FINDING OUT I'M PREGNANT! Pregnancy Test + Emotional Reaction 

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Today I'm sharing my very emotional reaction of finding out I'm pregnant after months of trying! It's real, it's raw and there are LOTS of (happy) tears! We have so much exciting content coming your way and this video is just the beginning - consider this your #babyacorn takeover warning😉
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Jun 29, 2020




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hide and gess
hide and gess 11 days ago
Are you having a gril
Sienna Deakin
Sienna Deakin 21 day ago
Congrats xx
katiegirl235 24 days ago
I know I’ll sob when I found out I’m pregnant
Christian Bitz-Nielsen
Alie James
Alie James 2 months ago
“What a cool birthday year “ 2020 welcome to the world ..ViRuS
Alie James
Alie James 2 months ago
“That’s how I got into this problem”😂💀 congratulations:))
miss bellina
miss bellina 2 months ago
"that's how I got into this problem" made me laugh out loud. I'm so happy for you
govinda sharma
govinda sharma 2 months ago
Tess Miyamoto
Tess Miyamoto 3 months ago
Omg congrats
Deondra 3 months ago
I knew you was gonna make me cry.. Welcome to the club momma..
Nate Neises
Nate Neises 3 months ago
I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl but congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XMC 3 months ago
Congrats on you and your cute baby!❤️ I hope you have a gender reveal!!! I hope it does not hurt for you... I am happy for you❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shivani Mane
Shivani Mane 3 months ago
You made me cry ❤️❤️❤️.
Guadalupe Lopez
Guadalupe Lopez 4 months ago
I’m so late in watching this but girl congratulations on your baby! I was crying along with you!! ❤️❤️
rat 4 months ago
SharrpDesigns 4 months ago
Man up.
Sweet'ems 5 months ago
Omg 😭😭 congrats xxx
Jesse Marie
Jesse Marie 5 months ago
Omg wow
Half-pint ASMR
Half-pint ASMR 5 months ago
Omg when you looked at the camera while peeing in a cup 😂😂😂
Eden L
Eden L 5 months ago
CONGRATS!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️
halle raerae
halle raerae 5 months ago
This baby is about to grow up eating the best food by her mama! Congrats🖤
Arvin Madeu
Arvin Madeu 5 months ago
Whoop Dee fuckin doo! Your snatch caught a fly. Hey, but its a great head liner \[°¥°]/
Meeke Shrive
Meeke Shrive 5 months ago
I cried rewatching this for the third time😭😭😭😭
Mungo Roblox
Mungo Roblox 5 months ago
Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉 my mom told she was gonna have a baby today OMG
So happy for you
1DopeAssSoul 5 months ago
This is so beautiful ❤
game lover boy
game lover boy 6 months ago
Living Life With Debbie
Congratulations ❤️ just found out I am pregnant after months of trying !!
Vanessa Quist
Vanessa Quist 6 months ago
I love her reaction! I know I would be like that if I found out I was pregnant
Gabriella Pretty
Gabriella Pretty 6 months ago
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Amelia Adouko
Amelia Adouko 6 months ago
I’m so happy for you congrats
Madison Gamblin
Madison Gamblin 6 months ago
So happy for you!!! I’ve been dealing with fertility issues for a while, but I recently had a late period and now spotting! Plus a really faint positive!! Fingers crossed I’m pregnant! I really am so grateful for you and I hope you have a healthy wonderful pregnancy!💗💗
John Luster Ona
John Luster Ona 6 months ago
Congrats you will have a birth so congratulations
Daughter of God
Daughter of God 6 months ago
God's performing so many miracles for women this year
Catalina Orangefeather
awww congrats!
Beth Hallowell
Beth Hallowell 6 months ago
Who the hell gave this a thumbs downn lol heartless monsters. This is so cute and awesome
Zakiyah Mccarley
Zakiyah Mccarley 7 months ago
Congratulations ❤️
Rachel Linton
Rachel Linton 7 months ago
Did you have to pee on camera? 👁👄👁
Ronatheunicorn star
Ronatheunicorn star 7 months ago
Omg congratulations
Lucas Oliver
Lucas Oliver 7 months ago
nothing that can make you feel more alone-or stressed out-than trying to conceive. While you might have spent the better part of your youth doing all that you could to not get pregnant, when you're ready to build your family and the going gets tough, it's normal to have anxiety. Though TTC can feel exhausting, frustrating and lonely, the CDC estimates that more than ten percent of all couples will struggle with fertility-that's 1 in 10 partnerships.I want to thank God for putting a smile in my face, I have been looking for the fruit of the womb for the pass six years of marriage. I took in last year after taking the pill a dr gave to my husband, he met with a doctor you gave us assurance that I will get pregnant within a month after taking a particular pill. But I still call it magical pill, because it happen the way he said it. All thanks to God I have my own baby now and is a boy. You too can contact him if you have the same issue on doctoreddymon@gmail.com or call and WhatsApp him on +2348128107710. Feel free to reach me out on ws973397@gmail.com for more information
Kylie A
Kylie A 7 months ago
aww. Congrats!
