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Yes it's hype. But it could change our world.
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Apr 27, 2021




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Johnny Harris
Johnny Harris Month ago
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Split Day ago
@TES Heavy Metal 1981 Dude even the video is unique. Remember that people bought a banana taped to wall. People buy strange thing not because they have interest in that strange thing they buy that so that they can launder the money
Jacob Roberson
Jacob Roberson 7 days ago
uh people are stupid
Flo Rent
Flo Rent 14 days ago
14:05 - Dude, that map includes Kosovo!
Amanda M-Godin
Amanda M-Godin 21 day ago
I’m poor, don’t own a coat and live in a cold climate- wanna send me a jacket? 😁
lanethelame 22 days ago
As long as u keep uploading you can wear what u like ok!
Michael Clerkin
Nice work on this video, subscribed!
Aiguo Bai
Aiguo Bai 2 hours ago
These Rich are just wasting money irrelevant stuff
Bo Chang
Bo Chang Hour ago
Chat her via WhatsApp
Bo Chang
Bo Chang Hour ago
@Gen fai Jia +*1**5**6**3**9**4**9**1**4**4**1
Gen fai Jia
Gen fai Jia Hour ago
How did I miss such opportunity. Please someone give me her contact
Bo Chang
Bo Chang Hour ago
She's the best
Bo Chang
Bo Chang Hour ago
Mrs Magdalene has made a great name for herself.. Here in my place my friends talk about her.. she will be holding a seminar soon here
OZTutoh 5 hours ago
This is an excellent video and I'm not sure if I'm glad I watched, now that I understand where you're going.
WILSON MERCADO 8 hours ago
Simple but good explanation
GoingGoingGalt 14 hours ago
Anna doesn't get the whole $6. As a merchant, the bank takes their cut of the transaction from her. Pay with cash. She gets it all. Better still; the rest of the world doesn't need to know all your biznezz.
Arsh Dhillon
Arsh Dhillon 17 hours ago
So if etherum is using up the same amount of energy as a country, does that mean cryptocurrency is environmentally dangerous? And will continue to cause more problems?
Elijah6053 18 hours ago
So we know what NFTs are, but the question remains. Why are people buying them? Why are people paying so much for something available for free that they can't make money from?
Julian Darmetko
Julian Darmetko 20 hours ago
PS how many Etheriums exist?
Julian Darmetko
Julian Darmetko 20 hours ago
this video has saved my life. thank you, i want every etherium coin thats in the US.
Martins Micheal
Martins Micheal 21 hour ago
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Hector Crew
Hector Crew 21 hour ago
My growing love for crypto cause me explore till I came across Mrs beth. she is by far the best. No hype for hype sake but great inspiration trade crypto.
Braid McCarthy
Braid McCarthy 21 hour ago
Just like most people, i used to think buying the dip and holding it is the only way to achieve success in crypto... But I was wrong.
Cooper Cole
Cooper Cole 21 hour ago
I made the investment of $2000 into bitcoin trading. Mrs beth awesome my ROI has been generated over 2.5% daily. It's nice to see such huge return.
Harmony Emerson
Harmony Emerson 21 hour ago
You don't need much you can start as low as $300 but you know the higher you invest the more profit you will get.
Florence Lisa
Florence Lisa 21 hour ago
Thanks everyone for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly. I thought they were not real but I will boldly testify, she got a very accurate and awesome trading strategy.
Alex Salcido
Alex Salcido Day ago
But doesn’t this create a more stable reliable non inflatable incorruptible form of universal currency
Ayoub Studios
NFT will be enormous! Ecomi Veve app are leaders in NFT collectibles. Grab as many Ecomi OMi crypto coins as you can before NFT blows! 👍
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas Day ago
New Subscriber. Excellent video. Thank you for creating and sharing. The NFT for this video could easily sell for 500K.
