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My TikTok for you page is completely full of great medical stuff! Today we talk about food like Taco Bell and how it digests through your intestines, the proper volume of your headphones, surgical equipment, getting back in shape, proper skincare, those weird jaw muscle trainers, how to get rid of hickeys with whisks, face masks and skin peeling during periods, sunscreen for babies, concussions, collarbones, melatonin, and yes I even speak some Russian.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Jun 9, 2021




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Namjoonie 30 minutes ago
I'm 18 and cant hear the sound at 0:38 xD
Pablo Mendoza
Pablo Mendoza 32 minutes ago
I use my earphones at 24% max
Zenitsu 💮
Zenitsu 💮 37 minutes ago
0:53 i am 8 and I hear it. Gonna delete this in 1-2-3-
Mundo Isis Ceja
Mundo Isis Ceja 48 minutes ago
5:35 i went to physical therapy and I had that. ✨I have a lot of stuff wrong with me✨
DepressinglyOptimistic 2020
For the distorted face illusion, your brain cannot process the images quickly enough as separate images (when you are not focusing on the images directly) so it attempts to combine them as 1 image but the space between makes this impossible. That is why the video uses faces that are so drastically different from one another making the distortion more noticeable to the viewer. Migraine suffers can notice this when the migraines effect their vision, along with macropsia.
Ceci Hernandez
Ceci Hernandez 54 minutes ago
Can you please do an episode ER and Season 3 episode 3 will be a good one but anyone !
cryptoliver 56 minutes ago
I can do that and I'm 9
Okami Senshi
Okami Senshi Hour ago
0:33 dead fish out of water warning
Guy: You have to wake up everyday. Mike: WOW me: I do that-
4DSimulation Hour ago
This cured my insomnia Thanks!
Ch S.
Ch S. Hour ago
Fun(or not so fun) fact: that tiktok with the sound you hear if you’re under 25 depends on the device you listen to it to; I heard it on the car speakers, but didn t hear in on the phone (i m older than 25)
paigeee Hour ago
Brady Guthrie
Brady Guthrie Hour ago
I could hear the sound and im not even 25
Elliette Ruhe
Elliette Ruhe Hour ago
Everybody’s talking about the medical part but we’re not gonna talk about how bear is one of the cutest Newfoundland I’ve ever seen besides mine
Heidi Pate
Heidi Pate Hour ago
We have a Neapolitan Mastiff and they seem close to being the same dog, but yours is just way more fluffy and a little less floppy.
Aisa Damron
Aisa Damron Hour ago
im 10 and i can hear it
Kristin Boykin
Kristin Boykin 2 hours ago
Dr.Mike is cute 🥰
Bruce lee
Bruce lee 2 hours ago
I like yoir laugh 😂❤
Jayah Malik
Jayah Malik 2 hours ago
I'm younger
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 2 hours ago
6:20 if I'm correct this guy said he has a voice activated one or sum.
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 2 hours ago
3:21 most of the time I don't even look good
Maple spirit
Maple spirit 2 hours ago
7 concussions and I'm somehow still alive
Natalee Chase
Natalee Chase 2 hours ago
Dr. Mike: “I speak Russian but I don’t like it.” Me: “Wait i’m russian…”
fatima samir
fatima samir 3 hours ago
it's actually very true when women/girls go through their periods their skin peels after. it is annoying but it's very true. questions for you doc. when you get the tdap and meningococcal shot does it affect how tired you are because yesterday I got both shots and I've been feeling soooooooo tired. also for both shots can the place where you got the shot become sore and if so for how long because I can't even lift my arm up.
Anna Chaudhary
Anna Chaudhary 3 hours ago
You are the funniest doc I have seen
Bekir Bajrami
Bekir Bajrami 3 hours ago
Ur eyes is so fokust at the plus sign that for the pics it didn't care
Martie Faye
Martie Faye 3 hours ago
Had to lower my volume when Doctor Mike said 50-60% was the safe zone 😳😅
Jesús 3 hours ago
Should I shower every day? After 35 years of marriage, and counting, is either HELL YEAH or find a divorce attorney! 8-P
Jezzy 3 hours ago
beans are good for your heart so they make you fart
Lydia Joy
Lydia Joy 3 hours ago
"It's not a place that you should be whisking." Ok, so where on my body should I be whisking? 😲
Lost Hope
Lost Hope 35 minutes ago
Elias V.
Elias V. 3 hours ago
6:57 Hey, I can do that :o Never knew anyone to be able to move it like that.
