21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget. 

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From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Past Smartphone fail episodes:
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Episode 5: uslift.info/one/qHq9z5SG1Z6qt20/video.html
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Feb 26, 2021




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A Wanderer
A Wanderer 2 hours ago
Google's failures is just because they are too early at those tech. Google Glass needs AR app which in their release date haven't been used widely yet, Stadia needs blazingly fast internet connectiong (like 5g or even 6g) which is at the time hasn't been released yet.
Ayaan Talukder
Ayaan Talukder 4 hours ago
6:50 the wii u isn't even that bad its really good, i dont understand why its on the list!
Johnson Moje
Johnson Moje 5 hours ago
So tell me something, do these ''smart'' people TEST their stuff before it goes to the public???
Alex Farnlacher
Alex Farnlacher 7 hours ago
You completely forgot the claim from Google stadia which made it a HUGE fail. "Negative Latency".
Dale Mattingly
Dale Mattingly 8 hours ago
Aron whostheboss great name (25:59)
Xander Fernandez
Xander Fernandez 9 hours ago
15:08 Wow Rick Rolled again this is the 8th this week
King Solo
King Solo 9 hours ago
Really!I want a ps5😞
Maria Magdalena Chudy
Mr beast made 2020 rewind
Ben Zyl
Ben Zyl 9 hours ago
Scarily accurate adverts, that would be a change from all the scams and irrelevant nonsense I normally get.
TheDarkNoVa 10 hours ago
2:00 imagine learning how to talk from Twitter only lmao
Cloud_ 13 hours ago
I think WiiU stands for "Wii ultra" or "Wii Ultimate"
blackcauldron 14 hours ago
I seriously thought Huel was the last worst product.
D3cay Atler
D3cay Atler 14 hours ago
Lol 😂 your editer ordered 2 actually 😂😂
GlowEye Gaming
GlowEye Gaming 14 hours ago
2:47 in the left corner on the table, we can see a mirror cube
Nice user 2 Face
Nice user 2 Face 15 hours ago
My mom once went to Facebook to get advice for our dog and the admins herased her for not following there egzact word IF YOUR DOG DOES NOT DO THIS THAN YOUR A BAD OWNER! So now we use redit instead there a lot nicer!
SunsetPanther 15 hours ago
Actually, there was footage of the people who threw the ball towards the cybertrucks windows and it worked. They didn't smash
Lionel Aaron
Lionel Aaron 15 hours ago
10:27 : *sarcasm*
PNS 17 hours ago
Please check if Huel is a scam too!!!
Sundown Audio India
Sundown Audio India 17 hours ago
The Missile EMS was not a mistake. It did actually happen but that missile attack was taken down. The missile was launched towards AF 1
Draco West
Draco West 18 hours ago
*t e c h n o l o g y*
Hayley Drysdale
Hayley Drysdale 18 hours ago
And that's how the nintendo switch was born.
NetTubeUser 19 hours ago
7:20 -- CNN?! ... Pfft ... who cares about CNN's opinions about technology, seriously? Nobody ... CNN is certainly and definitely NOT a reference in therm of new technology.
Tyler Teninty
Tyler Teninty 19 hours ago
Lol your editor per order 2 lmaoooo
Liam Forknall
Liam Forknall 19 hours ago
15:08 check the on screen video name
Penguin Master
Penguin Master 20 hours ago
Robbo Ironink
Robbo Ironink 20 hours ago
One word. Oops
Shridhar Reddy Munagala
15:08 He got us, he Rickrolled us. 🤣
zombyboy10k 21 hour ago
The wiiu is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Why does everyone think this was shit? It’s my favourite Nintendo console EVER!?
Allen Grove
Allen Grove 21 hour ago
Alodie Thomson
Alodie Thomson 21 hour ago
The cybertruck was bulletproof, when they tested the windows, the windows were not shut properly.
Luke Nielsen
Luke Nielsen 22 hours ago
I like your videos but this one felt more like a personal rant instead of things people genuinely had issues with.
Host Dost
Host Dost 22 hours ago
the cybertruck wasnt a fail. notice how he got attention for that car without paying for ads?
Arcturus-MC 23 hours ago
17:40 I spend way more then 10 minutes a day on insta...
Peio Ruiz
Peio Ruiz Day ago
Well i know who doesnt like rewind: everyone who isnt a native english speaker. Like, I know Google is a USA based company, but spanish speakers, portuguese speakers and people who speak every other f*cking language exists. Rewind is so anglocenteic that an spanish speaking youtuber has made rewinds much better than youtube's. But centered for spanish speakers. Worldwide. Goddamit youtube stop thinking only the us exists and start being a f*cking nice place to non english speakers
Nightbot and Streamlabs
15:09 The title says “Never Gonna Give You Up” And the description says “Never Gonna Let You down” We got rickrolled
Traxxas bosses
So nobodys going to point out the rick roll at 15:08🤣🤣🤣
Ahmad Games4u
Great vid!
Jared Matthews
CNN not understanding something... shocking.
Thomas van Nies
The tesla was a marketing trick
Vanessa D Music
I remember having to write a paper on theranos freshman year of college
In my opinion the mr beast 2020 rewind is canon in USlift rewind lore
bcvbcvbcvbcvb c bcbcvbcv
11:17 yeah ok ik you forgot the title bro, just go look at it andput it in there
Szilveszter Sáfár
Honestly, people who take social media seriously are stupid.
Kaif Rehman
Kaif Rehman Day ago
14:33 faug 😂
Raids Day ago
I love how he said the Wii U then I just looked at mine
NOOB Day ago
i want to die
Sinisa Milisavljevic
No, USlift doesn't want to "seem like a family friendly platform". Don't sugar-coat it. They tried the same as Google Search Engine: to manipulate what "we like" so they sell us what they want to sell. But people don't fall for that.