David Gersch
David Gersch Day ago
As individuals on a smaller scale NFTS are changing artists lives, I think a lot of focus is spent on the big money and not enough on the smaller guy/girl winning by selling their art online
Kaan Çakır
Kaan Çakır Day ago
what i dont get is.. its not even real.. its all digital.. that cat meme sold more than my parents house.... i cant even afford rent :(
Michelle P
Michelle P Day ago
First off, thank you for another one of your great videos. I don't know if you're aware of it, but my country (El Salvador) is about to adopt Bitcoin as legal currency and the first country in the world to do so. I'm not a luddite but there's a lot about this, including the legal aspects which haven't really been made completely transparent to the population, that are making a lot of us quite anxious. Curiously enough, after my own very basic research, I've come to the conclusion (or hope) that it'll be a hype but only among tourists, and so it might actually be good and not wreak havoc like a lot of people are expecting it to. I guess I'll have to continue informing myself about this topic, but your video calmed me down to some extent because as with your other videos, it makes me feel like I will be able to understand all of it at some point and make better-informed decisions/actions. (Wouldn't hurt if at some point you decide to do research and a video about how this went🥺). Thanks again and greetings from a fellow hipster millenial🖖🏻
The DMSea Minecraft
Don Day ago
👍🏾⚡ subscribed
Gio Hakim
Gio Hakim 2 days ago
Ethereum is moving to proof-of-stake... Which is extremely energy efficient. So there you go no more "bad news"
Carlos Mota
Carlos Mota 2 days ago
Send me some nfts
Carlos Mota
Carlos Mota 2 days ago
Precious Obamina
Precious Obamina 2 days ago
NFT art rising by 100% due to the decentralised development by Mogul Productions, art and comics have become digital....
Sahilu Shaikh
Sahilu Shaikh 2 days ago
What if delete tweets 🤔??????
varun sahu
varun sahu 2 days ago
Such a waste of time... Crap
Nimra Rizwan
Nimra Rizwan 2 days ago
Well explained before your video I've been reading an article on forbes that what exactly it is nfts, but couldn't get any help from there then finally I've searched on USlift and got you .... you explained wicked thanks dude for your precious time and video
Soumyadip Ghosh
Soumyadip Ghosh 2 days ago
Blog chain 🤖🤖🤖👽
Brian McLaren WWG1WGA
it could change the world if we have the tesla tech. and free electric power and internet
HVACRWrld 3 days ago
My first video on NFTs, thanks, liked and subbed.
Andre Castro
Andre Castro 3 days ago
ETH will turn into proof of stake. ETH is way bigger than just hosting NFT.
COVID-19 is a lie
Global warming is a lie
Tobias Hewel
Tobias Hewel 3 days ago
Thank you.
Joao Antunes
Joao Antunes 3 days ago
Ethereum is going to stop using that much energy due to the change to proof of stake
FUTURE MONEY 3 days ago
100x coin is best
Michael Mc Donnell
Look into money laundering. There is a history of similar things (i.e. ICOs) being used to launder money.
benjamin seng
benjamin seng 4 days ago
luckily the computers will become more efficient, however the smelting and manufacturing processes have certain physical and chemical restrictions. We need more efficient materials and mathematics. one day a million computers will be powered by a single KW/Y
Nebanmoro 4 days ago
The most complete video on this topic. Excelent job to everybody involved. If I was an art teacher I would use this video as a part of my class.
Jake Beaker
Jake Beaker 4 days ago
This is just beyond stupid. I get the idea of people actually buying something like a house or a car and not having to spend cash and time on a notary or a contract. But a fucking GIF?
