We dig a WW2 Bunker and find LOADS of relics! [Battlefield Recovery] 

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Here's a video to a behind the scenes look at all the finds from this episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTDFX...

We worked closely with the Latvian war museum, and ALL finds were documented and handed over to the museum.

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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 4 679   
00f itz Jordan
00f itz Jordan 6 hours ago
All fun in games until them come across a land mine
adrianmealchor43 from roblox
I was watching a stream and i click another video i fell a sleep i woke up i hear this i was like " no i dont want to go to science boring physics
Ingmar Van olffen
Isnt that the dude from rick
Waves Ras Al Hadd
They are going to find a Nazi’s banker on a Soviet produce jeep
Arthur Checchinato
0:30 isn’t he the guy Rick would call to verify old guns in Pawn Stars? Lol
darkyz2021 2 days ago
Im from latvia
adrianstarz_ 2 days ago
I'm half British 😾🐐
Savage Pancake
Savage Pancake 2 days ago
The Second Front was a hell I would wish in no one. The pictures and videos that there are give you the picture of what it was like. It was WW1 but with modern equipments and tanks. Miles and miles of trenches and bunkers that were batter day and night by gun, mortar, and artillery. Flamethrowers, CAS Bombers, Strat Bombers and machine gun. Now couple that with just how flat that terrain is, where you can see you enemy lined up for miles, Cou-led with the fear that forwards means death and backwards mean desertion and death. You had no where to go, risk getting caught and jailed. It was just brutal, warfare as warfare is.
Savage Pancake
@Addictedtobleeps that sounds like Verdun, but was probably 10x worse with all the modern equipment.
Addictedtobleeps 2 days ago
Totally agree. When we were out there filming, we filmed a scene explaining that a particular trench, which was important for both the Germans and Russians - changed hands three times in one day. That may not seem much, but the violence in that situation would have been ridiculous. When the team we worked with excavated it, it was full of hand made knuckle dusters. So it was mostly hand to hand. Some of the stories out there were horrible. There was a forest in Latvia, which still had human teeth strewn on the surface. Literally bodies still everywhere out there. You are spot on. It was brutal.
MutantFishy6000 2 days ago
10:24 why is his head so large
Sid Reid
Sid Reid 2 days ago
Why does half polish guy seem like a child compared to the others
Béla Lukovszki
Béla Lukovszki 2 days ago
My grandfather die Stalingrad Don river 1943 he was lost bomb missiles kátyúsa attack
Béla Lukovszki
Béla Lukovszki 2 days ago
Is this new maschine gun?
rafi adilah suad
rafi adilah suad 2 days ago
Now we gonna see ww2 history
Joshyboi8 3 days ago
Cris N
Cris N 3 days ago
IM suprised Rick isnt in the back with a pawn stars look on his face
Kaifel 75
Kaifel 75 3 days ago
I only hope, that the unbroken Erkennungsmarke was given to the Volksbund in Germany.
DarthRevan 3 days ago
The fact that the axe was still sharp after 70 ish years in the ground is just amazing.
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith 4 days ago
The reason that there where logs there is because they where building a wall to keep the dirt up
Shooting sports Transparency
1 ,2,3 4,,,,,,,,,,,, kaboemmmmmmmmmm
al1en_boy 4 days ago
Is this is the guy from Pown Stars?
Idk if it says "Immer rinn in die scheiße" or "immer einn in die scheiße"
Phoenix the GOAT
Phoenix the GOAT 5 days ago
Love this
Daniel Boguslavsky
Long live Israel
Lil bacon
Lil bacon 5 days ago
They found those goodies I want find some goodies Me:finds goodies with bullets Me: presses trigger: Me: GOODIE! Everybody: EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUr LIFE *GUN SHOTS*
Ezekiah Seven
Ezekiah Seven 5 days ago
No gun and machine guns?
Viljams Caune
Viljams Caune 5 days ago
is Latvia popular?🤔
TZACKG 5 days ago
Black diggers? You mean the camera crews car? Oooohhhh you had to create a fake danger for the camera for entertainment. Sorry 😣
Addictedtobleeps 5 days ago
That’s what I’d think as well. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself 👍🏻
TZACKG 5 days ago
The red shirt American is your typical American. All the other guys just being genuine and normal people. The red shirt America is just an over know it all over the top bad acting fake excitement douche.