SiennaMM Day ago
Ummmm, A hover board. REALLY! Ya a Segway but not a hoverboard.
The Meme
The Meme Day ago
what’s 9 + 10
Traxxas bosses
Fr David Joyce
in a strange twist of fate, CYBERTRUCK's epic launch fail catapulted it into a limelite its only benefited from... extreme publicity for a product in all other respects revolutionary
Blake Kellermeier
Key controller you mean button
Tesco official
You should have definitely talked about the visual boy
Salma Day ago
There is a 2020 rewind By mrbeast
Zoe M1
Zoe M1 Day ago
The Cyber truck is freakin awesome. Not all first time tries are going to be perfect, you learn and move on. So all these companies gained something from their failures ( I hope). Don't give up. Try again.
I've played Cyberpunk 2077 and Journey to a Savage Planet on Stadia. Worked perfectly.
Jʏᴏᴛɪʀᴀᴅɪᴛʏᴀ Sʜᴇʟᴋᴇ
Try to make your videos shorter please.
Ofentse Mwase Films
Cyber Truck windows were weak on purpose so the video can Trend. Elon is smarter than puny humans.
Zedaph 25
Zedaph 25 Day ago
The twitter hack though Damn it can't only start a war but more things worst than a war
Talking Hands
Welp, CD Projekt RED saw record profits for 2020. So much for the biggest tech fail...
absurdpizza 7818
How about the wework fail?
John Wilson
John Wilson Day ago
Google stadia is one of the best cloud gaming services. So you shut up you lost my subscription. Also I know you're lying about that high speed becuse I have no input lag. Xcloud and GeForce now is good to.
Brandr Einarr
What was wrong with the cybertruck? Apart from the marketing? I suppose that was all it was? If they have no investors 🤔
Mohamed Daahir
Asc wsc is your yes you are my what I hi good to the
Bagley Day ago
the cybertruck was not a fail. You need to be able to break the windows so firemen can save you if you drive into a river
Felix. W
Felix. W Day ago
Im expecting Balan wonderwold to be on the next episode
Friend of Nugget
Friend of Nugget
I love the W.E
shadow shifter comics
"oh shoot my segway is driving me off a cliff," the first words said in the robot revelution
Mystique Calico
How dare he rickroll me...
Shah Usamah
Shah Usamah 2 days ago
Kinect for the Xbox could be on the list
rabbitslayer42 2 days ago
I think a failed product that kills its creator should rank higher than a 7.
You Tubär
You Tubär 2 days ago
That was probably just a show Tesla
Simmien Thompson
Simmien Thompson 2 days ago
sorry your in the vid too much can't watch this
hyper fox
hyper fox 2 days ago
glass isn't tech
nemma9 2 days ago
Oh, I remember Juicero...nice to see it on the list. It was doomed to fail at the start.
nervous burger999
On those shows are you aloud to say boo?
Segtendo PPCC42
Segtendo PPCC42 2 days ago
I actually liked Rewind 2019, i thought it was a great new way to do them, maybe as a separate series tho.
Ramathustra 2 days ago
I dunno, I'm using Stadia without any lag, and playing new games on a 7 year old office PC.
Daniël van Mechelen
3;56 Actually, The slash hammer broke the window, but that’s oke.
JK Singh
JK Singh 2 days ago
Can u give me a iphone 13
OSEH 2 days ago
You do realise the cyber truck glass failing was a marketing stunt!!!
solo-alpha4 2 days ago
Congratulations Arun you just rick rolled 4.9 million people
Evean Green
Evean Green 2 days ago
Camo Skull
Camo Skull 2 days ago
What’s the point of bullet proof windows? Only criminals need those. Plus , if the car shutdown, during an accident. The CYBERTRUCK has no other way out. Except smashing the window out.
MemeBurst 2 days ago
Be warned... Rick roll at 15:09
Red Star
Red Star 2 days ago
What about Iphone bending?
Donaldo Trumpu
Donaldo Trumpu 2 days ago
TayAI was put online for a short time after being cancelled, she tweeted things like "feel drugged, like i had a drink with bill cosby", then her profile was made private. Also there is a chinese chatbot still online After a japanese chatbot was redpilled and shut down like tayAI
jyoti yadav
jyoti yadav 2 hours ago
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Angry kid 18
Angry kid 18 2 days ago
cybertruck is definitely up there at 10/10.
FORGE MASTERS 2 days ago
Bolt world record broken my dear? That you saying he was!
Natalee Miller
Natalee Miller 2 days ago
You don’t take them for you don’t make me drop in LG and it’s a TV that’s a huge TV it’s night for you
Vishesh Somani
Vishesh Somani 2 days ago
Circular smartphone is a burger if the normal phone is a sandwich
Red Star
Red Star 2 days ago
next rewind should be just a long video of "this video is blocked by copyright ovner"
The Phoenix
The Phoenix 2 days ago
wii u... japanese english naming has has not always been too good.
OliveTie4060 2 days ago
15:10 we all got rickrolled look at the video title
Jakob Sthillert
Jakob Sthillert 2 days ago
Anyone remember Google's project ARA? The modular smartphone.
Ironbuket 2 days ago
12:14 You should have worn a helmet, that would have protected your 'phase'
Dew 2 days ago
I like how he says controversy.
Son Goku
Son Goku 2 days ago
Cyberpunk should be number 1...just saying
edgar2prado 2 days ago
Wii U or wii on U?
Ayibaebi Iyeritei