Robeul Islam
Robeul Islam 4 days ago
This video is copy from @enayet_chowdhary
Rajeeb Barma
Rajeeb Barma 4 days ago
NOT for weaklings: It is not just hype. Art is not hype. So, let's just understand why anything and everything we encounter in this universe is art. Starting from the first human or cat face you see in the morning, from the mirrored image of yourself, from the tennis ball coming towards you, to the universe having occasional big bangs. EVERYTHING IS ART. But why do we value something more than other? It is about which direction we want to head. The person living in the woods, wants to see the concrete, and vice versa. We take one particular direction in order to go faster in that direction and see new things. Art from a certain painter whose face you like, sets you in his/her direction faster. A direction you feel that the painter has already seen and been to, and is very comfortable there and enjoying his/her time there. A little explanation: Topic: "A piece of paper, with the help of some colors, becomes very valuable. " Step 1: Paper Step 2: Artist looks at the paper; Meaning: All that music/noise that is banging in the room made of his body and soul, is coming out of the window made of his eyes and face. Step 3: Artist makes an effort to let it out using colors; Meaning: Uses the Equipments from the same room made of his hands and creates a resonance of all the noise that is coming out. Step 4: Artist has finished the painting; Meaning: A chain reaction of all the multitude of noise has happened there for quite a long time until the big bang happened and he stopped. Step 5: Artist looks at the painting; Meaning: The noise inside and the noise outside is now the same. In a way, SILENCE. The air organism has heard it, the light organism has heard it, and the sound is travelling far because this sound is incredibly new to a lot of people. Step 6: People know it because the air told them; Meaning: People get attracted to the sound and want to listen to it more and more. Step 7: Somebody wants to keep it as a 1st class ticket to the DIRECTION: Meaning: The person wants the sounds to come out of his/her place. Now, why a person would pay for a TWEET which everybody can already see? Answer: Yes, we can already see it but we DIDN'T, until it was bought. The purchase has not just attracted a lot of people's heads, but most importantly the creator's head. The person who made this tweet, the artist who made effort to let that noise out, has refreshed his past efforts and is again giving a lot of value to his art. The resonance and big bang and the comfortable SILENCE of that direction.
SuspiShrek 4 days ago
Did it take me 2 months to find a video/source that briefly explains this shit? Hell yes. Thank you man, you have my respect 🙏
ArchFps 4 days ago
I can't be the only one who thought that NFT was a single company buying everything.
Lava Studio Da Nang
Cool media but your title is misleading. It suggests something neutral and definition and should not be judgemental about the topic
Chris Cordray
Chris Cordray 5 days ago
This is some real ‘Ready Player One’ shit. I’m not sure I like it.
C 5 days ago
So many people in the comments miss the point of NFTs. Humans are irrational and sentimental creatures, and we get attached things that are original or unique. Think of an artwork like starry starry night, you can essentially get a high quality reproduction that is almost indiscernible for a few hundred or thousand. But it won’t be highly valued cos it was not the original piece of canvas that Van Gogh touched and laid his brush on. NFTs are simply the digital version of that. Same goes for the orange jacket, you can easily replace it but the original jacket has value because he’s has memories attached to it. There’s no need for you to have it but people want it because of it’s significance. Is it irrational? Most def. is it a bubble and overvalued? Probably.
Gio Gutierrez
Gio Gutierrez 5 days ago
uuummm new f*cking trash idk?
Brenda Phil
Brenda Phil 5 days ago
Bruh i just got a ad about nft when I click this video
Mr. Mirchenstein
Mr. Mirchenstein 5 days ago
*PLOT TWIST: NFTs are BS, people are just paying for the recent weed shipment and gambling debts* 😝💨
Mr. Mirchenstein
Mr. Mirchenstein 5 days ago
So I think I understand what NTS are…The part I don’t understand is why are people buying them?? I don’t understand how any of this stuff has value. Physical items have value, but digital pictures, videos & music are all over the internet for free, so why are people paying for em? Unless there’s something I’m still missing, I just don’t get it…🤯🤯
ManBrrrPig 6 days ago
There's a little more to the story than this. uslift.info/one/Z33enslt1YmgtII/video.html
Kshitij YT
Kshitij YT 6 days ago
I got a ad about NFT tf is going on.
Mees de Man
Mees de Man 6 days ago
AviicoNFT 6 days ago
discord.gg/PNJfPGbu We are aviicoNFT. We make NFT's about common world problems. If you would like to hear more about that, feel free to join us!
