BLACK GOKU's speech hit different! 

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BLACK GOKU's speech hit different!
Did a parody of Goku's speech to frieza, but made him black. Enjoy!
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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Nicholaus Oxendine
Nicholaus Oxendine 13 minutes ago
Malik Grant
Malik Grant 44 minutes ago
Ctfup 😭😭😭😭 I love watching these videos too funny man great job bro keep them videos coming 💯💯😭😭
PR1NCE ZUK0 48 minutes ago
If Denzel curry got to play goku for a day
Chad Archer
Chad Archer Hour ago
Really? Gotta black up everything. Pathetic. And with the nigga bullshit. Just childish how everyone thinks that shits funny.
Blaack Sugar
Blaack Sugar 2 hours ago
Remember: Goku's dad ran these streets. Wasn't Bardock a blood or something?
wonkier deer
wonkier deer 2 hours ago
Lol goku sounds ignorant af dumb af
mikey 2 hours ago
He's not black, he's tan
Elite Brothers 42
Elite Brothers 42 4 hours ago
frieza calling Goku a monkey hits diferent
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 6 hours ago
Best video on this channel
Pierre Gagnon
Pierre Gagnon 6 hours ago
Blac people done went to a whole new low....
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 6 hours ago
I feel for Frieza being there with Goku black. This gotta be worse than hell was for Lord Frieza
Cats Cradle Gaming
Cats Cradle Gaming 6 hours ago
Shit. You have to continue this. This is pure gold. This is funnier then team four star.
Maraマラ 7 hours ago
Goku with gun
Dan Ali
Dan Ali 8 hours ago
he got gun. goku love. Fight
Zak Keffer
Zak Keffer 9 hours ago
Gaming Master
Gaming Master 9 hours ago
Delwyn Fernandes
Delwyn Fernandes 11 hours ago
Dont you think your going racist? Lol
khalid khan
khalid khan 11 hours ago
I was about to switch the video when narrator shits in. But "DAMN RIGHT NARRATOR IN NEXT EPISODE THIS NI$$A DEAD" 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Dyke Maliehe
Dyke Maliehe 12 hours ago
I'm the slayer of the booty😂😂😂
Prince Bardock
Prince Bardock 14 hours ago
bruh, this hit different
BioMachinadeterra 15 hours ago
Shit is fire
SQ TheBeatMaker Music
That...kamehameha at the end🤣🤣
『SFX』Rigo *
VictoryAAC 15 hours ago
Blakarot had me rolling 😭😭😭 “They think I fight to save the day but really I just like to fight “
Lily Kitty
Lily Kitty 15 hours ago
What is this blackwashing bullsheeit
Micah Parker II
Micah Parker II 16 hours ago
Idk what’s been going on, I’m subscribed and have in my notifications and I haven’t gotten any notifications for you... I missed this content😂
kingbosshd 16 hours ago
Walter Manning
Walter Manning 17 hours ago
The way he said niggs at the end
That Crazy MGTOW Guy
Nick Gray
Nick Gray 18 hours ago
Leondre Jackson
Leondre Jackson 18 hours ago
Stinkmeaner wilin
Evil King Sugiru
Evil King Sugiru 18 hours ago
Not bad.
Jackie Terry
Jackie Terry 19 hours ago
Damn I'm over here dying Bro!! Hood Goku For President
Jonathan Parkhurst
Jonathan Parkhurst 19 hours ago
animanics 19 hours ago
this boondocks level it's great
LxngbxardJxnes Black Rain
I watch this daily now🐉🐉🐉😂
Will Davis
Will Davis 21 hour ago
The pick should be the fist...the most revolutionary/popular afro pick ever created
Lamda 21 hour ago
Texas T
Texas T 21 hour ago
Would have been funny is he called him a monkey and both black Vagita and Goku clap that ass because of that but a verbal beatdown before hand
Ban Jo
Ban Jo 21 hour ago
Zakaria More
Zakaria More 22 hours ago
Black goku been awhile since I seen him and I ain't finna cap I been missing him no homo
Mad Lad
Mad Lad 22 hours ago
For those who don't understand he's roasting goku's famous speech from the original series.
