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Verse 1
All throughout my history
Your faithfulness has walked beside me
The winter storms made way for spring
In every season, from where I’m standing
I see the evidence of Your goodness
All over my life
All over my life
I see Your promises in fulfillment
All over my life
All over my life
Verse 2
Help me remember when I’m weak
Fear may come but fear will leave
You lead my heart to victory
You are my strength and You always will be
See the cross, the empty grave
The evidence is endless
All my sin rolled away
Because of You, oh Jesus
Chorus 2
Why should I fear
The evidence is here
Josh Baldwin, Ed Cash, and Ethan Hulse
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Published on


Jun 12, 2020




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Sundiata Hill
Sundiata Hill 4 days ago
Sometimes we take for granted or are unaware of GOD'S goodness... But if we take a moment & look at our lives the evidence is all around us!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GOODNESS AND YOUR MERCY...THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDER AND YOUR BEAUTY!!!
Fernanda D. Thompson
You you see this it’s all true.
Ethel Johnson
Ethel Johnson 14 days ago
Thank God for this song
Linda Murra
Linda Murra 18 days ago
The goodness of GOD is everywhere, I am blessed with His presence in me...
Jennifer Rice
Jennifer Rice 21 day ago
My brother 46 was diagnosed with Gliobastoma brain cancer STAGE 4 last month....hes married to a Godly woman they have 4 children ages 8 7,6 and 2. He needs a miracle only God can perform 🙏
G 11 days ago
@Jennifer Rice Thank you. I am praying
Jennifer Rice
Jennifer Rice 19 days ago
@G Jeffery Olwine thank you 😊
G 20 days ago
Jennifer, what is your brother’s first name? I will join in asking God for a miracle for him.✝️. My name is teri.
PWR2023AOC 26 days ago
Amen. Thank you Father. Love you all. xxx
mdmc3575 27 days ago
Less than 6 months ago I lost my own son. He transition to heaven at the end of October 2020. One month prior to his transition we shared this song together. He had never heard it. I wanted him to know that God's evidence was all over his life. At that moment I thank him for allowing me to be a part of God's call for his life. As the song continued to play tears of joy raced down his face with the acceptance of God's will for his life. He knew his time was coming close to an end. That he and God fought a good fight, he had kept the faith, now laid up for him was the crown of God's glory. He turned to me and said, "you are going to be okay." Since his transition, this has been my go-to song. Thank you for allowing God to use you Mr. Baldwin for people like me who need to be reminded in times of uncertainty.
Terri P
Terri P 25 days ago
I am in tears, your testimony is powerful, keep the faith, He is with your son and with you!
James York
James York Month ago
This song makes me emotional ever time I hear it it's so true love u my Lord Jesus Christ nothing compares to u
Val J
Val J Month ago
Bobbin-Bonehead 1980
I love this song.
Kathy Brinkman
Kathy Brinkman Month ago
Thank God for those for those who hear, let us pray those for who do not , those.who once did, and have let earthly things or other people deafen their heart, soul, and mind away against the truth , grace of Christ. They just seem to not believe it is happened, or there is plenty of time to return to worship, pray God.
Nichole Lamper
Nichole Lamper Month ago
I am so in love with the words and feelings from this song. It gives me freedom and strength
aries xxxiled
aries xxxiled Month ago
Tom Howard
Tom Howard Month ago
Great song. I can see playing it to an audience, telling them they too can have this "evidence"! For truly, as Paul said, we can, "know Christ’s love that surpasses knowledge", Ephesians 3:19.
Ron Month ago
Sing His name and His praises to the heavens and rejoice - He is coming
Jewels Levine
Jewels Levine Month ago
All things I have endured, even now......the struggle is real, but I know God is right here with me, and he's gonna see me thru. He's always on time, and I trust in him. ☝💯
Belleza y Más Avon PR
All throughout my history Your faithfulness has walked beside me The winter storms made way for spring In every season, from where I'm standing I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life, all over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life, all over my life Help me remember when I'm weak Fear may come but fear will leave You lead my heart to victory You are my strength and You always will be I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life, all over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life, all over my life See the cross, the empty grave The evidence is endless All my sin rolled away Because of You, oh Jesus See the cross, the empty grave The evidence is endless All my sin rolled away Because of You, oh Jesus I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life, all over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life, all over my life I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life, all over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life, all over my life Why should I fear The evidence is here Why should I fear The evidence is here
Glockman 155
Glockman 155 Month ago
I see the “Evidence” every day, powerful words to have lived through and with the scars of salvation.