Allan Medrano
Allan Medrano 6 days ago
Thank you for explaining the idiocy of people
Allan Medrano
Allan Medrano 6 days ago
NFT - No Friggin Thinking needed just fall for BS good luck
Villalta Espinal
Villalta Espinal 6 days ago
I had to leave this post here as a sign of gratitude since that, is one of the least she asked of me. From my calculations, I made $5,200 in 24 hours of trading sessions ..since Mrs Brianna Keith started managing my account, I haven't experienced any regrets in continuing binary options trading, though i lost a lot when I started as a newbie. but since i met her i have always been smiling, i feel so much joy each time i log in daily to see my trade records and balance..she is indeed a good expert, experience....
Villalta Espinal
Villalta Espinal 6 days ago
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Villalta Espinal
Villalta Espinal 6 days ago
You can contact her via whatsapp or viber 👇👇👇👇👇 a trial will convince you dear
Guardia Fatima
Guardia Fatima 6 days ago
This same Mrs Brianna Keith again??? How come everybody is talking about her??? Please can I have her contact I think am missing out
FadeAwayHDD 6 days ago
NFT is not art, it is not unique. It is utterly ridiculous.
jt wilz
jt wilz 6 days ago
Could I make a, non fungible game app that has never be created yet the concept is very popular?
Arshan 6 days ago
Literal digital curatorship. In its historical analog form, soon after followed guilds and patronage systems. Actually makes me excited for some reason. Like its a validation of digital space as true integration of our civilization. But, people who are looking at this like the next big money print are flat out misinformed. If you look at the most valuable of these NFTs, they all reserve some secondary cultural/memetic meaning in their short historical context. CREATING NFTs for the sole sake of high profit returns on the other hand, will simply not work the same way people had to learn the hard way how you can't force things to go viral or become cult works. Also, unlike physical art which is carried based on its material and speculative value combined, these NFTs are only based on their speculative value, which unlike physical works of curatorship, are very quickly deprecated.
C 7 days ago
Can NFTs on gold be more valuable than gold? Then can a NFT on an art work be more valuable than the art itself, with even less legal ownership rights? Then, why pay $65 million for a crypto token?
Tyler Ritchey
Tyler Ritchey 7 days ago
🤑$newinu. New Guinea singing dog inu token. 100x potential!
Ross McCaw
Ross McCaw 7 days ago
That’s some expensive pizza
I just mined 1 eth with 5 razer gold card 🚀
Jacob Roberson
Jacob Roberson 7 days ago
Ngl NFTs are more like FTs, because Right click -> Save image as
35nomoon 8 days ago
Each generation gets stupider and stupider and this is just one of those stupid moments
Muhamed Bilal
Muhamed Bilal 8 days ago
Guys dont sleep on OMI/ECOMI!!! Their Veve app has an great future.
Himanshu Sindhu
Himanshu Sindhu 8 days ago
Don't see such an valuable sponsorship till now on whole youtube. 👍
Elsewhere Simulations
uslift.info/one/oZ-enaZ5pWqY0pw/video.html We are starting a new NFT collection, use our NFT's for strategy battles in AR. Get in early.
lemonpie 9 days ago
Who the heck invented this, what the-
lemonpie 9 days ago
Humanity is screwed
C G 9 days ago
Looks like it's money laundering for the rich the same way they buy million dollars worth of 'fine art' which are fixed by them for them to be tax deductible, hence 1-pixel being bought for 1.7million (cause someone owed someone money but doesn't want to say why but now great, it's also tax deductible!) and fanatical hype for the rest.
Sketchy On Reviews
If you were in the Gold Rush era and told them, "hey, I'm going to put your gold in a virtual cloud. Do you believe me? " . That' how we advance this concepts. its too early, but is going to catch on. early adopters, prepare your engines to find ways to adopt and invest. This is the time, our kids would say, " dad why didn't you invest shit back then!?"
Donald Mack
Donald Mack 9 days ago
Once it goes mainstream it will be just like it is now for the poors. The poor will always be poor. Cool technology but its not making a significant % of people have a better life.
