Manchester City vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports 

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May 4, 2021




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Rodrigo Kiric
Rodrigo Kiric 13 hours ago
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Lillian Fermin
Lillian Fermin 12 days ago
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Adrean Tejeda
Adrean Tejeda 13 days ago
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Andrew Durst
Andrew Durst 13 days ago
PSG may win Ligue 1 (almost) every year, but this game is a prime example of their squad lacking the cohesion and professional mentality to win major trophies
Maria Patricia Chavez
Holay p h. VCt
Lucas Adams
Lucas Adams 15 days ago
Ok I’m like a few weeks late but I need to say this is why Tuchel able to win the champion league with Chelsea not with psg. Neymar is too fking selfish. He rarely pass when he need to, rather to shoot at an impossible angle instead. On the other hand, we have a striker, timo that rarely score but he provide assist and just want to help the team.
Schultz Edna
Schultz Edna 17 days ago
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Larry Queen
Larry Queen 17 days ago
PSG aware grotesquely outmatched, and their violence only underscored how outclassed they were.
Billy Kegs
Billy Kegs 18 days ago
Best commentators right now. The are very good.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 18 days ago
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Frank Russo
Frank Russo 18 days ago
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Ying Rao
Ying Rao 18 days ago
di maria got a straight red card
Rob Jarreau
Rob Jarreau 19 days ago
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Randy Meyer
Randy Meyer 19 days ago
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George Flores
George Flores 19 days ago
Zinchenco is pretty underrated. I’m not gonna lie I had my doubts but his passing and dribbling ability is world class. His defensive ability could use some work but even then he’s a solid LB
Ahsan Habib
Ahsan Habib 20 days ago
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Virginia Olsen
Virginia Olsen 20 days ago
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Diana Higgins
Diana Higgins 21 day ago
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Janifer Varanda
Janifer Varanda 21 day ago
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Hello 21 day ago
Zinchenko: Walmart debruyne
german mowery
german mowery 23 days ago
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sonny dlight
sonny dlight 23 days ago
Neymar overrated and overpaid.... My guy just cant win it without messi
Joe KUE 19 days ago
im sure hes got a few gold medal from diving
Schultz Edna
Schultz Edna 24 days ago
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Mario Yu
Mario Yu 24 days ago
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Ventura Lozzi
Ventura Lozzi 25 days ago
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Audrey Stlouis
Audrey Stlouis 25 days ago
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Cream Gelato
Cream Gelato 27 days ago
Ruben Dias being a champ and blocking all the shots today
mario yu
mario yu 27 days ago
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Alex 27 days ago
Dirty Paris
tammera loson
tammera loson 29 days ago
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Hino Tolliver
Hino Tolliver Month ago
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Anau Anau
Anau Anau Month ago
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Joaquin Delgado
Joaquin Delgado Month ago
But they can’t beat city
Ashton Bird
Ashton Bird Month ago
psg need new golie
Rudy Ann
Rudy Ann Month ago
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Vinil Jacob
Vinil Jacob Month ago
Wow!!! Manchester❤️❤️❤️👍
sirrralex Month ago
The only team that could have beat city was byern
victor valencia
victor valencia Month ago
all the cowards out in paris ..
Ractopa-Frog Month ago
U can’t hurt another player intentionally, you’re devastating his career and family, that’s bottom line!
Moto Hyun
Moto Hyun Month ago
탐"김덕배. 승난황소처럼 뛰었다 ! Mancity they run like red bulls🈴🌴
Ronald Lo
Ronald Lo Month ago
Is that a lot of yellow cards in one game?
MOJA Month ago
If you pause at 4:01 you can see City are so good they have created after-images.
Alter Baboe
Alter Baboe Month ago
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Many Esparragoza
Creo que.el Manchester City si juega al verdadero futbol
Rafael Rafael
Rafael Rafael Month ago
Que bueno por Manchester jejeje.
Blues Fan
Blues Fan Month ago
Respect to city, good luck to you guys.
Manny B
Manny B Month ago
son gabriel jesus came in for 10 minutes and took the two worst fouls of the night 💀😂
vamte Month ago
The players PGS millions Euros / mount = ????
AndresON777 Month ago
Stockport Iniesta ❤
Justin Satiable
Justin Satiable Month ago
I guess PSG found out what it was like to have their best player out like Bayern did. Karma is a b@tch and she is wearing Man City britchezzzzz
im_ spiz
im_ spiz Month ago
2:21 lol don’t fake the funk
Diego H
Diego H Month ago
Love how Neymar sees mahrez and starts to run faster and at the end he doesn’t keep the same chase down , could have at least kept the run going to intercept the final pass
Rappa Art
Rappa Art Month ago
Same history over and over, Neymar disappears in big games. He’s theatrical bullshit should now be a thing of the past but he insists on it as if the referees would buy over and over. PSG spent a fortune to get a spoiled kid made by the media and social media.
Tyler Month ago
Ederson could have a real career as an NFL kicker once he retires
Keion -
Keion - Month ago
Kimpembe got to go ion gaf
B Radical 777
B Radical 777 Month ago
PSG dirty sore losers! Used to respect this team.