Tala The wolf
Black Goku be spitting
Javaunie Downs
Mans got aggressive😂😂😂
Mr Bozz xlbully Gamer
Oh man that was funny
Brew Micheal
Brew Micheal Day ago
Zitter Day ago
Boondocks Z Part 2
Matthew Chavez
I just played with you bro in warzone
Matthew Chavez
Wonder Ndlovu
Lame and boring
ShadowWolf1286 _
LOL Kamehameha N
Demondefiant Day ago
If Samuel L. Jackson played Goku
Rico Crawford
Ssj9k bro what about another rap battle between kid trunks and kid Goten and have goku and vegeta as the back ups
Xayzen Day ago
damnnn this video is amazing
NOVAGOLD15 Day ago
The narrator say Froku?
Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes Day ago
Can you do animeniacs vs goku rap battle next
The Jakeis and Chris Show
Fr goku dont give to fucks about the earth
Jamaal Harmon
These clips are dumb
CroCrox Day ago
why dont blacks speak normal english language
Mark Jason Montalbo
Very cool lol
Bishop Day ago
Bro there are levels to this clip, I swear to God
C. Malik
C. Malik Day ago
Sneaky Kapro Gaming
Bro you need to make a black Naruto saga I wanna see a black kakashi
P. Quinton
P. Quinton Day ago
I got a dragonball chain nigga, iz worf mo dan yo hole shit... LMMFAO!!!!!!!
Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry Day ago
I heard “but really nigga I just like to fight” on tiktok and was ridiculously happy when I heard it and found out this is where it originated lol
Omegas Beast
Omegas Beast Day ago
more of this omg im new to this channel and i love your work but this hits 😂
Wilmer Mendez
Damn right narrator next episode this nigga is dead! 💀
Lord XO
Lord XO Day ago
Im black from the waist down
Daniel Alarcon
Top before and after accepting the power of god of destruction
KidRiver Day ago
Bro, thats just tan goku
long phong
long phong Day ago
edmis90 Day ago
Ohh, it's true lol. Goku isn't interested in saving the world as much as he just wants to fight.
Elijah Fajardo
“ I get hoes nigga what the fuck “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 shit funny cause it got NUN to do wit what’s goin on 😂
Granit Mike
Granit Mike Day ago
This was pretty damn hilarious
Jayden Keatts
Black goku: but really nogga I just like to fight
Oh Shoofying mushrooms
is there part 2
neiger the fricking tiger
this reminds me of boondocks
Gulled Farah
Gulled Farah Day ago
If Ed Wuncler III was a black saiyan. This is Gold.
Lightning Rob
Isai Herrera
Isai Herrera Day ago
Can you make a part two
YaboiPlank 2 days ago
he got a golck for those times when sensu beans aint enough
norman harrison
norman harrison 2 days ago
please make Black Goku vs Goku Black
Ryan Licce
Ryan Licce 2 days ago
Damn it’s been awhile since I laughed like that
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 days ago
MORE!!! 😭😭
Dragon ball
Dragon ball 2 days ago
sammy montana
sammy montana 2 days ago
When he pulled out the paper to read it I feel attacked 🤣🤣
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez 2 days ago
This s*** had me dying 😂😂😂
Javian 2 days ago
he tired of freiza calling him a monkey
Nirby the Destroyer
aw i wanted to see him use the Kamehameglock
Anita Hoskins
Anita Hoskins 2 days ago
Martin Gamez
Martin Gamez 2 days ago
“Black Goku hits different” In more ways than one. Send help please
M P 15 hours ago
This is the actual Goku Blck
Fam Squad Stick Figure Animations
He had frieza shook 😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony Ngu
Anthony Ngu 2 days ago
Why does he need a gun when he can kamehameha or ki blast someone...
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 2 days ago
Kamahameha nigga 😂
Eugene A
Eugene A 2 days ago
Goku need to Hit'em with the Stinkmeaner Spirit Bomb lol
Gage Edwards
Gage Edwards 2 days ago
So he can say a racil slur but not FUCK as well with out censorship THE FUCK USlift
MRNOFILTER718 2 days ago
Goku never fights for justice he just like fighting . Accurate AF!!
Nancy Costello
Nancy Costello 2 days ago
Bruh I'm dayin
jbuggyboy1 2 days ago
Smaugman 2 days ago
1:48 i cant help to laugh the way he says the n word😂😂😂
Kappa Pride
Kappa Pride 2 days ago
Dont shoot him hes black