STREET ANGEL 2 months ago
Thank you let the spirit continue to lead you in true worship
Tony Melena Insurance Agency TMIA
I woke up this morning and this was playing from somewhere in my consciousness. I know I have heard it before I the radio, but I never cared for it and never focused on it. But this morning I awoke from an epic surreal dream and I saw family members that have been so affected by life and bad breaks and I was weeping over them. I could see demons still trying to get my attention and I realized it has always been this way. Reach out to someone that you know today and do something good for them. It would cost much, it may even be free, but it is the thought that counts.
Julie Russell
Julie Russell 2 months ago
Universal035 2 months ago
Dear people please pray that God will cure me of folliculitis & make my life better.
Jerry Carranza
Jerry Carranza 2 months ago
Thank u John for your share been clean over 2 years and I see his evidence every day I pray my brother will find a place to live in jesus name
s o n o f a m a c h i n e g u n
This is not the Evidence (Michael Perretta) that I came for. Mad whack.
Keith Latham
Keith Latham 2 months ago
This adds so much wisdom and truth to anyone's life even when we don't understand his plans. Praise God for his wisdom & revelations everyday, Thank you Jesus!!
alex lopez
alex lopez 2 months ago
I loved this gospel song. Thank you for sharing this to us.
Sheila Hunter
Sheila Hunter 2 months ago
I love God. I love song I see God's promise all over my life.God is faithful to his word
Johnny Sirmons
Johnny Sirmons 2 months ago
Christ sees us, not just for who we are, but for who we could one day be. He sees amazing potential in each of us. And He will never stop pursuing us because He wants so badly to see His children learn and grow and draw nearer to Him. All He asks of us is that we’d be willing to grow. Willing to compromise. Willing to accept His word as the solitary and highest truth. Please know that you are not defined by your mental health. You are not depression. You are not anxiety. You are not unstable. Here’s what you are. You are defined by Jesus. And He says that you are justified. He says that you are redeemed. He says that you are a saint. He says that you are wise. You are righteous. You are triumphant. You are chosen. You are boldness and confidence. You are complete. Jesus says that you are the light of the world. Now shine - for because of Jesus, you are already more than you ever dreamed you’d be in Jesus Christ!
michael templet
michael templet 2 months ago
The best! Dang christian song in the land today! Such holy ghost power❤️🖐️👏🙏
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 2 months ago
My wife and I were recapping how the evidence of Jesus hand in a recent holiday became so evident. Firstly our train journey had been cancelled the night before we were do to leave because of a covid lockdown in NZ. We initially thought ok that’s our holiday put on hold but the Holy Spirit prompted my wife to look at flying to Wellington as all our accomodation was already booked. By the time we decided yes we can still go, the only flight available was a early evening flight. We booked on it and when we arrived at the airport the weather was atrocious with heavy rain and high winds. The lady on check in said, “are you sure you want to check in as the two previous incoming flights had tried to land but couldn’t due to the weather. She said her words, “it would be a miracle if your flight can land”. I told her, “that’s ok as I have been praying for the flight to go ahead”. In due course we heard the approach of the airplane and the next thing we saw was it coming in and making a perfect landing and taxi ing up to the boarding gate. Well someone clapped as it landed and the whole terminal cheered as many passengers had rebooked on this flight due to the earlier flights being cancelled. The next day we were due to fly out of Wellington and was forecast to be 60 knot winds. The hotel we stayed in overlooked the airport and we saw aircraft landing but going a bit sideways as they came in. Subsequent we managed to fly on to our destination and had a great holiday in the South Island of our beautiful country. God is the waymaker and nothing is impossible for him. He can do amazing things if you put your faith in him. Blessings to you all in Jesus precious name. 🙏🙏🙏😀😀😀
lilinutt83 Nutt
lilinutt83 Nutt 2 months ago
La verdad
lilinutt83 Nutt
lilinutt83 Nutt 2 months ago
Isaiah Higgins
Isaiah Higgins 2 months ago
I don't like this song
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 2 months ago
jackwpb07 2 months ago
0:33 2:54
Oluwaseyi Akinruntan
You're blessed. Every single one involved with this song. Know that. Manifest it. Know that, this is not just music as it might seem to you. This takes a special kind of anointing even if it escapes you. Keep it edified no matter what. Try. This is more than craft I tell you. I see the Most-High One on His Throne at the playing of this song. Thank you. Bless you all! He lives. He is All.