Wing Jun Willis TANG
that guy stalking them must be very mad
mrsakesalive 7 days ago
Hyped up show boat clip. LCD junk not good history.
sprocket 7 days ago
Any other marksman get triggered at 10:30 when he flagged the other guys with the mp40 lmao
Kasia Madeja
Kasia Madeja 7 days ago
Alex - Unity
Alex - Unity 7 days ago
A bad location for a bunker? Bro, they were on a last stand what do you expect?
Logan hogan
Logan hogan 8 days ago
funny how they all been in the mud for so long but all in so good condition??? the knife the axe not rust at all??? i call bs... and there acting is poor. all logs are there on the wall no rot wat so ever,,
Addictedtobleeps 8 days ago
I’m guessing that you don’t understand that metal items won’t rust in anaerobic mud…🙄 Hence why items found in the Thames are much like the day they’re dropped. Even leather and materials. And why corpses won’t decay in certain aneorobic conditions…
The Plinker's Lodge
Hey, it's the guy from Pawn Stars!
Dexsters56 8 days ago
Its rather interesting how bunkers amd war stuff is just found in cow fields. Im a latvian myself and my neighbor who works in my family farm blowing a field found 3 mortar rounds or something like that. And same with my friend working in a different farm. While plowing war time explosives were getting found. Honestly i wish i could be there because this type of finds really interest me but how its been said "the dark diggers" they clear everything and nothing is left of the historical location :(
laqua the goose
laqua the goose 9 days ago
why would you keep on moving the grenade around and keep digging after you find a grenade
Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall 9 days ago
I side with the "black diggers" this stuff has been in the ground all over Europe for 76 years. If a guy can dig it up and make some money at least it is doing some good. And its not like WWII is some kind of great mystery like an ancient battle that little is known about so the "historical" value is rather minimal.
Reppan Lyrics
Reppan Lyrics 7 days ago
Whatever you say.
Raider Statkus
Raider Statkus 9 days ago
Art Dob
Art Dob 9 days ago
Guy with glasses sound lang ramsay
Keystone History Hoarders
Hello from the US. New subscriber here! Great channel!
CdLocalz 10 days ago
theses guys look so happy good for you lads
Dracoon Beats
Dracoon Beats 10 days ago
ive only found bullets, badges and smoke/gas grenades with my metal detector
Dracoon Beats
Dracoon Beats 10 days ago
12:54 isnt this the same guy they bring in to check stuff out at the pawnshop
J P 10 days ago
The intro was just a video itself to me, nice intro!
broku 1984
broku 1984 11 days ago
Is that the guy from pawn stars
Aaron Sherwood
Aaron Sherwood 11 days ago
My uncle survived in ww1 but then in the ww2 he died RIP I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT U DID FOR OUR COUNTRY 💙💙
Erich Maria Remarque
Hey,i wanted to know,where do u go to find these?cus:I wanna visit them to
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 12 days ago
Is that one of the guys from pawn Stars?
Jenner Hirata
Jenner Hirata 13 days ago
I swear I don’t think I saw the American guy blink ONCE throughout the entire video
Deeferd Stach
Deeferd Stach 13 days ago
If I found eney of that stuff I won't sell or give it to a museum I would keep it
Arun Prakash
Arun Prakash 13 days ago
The red guy speaks as If he was at the time of war and he only only knew a lot Irritating fellow
Bentley NGUYEN
Bentley NGUYEN 14 days ago
TJ FECTEAU 14 days ago
Red guy sucks on this as much as he sucked on Pawn Stars
Daveecheese 14 days ago
Second i got that mp40 red shirt guy would be the first to go
Elija Dektere
Elija Dektere 14 days ago
I mean i know germans were bunker campers
Elija Dektere
Elija Dektere 14 days ago
Tiana Well
Tiana Well 14 days ago
Immer rein in die Scheisse... ja das ist deutscher Sarkasmus
Tiana Well
Tiana Well 14 days ago
@Addictedtobleeps stand da ufm Schild am Eingang 😬
Addictedtobleeps 14 days ago
Danke 👍🏻
Laima Smelde
Laima Smelde 15 days ago
I live in latvia
verbillion91 15 days ago
The one guy says "Pristine" over a dozen times. I don't think he knows what that means.
