The Main Character of Dream SMP 

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technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character
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"The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss


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Feb 28, 2021




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WSD 781
WSD 781 Hour ago
you forgot about one thing techno: as far as the SMP is concerned. Y O U. N E V E R. D I E.
Super Electro Bytes
techyesblade? technobladder?
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 5 hours ago
*Baking Cake With Technoblade* The new hit cooking show of the Dream SMP 7:25
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 5 hours ago
I'm so used to being a wanted criminal and then I just got rid of the country that had a bounty on me and all my problems are solved - The Blade 2021
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 5 hours ago
Ranboo : *has silk touch hands* Technoblade : "what is this superpower ? I want superpowers, what is this ???" But Techno, you already have a superpower, Technoblade *Never* Dies
Diddy 6 hours ago
Valerie McLamarrah
Valerie McLamarrah 6 hours ago
Not Fidget
Not Fidget 7 hours ago
But techno even if you are the sensi you forgot TECHOBLADE NEVER DIES
Lulu9744 8 hours ago
I have no friends
Addie Pagan
Addie Pagan 9 hours ago
if y'all know techno is mean if you don't believe me look at dens youtube channel
Heitor Fortes
Heitor Fortes 9 hours ago
Ranboo: what sensei didn't die... the rat from tnt. Yeah about that...
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 10 hours ago
Master Roshi didn't die. You have hope Techno.
꧁ yuna gamer playz UwU꧂
RANBOO CAN MAKE INFINITE CAKE O H M A H G A W D now i kinda want cake
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith 12 hours ago
Fun fact: a group of enderman is called a haunting
Emma 14 hours ago
Cho Jake
Cho Jake 15 hours ago
He is more powerful then dream you can’t get spawners from the creative inventory
Sushi-Cat10 15 hours ago
Jjirya dies but not kakashi sensei
Zaid Abdullah
Zaid Abdullah 16 hours ago
Ranboo character is mix of ghast and endermen
Chevy 16 hours ago
"What main character was strong when starting out?" Ichigo - from bleach
Froggeh 17 hours ago
I have commented on 164 of technoblades videos in the last... 1 day.
I Am Pită
I Am Pită 22 hours ago
dmtam 900
dmtam 900 22 hours ago
But one thing That was forgotten is That they went to an old Place where the sensei was before to Train the power of the Main Charakter
Nic Is So cool
Nic Is So cool 22 hours ago
Techno is technically the rival, but like hes not the rival. He just acts like the rival-
THE LAPIDARIAN 23 hours ago
Technoblades power is clutch
gd WolfRam
gd WolfRam Day ago
you got tamboolezld
King of gaming King of gaming
spawners is like money is dream smp brudddddddddddddd
•D a i s y s - C o f f e e •
You guys should’ve tried to pick up bedrock...
woof and fluff
Techno: *Grabs sword* *swords name comes up* Me: ... .^. Orphan obliterater Me agian: can I kill them with you techno :> Ranboo: *Picks up cake* Techno: *gasp* is that a full cake- Ranboo: *Places cake down and becomes full cake* Me:OH MY GOD HOLY SH-
you can get a spawner if a creeper explodes it
Just casually, a government got in the way so we blew it up
Gina Lindner
Gina Lindner Day ago
no kakashi did die
Pyxel Day ago
oh 3 months late but mk
Your skin isn't paper, so don't cut it. Your face isn't a mask, so don't hide it. Your size isn't a book, so don't judge it. Your heart isn't a door, so don't lock it. Your neck isn't a rope, so don't hang it. Your life isn't a film, so don't end it.
Pyxel Day ago
ThatBacon Day ago
spoiler alert: technoblade dies and im the result
Izzy Gaming
Izzy Gaming Day ago
Technoblade- the minecraft pig pro that drop kicks children in self defence.
Shoto Todoroki
Superman squared
Valdis Hincenbergs
Ninja Dragon
Ninja Dragon Day ago
Sheffield No. 14 Productions
I know I’m late but I just realized that next season Ranboo’s gonna be breaking mobs
Baldi Chuah
Baldi Chuah 2 days ago
Techno in one punch man the main character is the sensei
Deed Kids
Deed Kids 2 days ago
can he pick up bedrock????????
SirDylStompzAlot 2 days ago
One thing you didn't test was can he pick up mobs
Maga_The _Waffler#9236