Robert Strahall
Robert Strahall 2 months ago
I lead worship and this is truly annoited song all glory too god.
ishimwe Gloria
ishimwe Gloria 2 months ago
Love this song ♥️♥️ why should I fear the evidence is here. Amen 🙏
Smitty Ervin
Smitty Ervin 2 months ago
Happy Fridanksgiving Enjoy the turkey pie uslift.info/one/fH6tvNidyJSFtI4/video.html
JANET ELLIOTT 2 months ago
My favorite song now!
I’m Not Surprised
I’m Not Surprised 3 months ago
God is good ALL the time ♥️ ALL the time God is good... I do not deserve His goodness...but yet...He so freely gives...thank You & praise you Lord Jesus ♥️
Michelle Grace
Michelle Grace 3 months ago
Love this song 🔥
L.A. Howard
L.A. Howard 3 months ago
As I reflect back on my life I can see 3 specific times I should have died, like it is amazing I survived! Then I look at my children who have been born bc I did not die and I realize that I was spared to bring these wonderful people into the world. I am so thankful for every moment I have been blessed with. The evidence is very clear, all over my life and I will not take it for granted.
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
@L.A. Howard Yes they are our Aussie cousins across the ditch who talk with a funny accent! Lol. Are you in the US? I spent a year living and working in Brisbane and travelled about halfway round the outside of Australia but always found it too hot for my liking. One day when covid is a distant memory the world can start travelling again. 😀😀😀 🛫🛫🛫
L.A. Howard
L.A. Howard 3 months ago
@Derek from Tauranga I have seen pictures of your country and wow! I hope to see it in real life one day. I got to go to Australia back in 2003 with the Navy and that was the best 7 day adventure ever!
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
@L.A. Howard Hi I am in NZ.
L.A. Howard
L.A. Howard 3 months ago
@Derek from Tauranga thank you for the kind blessing. Where is Tauranga? I've never heard of it
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
God has a plan and purpose for good for your life! Blessings to you and your family in Jesus precious name. 🙏🙏🙏😀😀😀
Suzanne Gilley
Suzanne Gilley 3 months ago
We don’t understand why bad things happen but all through my life this is true- There is evidence and I have endlessly seen the goodness, promises and fulfillment of Him in my life. I pray that others and unbelievers will have a blessed awakening.
Pam Lasater
Pam Lasater 3 months ago
How do I get permission to use this song in a video as background as I play along with it and be able to post on social media? Is that possible?
J D 3 months ago
Thank you Jesus...
Lee Mulcahy, artist
Lee Mulcahy, artist 3 months ago
My 85 year old Mom and I are trying to prevent the political eviction from the house we built with my late father by hand. We are grateful for many things. Yesterday, we had yet another federal district court victory in Denver against the City of Aspen's tyrannical housing authority. Praise be to Jesus.
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
Prayers and blessings to you all in your endeavours. Stay strong and blessings to all in the precious name of Jesus. 🙏🙏🙏😀😀😀
FlyfunkyLady Uncovered
Ephesian 3:14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom every family[a] in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,
Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan 3 months ago
And it made me cry
Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan 3 months ago
I love this song it is good and god
Auburn Orange and Blues
Thank you Lord for taking away my sins.