I dont Know
I dont Know Month ago
8:58. Umm no red card? Really?
David N.
David N. Month ago
Only Manchester United can beat City. PSG didn't disappoint with their near reach syndrome - they can't win ECL
James Bond
James Bond Month ago
What a genius decision was to don't put Mbappe on the field. Why would your best and most productive player to win a game. Genius, Pochettino, pure genius.
Wild Soccer Highlights
Gabriel Galaxe Pimentel
Left side of psg defense useless, completely lost. Neymar doesn't pass the damn ball, seems he learned with salah. 2 stupid goals, more credit to the awful defense than to city attack
David G. Olsen, MD
The critics who were crowing about the Prem league being subpar last year are remarkably quiet right about now.
nostrum Month ago
Can't watch football anymore players acting like little bitches
A J Month ago
Finally city have done we have too many memories of embarrassing moments of them in the champions league 😂😂
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Month ago
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Month ago
6:21 The moment Pochettino knew, no comeback was going to happen.
Mohavic Official
That pass from Ederson is insane wow 1:10
Gaiusx2 Month ago
Damn Icardi sucks
Juan Rico
Juan Rico Month ago
LobsterRoc Month ago
The real United
Mike Month ago
Filthy PSG
Jon Farva
Jon Farva Month ago
Haha I love it. I was just waiting for both Madrid and PSG to crash out 😂😂😂
TheBeastBoi47 Month ago
9:23 cha-challenge
TheBeastBoi47 Month ago
Ruben dias and stones were MVPs this game
Bruhstoise Month ago
I think a lot of teams can learn from Chelsea who seems to have flourished under tuchel chasing behind city in the prem they even knocked them out the league cup. The prems best sides are just a touch above everywhere else because the competition is crazy right now. You never know who’s gonna win a game unless it’s city
margaret tami
margaret tami Month ago
No mbappe no win congrats man city
Bertrand Barraud
You see how PSG looks like without Mbappe... Even though the previous game he did was not good and probably cost the game... without him it's guarantee worse, not even a chance...
Elvis Rodriguez
Elvis Rodriguez Month ago
Ik Dias had a good game but can we talk about all the effort Foden was putting in at the end. Game was already won but this man was still hauling ass to get a goal in
Hani Chehata
Hani Chehata Month ago
Poor kids of the bald brainless coach!! Now they have to face the real deal in the final. What are you gonna do with your limping old players (who can only lose shamefully against 10 men from Leeds) and who play slow boring football, when you face a young confident team ?! The brains who knocked you out of the FA cup are back
ismaila mbaye
ismaila mbaye Month ago
Paris no idrissa
voiceoverduleey Month ago
A red from PSG in the first leg and now second... this is really a bad look for PSG and hats off to Riyad Mahrez
GiantGrowth420 Month ago
New mahrez was destined for greatness when him and vardy beat the entire prem
Andy Baughman
Andy Baughman Month ago
If Dimaria has snuck that long range shot in, it could have changed everything. PSG fan here but hoping Man City go all the way.
med algerian
med algerian Month ago
Mahrez 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mindyahead Month ago
Pep cleared more snow out the PSG goal for city to score early 😂😂😂. Pep is a genius 🤣
Jihn Gind
Jihn Gind Month ago
4:52 Does anybody else think Neymar let that second goal happen? He clearly looks over at mahrez not once but twice and then for some reason runs in to the center of the field
No Name
No Name Month ago
What happen to MBAPPE
KevsShwaShwa Month ago
Neymar was an absolute child. Refused to pass and play a team game. No wonder Poch looks right miserable.
Sunson Joseph
Sunson Joseph Month ago
Pep is a great manager he brings quality skills in training footballers, administration, keeping team spirit with new tactics.
Ando Skies
Ando Skies Month ago
De Bruyne is getting balón d or
Kaori Nishidakee
Josue Lopez
Josue Lopez Month ago
PSG were the favorites but dam city were the underdogs won’t be surprised if they take the cup, with how they’ve played these past years. I got my money on city
S A C R Month ago
Chelsea made Madrid look like b team, Chelsea good rn
The Vindicator
The Vindicator Month ago
So it's down to Man City and Chelsea. I'm fan of neither one but judging on the scores and how good they're doing, my bets are on Man City. What do y'all think?
S A C R Month ago
Chelsea will win, they are elite in playstyle.
Miguel Month ago
So satisfying seeing these spoiled crybabies lose once again in the UCL.
vincent jordan
vincent jordan Month ago
If only mbappe was playing
Sethabutra Viraseranee
Congratulation to Manchester City you guys rock tonight and have one of the best performance I have ever seen. Good luck on the final. from Man United Fan with big respect to you.
praneeth karupati
@8:03 what is the commentator apologizing for?
tony solis
tony solis Month ago
PSG suckcks lol
Paranoid Android
I don't like Man Shitty but I hate P$G. They make fun of players when they win and when they lose they become petulant divas.
Robert Durst
Robert Durst Month ago
PSG are such a disgraceful club, I’m so happy they’re out