflavored Wheat
Unflavored Wheat 3 hours ago
you dont know the end again??? lol
ToasteyPanda 3 hours ago
Where’s dream?
reveal* 3 hours ago
Purple Pig
Purple Pig 3 hours ago
7:27 this is the most insane thing i've ever seen. he's a minecraft legend prove me wrong
Payton lepore
Payton lepore 3 hours ago
That ending was so confusing... I didn't even know you could do that!
Spring Math 2.0
Spring Math 2.0 3 hours ago
wait no Minecraft Speedrunner VS with the whole dream smp