Kaelyn River
Kaelyn River 7 months ago
November baby! 🤎🧡🤍
Rowan Thomas
Rowan Thomas 7 months ago
Omg you're the cutest!!! I can take a test this Saturday after having to wait two weeks after we had our first embryo transfer in the 12th this month. I can't wait to find out! I feel like I am, but man the anticipation!
VexPlayz 7 months ago
Manjula Ramu
Manjula Ramu 7 months ago
kris jen
kris jen 7 months ago
congratulations on your new journey 😊🎉🎉🎊
Hope Morrow
Hope Morrow 7 months ago
hey one moth month! congrats!
Jadorecoco 7 months ago
I just cried laughing when you said “okay just the tip” followed by “that’s how I got Into this problem” 🤣🤣
Elizabeth Huby
Elizabeth Huby 7 months ago
this made me emotional ! congratulations ❣️ !!!
Tasha nsofwa
Tasha nsofwa 8 months ago
This was beautiful
Marl Kalone
Marl Kalone 8 months ago
When my pregnancy test is negative and I realize I'm just fat...and a male.
AnaLampWoman 8 months ago
Congratulations! This video was so pure and full of love! Getting that positive after trying for a long time is the best moment ever! So sweet, I just cried along with you🥰
Allyson Ayala
Allyson Ayala 8 months ago
Aw congratulations!! I’m also pregnant with my second, a little girl due in December. 🥰 I love these videos because everyone has the sweetest and happy reaction, whereas for me I straight panicked with both. 😂😂 Even though we were 100% trying! Hahaha
Joanne Keel
Joanne Keel 8 months ago
I just found out im pregnant too
Joanne Keel
Joanne Keel 8 months ago
Im so happy for u momma congratz
Majestic Lioness
Majestic Lioness 8 months ago
Ohhh I'm so happy for you and your hubby..Your reaction made me start tearing up so much..Cashew is gonna have a baby brother or baby sister Yaaaaayyyy🙏🏻🕊💖
Araceli Herrera
Araceli Herrera 8 months ago
i feel you I was going through the same thing. It is very tough when that happens and you try to be strong. It came to a point where I just gave up and then it happened...i am now 4 weeks pregnant and both my husband and I are excited. Welcome to motherhood
Sabrina Dunson
Sabrina Dunson 8 months ago
You and Matt are going to be such wonderful parents I am so so happy for you guys
Sabrina Dunson
Sabrina Dunson 8 months ago
With God all things are possible
Sabrina Dunson
Sabrina Dunson 8 months ago
Love your fur baby So concerned when you started crying So precious and sweet Beautiful Cashew
Sabrina Dunson
Sabrina Dunson 8 months ago
May God bless myself and everyone who is wishing for and wanting babies with babies babies and more babies Twins triplets multiples Beautiful Healthy Babies Believe Expect Miracles Norhing is impossible Believe
Sabrina Dunson
Sabrina Dunson 8 months ago
Congratulations I am so so happy for you
MEME 8 months ago
Tamika Chapman
Tamika Chapman 8 months ago
Awww when she told the dog 🤗☺💕
Sammshineee 8 months ago
They say you're a Mom as soon as you get that positive result and you could see as soon as you saw the test your entire world changed! It was incredible to see. Thanks for sharing x
Alexis Chan
Alexis Chan 8 months ago
Naomi Garrett
Naomi Garrett 8 months ago
FYI you have to be trying for a year before falling under the medical diagnosis of infertility , you cannot receive fertility testing or insurance coverage for it before that. If you are over the age of 35 you should try for 6 months before seeing the doctor.
Naomi Garrett
Naomi Garrett 8 months ago
I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and when I found out, I had symptoms similar to her, sore boobs and cramps, I also took ibuprofen because I thought my period was coming, and I was really tired, so after 18 months of infertility and most not even bothering to test, I tested and it came back instantly positive, best day of my life.