DogLover 4 hours ago
No no no no no Mike u make me laugh I wish u were my doctor 😂
Survival tips and video game tips
10:50 that is really bad to eat that much melatonin you should only have one or two that girl is very stupid
DogLover 4 hours ago
This USliftr I think they said they mixed up tetanus and Tetris 😂
Macho The Frenchie
Macho The Frenchie 4 hours ago
Dr. Mike: it’s safer to keep your head phones to 60% or less My headphones: 100% to 10%
DogLover 4 hours ago
Ur 31 according to Siri 😂
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 4 hours ago
I got urine infection but my GP local centre is telling me to wait. The pain has gone in my back and can't walk due to pain as well when a pee. Any medication please
ashwood 4 hours ago
Is it not common for melatonin to have no affect on someone? It never helps for me
Copeland Sadler
Copeland Sadler 4 hours ago
I thought the guy on the thumbnail was going to claim to have been born with breasts.
Corey Harris
Corey Harris 4 hours ago
Murder Duck
Murder Duck 4 hours ago
Dr mike I am in fact a stove soooo
GlaxianGames2020 4 hours ago
I had gone to the doctors so much as a kid that I already knew how to answer the question I know how to answer my doctors questions but I just have one problem I don't like going to the doctor's alone cuz I'm scared of bad news I have severe anxiety
octa. 4 hours ago
I like to call them my pterodactyl wings
Leia Gopaul
Leia Gopaul 5 hours ago
I subscribed. :) I clicked on this video because of the guy on the left but I really like this video its actually quite entertaining. ☺
Яеversed Я
Яеversed Я 5 hours ago
11:00 God I want to be able to do this. Those gummies taste so good, and because I know I shouldn’t eat more than 3, they taste even better. And yet, I have a brain, so I live in pain.
Snowy Gaming
Snowy Gaming 5 hours ago
5:11 for me it’s because my eyes are crossing
Damian Anthony Armand
0:38 I hear it but I’m 12
;-; U m
;-; U m 5 hours ago
Super Man
Super Man 5 hours ago
The extra-large extra-small exuberant risk effectively watch because banjo booly punch times a defiant specialist. hilarious, mundane poppy
Rainbow Cat25
Rainbow Cat25 6 hours ago
10:08 I know there is a thing called Cleidocranial Dysplasia. It’s a rare genetic condition that affects bones and teeth and certain bones may be absent. I don’t know if you new this or not just letting you know 😊 p.s love your vids!
Tegan Adair
Tegan Adair 6 hours ago
Omg my dog is a Newfoundland and called Bear no joke
Alicia Stoffers
Alicia Stoffers 6 hours ago
Does anyone else find him attractive
I have this spot in my throat its on one side and I feel it a little after a swallow I told my mom she said it was a lymph node idk if that how u spell it but the doctor staid it was a throat bone so idk what it is
Avacat Videos
Avacat Videos 6 hours ago
Oh gosh the second one hurt
Luigikart 6 hours ago
This docter is funny
PT Taekwondo
PT Taekwondo 6 hours ago
I can do that with both scapulars
Unrecorded Bruh
Unrecorded Bruh 6 hours ago
me having an existential crisis when i didn't hear the sound @0:49
alida flus
alida flus 6 hours ago
okay i legit panicked when he started talking about noise canceling headphones i'm using one every single day-
miniwhitebait 6 hours ago
what bread is bear the dog?
XDAlastor -_-
XDAlastor -_- 6 hours ago
I have to ask what if you have headphones to at least 75 to 90% cuz thats how much volume i usually use
silver labilver
silver labilver 7 hours ago
like i'm extremely unsure but is taking 2 5mg melatonin good because when i take 2 i fall asleep so easily as compared to one and i've heard stories of people overdosing on melatonin and am kinda paranoid (canadian mg's because america and canada have different gram measurements i've heard)
alida flus
alida flus 6 hours ago
"That's an aggressive hickey"🤣🤣🤣🤣
alina k
alina k 7 hours ago
Dude your Russian wow I can understand Russian for some reason it sounds cooler when you say but not my mom lol
nA3JK karmacharya
nA3JK karmacharya 7 hours ago
I can hear this as a kid
I got. FNF content
This should of been an infinite video because all tik toks painful to watch
Scarlet Kiehl
Scarlet Kiehl 7 hours ago
I can do the stomach thing
Scarlet Kiehl
Scarlet Kiehl 7 hours ago
I'm 9 and I don't hear that sound
Nika Markoč
Nika Markoč 8 hours ago
Dr. Mike obviously didn't watch stranger things and he probably should... :P
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox 8 hours ago
The pink coffee naturalistically hate because ceramic significantly snore anenst a freezing mechanic. steep, meek pot
BLAMMED 8 hours ago
Do a collab with The Bentist
Elk 8 hours ago
You only need to take 1 - 3 pills, medication, suppliments,. (But when it comes to Vietnam gummies I take 2 of different kinds.)