Bruno Meme
Bruno Meme 9 days ago
Walking Kiwi
Walking Kiwi 9 days ago
u mentioned Malaysian, get a thumbs up.
Adrian Koehl
Adrian Koehl 9 days ago
The ledger doesn't have people's name or itemized lists of items from purchase. Pretty important detail for blockchain tech.
F R 10 days ago
13:55 per what?? Year, day??
Ashick Bs
Ashick Bs 10 days ago
One of the best videos i have watched. Finally someone explained in very understandable and plain english. Thank You sir👏
rahman aditya
rahman aditya 10 days ago
Etherium will use Proof of Stake system in future, and wil just use a much little energy
DigitalMarketing Videos
I love that subject. Very good video and, veri good subject. Tank you for sharing.
Tyler Rivenbark
Tyler Rivenbark 10 days ago
How much CO2 does the current banking system create, including buildings, commuting, and so forth?
John Gabriel
John Gabriel 10 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed he misspelled “replaceable” as “replacable”? Love his vids though anyway! Always excellent content.
Investors Ray
Investors Ray 11 days ago
Gary Amy
Gary Amy 6 days ago
and honestly I don't regret the move I made because I invested in a big way.
Gary Amy
Gary Amy 6 days ago
she taught me how to invest in bitcoin, how to trade daily, when to trade and the best asset to tradeqq,
Gary Amy
Gary Amy 6 days ago
When I saw testimonies all over the place I thought it was all made up stories till I was convinced and gave it a try,
Stephen Anna
Stephen Anna 6 days ago
Chat her on Tel. .egr. .am.
Stephen Anna
Stephen Anna 6 days ago
@ Dean_KristyFX,
toxic_icecream 11 days ago
I do not understand how anything digital can be non-fungible at all. 10:52 So this system allows a transaction only on the premise that there is ebough money on the buying side? Should not it care if the receiver wants to do a transaction?
Falcon Echo
Falcon Echo 11 days ago
Now I want to buy your jacket
Taylor Vanwinkle
Taylor Vanwinkle 11 days ago
I want to see every politicians bank accounts on block chain so we know exactly who has bought them.
Katy 11 days ago
There will come time when people will hype for the death of others. And it'll be as plain as that. As of no one now stopping or is able to stop this madness, sure there are people against this but nothing really is happening the authorities want this.
ThunderStorm 11 days ago
1:59 I love the song😹😹
Benedito Silva
Benedito Silva 11 days ago
NFT is a fallacy.
Zathriel 11 days ago
Proof of stake coins (like ADA) are much less energy intensive. With all the objections to the amount of power it takes to mine traditional cryptoccurrencies, hopefully we will move over to proof of stakes soon.
e 11 days ago
money pisses me off
Craig Field
Craig Field 11 days ago
Interesting. Thanks for the video. Please do one on Global Cooling.
lucas van raad
lucas van raad 11 days ago
33 twh per what? Day, month, year?
Abe Bin
Abe Bin 11 days ago
9:54 How could you fling your emotionally significant jacket like that?!
Gino’s World
Gino’s World 11 days ago
Based on how you explained what blockchain was, you are better off staying away from crypto. Edit: I was typing that half way through the video and stopped to give you a shot. Please stay away from crypto, you literally said it the worst way possible. For anyone that wants to know about the block chain. It is way more secure than any bank on the planet. You forgot to mention that in your video. Literally putting your money in a online wallet, gives you 0 fraud, Unless you consider the fees being a little high then I’ll agree with you there. I’m not gonna get into more detail but do some better research than this tool.
Angelo1218 11 days ago
Who “creates” the NFT? Does the original content creator get the money?
Brenda Lefebvre
Brenda Lefebvre 12 days ago
Good explanation for someone that knows nothing about NTFs. And I love the jacket!!
rr sruji
rr sruji 12 days ago
Can someone explain what is stopping me to download the image and upload it again?
GameneedMe 12 days ago
Buying ice cream with hitler speech nft
Alab 12 days ago
_hehe now nfts are done_
see you soon
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