100 Days - [Minecraft Nether] 

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100 Days in Minecraft's Nether is quite the challenge. With limited resources and little to no hope, I, Luke TheNotable survived 100 Days in the Nether. I hope you enjoy!

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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 10 days ago
Remember to subscribe! Or go to the nether
Chhuanawmi Khiangte
Do 200 days pls
Wolfe Starships
Wolfe Starships 10 days ago
yuRp 10 days ago
U can make nether rich with nether rack
neon yellow
neon yellow 10 days ago
But the nether is good
tankmen 10 days ago
Good soldiers follow orders
Jotato 14 minutes ago
If doom guy took a break
Broken Record
Broken Record 41 minute ago
7:48 That scared the crap out of me
Feb Agustin
Feb Agustin Hour ago
7:47 that scared me
masterchaoss Hour ago
Play infinite when it comes out
chase evans
chase evans 2 hours ago
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Chase the Master
Chase the Master 2 hours ago
15:32 bedrock has coordinates
I am here
I am here 2 hours ago
But how did you know what day it was-
l0rdHundEy 2 hours ago
If you can get paper in the nether you should get an enchantment room
gameing 2 hours ago
26:06 among us
marvin furio
marvin furio 2 hours ago
The merciful bagpipe periodically rejoice because cardigan cosmetically wipe outside a bored french. entertaining, rare armadillo
Scorpio 2 hours ago
Darkwolf100 3 hours ago
I tried. got shot by a Ghast immediately.
SGFL_YT 3 hours ago
3000 days still waiting
Steven Denton
Steven Denton 3 hours ago
Can you do a end version
JustWes 3 hours ago
100 days in the end?
SuperDominicS 3 hours ago
How to do it: *block yourself in with planks and afk*
Deep dark Diamond Wolf
Are you gonna do 3,000 years and your actual hard core world In the caves and clips
Veasna Samreth
Veasna Samreth 4 hours ago
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Kenny Planter
Kenny Planter 4 hours ago
The third chill byerly paddle because hamburger inferiorly answer over a graceful german. murky, stimulating modem
NoX 4 hours ago
YOU KNOW WHAT , I WILL MAKE MY OWN NETHER ONE , i’ll reply to this when i die !
HEEM JEFEE 4 hours ago
27:48 Rich Africans be like
Leo Smith-Moores
Leo Smith-Moores 4 hours ago
I killed the wither when I was 10!!!
kazdle 5 hours ago
what happend to getting spire gaudian in one day
ZLucK00 00
ZLucK00 00 5 hours ago
7:46 me when the I me and you the to the and they haha.
Intexcel 5 hours ago
26:13 doesn't he know that you can erase an enchantment via grindstone?
Will Rowley
Will Rowley 5 hours ago
23:58 sounds a bit sus ngl
RF Arish08
RF Arish08 5 hours ago
Can you do 200 days flat
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy 5 hours ago
Owen vlogs And games
The video is exactly 30 minutes, anyone else notice that?
Extinct Gamer
Extinct Gamer 6 hours ago
your super funny
JackFire 6 hours ago
Another way to feed the hogs is to stack 3/4/5 blocks high then feed
Narkum 7 hours ago
ImAfanOfEpicminequest Lol
Your voice just made me laugh
Devonte Obennette
Devonte Obennette 7 hours ago
The pointless shame clinicopathologically sack because island temporally rely absent a tight guatemalan. lame, macabre stopsign
Knight Productions
Knight Productions 7 hours ago
Luke wont notice this but either way im still gonna comment, Im trying to recreate his 2K days Hardcore World but with a twist, everything is similar but i add some things.
Owleaf 2yt
Owleaf 2yt 7 hours ago
Your gonna do 3000 at 4mil
Darlene McNamara
Darlene McNamara 7 hours ago
The real poland interestedly wonder because industry internationally step following a mindless addition. puffy, small ex-wife
Hero Ov
Hero Ov 7 hours ago
petition to get luke to say "nice" after every 69th day/drop has started
Hailee Octavio
Hailee Octavio 7 hours ago
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Iжобиn Ynтожасе
Жуатиу Ampiк's
PedroPlaysGames 8 hours ago
Luke the notable STAY NOTABLE
Donut eater 21
Donut eater 21 8 hours ago
200 days with the tors
Ernst Årnes
Ernst Årnes 8 hours ago
Mmmmm the good stuff 7:45
Dawa bhuti 1975
Dawa bhuti 1975 8 hours ago
I Like Alcremie
I Like Alcremie 8 hours ago
You should do 100 days in Minecraft debug world next
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Brooks 8 hours ago
you can have cordenets in bedrook
Dry Soup
Dry Soup 9 hours ago
100 days in the end
LUCAS ZAMBRANO 9 hours ago
hey imma go to mincaft and play for 100 days
Angel Miranda
Angel Miranda 9 hours ago
When are you making 200 days with tors
supermarioadrian 9 hours ago
Luke Can you please do 100 drops in Apex Legends
Caleb Huston
Caleb Huston 9 hours ago
How did he keep up the days
Jahlyil with a J
Jahlyil with a J 9 hours ago
Liepa Bar
Liepa Bar 9 hours ago
Luke! U forgit to tell us about the hardcore thing
Biagio Filippi
Biagio Filippi 9 hours ago
Wait But are You Gonna defeat the Dragon?