Classified Information
When we look at our parents when doctors ask us cause we either 1. Dont comunicate to people 2. Dont comunicate to Adults 3. Expect our parents to answer 4. Dont like people other than our parents 5. Look at our parents to make sure theyre listening 6. Look at our parents to make sure they're still there 7. Emotional support 8. ANXIETYYYYYYYY
Vocal Uzi
Vocal Uzi 9 hours ago
I guess my ears are bad because I hang around 80-90
Luke vs. Aubrey
Luke vs. Aubrey 9 hours ago
I only click on this to see his reaction btw rare fact about me I have green comeing from my pupil can curl my tongue all the way back and out and I can touch my lungs with it I have natural blonde highlights
Ivanka Sosta
Ivanka Sosta 9 hours ago
my sister accideantly threw a brick and my leg and my whole leg was in a big fat BRUISE
Jen 9 hours ago
"That's an aggressive hickey"🤣🤣🤣🤣
P̲o̲t̲t̲e̲r̲ T̲h̲i̲n̲g̲s̲
"You're not a chicken in a pot."
Aldodragon7326 9 hours ago
5:30 omg that makes me so uncomfortable it’s disgusting idk why I just hate that it gives me the chills and makes my body hurt lol
demoniack81 9 hours ago
How do people even listen to music at more than 60% volume with good headphones? It physically hurts.
huh 9 hours ago
“don’t use your headphones at more than 60%” *me who uses headphones at 10%* o-0
0bviEva 0bviEva
0bviEva 0bviEva 9 hours ago
Why did this teach more than my school
Яковенко Дима любит Шоколадный Чай
Привет по рюмочке прокнем
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 9 hours ago
I didnt see aliens it only got blury
꧁Toffel꧂ 9 hours ago
The doctor is hotter than allowed
Olga Boltenkova
Olga Boltenkova 10 hours ago
I am Russian toooo yay Привет Как Ты делаешь
בטחה רוטקוף אוֹדם
9:12 Even though I've been to tons of Doctors on my own, when I come in with my mother I still do this 😂
Chiffawndue 10 hours ago
Me: *occasionally takes melatonin tablets because I struggle to fall asleep at night* Me watching the person just eat the gummies: 👁👄👁
Mith Boi
Mith Boi 10 hours ago
Ну привет
biceu loqie
biceu loqie 10 hours ago
The loving notify renomegaly gaze because march microbiologically beam since a deafening rowboat. nondescript, smiling ex-husband
Sugawara Koushi
Sugawara Koushi 10 hours ago
No one's talking about the girl munching down on the melatonin gummies. Dude eating 6 melatonin gummies or more isn't something to be proud of. I reckon she thinks it's cool when it's actually not.
PicœCoffJelli 11 hours ago
1:29, i dont think you understand the joke
Sun Mok
Sun Mok 11 hours ago
Why do my ears move?
J 11 hours ago
I like the ones that make him go “interesting”
Gh0stLeader 11 hours ago
Ticktock: “vegans don’t need sunscreen” Dr. Mike: “Um, No” 😂
Classified Information
Vegan teacher: People who eat meats sucks and go to hell Society: Um, No
Lauren W.
Lauren W. 11 hours ago
Those are some giant tongues. I have the opposite, my tongue is abnormally small and short lmao
Pleth 11 hours ago
i think those faces just genuinely are distorted. not by software. but in person they have some weird faces
Paul Kenneth
Paul Kenneth 11 hours ago
In the 3rd one, the surgeon is licking blood from scalpel after a surgery.
Carlos Grove
Carlos Grove 11 hours ago
Magic With Me
Magic With Me 11 hours ago
Honor Whiteside
Honor Whiteside 11 hours ago
Me being 21 and not hearing the second tic tok then remembering I am profoundly deaf and don't have my cochlear implants on...
B Vivid75
B Vivid75 11 hours ago
I’m waaaaaayyyy order than 15 and I heard it lol