Brooke J
Brooke J 3 months ago
The louder I listen to this song the more powerful it feels. It's okay to cry in your car! 🙌🙏 Tears of thankfulness for sure
Nat Letunovski
Nat Letunovski 3 months ago
Let oilers have someone c i’m gonna die some
Glenda Mullins
Glenda Mullins 3 months ago
Ryan Shordee
Ryan Shordee 3 months ago
I tear up every time i listen to this. Just knowing my past. What ive done , the time ive wasted on drugs amd alcohol and the wrong people. I drop to my knees and pray for forgiveness. The evidence was always there i was just so blind!! I feel i dont deserve anything . I want peace with my regrets and stresses. I know there is hope.❤ I want to spend the rest of my life loving people, exploring mother nature and connecting with the universe. Thank you god for another day to better myself and closer to peace . I trust your timing god. Josh thank you so much your an angel messenger for god. 444🙏
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
Jesus stands there with his arms outstretched and says; come to me and I will give you rest because I love you dearly. He is ever forgiving and his grace and mercy are unlimited. Come to the foot of the cross and ask forgiveness for your sins and repent or turn away from them daily. Read the Gospel accounts of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John to remember what Jesus has done for you and join a fellowship of bible believing Christians so you can be built up in your faith. Live a life pleasing to God. Grace and blessings to you in Jesus precious name. 🙏🙏🙏😀😀😀
Darris wilson
Darris wilson 3 months ago
Wonderful song...message in life
Allen Nair
Allen Nair 3 months ago
Lying here in bed listening to this and overwhelming the Holy Spirit runs through my body..Praise Jesus
LosJuniorsDeModesto _oficial
This song made me cry and is one of the best so far that I’ve heard
FlyfunkyLady Uncovered
Hallelujah. Rejoice oh Earth again.💃🏾💃🏾🌎🌎💃🏼💃🏼😲
mr ram
mr ram 3 months ago
Lightworker...You are good guy, bring a hope.
joanne g
joanne g 3 months ago
Im 60 i have forgotten all the times God our Father ans my prayers.. He is Good towards us!!
Ruben Cabezas
Ruben Cabezas 3 months ago
KR Rietema
KR Rietema 3 months ago
Playing this song loudly today. Feeling pretty down today. But resting in the TRUTH that God is sovereign over all things and all people. Leaders come and go. The Lord is knows all things and He will judge all men. May the US repent and turn to the Lord. And may the genocide on babies be brought to an end forever.
peggy self
peggy self 3 months ago
The devil has tried to tare my family apart by addiction abuse and death we will see a victory he has to flee
peggy self
peggy self 3 months ago
You just know when you feel the spirit the Lords spirit is on our state I believe this we live in a wonderful place many praying we will see change
Minister Ward
Minister Ward 3 months ago
This song is the anthem of my live full of revelation and GLORY
peggy self
peggy self 3 months ago
I see every time I look at my husband my children our home our lives
Iona Galo
Iona Galo 3 months ago
Wow!! God is Good.
SISTER KATHLEEN 3 months ago
Laurette Raby
Laurette Raby 3 months ago
Listen to this song alot. Thank cyou Josh
scr1231 3 months ago
Great song
John Kimble
John Kimble 4 months ago
I'm a 50 year old homeless guy. The first time I heard this song was listening to christian music station while panhandling. I see the evidence of God's goodness everyday. Plus God's allowing me to wake up everyday to see and stay in my daily walk with Christ. Plus giving me the power to stay clean (20 years) and sober (5 years) all power to God. Walk with God daily and the evidence is clear and here.
Susan Borchard
Susan Borchard 12 hours ago
@Norma Hunt what did you say?
Susan Borchard
Susan Borchard 12 hours ago
Hey....Susan here...twelve years homeless Playing Jesus Music everywhere... Persecuted mercilessly...but, oh well. God bless you all. God is great!!! 😘
John Kimble
John Kimble 14 days ago
@buck piedmonte Hello what up
buck piedmonte
buck piedmonte 14 days ago
Get a hold of me
Kevin 20 days ago
God bless
Instrumental Christian Music
How do people live without the peace of God? I can't go a day without His peace or I go off the deep end. I NEED Him.
barbara scalafani
barbara scalafani 4 months ago
Love this song it wakes me up to Gods fsithfulness
Daniela Coimbra
Daniela Coimbra 4 months ago
🎶I see the evidence of Your goodness All over my life, all over my life I see Your promises in fulfillment All over my life, all over my life 🎶❤
Marykay K
Marykay K 4 months ago
I sing this everyday.
The Latter Rain
The Latter Rain 4 months ago
Love this song, I'm so blessed with it. We are a Christian music group we also have just released a song to help you realize you're not alone in these rough times. Please check it out and let me know what you think by replaying this comment. Love you! Stay Blessed @
Dusty Dryden
Dusty Dryden 4 months ago
You know I lost my marriage my kids in a divorce, i lost my house, friends, I lost my job all in 2020..but I still love my Jesus and tell him to break me like a weed..I pray to my master my savior and hes my best friend and I know hes got me in his hand. Just like the scripture says in Jeremiah 29:11..I love you lord! Thank you Jesus for everything your about to do in my life!