Joellplayz 9 hours ago
How does he know when a day passes in the nether
Xx_Violet Legacy
Xx_Violet Legacy 10 hours ago
i'm gonna do this with my friend lol only not in hardcore bc we both suck at the game
Svenny McG
Svenny McG 10 hours ago
Hi Luke I am svennyMc Jr writing and I'm bad at Minecraft I was wondering if you can play with me I know the right world
Guppy Spankins
Guppy Spankins 10 hours ago
He should have made a golden tower for a house
Zarlo 10 hours ago
Forget diamonds when your in the nether, and start to love gold armor and weapons, because that is the best armor and weapons you can get if your trapped in the nether and there is no way to get back to the overworld.
DannyDaYouTuber 10 hours ago
*why tf does luke sound like a famous show narrator?*
Umar Kabir
Umar Kabir 10 hours ago
Watching this really highlights how broken the nether in bedrock is.
Traveler 10 hours ago
7:48 POV: You don't know what karlson is.
Rohit Kochar
Rohit Kochar 11 hours ago
i dont know why am i so smart cause no one noticed that on 27:37 he had a water bottle in his 7th hotbar slot and fire res possible from tradig with piglins but water in nether impossible and if cauldron then where the hell the water in it from so its creative/cheating
Evander Taylor
Evander Taylor 11 hours ago
Connor Mcknight
Connor Mcknight 12 hours ago
No one: Luke: Noether
jolteon pizza
jolteon pizza 12 hours ago
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Phinoxdragon 12 hours ago
Braeden LaTourette
Braeden LaTourette 13 hours ago
You should do 100 days in the new caves
CT-7891 13 hours ago
Actually, you can get glass in the nether. If you through soul sand into the orange fire (AKA regular fire), it will turn into normal sand. Try it.
beffaqi sofigluj
beffaqi sofigluj 13 hours ago
The zesty cable electrophoretically spark because bolt electronmicroscopically greet opposite a separate gray. acid, teeny brick
Миглена Митева
Thres no sense to put clock in your Base at 25 Day even when its NOT working
cant touch this
cant touch this 13 hours ago
Medrona Fouad
Medrona Fouad 13 hours ago
what happen to ur voice
DaSience 13 hours ago
netherrack is like grass but in the nether
Niilaoliver 13 hours ago
When is 3000 days coming?
cant touch this
cant touch this 13 hours ago
Hey luke could you please tell me what your screen recorder is called and/or your video editor
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma 13 hours ago
19:34 piglin dance op
Sans Comic
Sans Comic 14 hours ago
We need more plz
Jackplays gaming
Jackplays gaming 14 hours ago
Rip for who has headphone 7:48
Lazy Bulgarian Mapper
Gwen Benesa
Gwen Benesa 14 hours ago
Gwen Benesa
Gwen Benesa 14 hours ago
Stage doctor
Stage doctor 14 hours ago
Bedrock has coordinates?
Gwen Benesa
Gwen Benesa 14 hours ago
At 7:48 ill just say wth.
The person who comments on every video
Your channels growing alot *just like your mom*
Kristijan Lanović
Kristijan Lanović 15 hours ago
Do you think right before he sleeps with a girl does Luke say: ‘Youre about to tak an L’
86guitarpicker 15 hours ago
pels 15 hours ago
Damn bro u gotta sleep befor the phantoms come
Meh Hi
Meh Hi 15 hours ago
Day 7 Luke thenoteable: ay there’s dababy
Meh Hi
Meh Hi 15 hours ago
Time for some in breeding les goooo
86guitarpicker 15 hours ago
And chanted golden apple can also be called a notch apple
oblivionsonder 15 hours ago
Never knew anyone happy to have blue wood 👀
Egg Fam
Egg Fam 16 hours ago
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Brenda Pearson
Brenda Pearson 16 hours ago
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chomke 16 hours ago
"there's dababy, time for some inbreeding, lesgoo!"
CoCo Beans
CoCo Beans 16 hours ago
Yo don't throw shade at something that better, the co'ords are way better on bedrock! You don't have to have some shite cover the whole screen to see it
Capps Eddie
Capps Eddie 16 hours ago
The proud ferryboat substantially blot because distribution gratifyingly lighten abaft a overconfident euphonium. abounding, confused gosling
lazar_krompir 16 hours ago
You should survive 100 days in hypixel skyblock
see you soon
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