Kakashi did die and came back to life OH NOOOO.
MahadPlayz! 2 days ago
E start a E chain
Niloofar Javadian
This is how you know technoblade spends to much time watching cartoons and movies
Chaos65 2 days ago
Hold up techno has a stack of ended pearls in his inventory and Ranboo is part ended man so that’s kind of messed up not going to lie
Guilty Waslost
Guilty Waslost 2 days ago
It is
NerfProZP360 YT
NerfProZP360 YT 2 days ago
Techno's power is that he is better than Dream Edit: Ranboo, Did he get that name from the Ranboo Movies? 3:53 XD
Alice Nick
Alice Nick 2 days ago
Nobody: Ranboo and techno talking: 1:24 the sheep twirking in the back:
Padma Sai Sankar
Padma Sai Sankar 2 days ago
Ranboo just got yoinked by Techno
Chunky Bee
Chunky Bee 2 days ago
The part you all are waiting for: 5:02
Sean Marquis
Sean Marquis 2 days ago
1:10 Techno YOU are the superpower
Goku Ananta 2
Goku Ananta 2 2 days ago
Yashwant Singh
Yashwant Singh 2 days ago
That outro is so neat.
Dino Slick
Dino Slick 2 days ago
Isn’t ranboo an orphan🤨
VØĮD ŁĮFĘ 2 days ago
DreamXD: I’ve been summoned.
Crystal Knowles
Crystal Knowles 2 days ago
Some did not die like my hero academias techer did not die
Pancake Kat
Pancake Kat 2 days ago
Ranboo and techno: *talking about where to go* Philza, standing in the corner: *what-*
Yuuki Sensei
Yuuki Sensei 2 days ago
Anime's ina nutshell:
Rushikesh Supekar
The moment you realize that no. of views and no. of subs is equal
Strategy Gamer
Strategy Gamer 3 days ago
Techno says ohno toomuch
Charlie parry
Charlie parry 3 days ago
Theno never dies
D Vishal
D Vishal 3 days ago
we only love dream
Antoun Saade
Antoun Saade 3 days ago
if you are on a pc watch techno s video pause it then write awesome thank me later☻
Sebastian Coria
Sebastian Coria 3 days ago
Bacon stream!
Johanspelar123 3 days ago
I love your videos kip it upp man
Andreas Ragnarsson
Here before 8 miljon subs
Keeping Up with the Bodi's
I've watched this 5 times in a row-
Breakfast Donut
Breakfast Donut 3 days ago
Techno wont die guys hes the side character with his own show which isnt much better they usually kinda suck...
Pog Content
Pog Content 3 days ago
This is pog content
a tortoise
a tortoise 3 days ago
9:47 I thought he was pig
Bence Ishmael
Bence Ishmael 3 days ago
Phil be like: kakashi didn't die did he? No he didn't Jiraya be like: Am i a joke to you?
Kiyo_ miシ
Kiyo_ miシ 3 days ago
This is so nice to watch...
Itshack5kalet 3 days ago
Tech n o b lade 👍
Sunzite 3 days ago
How is Dream not the main character
Ryan 3 days ago
Technoblade the comedy
Cydrose 4 days ago
Hey Techno, Ik of one tv show where the senses never dies.
Danny Pena
Danny Pena 4 days ago
Rambo has to try bedrock
Codniteee 4 days ago
Techno plsss play bedwars
Youngbuck 9207
Youngbuck 9207 4 days ago
What is this an anime
Silver Lion Studios
2:57 "he's got a past that he's going to remember with flashbacks throughout the season" So basically Enderwalk: the Lessons?
Julian Arancio
Julian Arancio 4 days ago
techno is more of a grunkle stan than a mentor if im being honest, exploiting ranboo for monetary gain, being a literal criminal, etc
Risha :D
Risha :D 4 days ago
Ranboo will be .. em... god?🤫
KURTJYDEN 4 days ago
What about lego ninja their master died
falls gameing
falls gameing 4 days ago
•Nia• 4 days ago
But how did he get blocks that you don't normally can pick up?
Regon Klimov
Regon Klimov 4 days ago
I play in one SMO, wheres this mod too. Am enderman
Moved Channels
Moved Channels 4 days ago
Infinite water source ❌ Infinite food source✔️
Tyto tenebricosa
Tyto tenebricosa 4 days ago
11:49 techno laughed so hard his voice *a s c e n d e d*
Cleford Ray Molina
can Ranboo pick up bedrock ' - '
Sadie 123
Sadie 123 4 days ago
Emma Chang
Emma Chang 4 days ago
Why does ran boo and techno blade have the same
Orcazaz 4 days ago
Have him break a chest with valuables in it and see if it duplicates
kadywastaken 4 days ago
"a government got into the way so we blew it up" -technoblade 2021
days high
days high 5 days ago
What do you mean sensei always die? Saitama Never dies
Elloyjah Deon
Elloyjah Deon 5 days ago
Love it
Nory Bien
Nory Bien 5 days ago
I like goro in gpo
Alternate title: Part 7 of jojo on the dream SMP
Apex crew
Apex crew 5 days ago
He is the villain becuase he has has a crave of the death of orphans
CJ Dragon Master
CJ Dragon Master 5 days ago
try an end portal!!