Straw Berry Robbery
Ryan Ennis
Ryan Ennis 15 days ago
Red shirt guy is like that one kid from polar express
Yulianna Renteria
Yulianna Renteria 15 days ago
I think this is how world war 2 started so the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the Americans declared war on them and they were allies with the axis the Germans and mean while the battle of Pearl Harbor hitlers invasion of Germany and there was 25 battles last battle was bettle of Berlin and that field I think took place in the trench battle
Leland Cline
Leland Cline 15 days ago
Looks like a battery pack drops it in water
Dotbot top
Dotbot top 16 days ago
My arm what up
Ficis football
Ficis football 17 days ago
AnD I hAvE a PrObLeM wItH That.Eyes enlarge *
Sam Stone
Sam Stone 17 days ago
Why do they talk so much? 2/3 rds of video is just blah-blah-blah. Westerners..
daniel horton
daniel horton 18 days ago
The American is so annoying 🙄
Mach1yell 18 days ago
Not a bulldozer
Ronnie Fan
Ronnie Fan 19 days ago
maybe its people were dead and threw there before they died and you just did not recover it if you don't believe I study ww2
the gaming friends
the gaming friends 19 days ago
I was born in lativia its me home contury
Zakri Riyadi
Zakri Riyadi 19 days ago
Love the End😂
Patrick Mines
Patrick Mines 20 days ago
I would like to see the items in a video cleaned up Thanks.
Arhan Steven
Arhan Steven 20 days ago
Imagine Wide Stalin and Wide Putin
ALEKSI Dravitski
ALEKSI Dravitski 20 days ago
That American is such a pogue.
Prototype7207 20 days ago
Bruh the “military expert” was wrong every time he said something.
Mare 20 days ago
R u from Brighton?
Samuel Floyd
Samuel Floyd 21 day ago
Turns out it’s a septic tank 🤢
Ed 21 day ago
Craig! Military tactics! Kris! Gadgets! Stephen! Relics and rust! And Adrian......... he's just Polish
Sy Rehn
Sy Rehn 2 days ago
HALF polish, lol.
GIVdB 21 day ago
german: "damn! How many times I've said don't touch my can! Now I'm scratching my name on it" historians: "scratch that thing better you f**k!"
dlewis6327 21 day ago
He copied this from the channel SCI and put it here wow get your own content
Addictedtobleeps 20 days ago
Addictedtobleeps 21 day ago
Wrong. I am a presenter in this, and have full permission from the producers and owners of the show to use this on my channel. I also had a big part in the creation of the show. Now, who are 'SCI'? Because I know for a fact that I'm the only person allowed to host this on USlift, legally.
Mad 1
Mad 1 21 day ago
5:09 If i was trying to build a bunker fast, yes, i would
Mizo Zial
Mizo Zial 21 day ago
American guy sound like he own a Pawn shop
Canu Gizabit
Canu Gizabit 21 day ago
I never knew Ben Shapiro was in the military?
Cameron Meisel
Cameron Meisel 22 days ago
Funny how the american guy suddenly has the most mud on his face when he wasn't even digging
Rylan Strongman
Rylan Strongman 22 days ago
Buddy in the red shirt is extremely annoying lol
Noobandg00d 22 days ago
Guy with glasses is gordon ramsays twin
Enes Alushaj
Enes Alushaj 22 days ago
k w
k w 23 days ago
Red shirt guy is a blow arse.
Jeshua Marin
Jeshua Marin 23 days ago
I like how the dude digging is just like ._.
alec semrau
alec semrau 23 days ago
Idk why but that Craig guy just pisses me off
SpicyMilk 23 days ago
Craig... I saw that guy from... Pawnstar?
Kyle Gardner
Kyle Gardner 23 days ago
The short dudes idol has to be Tom cruise
Ayo Pass me that blunt
I literally live in Latvia Saldus.... bruhhhh
Flori FPV
Flori FPV 24 days ago
interesting recovery but that guy in the red shirt is just a pain to listen to
Enduro 12
Enduro 12 24 days ago
Ajelin was My grait grait grait grait grampa
Marko Petrovikj
Marko Petrovikj 24 days ago
The guy with the glasses sounds a lot like Gordon Ramsay
meson chicken wing
meson chicken wing 26 days ago
*finds gas mask* “absolutely breath taking” *yes*
meson chicken wing
meson chicken wing 26 days ago
my great great great grandpa fought ww1 in eastern front, he came home
Tommyin Itfan
Tommyin Itfan 26 days ago
What happened with the grenade at 19:43?
telling you the truth.
telling you the truth.