Derek from Tauranga
Derek from Tauranga 3 months ago
All blessings to you in Jesus precious name. 🙏🙏🙏😀😀😀
Kat Sus
Kat Sus 4 months ago
Oh yes!!!!!!
don orbea
don orbea 4 months ago
what joy and peace in JESUS! Thank you for standing on HIS WORD...GOD said HE does not change. HE is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Irma Ramos
Irma Ramos 4 months ago
This song just brings chills to my entire body. Sometimes we don't see all the goodness he has done and will continue to do for us, he will never leave our sight. Thank you Jesus for being m a merciful and forgiving. The evidence of your love is all over my life. I will forever praise you.
kikyoC 4 months ago
Is you have your interpretation and I have mine of God -- uslift.info/one/amuvubWjlq12zI4/video.html
Maria Pena
Maria Pena 4 months ago
Love this song it's so true holy spirit is in this song love you lord
Milly Sue
Milly Sue 4 months ago
Love this song so much 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️
Mirlande Silvain
Mirlande Silvain 4 months ago
God bless you brother
Mirlande Silvain
Mirlande Silvain 4 months ago
Amazing song , you are a great songwriter
Mirlande Silvain
Mirlande Silvain 4 months ago
Amen Amen , Hallelujahs Glory , Glory .. it looks like Baldwins knew my life
Mirlande Silvain
Mirlande Silvain 4 months ago
Amen Amen , Hallelujahs Glory , Glory .. it looks like Baldwins knew my life
Shamica Alleyne
Shamica Alleyne 4 months ago
Where my prayer Warriors at
Angieee R
Angieee R 4 months ago
Prayer Request : Lord, just remove the anger/ judgement and ignoring of me from my aunt Sara towards me. Create sincere UNREST in her mind,heart and spirit. Jesus, she is nice to a man accused if molesting her grandchild and WHO SHE KNOWS CHEATS/ DOESN'T LOVE HER.YET, feels the need to wait on Him hand and foot. I'm willing to help her God. I will help her out situation. God condition her heart towards this prayer. I been tired to help but I will help her. Jesus by your spirit alone and grace. I will help. Amen.
Cynthia Williamson
Cynthia Williamson 4 months ago
Love this song!
Teresa Galer
Teresa Galer 4 months ago
i heard this song last night as i lay in darknrss as my eyes had bern examined and my head hurt. i say amen
lou g
lou g 4 months ago
It figures such a beautiful song in these trying times are church is praying in the new year . I was looking for the comment this person who had a illness gave his life completely to God cured his illness .. I wanted to share his story with are members use it as a testimony . His comment with his story was removed .. We all know who is in control Praise God 🙏 I know who holds my tomorrow God bless in Jesus name
Timothy Willingham
Timothy Willingham 4 months ago
I heard this song for the 1st time this morning and can't stop playing it! It does something amazing to my spirit as I listen! Love it!
Lisa Edgett
Lisa Edgett 4 months ago
We need to share this evidence now more than ever because His mercy has a timeline before His judgement ...and the world is closer today than ever before.. come Lord Jesus.. come!
Larry Shafer
Larry Shafer 4 months ago
Bj Henry
Bj Henry 4 months ago
As I said on the side of the road with a flat tire the song Come On The Radio and no matter the predicament I know I meant I still see his evidence of love and no matter what happens I will praise him. Hallelujah to the King of Kings and the Lord of lords Jesus our Messiah
Linda Govoni
Linda Govoni 4 months ago
judy key
judy key 4 months ago
Awesome. I heard about you from Arms Family Homestead
Bill Brejcha
Bill Brejcha 4 months ago
Just wanted to say with all the evidences in my life clearly now I am without excuse. Seeing all creation arnd us with the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets etc I enjoy photography and takes pics of sunsets, mountains, oceans, lakes, families. Healing from heart attack 7 years ago - saw my ultrasound of my heart beating the other day. What is man that thou art mindful of him? ( Psalm 8 ) . . . The works of the Lord are great, Sought out of all them they have pleasure therein. . . He has made His wonderful works to be remembered: the Lord is gracious and full of compassion ( Psalm 111 )
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