Naomi Garrett
Naomi Garrett 8 months ago
In the beginning when she was in the car after just getting out of the drugstore, and she was talking about how she naively didn't know where the pregnancy tests were. Personally it struck a chord with me , my husband and I have struggled with infertility for over a year-and-a-half, and it reminds me how I used to be naive like her, not knowing where the pregnancy tester at in the store I'm getting a expensive brand test because I think it will be positive so I don't see it as a waste of money. But after struggling with infertility for so long I know exactly where the pregnancy tests are in every single store, and I don't waste my money on expensive tests. Miraculously my husband I have become pregnant naturally and I am 7 weeks, I am so incredibly thankful. Just sometimes I miss the old me before infertility when I could be naive and bubbly like this girl.
Alexis Chan
Alexis Chan 8 months ago
Destiny Rae
Destiny Rae 8 months ago
She was not expecting that, but really expecting that. Lol .. but I’m so happy for you.. this makes me so happy to see one find out there pregnant.. I only have 1 child and he is 13years old.. I haven’t been able to get pregnant again after that.. but I wish I could have another one.
chaybria 8 months ago
“That’s how I got into this situation” just the tip.... 😂🤣 same girl same!
Leah 8 months ago
Scrolling through comments...thinking in my head, I’m not going to cry, I’m not a crier......😭 when cashew is the only she can celebrate with at the moment. Such a raw moment for the soon to be mommy ❤️
Sajani 8 months ago
Congrats to you and Matt! 💞
Maria Abreu
Maria Abreu 8 months ago
Vlogs please
Caz Za
Caz Za 8 months ago
Wish I could cry without tears!
Carina Chiramel
Carina Chiramel 8 months ago
Why does your camera make sounds like the ghost from grudge😂. Suchhhh a beautiful video by the wayyy!!!
Trini Kaylie
Trini Kaylie 9 months ago
Omg we had our last period and got pregnant at the same time.
Immonie Narcisse
Immonie Narcisse 9 months ago
Her : how’s there a baby inside me ?! Me: Well when two people love each other ......
Jenny Potter
Jenny Potter 9 months ago
This is the sweetest video! My husband and I are trying and I had my first preconception visit today and this video is the best
Shianna Cumberledge
Shianna Cumberledge 9 months ago
bologies 9 months ago
I always love the reactions of the pets on these videos 🥰
IAmTKeyahCherae 9 months ago
Omg, my eyes are sweating 😫 😭
Jess Sailes
Jess Sailes 9 months ago
I love your dog so adorable ♥️
Jess Sailes
Jess Sailes 9 months ago
Congratulations ♥️
Rose Holley
Rose Holley 9 months ago
Your reaction is beautiful ♥️I wish my reaction was like this , but I went straight to my man thinking omg *shock* and nothing from him ☹️ but I don't blame him bc ive had two miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy but currently pregnant rn and I'm emotional watching this
Lindsay Christine
Lindsay Christine 9 months ago
MARIELA ROCHA 9 months ago
I am here crying and celebrating with you. Congratulations!
Ingridlosneslokken 9 months ago
This is my favorite video you've made! ❤️❤️❤️ I'm just sooo happy for you guys!!
Kasandra Campbell
Kasandra Campbell 9 months ago
Random question but why did your tests come in a prescription bag? In Canada can you only get tests at the prescription counter? Are they covered by your NHS or something. Sorry I know weird question just curious.
Marshe Edwards
Marshe Edwards 9 months ago
Congratulations 🎊
MG 9 months ago
Reveal is at 12:00
Jessica Coffin
Jessica Coffin 9 months ago
Chelsea Caruso
Chelsea Caruso 9 months ago
Love the song. Whether any storm ❤️❤️❤️ congrats !
what you say
what you say 9 months ago
Trust me cashew already knew ☺️☺️☺️
Founderof Clowns
Founderof Clowns 9 months ago
It’s so cute how right when she said cashew mommy’s pregnant she immediately broke down
Crystal Aranda
Crystal Aranda 9 months ago
I love how pure her reaction is I balled my eyes out when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby
Eli E
Eli E 9 months ago
Yay! Unsubbing cause babies suck and idc about pregnancy soz lol
Norah McCarty
Norah McCarty 9 months ago
are you ok?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Norah McCarty
Norah McCarty 9 months ago
holy mama shit
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